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LAWLESS LAND Not only the crisis is affecting the majority of the deals, but also frauds. Today we will talk about frauds in financial market and among new brokers in particular. This wave of new brokers appeared with the weakening license regulations in the beginning of XXI century: Cyprus, BVI, Mauritius, Seychelles etc. Complaints from private investors seem to increase. The growing number of new brokers is related to the investors` increase in currencies market: Forex, with capital movements of 5 billion of dollars per day and more than 1500 billions of dollars per year, has spread all around the world. Their investors profile contains people of all color and race. People expansion is impressive. I met a man from a village in Ghana (Africa) who was in trouble as he had lost his money in Forex because his broker`s advisor didn`t do well. If George Soros could break the pound in 1992, causing devalvation, today the rise of hedge funds can provoke the same with any other currency bringing goverment of any country to its knees. Internet helps the brokers to provide conditions such as contributions at the account opening from a few dollaes to hundreds of million dollars trapping a great number of victims. Currency price platform makes it possible for the trader to control, monitor, provide, forge and mislead the client with false and manipulating information. Are you an idiot to keep investing under such conditions?

Risks Investing into Forex, CFD o ECN is very risky and can easily lead to losses. About 95% of Forex clients sistematically sustain losses. On this basis we can say that less than 5% of clients get profit in financial markets. Still clients keep investing searching for a small opportunity to join this small group of winners. Why are you such a fool? You have more chances of winning a lottery than in Forex. Don`t be fooled by white-collar thieves. Use your money for producing goods, not gambling. Most of the brokers, their represenatives, IBs, affiliates specialize in engaging clients` attention to the fact that you can make money within a short time. But it`s false. You have little or no chance to get it because they earn money that you lose to keep defrauding new clients. When you enter the market you always start losing and don`t expect the grear number of traps in this cycle of gamble. And the cycle starts every time, again and again, and again. And to give an example let`s exmine one of the typical cases we suffered from and that gave us experience: In January 2013 YouTradeFX contacted us and showed licenses of FCA 548033, ASIC 398528 and Mau 097392, some of which were not even their, and they used numbers of others companies with similar names. The Mauritius have lost it in September 2013. If there is no registration number in financial regulations, there is little chance to get the answer for the complaint from the client. Forget about recovering money in case of dispute.


man being becomes suspicious and frustrated. The recovery period is very long and requires psychiatric assistance.

Damage is not only economic. Economy is closely connected to our lives. Frauds also have a negative impact on mental and physical health of the investor.

All this brings to a conclusion that trading in financial markets is not healthy. You can get more benefit, sitting on the sea shore, fishing and selling fish at the store or to Suffering frauds ruins the health and cau- your neighbors, remaining health at the ses frustration and depression. Visit of the same time. doctor is guaranteed. But it happens not only in case of fraud. Investment is also a sedentary activity that effects on health. Sitting in front of PC harms the health of investors, increasing blood pressure because of fat accumuation in the body and on the walls of blood vessels in particular. All that causes hypertension over time.

Types of frauds

Two types of frauds can be distinguished. The one when the client suffer and the one that is not detected. The money is robbed at the moment we do a transfer to move money or purchase another currency. This There is also such lesions as swelling of is obvious. the legs due to low blood circulation. Another fraud, well-known but difficult to Low physical activity causes obesity, and prove, is the opening of the spread at the sedentary lifestyle leads to body deterio- moment of investment. The slippage is a ration. People were born to move. cross blocking operation at the time of the transaction, until the moment when the Psychological harm also presents. Fee- price comes to its worse value. ling of euphoria while winning is usually followed by feeling of frustration while But there is also another type of fraude, losing, even fear appeares, and in some that is more serious. And I will explain it cases, when the losses are great panic with an example: appeares. When the panic takes control over the mind, it is very difficult to express Some students of our training centre starconfidence in investments again. The hu- ted to trade in financial markets. In July 2013 and in September they began asking

to send the benefits they gained to their accounts via money transfer. And at that moment problems came. I refer to the so-called broker YouTradeFX Holding ltd.

the platform, illogically opening spreads or activating slippage (time delay until the operation is executed). Usually it`s never mentioned in the claimes because it`s difficult to prove.

