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Issue 1 Winter 2011


4 Throughbred Eventing VBEventing - Racehorse to Event Horse and why we will only compete Ex-Racehorses

8 Sponsor opportunities for 2012 Are you looking to sponsor a rider and would be interested in joining our team or are you an owner and would like VBEventing to compete your Thoroughbred

14Summary of 2011 Eventing Season A look back on the highs and lows of the 2011 season. With wins, 10’s , new partners, new friends and new careers fro new horses

16 Racehorse Re-Training Thinking of getting an ex-racehorse , then check out the Hints & Tips from the Retraining of Racehorses Charity & Equine Management & Training

20 Featured Event - Barbury Castle VBEventing have travelled to some fantastic places during 2011. Barbury Castle and the Re-training of Racehorse Championships was our highlight. Plus Course photos


White Elm, Pudsey Hall Lane Canewdon, Essex SS4 3RY Mobile 07889 801045

Northern Crystal

Stable Name - Crysto Sire - Northern Crystal Dam - Kahuna Magic Colour / Sex - Bay Gelding Height - 16.0hh Foaled - 2002 Races - 25

Currently competing at BE Intermediate

t VBEventing we only compete Ex-Racehorses an continue to stay true to our passion in showing the ele grace, power and loyalty of the Thoroughbred, we aim string of ex-racehorses that have been successfully re-t competing at the highest level of British Eventing.

BEventing have a team of Racehorses that we have retrained and are now competing at various levels within the British Eventing pyramid. Victoria Bax is the rider and trainer and has taken her Racehorses from the early stages of re-training through to CIC International events. Victoria is based in Essex and has acquired her own facilities in which to produce and re-train Racehorses into Event Horses which she does in between working as a Police Officer. Victoria is not the only person to have competed ex-racehorses, but VBEventing are the only people that solely compete ExRacehorses within British Eventing and we are looking for partners / supporters

Victoria is extremely enthusiastic and motivated with a passio successes which your company could share in. Victoria is mos successes through her commitment, skill and trust with raceh

nd will egance, m to have a trained and

Racehorse to Event Horse venting with

on for horses and Eventing that has led to many st certainly a rider who is sure to achieve greater horses.

Top Left: Crystal Ka racing at Plumpton Racecourse as a 4yr old in 2006 Middle: Crystal Ka X-Country at the Retraining of Racehorse Championship , which took place at Barbury Castle in July Bottom Right: Crystal Ka on his way to a 14.5 Dressage score in his last outing of 2011. Now affiliated to British Dressage for the winter at Advanced Medium

Stable+ is a spray which is applied to Stables, surroundings and bedding. Stable+ applied to the bedding and surrounds can help suppress any harmful microorganisms that could cause diseases and the manure will dry quicker making it less odorous. We also recommend applying to your horse transport system by creating familiar odours to the day to day living areas.

Protect+ is a spray which is applied directly to affected parts of your horse, taking care not to spray directly into eyes. The aromatherapy oils and their associated odours create an environment that does not appeal to flies, fleas, tics,midges etc. The product can also be applied to horse rugs and halters.


Healthy Horses Love Emvelo

Emvelo products work together to demonstrate;

Horses are highly attuned to nature and they love perfect balance. Horses’ respiratory systems are extremely sensitive and by using our products we can help you to provide a healthy comfortable environment for your horses to inhabit, thereby reducing factors that can cause stress. Emvelo’s range of products help empower you to allow your horses to freely develop their full physical potential in a natural balanced environment whilst reducing the need for chemicals, pesticides and drugs.

• Natural suppression of the growth of harmful micro-organisms in your horses’ surrounds by balancing the bacteria in the environment. • A more pleasant stable and transport environment for your horse with lower ammonia levels and sweeter smelling. • Freedom from chemicals and pesticides can often make horses happier and far more responsive. • Deter annoying flies without the use of chemicals and pesticides. • Lab test shows the products assist in control of disease such as E.Coli, Salmonella and Campylobacter. • The manure is less offensive and can be composted directly.

Breathe+ is a water-soluble respiratory spray comprising a blend of natural essential oils which provides symptomatic relief for breathing difficulties. Emvelo Breathe+ helps to liquefy thick sticky mucous and open up breathing passages.

• Compost quality is excellent because it contains live beneficial micro-organisms to re-inoculate the soil and ferment organic material. • No harmful side effects or withdrawal.

