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Zach Vogel (778) 689-1713 (cell) | |

Profile Statem ent Passionate and detail oriented, I seek to create immersive audio experiences using my strong communication skills. I am looking for the opportunity to apply my skills and energy to positively impact any project.

Credits 2016

Audio Designer and Implementer Speed Freeks – Contract with Artcode Interactive - Worked with the Lead Designer to create all audio assets in ProTools, to then be implemented into Unity5 with FMOD Studio as the middleware for this mobile iOS game in a Games Workshop IP.


Audio Designer and Implementer Eyes of Oom – Contract with Amnia Interactive - Built an audio foundation using ProTools, FMOD Studio, and 3Deception in Unity5 to create an immersive virtual reality experience on the Oculus Rift.

Dialogue Recordist and Sound Effects Editor Tidal Affair: Before the Storm – Contract with Overcurfew

- Worked with the Sound Designer to record, edit, and master four voice actors for dialogue purposes in the game. Sound designed and mixed all 16 cut scenes used throughout the game.

Sound Effects Editor Unnamed Title - Contract with Power Up Audio

- Created 25 assets, plus variations, for two enemy creatures, one miniboss, and one weapon used by the player.

Sound Effects and Dialogue Editor Okhlos - Contract with A Shell in the Pit

- Created 25 assets, plus variations, for traps and enemies as well as edited paralinguistic dialogue for three characters.

Dialogue Recordist and Editor Global Game Jam Vancouver

- Worked with a group of sound designers to complete the audio for 33 games, for which 12 I contributed edited dialogue assets. These dialogue assets had been recorded on location in improvised situations, which allowed me to experiment in methods of sound treatment as well as improve my dialogue editing techniques.


Audio Team Lead and Sound Effects Editor Atrophy by Team Atrophy

- Recorded and edited sounds for the main creature and assisted in creating environmental sound assets.

Dialogue Recordist and Editor Jukebox Paradise by Team Jukebox

- Recorded, edited, and mastered approximately 1000 dialogue assets.

Education 2013 – 2014

Diploma for Sound Design for Visual Media Vancouver Film School, Vancouver, BC

2009 – 2012

Bachelor of Music (3 of 4 years completed) University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta

W ork Experience Jan ‘15 – Oct ‘15

Film and Game Sound Teaching Assistant Vancouver Film School

Aug ‘14 – Current

Freelance Audio Artist VCA House

Skills Technical • • • • • • • • • • •

ProTools 9,10,11 Wwise Fmod Studio Reaper Unity5 (audio) Python Max/MSP Waves Plug-In’s Unreal Development Kit Perforce GitHub

Professional • • • • • • • • • • •

Field Recording Foley Recording Dialogue Recording Sound Editing Dialogue Clean Up 5.1 Mixing Sound Processing Dialogue Directing Actor Casting Asset Implementation VR Asset Implementation

References Taunia Sabanki – CEO/Creative Director at Amnia Interactive (604) 616-5494 Arnaud Lesbesnerais – Co-founder and Producer at Artcode Interactive (778) 242-1629 Terence Mazon – Music and Audio Director at A Thinking Ape (604) 335-7423

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