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ith Jonah Chart your course w and meet the God who saves!

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B i b le S c h o o l Adventure

“I worship the Lord, the God of Heaven, who made the sea and the land.� Jonah 1:9

Dive deep with SSQ and anchor your VBS kids— churched & unchurched— in God’s Word!

2011 in-depth Bible lessons engaging Scripture memory daily Gospel presentation strategic impact on unchurched & church-going families missional living emphasis

Profound Content transforms young hearts & minds introduces children to the Sovereign, Omnipresent God who saves calls them to discover the wonder of redemption through Jesus Christ advances a grace-filled Biblical world & life view High Seas adventure makes VBS fun & meaningful Sailing Crews plumb the depths of the adventure-filled Book of Jonah, following his roundabout route to repentance Costumed “eyewitness” Storytellers bring God’s Word to life

fun-filled Ultimate Voyage Contest includes daily Scripture memory drills, mercy & service projects inspiring creativity buoys kids’ excitement for learning God’s Word & living missionally age-graded Logbooks engage children on mission at VBS, at home & in the community Soundings (day-by-day Scripture readings) help establish personal devotions theme-related songs & crafts reinforce each day’s Scripture memory & Bible lesson content

Oceans of Spiritual Treasures... Effective Scripture Memory Daily Gospel Presentation Whole-Family Impact • children learn verses that instill lesson truths • daily drills help them retain verses for years to come!


1-866-GO•VBSRA (468-2772)

• 6-part “Salvation Sea Crossing” • memorized to share with others

• Student Logbooks get the Word into the home • Parents initial at-home work & explore God's Word with their kids

HIGH PRAISES! “Structured and flexible — easily adaptable for different facilities, group sizes, and budgets. Very effective at discipling kids from our church while also presenting the gospel to unchurched children and families. We love VBSRA!” ­—Director of Children’s Ministries Robin Gorab, Colorado Springs, CO

“This curriculum is money well-spent. VBSRA’s quality teaching and fun materials generate excitement in our children and our adult and teen volunteers.” —Senior Pastor Randy Nabors, Chattanooga, TN

“The only curriculum that really gets kids into the Bible — reading, memorizing, & doing extra activities all connected with the Word of God. Kids & parents love these programs.” —Children’s Ministries Director Laurie Beavers, Lynnwood, WA

Mission Statement

Our mission is to support the Church in fulfilling Christ’s call to evangelize and disciple children and their families. Our commitment is to create high caliber, spiritually engaging, Christ-centered VBS curricula whose profound, grace-filled content and Christian world and life view are presented through fun-filled challenge and adventure.

“I recommend this program because it proves you do not have to sacrifice in-depth Bible teaching to have a creative, fun-filled week with children.” —Children’s Ministry Coordinator Sue Jakes, Presbyterian Church in America

Guaranteed Order Deadline:

March 11, 2011

Placing a high priority on knowing and caring for our customer churches and their VBS directors, Reachout offers free personal coaching by seasoned Reachout VBS directors who provide expert advice, individualized planning help, and prayer support. Client churches are also networked if desired with other area Reachout churches for in-the-trenches fellowship, encouragement, and resource sharing.

“Probing the Depths” Bible Lessons Sea Explorers discover life-changing truths about Jonah—and the Jesus he points to—by diving into the tale of the runaway prophet who flees, then finally faces, God’s challenge to him. Extraordinary “eyewitness” accounts of Jonah’s roundabout route to Nineveh keep Sea Explorers on the edge of their seats during the five-day voyage.

—Senior Teaching Pastor Joe Novenson, Lookout Mountain, TN

—Pastor Mark Sumpter, Grants Pass, OR

March 4, 2011

Reachout Coaching & Community

“A stellar example of scholarship with a burning heart…these creative educational tools effectively advance deep spiritual truths.”

“This VBS will not let you down! It presents the person and work of Christ in all the Scriptures, reaching both the head and the heart.”

3% Discount Deadline:

By journey’s end, young Sea Explorers have a deeper grasp of God’s pursuing love and saving grace as they encounter the God who turns us around in repentance and obedience. Lesson One Am I Jehovah’s or Am I Jeering? Lesson Two  Am I Headed to My Tarshish or My Nineveh? Lesson Three  Have I Been Turned Around by God? Lesson Four  Do I Have a ‘Jehovah’ or a ‘Jonah’ Attitude? Lesson Five  Lord, Send Me a Fish and a Resurrection! 