Ezemvelo is a Zulu word for the ‘natural state’ encompassing everything that is good about nature; abundance, growth, beauty, balance, health, energy

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in 2012,

Owners & Sponsors - Come and be ike all sports at International level, Eventing is expensive and most riders need corporate or personal sponsorship to be able to continue their careers, but there are many ways in which companies or individuals can offer their support or sponsorship, all of which are greatly appreciated as it would not be possible for me to achieve my ambitions without that help. To bring new horses through and to sustain the levels of competition, it takes support, and I have been blessed with the support that I receive from both family and friends and during the 2011 season I have been thrilled with the companies that approached me and believed in what we are doing with the racehorses. They have kindly offered their support to me with products and equipment and in these times of austerity that support has been gratefully received. For the upcoming 2012 Eventing season we are interested in talking with perspective partners who believe and see value in what we are doing and wish to be associated with that vision and become part of the Team

Finding out I had a dressage score of 14.5

For continued development, and maintaining the success of the horses, VBEventing hopes to build a team of owners and sponsors who share her passion for Three Day Eventing and the Re-Training of Racehorses. Owners and sponsors are an essential component of any event riders team, particularly those who aspire to reach the very top which Victoria certainly does. With the financial backing of owners and sponsors Victoria will be able to realise her own, her owners and her sponsors ambitions and compete their string of horses at the very highest level, whilst involving people with the sport of Eventing.

part of the team

Eventing is a team sport - horse, rider and the supporters. We can not achieve these goals without your support. For more information and a full sponsorship pack please contact VB Eventing.

Owners in return for your financial,and moral support we hope to offer you a wide range of benefits and continue the investment that you made into your racehorse and revel in the excitement at the progress of the horse still carrying your racing colours. Owners and sponsors would obtain regular updates on Victoria and the horses progress via the website / Facebook / Twitter / E-Newsletter and hope you would join Victoria at some of the many events she attends, perhaps to join us for a Champagne picnic, walk the Cross Country course with Victoria or simply spectate and absorb some of the most beautiful locations in Europe. Being an owner or sponsor provides the very best way to enjoy the social aspects of Eventing not least the Event Horse Owners Association marquees that are a fixture of many of the top events! Owners will receive photographs and DVDs of their horses in action and we would encourage you to attend our training clinics to see your horses progress. We have provided commercial benefits to our existing sponsors with advertising on the side of Victoria’s horse box, on VB Eventing clothing and the horses equipment.

Ÿ Increase company profile through association with strong brand values Ÿ Align your company with a successful sport Ÿ Target an affluent audience Ÿ Have exclusivity within your sector Ÿ Extend your media coverage Ÿ Involve your company with an exciting spectator sport

Victoria could be competing your Re-Trained Racehorse head to head with current national and Olympic team members and ultimately taking your horse onto international teams and around the most recognisable tracks in the sport. We are always interested in talking to new partners, and are especially interested in Racing Yards that would like to see horses taken into a 2nd career once there racing one has finished, and if your involved in the racing industry why not support an International Event Rider that only competes on re-trained racehorses


Order your bedding from:

For best performance, the bedding should not be disturbed any more than necessary, as the control of wet and odour depends on the bed remaining in place. On a daily basis remove solids. When doing so, be sure to shake the fork lightly, any bedding picked up with the manure will drop back on to the bed - so less waste. Damp patches on the surface of the bed

Martin Kift Five Star Bedding Edenbridge Kent Telephone: 01732 863116 or 07973 848365

should be spread out across the top of the bed with the back of the shavings fork and mixed with dry bedding. If there are any saturated patches on the Dust & pathogen free softwood flakes

surface, they should be very localised; carefully dig them out without removing any dry material. Once removed, level the bed by filling in with any


remaining pellets and dry bedding material from the rest of the bed.


For clean horses - once a week, scatter one bag of Five Star over the bed. This should be added dry without adding any further water. For wetter horses - twice a week, scatter half a bag of Five Star over the bed, adding no water. For a very wet horse, or if the horse is in the stable for extended periods, add half a bag 3 to 4 times per week. Add the new bedding to the wettest part of the bed. Avoid turning over or mixing the bed too much,

At VBEventing we have now been using the wood pellets from Five Star Bedding for the last 5 months. We have have found the quality of the pellet to be far superior to what we used previously, therefore there is less waste, the beds are easier to clean, it saves me more money and most importantly the horses are healthy due to the reduction in dust and comfort of the bed.


