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‘Work with your strengths for a strong Europe!’ International Comenius Project on working with strengths.

Poland Meeting Bialystok

Comenius Poland meeting 2011 May 18 – 24 The program of this meeting was designed by the teams of ‘Primary School 28 Bialystok’ and ‘De Smalle Koolkerke’ and coordinated by Alicja Szepietowska. This was the second meeting (first year) in our Comenius project. Scope:

Art Therapy, Questionair, Teacher Mediation and Peer Mediation, Six thinking hats

Looking for the strengths of our pupils and teachers by using the questionnaire, art therapy, teacher mediation and peer mediation. Using the six thinking hats as a evaluation tool.

Report of the meeting When


Wednesday, 18/5/2011

Thursday, 19/5/2011

What Arrival day


12.00 13.00

A Bus Tour of Warsaw Free time in the capital All the partners stayed in Hotel Podlasie, (All the sessions take place in Primary School no 28, classroom no 28/ hall/ gym). School visit. Meeting the students and the school staff. Lunch Since the last meeting – what we’ve been doing since October in relation to the theme of our project (examples of activities that schools can share). Huseyin’s presentation (film about the questionnaire)

Friday, 20/5/2011

16.00 20.00 9.30

Saturday, 21/10/2011

12.30 13.00 20.00 10.00


17.30 20.00

Sunday, 22/05/2011

Monday, 23/05/2011


18.00 9.30 12.30 13.00 14.00 15.00 16.00 16.30 20.00

Tuesday, 24/05/2011

Guided tour of the Bia ystok city centre Diner in the Czarci pub Art Therapy in the primary classroom (session 1) Magda gave us a wonderful idea how you can use art therapy in the project ‘work with your strenghts’. We did a whole list of activity’s. (Theory added in this report). Lunch at school Art therapy in the primary classroom (session 2) Diner at Camelot Session: before a Sunday trip: The modern history of Poland and the region Podlasie presented by Jerzy Afternoon in Wedel café We could taste the wonderful chocolate home made in Bialystok. We also could watch the national championship ‘Majorettes’ We didn’t know that so many wonderful girls did that as a hobby… Diner at Pepper’s Performance ‘Harlekin’ by Derevo Theatre After that we could watch the wonderful fountains of Bialystok. After that the diehards among us jumped in the nighlife. Guided trip: visiting the region of Podlasie Tykocin were we visited the church. In that town used to live 1500 Jewish people. They were all killed by the Germans during WWII. Only a few survived. The synagogue who’s in our days a museum with pictures of the time the holocaust took place was quit impressive. Suprasl: there we visited a museum with wonderful icons. Kruszyniany: there we visited a mosque. Huseyin and Kazim gave us a demonstration how they pray in Turkey. We visited also a very old grave yard. Diner at the local restaurant Dzenneta’s Session Peer Mediation by Alicja Luch break Session: the six thinking hats (Eduard De Bono) by Rudy Building the website by Anthony and Yassin Looking forwards to Terassini by Anna and Rossella Evaluation of the project week by using the six hats (see the document.) Concert by the school choir. We could enjoy some wonderful songs!!! Farewell diner in restaurant Trzy po Trzy offered by the guest school. Departure day and transport by train to the airport of Warsaw

This was again an exciting and energizing meeting. We are looking foreword to he next meeting in Italy. With thanks to Alicja, Magda, Jerzy, Dorota, Marzena, Rozalia, Anna and Emilia

Rudy de Jonge, Coorrdinator

Report Poland  

This is the report of the Poland meeting for Comenius.

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