Jonah 1:1–16 Jonah 1:17–2:10 Jonah 3 Jonah 4 Matthew 12:33–41; Luke 11:29–32

Upcoming Adventures

• Olympion 2012 14830 Wallingford Avenue North Seattle, WA 98133-6620 1-866-GO•VBSRA (468-2772) (206) 365-0860 fax: (206) 365-6516 email: website:

Run the challenging Christian race of faith following Joshua’s heroic example of wholehearted obedience to God.

• Upward Bound 2013

Reach for the summit with this extraordinary trek focused on the incarnate, upward bound journey of Jesus Christ.

• Genesis 1: Space Probe 2014

Cruise the cosmos on an awesome Genesis adventure to seek out the Lord of the Universe


Starter Kit Get your VBS planning underway with this “crow’s nest” view of SSQ’s curriculum. Kit contains all you need to Set Sail! • Director Guide • Teacher Guide (Director’s version) • Grades 1–6 Teacher Guide • QuickStart Guide • Bible Lesson Curriculum • student Logbook • student undersea Sticker Set • student Name Button

• • • • •

Leader’s CD publicity Poster publicity Postcard Record Sheet samples wristband

30-DAY Review!

30-DAY REVIEW! Pay $49.99 (plus s & h) and have it credited toward your Director Kit purchase when you place your full order. Or, return it after 30 days and we’ll refund you the cost of the Starter Kit. #100 Starter Kit $49.99

Student Materials

3% Discount Deadline:

Student Packet

March 4, 2011


Guaranteed Order Deadline:

Contains age-graded memory work, daily Bible March 11, 2011 reading, worksheets; Seascape sticker page; original theme-related Gospel presentation; contentreinforcing songs; service projects; glossary and more! 44–56 pages depending on grade level. Comes with attractive cover sticker designating child’s “Sailing Crew” (team). Grade levels based on grades completed.

Sticker Set

45 full-color peel-off stickers including fish, shellfish, sea anemones, and seagrasses to transform each Logbook’s black “ocean deep” sticker page into a seascape bursting with color!

Name Button


“The student book is highly effective in getting God’s Word into unchurched homes.” Rev. Brian Thom, Killeen, TX


Sturdy, color-coded custom-designed “Crew ID” (matches Logbook cover sticker) to identify each Sea Explorer with his Sailing Crew. Button provides space for writing in Sea Explorer’s name. #101A 4’s–K completed $3.75 #101B 1st–2nd completed $3.75 $4.50 #101C 3rd–4th completed $3.75 Value! #101D 5th–6th completed $3.75

2’s & 3’s Student Packet SSQ Memory Book

Daily activity pages & “Sailing Cheers” that reinforce Bible lesson truths, Scripture memory verse & Steward Projects.

Sticker Page, Sticker Set & Name Button

See Student Packet above. #101E


1-866-GO•VBSRA (468-2772)


Director Resources

200A & 200B

Director Kit Packaged in a custom-designed 3-ring notebook, a must for new SSQ Directors & a plus for Reachout veterans! Only one needed per church; order additional Director Packets (#201) as needed for Co-directors. Director Guide Complete step-by-step guide to planning, conducting & overseeing SSQ. Includes reproducible job descriptions for every planning task, bringing all your essential resources into one convenient place. SSQ overview, planning calendar, recruiting, publicity, decoration, snack helps & more make this indispensable for every Director. Guidelines for adapting SSQ for use in large & small settings included. Teacher Guide (Director’s Version) SSQ overview & comprehensive instructions for all classroom teachers, department heads & assistants. QuickStart Guides At-a-glance reference cards with Teacher Guide highlights; age-graded, 1 per grade level included. Bible Lesson Curriculum 5 engaging, in-depth Bible lessons presented as intriguing “eye-witness” accounts of the Book of Jonah. Includes background notes, costume suggestions & simplified storyline for 4’s–2nd grade. Logbook Student book; see page 4.

the files now included on the Artwork & Totals Tracker CD’s (or order pre-printed below). #200A Director Kit $76.50 #200B* Director Kit $26.50 *Order 200B only if you purchased a 2011 Starter Kit.