The number of ignored claims conerning money transfers to the customers` ac- But all this is possible to do with “Metacounts has been gradually increasing du- trader Virtual Pluggin�, the Metatrader 4 ring the whole 2013. The broker simply platform. has appropriated clients` money. These happens not only with YoutraderIn other cases, the Broker introduces false Fx, but also with a long list of self-proclaitrading operations with losses. The client med Brokers who use Metatrader 4, and would never realize that his money were who are no more than parts of fraudulent appropriated. Or a line with an unknown generation in the financial markets that loss appears. does serious harm to this sector. And to fair brokers too. When a Broker offers MeIn other cases YoutraderFx blame the client tatrader 4,it`s the first sign to get doubt that he have performed illegal operations, about his reputation. such as using an investment engine or arbitration activity, or just forge operations. But this problem exists not only with MeActions that are almost impossible from a tatrader, but also with others platforms. terminal platform. Actions that justify the But we will talk about it sometime later. broker to break off contact with the client Investors are losing confidence in all and not answer his email. Brokers and investments. Today nobody Although YoutradeFX creates fraudulent invests in the markets. All simply speculaprice movements of the instruments in tes. Speculation does not produce econo-

¿YOU WANT OPEN ACCOUNT WITH SCAMMERS BROKERS? Youtraderfx Youtrade Holding Ltd YouTrade Capital Markets & PTY Youtrade investment Forex Place Ltd Capitalone 4xp FXGlory IHForex LandFx

¡¡¡¡ Are Scammers !!!!!

Most new fraudsters have little knowledge about financial markets. They copy what others do. But they have a high development of information technology, marketing and advertising. They are the new ways to steal money from the accounts of customers, regardless of the future. There are entrepreneurs. They are opportunistic fraud. Close a business and open another. mic wealth. In this situation there is only Youtradefx Holding Ltd one winner, the Broker. All this have an im- (www.youtradefx.com) pact on financial crisis. Capital One Forex And now we will talk about legal Brokers (www.capitaloneforex.com) that appeares to take the fraudulent garbage away and prosecute and block de- IHForex frauders for the criminal acts committed. (www.ihforex.com) Ibcfx (www.ibcfx.com) From Cyprus to Israel. Itcfx (www.itcfx.com) The 16th of May 2013 bank freeze happened in Cyprus. Bank deposits were blocked and bank offices were closed which was imposed by the ministers of the economy of EU. Financial intervention in Cyprus showed that banking deposit guarantees in the Eurozone is just a theory violated by those who created it. This was a sign for the brokers to move from Cyprus to Israel, that offered protection against financial conflicts and protection of information from brokers` servers. This paves the way to start the fraud against any company which operates in Israel, and there is no guarantee of fraud recovering because of legal block that is set against any juridical complaint.

Land-Fx (www.landfx.com) Fx-Glory (fxglory.com) The following are not Brokers but request deposits of the clients: Trade com)



Everest (www.everestforex.com)

But there also exists a long list of other brokers that disappeared due to the crisis. They did not dare to steal the money of the clients and preferred to disappear. Now Some companies that are classified as you know whom you should not trust. scam brokers have moved to Israel and Many broker owners have two, three or continue to operate unpunished. Among four companies. Once one is closed, anoHIGH RISK brokers to trade with, we have: ther opens to continue its illegal activity. Forex Place LTD Other brokers prefer to continue their ac4xp (www.4xp.com)

