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Smart Tips Test Capacitor With Voltmeter Digital Voltmeter _____________________________________________________________________________________

By Christian - Capacitor frequently becomes an unsung hero of electrical circuits which storing potential voltage for being released on demand, almost similar with a battery. Capacitor is usually overlooked until the one goes bad which can cause an entire device to fail or malfunction. Digital voltmeter, which is also known as a multimeter is very useful to test whether the capacitor is holding a charge. You can do this process easily and quickly. At this time, this article is going to give you some smart tips to test a capacitor with a voltmeter. Learn More About Digital Voltmeter As the first step, you have to discharge the capacitor. By using a wire, you can connect two leads of capacitor, jump them and then discharge any stored voltage.

For the second step, you need to set the voltmeter in order to get the reading in the high ohms range. It is somewhere above the 10k and 1m ohms.

The third step that you need to do is to touch multimeter leads to corresponding leads in the capacitor. Basically, capacitor is directional so that you will want to be certain in identifying the negative and positive leads. The fourth step is to watch the display of the meter. The display will read one of the two results. If it is started at zero, then it should be started moving toward the infinity, immediately settling there due to infinite charging from the battery of multimeter, the capacitor is certainly in good working condition. However, if you find that the meter stays at the zero, you will know that the capacitor is not charging. So, it means that it is bad.

The last step that you should to is to check the results by using a known working capacitor of the similar type in a way to make up for any anomaly with the meter. So, by following some tips above, now you can easily test the capacitor with a voltmeter.

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