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MARCH 24 2011


The DubLadee Chronicle

Independent DubLi Network Team News That’s Worth More than Its Weight In Credits!

Welcome to DubLi in AustralAsia For over 8 years, DubLi has been in the process of creating one of the most amazing online global Shopping Communities on the Internet. Today, with the realization of Michael Hansen‟s dream, DubLi has begun it move into the most important part in its history – the world wide customer acquisition phase in partnership with its Business Associate Licencees (BA‟s). th

In Sydney Australia, on March 19 2011, DubLi‟s Chief Technical Office, Brack Jaskey, showcased the latest technology in their arsenal to gain a large share of the eCommerce Market Place with a sneak preview of their forthcoming Online Shopping Mall that will bring a whole new experience to the consumer like never before… including offering intelligent natural upsells. and further buying opportunities. As for the BA‟s, there was also plenty of exciting news with this new technology also adding a surprise bonus – an unexpected additional stream of income that hadn‟t been created before! More on that shortly. To stay up to date with the fast pace that DubLi and the team of BA‟s here in Australia & New Zealand are doing, make sure you bookmark these very important sites:

DubLi Business is leap frogging! Out in today‟s economy, many sectors have slowed down due to both man-made economical and sadly, natural disasters locally and abroad… yet DubLi‟s growth is leaping and jumping ahead. If you‟ve been involved with DubLi for sometime, or are just new to it, we highly recommend jumping onto the latest Introductory Webinars and/or local Preview Events in your area, to see for yourself why so many people are renewing their licence to continue being part of this unique consumer experience called In Germany recently they had over 1600 people attend DubLi Day alone!

This MyDubLi App is an amazing piece of wizardry and the Music is so crystal clear!

In This Edition...         

New Customer Acquisition Products Business Lead Generation Tools Music & Entertainment Packages Renewal – The Choice to Stock or Build Transfer Credits to your Customer Account See the Future of DubLi’s Business Model Where ‘s to go for great Tools & Training DubLi Day Sydney, Melbourne…Brisbane? Local DubLi Meetings & Fun Social Nights

‘The DubLaDee Chronicle is independently created by active DubLi Business Licensees’ from across Australia & around the World, bringing you the good news about DubLi from a different point of view. All logo’s, images and the like are all copyright held by their respected owners. Any views expressed within this edition are purely the authors opinion and are not official company policy. Should you have any comments or stories you’d like to add, please write to, or just call 1300-799-439 anytime and leave a message 24-7.


MARCH 24 2011


REVIEW + RENEW = REGROW! Cool Ways to Renew by Apr 1st & Keep Your Business Position Thanks to a lot of active people, over the last six months we‟ve had the blessing of having our renewal date extended now for over 6 months! But now that this last deadline draws closer, st need to renew our Licence by March 31 2011. Additionally, we have to meet a certain criteria in order to keep our business pack level within the following 30 days. This is very important if you‟re at a Gold or Gold Advantage Level (whereby you enrolled initially at Gold or Upgraded to Gold within your first 30 days). Follow along with us…

We’re entering Phase 2 of DubLi’s growth and expansion model with specialized customer acquisition products, incentives and rewards, like this one.

Don’t panic if you’re not renewing! If you‟ve elected not to renew, then you need to take the following action to keep your st credits valid. Anytime BEFORE March 31 you need to transfer all of your credits from your BA back office to your own personal Website. How?

Login to, then -

Click on My Credits Click on My Vouchers Click on Load Credits into my personal account Click on the „arrow‟ next to Amount of Credits and select 100 Credits Click on Send

You can only send yourself 100 Credits at a time, so repeat until they‟ve all been moved to your own retail customer account. Note. Once moved, they cannot be moved back or transferred to someone else. Once DubLi has confirmed that you‟ve elected not to renew, your business licence will expire, as will access to the DubLi Network website. By the way, the other great news is that the credits are good for a whole 12 months!