tivity despite of their ill fame. This happens with Youtradefx.com Modus Operandis England has always had good reputation because of FSA. A former lawyer from FSA confessed to us a few weeks ago that fraud department has been reduced and has work overload because of the regulations imposed on Scotland and Wales. And they are fed up with answering a huge amount of received claims, not only against fraudulent brokers, but also against insurance companies and banks. And it`s used by defrauders. In case of Libor fraud, Libor fixes interest rates, fraud actions have extended to pension funds that keep profitability in banking sector. As England was considered as the cradle of financial world, this prestige is used by scam brokers who inform clients on their websites that their offices are located in England, when they are actually in Israel. At least those we have listed above. And phone numbers in England, as well as in other countries have connection to their offices in Israel. And that`s the place where brokers work from, where marketing, account management, backoffice, internet servers and financial market data is located. Finally, Israel gives them protection for their fraudulent activity. Some of these brokers have lisence in disrepute places. They need physical address, virtual offices and fake phone numbers to get license. Examples of such brokers are YoutradeFX, 4xp, Capitalonefx. These companies share services with other brokers to reduce costs. For example one company called Maya offer IT service that provide server platform for different brokers that havn`t got it. They compare offices, share staff. And in some cases these brokers use two or three different names to contact the clients. Some official regulators edit recommendation to warn against scam brokers.

In a situation of FRAUD are guilty: Broker Directors Account Managers introducers Broker Affiliates Stores Colaborators

WARNING FOR INVESTORS Bonus on the amount of deposit is an attractive offer from the Broker for the clients and a trap at the same time. In many cases when clients accept bonuses they even don`t know terms and conditions. And even when clients win in the market, they don`t receive the proportional share of the profit; when they lose, the amount of losses does not affect the bonus. The surprise comes when the client decides to withdraw the profit, the threat of withdrawing and cancellation of bonuses and profit on bonuses appear. This forces the client to increase the deals and sometimes it leads to 999 deals in order to be able to withdraw the profit. If it`s great, the damage is proportional. That`sу why we advise you not to accept bonuses of the brokers, until you read conditions between the lines. The traps are served on a silver platter.

EverestMarkets (No is Broker. Is IB) Adrian Bularga -$1509 Adriana Moraru -$1.340 Alexandru Lungu -$2.065 Victor Donos -$3.985 Dumitru Buzdugan -$1.064 Elena Porcescu -$1.220 Ion Plamadeala -$2.984 Iurie Prodanov -$6.541 Leonid Diaconu -$2366 Maria Caras -$2370 Olga Efrenov -$1.168 Radu Petco -$1.500 Raisa Zubic -$1.159 Sergiu Solotchi -$1.150 Vadim Guberschi -$3.030 Vadim Sirghi -$1.164 Victor Rusnac -$1.936 Vitalie Rusu -$943 Vlad Sargu -$3.993 Isae Plamadeala -$1.900 Andrian Varari -$1.547 Ricky Coli Martin -£8.879.80

Youtrade Kilian Sch -20.560€ Ramon Schwarz, -$16.082 David Eugenio Mijas -$49.526 Rene Franz Zettl: -$4.903 Chhatbar Manojbhai -$738 Alberto Zanetti -$47.126 Filippo Zanetti -$24.133 Seck Saliou -$4.487 Mohamed Eldowy -$5.100 Isaac Owusu -$40.382 Arturo Viterbori -$52.000 Guilherme Castellano -$180.000 Sorin Iulian -$22.835 Massimo Stracqualursi -$26.000 José Callado -$8.487 Enrique Vazquez -$31.800 Gabriele Ghini -$30.000 LandFx (Land Prime) Nguyen Thanh - $9.895 Trade Hideout Goronwy Eduards


Forex Place - 4xp Alois Erwin -$43.000 Natalia Caramilea -$2.220 Dario Longo -$20.000 Romano Ghini -$22.000 IBCFX Lida Giachetti Giuseppe Giovanni -45.751€ IHForex Juan José Mondejar -$11.383 FXGlory Alessandro D´armi -$25.049 Fayziev Utkir -$376.398 CapitalOne Adriana Morau -$2870 Osman B. Mohamed -$13.506 Savelie Donos -$2834 Viktor Koroveshi -8.375€ Viorica Plamadeala -$500

Offices in Tel Aviv Youtrade where large fraud customers are organized

During just two months, we have received documents from a huge number of persons who suffered from the frauds of illegal brokers. This is an example. 12 - Youtrade offices in Tel Aviv, where frauds for the clients are organized.

es and lead client’s account to zero. c) After creating fictitious operation on client`s account the broker blocks the account during a few months and gives access to it only when the losses are heavier.

There is a long list of brokers that commit frauds. Frauds they commit are of three types.