Director Packet Includes Director Guide, Teacher Guide, QuickStart Guide, Bible Lesson Curriculum, Student Logbook; order one additional packet per Co-director. #201 Director Packet $27.00 Also available separately: #202 Gospel Presentation Manual $6.50 #203 Craft Curriculum $15.00 #204 Artwork CD $18.00

Records Sheet Set

Used by classroom teachers for daily recordkeeping & reporting attendance. Craft Curriculum Crafts for all ages, suitable for any size group! Order 1 set for every 100 students. Developed to complement & reinforce the Bible lesson truths Customize and/or print your own records & nautical theme. Includes detailed instructions, reproducible sheets using the files now included patterns, & project introductions. Includes Crafts & Lesson Handwork on both the Artwork CD & Totals Tracker CD. for 2’s & 3’s and 4’s–K. Supplies not included. #205 Records Sheet Set $13.00 Gospel Presentation Manual Extensive guidelines for preparing & presenting “Salvation Sea Crossing,” SSQ’s unique 6-step Totals Tracker CD Gospel presentation. Simple recordkeeping at your fingertips! Excel® PC program calculates team points, tracks attendance & Leader’s CD See page 7. totals offering figures. Includes 4 ready-made files— Artwork CD Contains all SSQ artwork & instructions. Use one for each Reachout school! ALSO includes records to create decorations, signs, fliers, banners, guidons & more. sheet files for all four adventure themes to customize and/or print. Includes PowerPoint® Gospel Presentation Visual Aid & Song Lyrics #206 Totals Tracker CD $10.00 presentations. Customize and/or print your own records sheets using


Director Resources, cont’d. Bible Lesson Acrostic Set

Memory Work Poster

Five-lesson visual aid for Bible lesson Storytellers. Some preparation and additional material necessary. #207 $10.00

17” x 22” poster of age-graded memory verses. #210A 4’s–K $3.50 #210B 1st–2nd $3.50 #210C 3rd–4th $3.50 #210D 5th–6th $3.50

Homeport Assemblies Manual

Recreation Packet

Lively theme-related recreation schedule for all grade levels, written exclusively for SSQ. Comes with detailed game instructions, materials list, themerelated introductions, plus rainy day suggestions. #211 $6.50

Fabulous “Casting Off” and “Docking” scripts that do it all for you! Everything you need for great daily assemblies, including introductory skits to the Gospel presentation and a comprehensive Closing Program plan. #208 $19.50

Memory Work Packet

Memory work list for all four grade groups, plus pull-out Scripture memory drill card listing questions by day (a great tool for “Lighthouse Drill” leader!). #209 $6.50

Teacher Resources

Sturdy custom-designed SSQ name button identifying your staff. #212 (pkg of 10) $ 5.50

Assistant Teacher Packet

Teacher Guide

QuickStart Guide

QuickStart Guide

At-a-glance reference card highlighting Teacher Guide essentials; 5 age-specific guides.

Bible Lesson Curriculum

See description under Director Kit, page 5.

Logbook, Answer Sheets

Student book (see Student Packet, page 4), plus accompanying answer sheets for Grades 1–6. #300A 4’s–K Teacher Pkt $13.50 #300B 1st–2nd Teacher Pkt $13.75 #300C 3rd–4th Teacher Pkt $13.75 #300D 5th–6th Teacher Pkt $13.75 #300E *2’s & 3’s Teacher Pkt $13.50 *2’s & 3’s student book is the SSQ Memory Book (see page 4).


Staff Name Button

Teacher Packet

VBS overview & complete instructions for classroom teachers, assistants & department heads; 3 age-graded guides—4’s–K, Grades 1–6, and 2’s & 3’s.

1-866-GO•VBSRA (468-2772)


At-a-glance age-graded reference card highlighting Teacher Guide essentials.

Bible Lesson Curriculum

See description under Director Kit, page 5.

Logbook, Answer Sheets

Student book (see Student Packet, page 4), plus accompanying answer sheets for Grades 1–6. #300F 4’s–K Asst Teacher Pkt $9.25 #300G 1st–2nd Asst Teacher Pkt $9.50 #300H 3rd–4th Asst Teacher Pkt $9.50 #300I 5th–6th Asst Teacher Pkt $9.50 #300J 2’s & 3’s Asst Teacher Pkt* $9.25 Also available separately:** #301 Bible Lesson Curriculum $8.50 #302A 4’s–K Logbook $2.75 #302B 1st–2nd Logbook $2.75 #302C 3rd–4th Logbook $2.75 #302D 5th–6th Logbook $2.75 **Though these items are available separately, we strongly advise ordering complete packets for your teachers. Their understanding of SSQ’s entire content and format will make all the difference in your VBS!