Which Package Option? OPTION #1: To renew, pay your ebiz Kit annual AU$210 fee and purchase, either a Bronze, Silver or Gold Credit Package, depending on your current package status. This will extend your licence for 12 months, giving you access to the back office, marketing, the DubLi Academy & Sales Tools plus much more. This will restock your retail credits to sell at a profit margin, depending on which package you renew at. OPTION #2: Pay your AU$210 ebiz Kit annual renewal fee and ensure you have the required number of customer points from packages purchased. See below for details. When your customers subscribe to the Super Shopper Package (shown upper left), you receive the full $22.95 PLUS 2 Customer Points! Would you like to know how we‟re going to get 50 Customer Points up without spending on another Gold Package? See below:

HOT! Want to see what special strategies we’re using ourselves? Did you know that by just having 200 Customers, each subscribing to the $22.95 Super Shopper Package, you‟d have to replenish your Gold Pack of 5000 Credits each month - and bank $1,125 profit each time. Then as your customers add the Music, the Smart Shopper Package, and buy items from DubLi‟s online Mall, then your profits will continue to only go one way: UP!!

New Facebook Feature live on DubLi Entertainment Now you can post links to your favourite songs on your Facebook page with a click of a button! This feature works very similar to the existing “Share this song” feature. 

First, select the button next to the song you want to post.

Next, select the Facebook link to post your selection.

When you select the Facebook button a link is sent to your Facebook page. You can view this link yourself in your Facebook profile page.

When someone clicks on your link they will be sent to your Entertainment page. The song will then play for 25 seconds and then the new user will be prompted to register. Once the person registers they become your customer. If one of your existing customers post a link and this link attracts a new user they too will become your customer when they register. IMPORTANT! THE FACEBOOK LINK WILL ONLY NAVIGATE TO YOUR PAGE (TAGGED TO YOUR BA ID#) IF YOU HAVE PURCHASED AN ACTIVE MARKETING PACKAGE. To obtain a marketing package go to your Network back office and sign up for the Marketing package.

New Business Presentation PowerPoint’s & Customer Overview Please find updated and new PowerPoint‟s in your back office. If it is time for your renewal, please view the Annual Renewal PowerPoint. Join us for a live webinar and see how easy it is to present DubLi with these latest powerpoint tools or simply just let us do it for you and invite a guest to attend

It is also of particular importance that we continue to add value and benefits to our Business Associates in effort to aid them in the business building process. Effective March 1, 2011, an additional means for Business Associates to achieve the different package titles, has been introduced. Below, please read the new rules carefully: ALL BAs must pay the eBiz kit annually and it must be paid on the exact annual renewal date. The annual renewal date can be found in your back office on the front page.

BRONZE To remain or become Bronze, you may either purchase a Bronze package or have accumulated 10 customer points, SILVER To remain or become Silver you may either purchase a Silver package or have accumulated 25 customer points, GOLD To remain or become Gold you may purchase a Gold package or have 50+ customer points. GOLD A – within 30 days only To remain at your current Gold A status or become Gold A you may either purchase a Gold package or have 50+ customer points within the first 30 days following your annual renewal date. Good news: If, at your renewal date, you have 10 customer points and later earn 25 customer points, you will, at any time, be upgraded to Silver, for reaching 50+ customer points, you will, at any time become Gold, (Gold A is only possible if within 30 days from renewal date), if your customer points fall below the qualifying point criteria, you will be downgraded to your new package title and organizational rank, if necessary. All upgrades or downgrades count from the date you qualify or disqualify. NOTE:  If you qualify for an upgrade by points, you will not receive any additional Credits. Credits are only added upon purchase a package.  Offer is valid from the annual renewal date ONLY and is not negotiable.  If, at any time, you lose the required qualifying customer points, you will have 60 days from the exact date to requalify or you will lose the package title and potentially your rank as well.  If you have a Bronze package based on 10 customer points, you may not upgrade to Gold or Gold A simply by paying for the higher level package. The only avenue for becoming Gold A is by paying for the Gold package within 30 days from the annual renewal date or by having 50+ customer pts within 30 days after renewal date.  If a purchased package carries a higher rank than your rank by points, the package will always supersede earned points. However, if you purchase a Bronze package, because you require an inventory of Credits, and have a Gold or Gold A by earned points, you will remain Gold or Gold A. This also means that if you were to lose all customer points you would still have a Bronze package.  All purchased packages are valid for one year. BAs renewing in March or April: BA's whose renewal date falls in March or April 2011 will still be required to submit payment for their ebiz kit by the renewal date listed in their back office. However, credit packages will be extended until May 1, 2011 so BA's have extra time to collect customer points or purchase a new credit package without losing their original rank/title within the organization.