Identity fraud

Technical Fraud

1) They indicate contact phone number in England, while their location is actually in Israel, Cyprus or another place of tax exemption.

These offer intermediation platforms, web pages, on which they can from the server: 1) Modify the price of the market, 2) Open spreads, 3) Produce slippage Administrative and commercial fraud a) The broker doesn`t answer your requests. In some cases, the broker ignores the response for the claim of refund. b) The broker gives wrong results of the operations and the profit, letting client see that available amount of money is that in his list. Broker creates fictitious operations to produce loss-

2) They write that their company has license while actually it hasn`t. Or their license is weak and doesn`t guarantee refund of money captured from the clients. 3) They don`t indicate real address of the company and the place of their commercial work. 4) Others brokers play with their location. Some have their company not in Israel, but in other places od tax exemption, such as Mauritius, Cyprus, British Virgin Islands, and they still operate from Israel through another representative company, that is their property registered by the lawyer.

All Brokers Scammers use virtual phones in England, but divert calls to Cyprus or Israel Do any resort?

Chipre Israel

WAR AGAINST FRAUD We have always said at our conferences, that the closest enemy of the Trader is Broker. He knows the money you have on your account, the positions that you have opened, stop losses, take profits, statistics of result, the size of operations and how trader reacts psychologically. In other words, everything that is necessary to create war against Broker`s interests. If you lose, the broker wins. Metatrader is one of the most widespread platforms that have all necessary tools to help 400 Brokers in their frauds. You can read the following letter and understand easily, the risk and low chances to get profit investing in Forex. FRAUD: It`s an action opposed to the truth, fairness or law that harms the person against whom it is committed. REGULATIONS WITHOUT TOOLS Brokers are responsible for the fraud, but regulators are also obliged, while giving a license, to demand the maximum guarantee to return the money to the customers in case of fraud. But in reality it`s not like that. In case of fraud, financial regulators are not able to return clients` money. They just cancel the license and issue circulars on their websites. The clients have to hire expensive lawyers to try, with few possibilities, to return money deposited. The lawyer should be very

skillful to recover profit. And even a juggler to obtain compensation for the client suffered from fraud. The protection system for investing and trading in the financial markets is archaic. This not only harms the future of financial markets, but it`s also currently causing enormous damage for clients` pockets. In the USA, FSA and NFA have specialists that perform audits and check information from prices platforms. They detect when the Broker cheats on the platform. 14 – How to make fraud through Metatrader 4 Up - Some platforms have plugin to make fraud and cheat customers in investment process. The instructions listed below, were presented in 2006. down - The Forex market is an excellent place for defraud. Its base, low guarantees of not losing money or being scammed, and the lack guarantees to recover money after being scammed, makes Forex market a field where millions of dollars are stolen each year with more legislative impunity. It is a place where monkeys jump from one tree to another to continue earn on frauds. Do not let the monkeys steal your money. Do not invest in Forex if you are not sure who is behind, that it`s a serious Broker. And remember 95% of Forex investors lose.

Click for fraud practices through Metatrader 4 Some platforms have a pluggin to practice fraud and cheat customers of brokers in investment practices. The instructions listed below, were dated in 2006.

VirtualDealer versus Manual Execution: What Is Better? Permalink: http://support.metaquotes.net/articles/349 14 March 2006

Introduction Virtual Dealer Plugin is intended for full or partial emulation of the dealer's actions for symbol groups with manual execution. The plugin implements the following features: •

Confirmation of the clients' requests with regulated execution delay up to 5 seconds and recheck of Limit & Stop Level and Freeze Level.

Processing of pending orders activations, Stops triggerings, and stopouts.

Confirmation of requests on stream prices (Instant Execution) with adjustable permitted slippage.

Watching symbol gaps, during which pending orders BUY STOP and SELL STOP and stops of open positions are activated not at the client's requested price, but at the gap price.

Automated moving up the Limit & Stop Level and Freeze Level according to the preset list of news time.

Disabling (setting, modifying, deletion) of pending orders during news receiving.

Working in parallel with real dealers. In this mode, only those requests are processed the volumes of which do not exceed the preset level.