Music Resources

Fre coachien availab g le 1-

Music CD’s

13 great SSQ songs with engaging music & lesson-reinforcing lyrics! Excellent for use in training meetings, VBS assemblies, classrooms, as well as for purchase by parents & staff. Leader’s version includes songs and instrumental-only tracks. #400 Music CD $12.25 #401 Leader’s CD $14.25 Take a 20% discount if purchasing 20 or more CD’s!

20/20 Discount!

Piano Music

Piano music & guitar chords for all SSQ songs, with cross-reference guide to corresponding Bible lessons. Assembled in coil-bound book convenient for page turning. #402 $18.00

866-GO (468-27-VBSRA 72)

“The coaching you gave us was amazing! You answered all our questions so we were really prepared. The Reachout VBS week was a highlight of the year for our entire church!”

Song Overhead Set

Song lyrics overhead transparencies to project for all to see. Allows visiting parents to join in; great for your SSQ “Sea Fest” Closing Program! #403 $18.00

Angie McKay, VBS Director, Boise, ID For more great endorsements, visit the “Testimonials” page on our website at

Publicity Resources Poster

Colorful 11" x 17" poster printed with the SSQ logo, leaving room for your church’s specific publicity info. #500 $1.50



Spread the word about your SSQ with these full-color postcards! Space on reverse side for church information and mailing label. Four perforated cards per 8 1/2" x 11" sheet for easy backside copying on your laser printer (pkg of 52 cards; 13 sheets). #501 (pkg of 52) $9.00 #502


Outdoor Banner

Full color 5’ x 3’ sturdy vinyl banner, complete with grommets for easy mounting. Leaves room for your church’s specific publicity info. Reusable! #502 $39.99 Artwork for producing fliers & other publicity items is available on the Artwork CD (included in Director Kit or sold separately); see page 5.



Make waves with these “Turned Around” silicon wristbands. Popular with children and adults, these wristbands make great conversation starters. Available in the 3 “Crew” colors (coral, green, and blue) and Staff color (purple). #600A Coral $5.25 (pkg of 5) #600B Green $5.25 (pkg of 5) #600C Blue $5.25 (pkg of 5) #600D Purple (staff) $5.25 (pkg of 5)


Sailor Hats

Sea Explorers, Captains, and First Mates will love these seaworthy gob hats! Packaged dozen includes assorted sizes: Child size—19½"–21½" Adult size—21¾"–23 ⁄₈"

Note that children’s heads can reach adult sizes early on.

See note below #601A Child Size #601B Adult Size regarding pricing.

An SS favoriteQ !

Navigate in style! Sea Explorers, teachers, staff, parents, and siblings, too, will look shipshape in these awesome, 50/50 T-Shirts. NEW for 2011! Our new, single-color logo design makes these popular shirts fit into tight budgets! Varied shirt colors identify staff and kids. Verse beneath logo reads “I worship the Lord, the God of Heaven, who made the sea and the land.” Jonah 1:9. Optional: church name and/or logo printed on shirt back (locker patch style at nape of neck) for extra publicity. Shipped separately. Allow 4 weeks for delivery. See order form for deadlines. #700 Youth S (6–8) tton industry, #701 Youth M (10–12) ctuation in the co flu t an fic ni sig to liers at Due #702 Youth L (14–16) rmined by our supp te de be t no d ul co or call us prices #703 Adult S (34–36) w w sit vi se ea Pl ion is to presstime. #704 Adult M (38–40) pricing. Our intent t en rr cu r fo 72 27 #705 Adult L (42–44) at 1-866-468as possible! #706 Adult XL (46–48) keep prices as low #707 Adult XXL (50–52) #708 Church Name Drop price chart below #709 Church Logo Drop $20.00

10% discount for 250 or more shirts! Church Name Drop Prices Total Qty Shirts 24–47 48–71 72–143 144–287 288–499 500 and up

Cost per Shirt $ 1.25 $ 1.00 $ .85 $ .75 $ .65 $ .55

Free ng coachai ble av8a66i-GlO-VBS)RA 1-

“Christ-centered, Bible-based, doctrinally sound, and delightfully creative. I heartily recommend these materials!” —Senior Minister J. Ligon Duncan, Jackson, MS



VBSRA 2011 Summer Seaquest Catalog  

Eight page catalog with Vacation Bible School materials for 2011 Summer Seaquest Theme.

VBSRA 2011 Summer Seaquest Catalog  

Eight page catalog with Vacation Bible School materials for 2011 Summer Seaquest Theme.