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Victoria Boreing works

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The Challenge To create a logo for a fictional production company that specialized in action and adventure films.

The Solution I wanted to create a logo in motion that had a simple color palette and a large presence. I chose the bullet effect to create a logo immediately that would capture audiences.

Willis Productions l Sketches

I experimented with several different ideas for the logo including an homage to vintage Hollywood but felt that the bullet effect was the strongest choice.


Willis Productions l EXECUTION

The logo can be easily scaled to read at a variety of levels


The Challenge To create a logo for a fictional Brazilian Restaurant opening in Las Vegas.

The Solution After researching several different avenues I chose to execute the circle design that was inspired by the umbrella speckled beachs of Rio De Janeiro.

Azul marinho l Sketches

One of the approaches I explored for the Azul Marinho logo was the plating effect used by chefs in luxury restaurants to decorate plates, I explored writing out the logo with a variety of oils and balsamic.


The luxury restaurant will feature blue lighting throughout the restaurant mimicking the waves of blue hues in the logo. The dot pattern will be used utilized in the light fixtures as well as the fabrics,to subtly bring the patrons back to the logo pattern.

Azul marinho l execution


The Challenge To take a top 500 company and rebrand the stores logo and image based on the research of the stores current demographic and the trends of the market and competition

The Solution PetSmart wanted to reach a more affluent demographic so I took their logo and pushed it to have more or a refined boutique look. I created a petsmart line of dog food and toys that can be extended beyond their store to its competitors like walmart and target.

PetSmart Rebrand l Research


PetSmart Rebrand l Sketches & Final

Font: Boton ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 0123456789

Color Palette


PetSmart Rebrand l Execution

Simple color blocks and the logo will be used throughout the packaging to give the brand a minimal and sophisticated look. Employees will update their uniforms to have a white polos with the PetSmart stitched logo and khakis to give the store an overall luxury feel.


The Challenge To create a gift for LCAD to give to its presenters to show the school and students appreciation for their time and knowledge.

The Solution The work of the LCAD students is so amazing I think it offers the perfect opportunity for students to show appreciation through art and lets presenters feel like they are a part of the Greatness of LCAD. Each book will spotlight the history of lcad and Laguna BEach.

LCAD Branded Gift l Sketches

19 Each major will be have its own book with a hero graphic as the cover. The complete series of books can be placed into the LCAD commemorative box with the LCAD logo die-cut reveling the art of the top book. The spines for the books will complete the LCAD logo which is revealed in the five-sided box.

LCAD Branded Gift l Execution

Students can show their appreciation by writing a personal message of thanks on the back of the book being gifted. Each guest will leave with personal memento of their visit directly from the students they presented to and knowing they are now a part of “LCAD History�


LCAD Branded Gift l Book Spreads


LCAD alumni as well as current students work will be featured, showcasing their talents and successes, new editions can spotlight a new wave of artists.

LCAD Branded Gift l Book Spreads


The Challenge to choose an airline and re-Design their boarding pass.

The Solution I chose to focus on the mobile boarding pass and an app with unique features for Swiss Air.

swiss air boarding pass re-design l Sketches

27 The app contains features that can be used before the flight begins by customizing your in-flight beverages and dinner to boarding with the mobile boarding pass. Clients can also use the calendar to sync all of their travel plans which are then accompanied by maps and reminders.

swiss air boarding pass re-design


The Challenge To create a connotative and denotative poster with information from an instruction manual from an object of our choice.

The Solution I chose a Nespresso espresso maker because of the sleek and classic look of the machine and the brightly colored pods.

NESpresso Poster\


The Challenge To create a poster on a controversial issue.

The Solution I chose to focus on the honor crimes being committed towards islamic women

activism posters

The Challenge to encourage attendance at an event educating people on prop 35 to end human trafficking.

The Solution i focused on the title text to make a bold statement to bring viewers in.


The Challenge to create two clothing lines for the hurley surf company.

The Solution i created a pop line inspired by roy Lichtenstein and a classic line inspired by the 1950s era.

hurley pop l moodboard & Sketches


R: hurley pop l l: hurley classic moodboard & sketches

hurley classic

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