Plugin Installation To install the plugin, one has to copy the VirtualDealer.dll file into the "/plugins" directory in the server root directory. Then restart the server. Important: By default, the plugin will be disabled after the server restart. It will not start processing of clients' requests immediately. If the plugin has already been installed and needs updating, the following must be done: 1. Stop the server (for example, using the net stop mtsrv command in the command line). 2. Replace the plugin in the "/plugins" folder with the updated version of it. 3. Launch the server (for example, using the net start mtsrv command in the command line).

Plugin Setup After plugin installation, it is necessary to configure its settings.

The Forex market is an excellent platform to defraud. In the shadow of their bases, low guarantees of not losing money or being scammed, and the lack of force regulators to assure investors to recover money after being scammed, make a field where millions of dollars are scammed each year with more legislative impunity. It is a reserve where monkeys jumping from tree to tree to continue eating scams. Do not let the apes take over your money. Do not invest in Forex if you are not sure who is behind it is a serious Broker. And remember .. 95% of Forex investors lose.


INTERNATIONAL COVERAGE Study fraud Forex and CFD’s Legal advice on financial markets Investigation of bank accounts Claims with Brokers Location of fraudsters Complaints procedures Study of causes


7950 NW 53rd Street, Suit 337, Miami, Florida 33166 - United States of America lawyer@fff.org.ru - USA Phones: +17863528666 - Uk Phone +442032392063 English - Russian - Spanish




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auritius c of M Republi Ebene, 30) 467 7172 uritius.org ma bercity, x: (2 e, 54 Cy 3 7000 Fa site: www.fsc us Ho 40 Web FSC 30) Tel: (2 @intnet.mu, uritius fscma il: E-ma



7950 NW 53rd Street, Suit 337, Miami, Florida 33166 - United States of America pi@fff.org.ru - USA Phone +17863528666- Uk Phone +442032392063 English -Russia -Spanish


Sarit Kushnir


Maxwell Fuller


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Mike Metheral also known as Ori Shloosh


Forex Place Ltd


FOREX PLACE 4XP Sin Licencia





IBCFX Licencia de Nueva Zelanda


LAND-FX Licencia de Nueva Zelanda



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Hello. I Fayziev .2013 September 17 opened the account in the company Fxglory Ltd. My account number 19246. I had a profit 376398 $. The company writes that I used scalper Advisor the company says that I have traded for less than 3 minutes and the bank has not confirmed all my trades.The company has not proved that the bank did not confirm my trades. The company has canceled all my trades illegally. The company had blocked my account 2 months ago and don't want to give me my profit .The company does not want to hear me .Help me

AGENCY REGULATION & PROTECTION AW Alemania BaFin Bundesbank and German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority Andorra INAF Institut Nacional Andorrà de Finances



SEBI Securities and Exchange Board of India

IRDA Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority

Argentina CNV Comisión nacional de valores

Indonesia CoFTRA Commodity Futures Trading Regulatory Agency

Bahamas SCB Securities Commission of the Bahamas

Islas Caiman CIMA Cayman Islands Monetary Authority

Australia  ASIC  Australian Securities and Investment Commission Austria FMA Finanzmarktaufsicht

Belgica CBFA Commission bancaire, financière et des assurances

Belice IFSC International Financial Services Commision Bermudas SCB www.scb.gov.bs

Bolivia ASFI Autoridad de Supervisión del Sistema Financiero Brasil

1. 2. 3.

BCB Banco Central do Brasil

CVM Comissão de Valores Mobiliários

SUSEP Superintendência de Seguros Privados

Bulgaria FSC Financial Supervision Commission Canada 1.

BCSC British Columbia Securities Commission


CIPF Canadian Investor Protection Fund

2. 3.

OSC Ontario Securities Commission

IIROC Investment Dealers Association of Canada

Catar QFMA Qatar Financial Markets Authority

Chile SVS Superintendencia de Valores y Seguros China

1. 2. 3. 4.