MARCH 24 2011



by Tina Middleton, Brand new Team Co-ordinator Dubli Day 3 - even the wet weather could not dampen the spirits of the attendees waiting eagerly to get inside the auditorium. As the excitement built out comes some light entertainment, a gorgeous Brazilian dancer with two big male drummers. It was fun and engaging as she dragged unsuspecting attendees to dance in front of everyone. What a great way to start an informative day. I would have to say the main highlights in my opinion were hearing from Brack Jaskey. Wow, Brack really knows his stuff when you talk technology. The technology being used behind is what will separate us from our competitors online today. Our technology is intelligent the more it is used the smarter it gets that is so exciting. This is online shopping at its best, offering amazing convenience and value for our customers. In addition to the intelligent software are engaging our customers with the use of social media “Like” buttons for facebook and twitter. I mean these buttons are all over the site now; this will aid in the explosion of viral growth. Brack also bought to the table the time and effort that goes on behind the scenes, behind the technology. We as BA‟s seem to take the technology behind for granted and complain about it not working right or not launching on time. Well let me ask this, if it was us putting this together how many of us could actually pull it off???? My guess is none of us so we need to be patient and take into consideration the blood sweat and tears that goes on behind the scenes. Dubli have our best interests at heart lets buckle down and take this opportunity while the shopping mall is still being finalised to grab our market share. The next highlight in my opinion was the talk by Kylie Bartlett my mind was totally blown away with her knowledge of facebook. Kylie stressed how important it is to have an engaging and personalised fan page. Attendees flooded Kylie at the end of her presentation wanting more information on how to flirt and convert on facebook.

Gone are the days of having to trudge out to weekly meetings dragging friends and family. Today we can invite guests to watch a presentation Live from the comfort of their own computer. For the latest live webinars, go to:

Then we had Dean Mannheimer… Dean has an amazing presence and he reminds us that we are part of an amazing and unique business. As unique and amazing as dubli is it still is like any other business we are going to have trials and tribulations that is normal business practice. Dean also reminds us that we have a major advantage over any competitor out there in the market place. As Dean always says there are a lot of auction sites out there, there are a lot of music sites out there but there is no site out there that combines Music, auctions, online shopping all under one roof. To quote Dean Mannheimer “the Dubli of today will be the worse it will ever be” all I can say is “LET‟S DO IT” Tina & Matt Middleton

THE EXCITEMENT’S BUILDING UP BUT should DubLi Germany get the Record? Are we Aussies going to let them get away with it? Dubli Business Associates in Europe are currently building their business with amazing levels of excitement, anticipation and best of all, solid growth. Thanks to a level of determined commitment amongst all levels of their leadership, from all around Europe, including Denmark, Germany and even Russia! Personally, I think I really know why! They‟ve realized just what DubLi is all about! It‟s even better than what we originally imagined it to be, and from the results of their launch of their Shopping Mall, I can see why! Do we have that excitement yet? We‟re due to have our Mall open in a matter of weeks too, but we need to kick it up a (big) notch to match the fire that‟s growing there! Our friends in Europe have come to realize that DubLi is one of the most rewarding, and shall I say, greatest Franchised businesses around. It was built with an interesting twist to allow us to network and expand to whatever desired growth results we‟d want, based on our own personal effort and also on the group productivity, in building strong relationships, having fun and much more! But for a change we have real Customers, who spend money and refer others. Cool! These are real people who‟ve embraced the new toys and technology that DubLi offers, like our Reverse Auctions, Games and especially the music.

