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Construction Project Sales Success Project Specification Increased sales Activity

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turning sales  leads  into  action  

Vision Sales   Lead   Management   (SLM)   is   a   sales   and   marketing  support  program  designed  to  assist  business   connection   to   current   and   future   sales   opportunity.     We  constantly  review   construction  project   activity  and   initiate   introduction;   on   behalf   of   our   clients,   to   Developer,  Architect  and  Contractor.     SLM   places   your   product,   service   or   business   brand   at   the   cutting   edge   of   project   specification,   ensuring   support  to  your  sales  team  efforts.     SLM   is   a   service   catered   to   the   needs   of   our   clients,   providing   a   specified   degree   of   marketing   activity   and   an  extension  of  your  own  business  activity.     Vision  SLM  was  birthed  from  an  understanding  that  business  is   the   Middle   East   region   has   changed   significantly   since   the   end   of   the   boom   time   period.     Prior   to   2009   business   in   the   region   was   in   great   demand,   business   developed   due   to   need.   Demand   opportunity   exceeded   supply   causing   companies   to   expanded   their   business   as   well   as   encouraging   many   new   companies   to   emerge   to   simply   service   demand.   During   this   period  there   was  little  need  to   promote   business  or  product;   as  such  success  was  inevitable  and  easily  achieved.  Architects   openly   entertained   new   product   initiatives   and   as   such   servicing  the  demand  was  a  matter  of  ease  due  to  necessity.     Times   changed   as   the   construction   boom   turned   over   night,   less  opportunity  and   increased  market  competition  created  a   market   supply   that  far  exceeded   demand.   To   survive  business’   needed   to   venture   into   unknown   export   markets,   diversify   product   range,   and   expand   brand   promotional   activities.   Unfortunately   many   enterprises   lacked   the   ability   to   initiate   and/or   manage   the   required   new   marketing   activities   that   would  ensure  business  survival.       Vision   SLM   provides   the   link   for   your   business   to   the   project   specification   phase;   our   team   connects   you   directly   to   the   consultant   and   provides   the   introduction   for   your  sales   team   to   follow   through   with   the   selling   process.   We   manage   the   direct   promotional   efforts  for   you  to  ensure   consistent  effort   is  provided  for  the  development  of   your  future   sales  activity.   This  allows  your  sales  team  to  focus  on  the  important  efforts   of  closing  the  deal  for  the  m ore  current  order  requirements.     We   recognize   that   all   businesses   are   different   and   so   our   service   is  specifically   designed   to   support   all,   or   part,   of  your   marketing  efforts.  Vision  SLM  is   a  valued   service  for  new  and   developing  companies,  reducing  the  need  to  employ  in-­‐house   staff   to   manage   sales   introduction   efforts   and   the   procurement   of  project   database  reports.   Vision  SLM  provides   a   professional   service   that   works   closely   with   your   organization  to  generate  increased  business  opportunity.  

turning sales  leads  into  action  

We monitor  and  track  all  project  activity  to  ensure  your  sales  team  remains  actively  involved  in  the  promotion  of  your   company  and  product.  We  can  keep  your  sales  team  accountable  for  all  lead  follow-­‐up  activity  and  record  results  of   meetings  and  discussions.  Our  efforts  allow  your  sales  team  to  focus  on  the  immediate  sales  opportunities  and  less   distracted   with  the   long  efforts  required  for  successful  specification  and  long-­‐range  project  introductions.  Our  sales   management   experience   identifies   that   not   all   sales   representative   are   skilled   in   the   management   of   time   so   we   provide  the  support  to  ensure  your  sales  team  remains  m otivated  to  follow  through  with  project  reference  follow  up.     Early   introduction   to   project   activity   is   a   key   factor   to   project   supply   success,   yet   still   just   the   first   step   in   a   long   engaged   network  relationship.  Vision  SLM  increases  your  success  ratio  by  following   the  project  activity  from  design  to   final  tender  phase  for  you  –  identifying  the  many  players  associated  with  the  project  activity.          

Vision SLM  will  be  a  professional  representation  of  your  company,  all  contact  will  be  as  if  direct  from  your  own  staff.   We  will  coordinate  all   efforts  with   your  team  and   keep  you  updated   on  a  daily/monthly  basis.   We  will   monitor  results   to  improve  your  sales  and  marketing  efforts  and  be  an  integral  part  of  your  organization.  We  will  work  to  improve  the   promotion   of   your   brand   direct   to   the   end   buyer   or   those   that  will  control  order  placement.   Vision   SLM   will   reduce   your   cost,   no   need   for   other   database   services   or   employment   of   dedicated   staff   to   monitor  project  activity.   Vision   SLM   will   provide   confidentiality   of   all   your   business   • Email introduction of your company to activity   and   if   required   we   are   prepared   to   sign   a   project specific activity. confidentiality   agreement.   This   however   is   a   matter   of   • Dialogue with Architect and or contractor to integrity  and  one  that  we  take  very  seriously.     identify the key players for supply opportunity. •

To commence   our   working   relationship   we   need   to   review   your   current   business   activity   to   ensure   our   program   is   supported  by  your  organization.  The  following  steps  will  be   taken:  -­‐     1. Vision   SLM   is   to   be   provide   an   organization   email   address   2. Meet  with  management   to  understand  expectations  for   service,  limitations  and  requirements.   3. Review   product   and   if   required   product   training.     Our   dedicated   representatives   will   be   provided   comprehensive   understanding   of   your   product   or   service.   4. Review  of  your  sales  team  structure,  introduction  of  the   Vision  SLM  service  to  your  sales  and  sales  support  teams.   Vision  SLM  will  provide  an  understanding   of  the   support   required   by   the   sales   team   efforts.   Reports,   follow-­‐up   management,  distribution  of  samples  and  brochures  etc.   5. Review  of  current  project  representation  efforts.   6. Design   the   initial   activity   –   new   clients   requiring   an   intensive   effort   to   connect   with   the   current   business   activity,   as   such   we   identify   the   number   of   projects   to   report   on   a   weekly   basis   or   put   in   place   an   initial   program  to  connect  with  all  current  projects.   7. Initiate  program  efforts  to  turn  sales  leads  into  action.  

Track project activity from the design stage (architect/consultant), through to successful tender stage of the construction contractor. Provide detailed end of month report to management of all activity and ongoing success for specification and final order. Liaise directly with your sales personal to coordinate sales meeting for product presentation with Architect. We can provide the option for the option for such representation of required. Coordinate requests for product samples/ brochures etc. with your sales team. We can provide the option for management of such distribution if required. Provide market specific reports to support sales efforts, i.e. active projects that are in certain region etc. Provide newsletter for business or product update (optional)

• Provide email marketing campaigns (optional)

Vision - Sales Lead Management  

Vision Business Management Services -Sales and Marketing support.

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