SFC Securities and Futures Commission

CSRC  China Securities Regulatory Commission CBRC China Banking Regulatory Commission

CIRC China Insurance Regulatory Commission

Chipre CySec Cyprus Stock Exchange Commission

Colombia SFC Superintendencia Financiera de Colombia Corea del Sur 1. 2.

FSC Financial Services Commission FSS Financial Supervisory Service

Costa Rica Sugeval Superintendencia General de Valores

Croacia HANFA Croatian Agency for Supervision of Financial Services Dinamarca FSA Finanstilsynet

Ecuador SC Superintendencia de Compañías

Egipto EFSA Egyptian Financial Supervisory Authority

El Salvador SSF Superintendencia del Sistema Financiero

Emiratos Centre Arabes Unidos DMCC Dubai Multi Commodities Eslovenia ATVP Agencija za trg vrednostnih papirjev

España CNMV Comisión Nacional del Mercado de Valores Estados Unidos de America 1.

NFA  National Futures Association


OCC Office of the Comptroller of the Currency

2. 3. 5.

CFTC Commodities and Futures Trading Commission

FINRA Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, Inc. SEC Securities and Exchanges Commission

Estonia FI.EE Finantsinspektsioon

Finlandia fin-fsa Financial Supervisory Authority Francia BDF Banque de France

Georgia NBG National Bank of Georgia

Grecia HCMC Hellenic Capital Markets Commission Guatemala SB Superintendencia de Bancos

Holanda AFM The Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets Honduras CNBS Comisión Nacional de Bancos y Seguros Hong Kong SFC Securities and Futures Commission India


RBI Reserve Bank of India

Isla de Man FSC Finantial Supervision Commision Isla Mauricio FSC Financial Services Commission

Islas Feroe Tryggingareftirlitið Insurance Authority of the Faroe Islands

Islas Virgenes Britanicas FSC British Virgin Islands Financial Services Commission Irlanda IFSRA  Irish Financial Services Regulatory Authority Islandia FME Financial Supervisory Authority Israel ISA Israel Securities Authority

Italia CONSOB Commissione Nazionale per le Società e la Borsa Japón


FSAJ Financial Services Agency


JIPF Japan Investor Protection Fund

2. 3.

JSDA Japan Securities Dealers Association

FTAJ The Financial Futures Association of Japan

Liechtenstein FMA Financial Market Authority Luxemburgo 1. 2.

CSSF Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier CAA Commissariat aux Assurances

Malta MFSA Malta Financial Services Authority

Mexico CNBV Comisión Nacional Bancaria y de Valores Montenegro ISA Insurance Supervision Agency Nueva Zelanda 1. 2. 3.

NZX New Zealand Exchange

FDR Financial Dispute Resolution

FSP Financial Service Providers Register

Panama CNV Comisión Nacional de Valores

Perú SMV Superintendencia del Mercado de Valores Polonia KNF Polish Financial Supervision Authority

Portugal CMVM Portuguese Securities Market Commission Reino Unido FCA Financial Conduct Authority República Checa CNB Czech National Bank

República Dominicana BCRD Banco Central de la Republica Dominica Rusia

1. 2.

FFMS Federal Financial Markets Service of Russia FCFR Servicio Federal de Mercados Corporation

San Marino BCSM Central Bank of San Marino

Seychelles SIBA  Seychelles International Business Authority Singapur 1. 2.

SGX Singapore Exchange

MAS Monetary Authority of Singapore

Sudáfrica FSB Financial Services Board

Suecia FI Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority (Finansinspektionen) Suiza


GSCGI Groupement Suisse des Conseils en Gestion Indépendants


FINMA Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority

2. 3. 5. 6.

Polyreg PolyReg General Self-Regulatory Organization

ARIF Association Romande des Intermediares Financiers CFB Commission fédérale des banques

FDF Swiss Federal Department of Finance

Tailandia BOT Bank of Thailand Turquia 1. 2.

BDDK Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency of Turkey CMB Capital Markets Board of Turkey

Ucrania SSMSC Securities and Stock Market State Commission

Unión Europea MiFID Markets in Financial Instruments Directive Uruguay BCU Banco Central del Uruguay

Venezuela CNV Comisión Nacional de Valores Vietnam SSC State Securities Commission

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