Like any company, sometimes there are delays due to technical glitches etc, and DubLi is no different. Heck, who‟s ever bought any particular MS product where it works 100% from the get go? What about 80%? 60%? Need I say more? DO we quit just because it takes a little longer than anticipated? DO we just blow hundreds or thousands of dollars just because we didn‟t know how to make DubLi for you? Well fret no more - we‟ve cracked the code! That‟s why we‟re onboard, because we‟re visionaryl Entrepreneurs! We, (yes you and I), joined in the unknown trailblazing start of this adventure that is DubLi - because we‟re „Early Adopters‟. We saw something not too many people had seen and saw potential. Today, it‟s about Renewal, about deciding to continue and see it through as we‟ve already invested heavily in money and time. Just when it‟s about to get real exciting, some will leave the ship… Some of us will continue on and persist with it as we‟re learning just how to handle on this awesome money making machine… and see it pump out cash on a regular basis. I know, some will wimp out and say it‟s all „too hard‟. Maybe you‟re better off building an Ant Farm, because business is about persistency and consistency, taking continual action, It‟s about being productive; learning how to make your business work, mastering your craft & to turn a tidy profit again & again. Learning how to systemize business will make it more fun for you. Would you really like to know how we‟ve been able to do that? Ok, so putting those past events behind us, let‟s do the basics. Continually show the website giving people “the Customer Experience”. You will get excited everytime you hear them ask you if they can join in doing what you do! Suddenly you‟ve become a „professional‟ website tour guide! Really! It‟s time we Aussies & Kiwi‟s took back the skills, the know-how and the excitement of building a rock solid DubLi business, but this time, we need to take it right around the world! Who do you know in your Suburb, City or Interstate? What about in Europe, Brazil, Korea, Hungary, Italy, UK, South Africa, Turkey, Poland, Russia, Canada & the USA. So C‟mon Aussies! Let‟s get out there and show the world what we‟re made of! Let‟s get out there and be the No#1 Country in DubLi World Wide! …And then we‟ll show them how to really PARTY!!!

Live Events SUNSHINE COAST MONDAY 18th APRIL 7.30PM Start Presented by: Les Prosser BA's $5 Guests: Free Lake Kawana Community Centre Sportsman Pde, Kawana

BRISBANE TUESDAY 5th April 7.30PM Start - Presented by: Rick & Sandra Krytenberg BA's $10 Guests: Free Venue: Queensland Sport and Athletics Centre (Old ANZ Stadium) Enter via Kessels Road Entrance, Sprinters Room - 4th Floor. Free Parking on site CLICK HERE FOR DIRECTIONS

SYDNEY Tuesday, April 12 · 7:30pm Start: Business Associates: $10 Guests: Free Graphic Arts Club 182 Coward St Mascot NSW NB: Parking at Rear


Monday, Apr 4, 2011 7:30 PM - 8:15 PM AEST

Hosts: Declan and Laura Barnett Registration Web Link: Wednesday Mar. 30 7.30 - 8.30pm - QLD TIME Presented LIVE by: Sandra Krytenberg Registration Web Link:

NB: Important Business Associate Renewal Information! Click Here for 5th March Recorded Video regarding Renewing.

Recorded Business Webinars Hosted by Sandra Krytenberg Uploaded 2-3-11 Click Here to View

All other events, best go to for last minute meeting venues or last minute webinars.

We’d love to hear back from you on your thoughts on today’s edition. Email


Strewth, what a great auction! The DubLi Australian Aid auction was a tremendous success raising well over $5,000.00 (USD) for those victims affected by the floods and hurricanes of the past few months through the Australian Red Cross. We are stoked about the tremendous response the Australian Aid auction received from all of our caring DubLi customers around the world – without your help those in Australia would continue with an extremely lengthy struggle to recover from the natural disasters that have ravaged the country. We congratulate and thank „Rideandski‟, the lucky awardee of this charitable auction (and two 1 ounce gold bars), for the effort and assistance in brining attention to this auction and helping those in Australia. On behalf of those in Australia, and with the utmost appreciation to all of the DubLi customers who supported the Australian Aid auction, we thank you. Follow this link to find out what the Australian Red Cross is doing to help. See you on, at a Webinar, Live Event or maybe at the next DubLi Day soon!

Is Dork the New Hip? A Great Example of Viral Marketing… During Kylie Bartlett‟s Facebook Flirt & Convert presentation she showed attendees of DubLi Day in Sydney a really cool, funny Video from “” called „New Dork‟. It was so accurately describing the new Internet Entrepreneur of the 21st Century, that we thought you‟d like to see it again (or maybe for the first time)! Click here or on the Image to see the Video in its entirety.

DubLadee Chronicle March 30th  

Australian DubLi Business Associates Team Newsletter

DubLadee Chronicle March 30th  

Australian DubLi Business Associates Team Newsletter