The service from Martin and his team has been excellent and I would not hesitate to recommend them as an organisation or product

except when mixing dry pellets into a wet area. Five Star will absorb ammonia, which is good for healthy hooves and will keep the stable smelling sweet. If you can smell ammonia, this will either be because the bedding has been disturbed too much or because part of the surface has become saturated. Removing saturated areas and filling with dry bedding - or adding new bedding if required, will quickly solve this problem.

Five Star benefits

About Five Star

How to use

Labour Saving • Heavy work cleaning stables is a thing of the past. • Maintenance reduced to daily removing of solids and occasional removal of wet spots.

Five Star bedding is made from untreated virgin softwood wood flakes - a by-product of the timber industry.

Five Star bedding is made from wood flakes with most of the water extracted. It has a very high capacity for absorption, but just as you need to dampen a dry cloth before you wipe up a spill, Five Star needs to be re-hydrated to maximise its rate of absorption.

Space Saving • The volume needed to set up a bed is significantly less than is required of shavings. • Enough bedding to start 8 beds is stored on one pallet. • One bag per week or less is all that is needed to maintain a bed. • Less than one pallet per horse per year. Minimizes Dust • The raw material for Five Star goes through an extensive screening and de-dusting process. • Five Star is made entirely of small dense wood flakes. • Bed will not be kicked up or blown in a breeze. • The result is no dust in the Five Star environment. • Helps prevent COPD, benefits horses suffering from the condition and improves aerobic fitness. Eliminates Ammonia & Odour • Five Star is able to absorb four times its weight in liquid. • Absorbs wetness and ammonia immediately. • Reduces the risk of hoof thrush. • Gives your stables a fresh, natural pine smell. Reduces Waste • Five Star separates from manure and remains in the stable when mucking out. • Longer lasting than traditional bedding with a significant reduction in waste. 100% Biodegradable • Five Star breaks down into small flakes that are ready to go straight from your stable to agricultural fields unlike large shavings which can take up to a year or more to break down. Cleaner, Drier, Healthier Stables • The tremendous absorbing power of Five Star traps urine and ammonia on contact resulting in a drier stable. • With Five Star you provide a healthier environment for your horse and foals effectively and economically.

The flakes are screened to a 3mm particle size, dust extracted in a cyclone then treated with steam. The flakes are then pressed into pellets under high temperature and pressure, reducing the moisture content to less than 4%. These pellets are then screened and de-dusted twice more and then finally vacuumed before packing. In its dry state the 15kg bags of Five Star bedding are easy to handle. In its re-hydrated form the bedding has a full fluffy texture but which is firm enough to support the horse and will not compact down with use. Five Star bedding is made to strict quality standards resulting in a consistent product.

For a half bed in a 12ft by 12ft stable you will need eight bags of Five Star. For a larger stable or a bigger bed, use one bag per square yard/metre. The minimum depth of bedding you should aim for is 4” 5” or 100mm - 125mm. To create banks, add further bags - at least one per wall. To set up the initial bed, lay the bags out evenly across the stable floor where you want the bed to be, leaving roughly equal gaps between the bags, the front of the bed and the walls. Cut an opening in each bag. Starting at the back of the stable, add 8 litres of water to each bag. After about 10 minutes all the water should be absorbed, so return to the first bag you added water to and tip its contents out onto the floor. Repeat with the remaining bags. With a rake, or fine-tined shavings fork, spread the bedding out evenly and make up any banks. The bedding will now have a soft, fluffy texture but some pellets may still be visible. This is normal, as the remaining Five Star pellets will break down over the next 5 to 10 days, depending on how wet the horse is.

Review of Bri T


pecial thanks to the organisations that have supported us this and helped with product and support, all of which has made the season what it is: Emvelo - For a great product in Stable+ that has gone everywhere with us Patrick Saddlery - The horse and rider were good, but the saddles were exceptional Five Star Bedding - Wood pellets at there best Target Dry - Otherwise we would have got very wet this year Swish Horse-Rugs - Quality rugs that all the team have. Thanks for all the comments and support and to all the nice people that we have met this year

hat's the end of another Eventing season and what a years its been, a year that has seen our first win at the Nurstead Intermediate Novice, Crysto moving up to Intermediate, RoR Championships at Barbury Castle, Salto taking part in his first Events and the BYEH at Barbury Castle, along with winning in his first two dressage outings and we have also had 10's this year in Crysto's dressage at Gt Witchingham. Popps was placed in 4 events and 2nd in an RoR class So all in all not a bad year for a bunch of exracehorses, and culminated in a 14.5 dressage score for Cyrsto at his last run of the season All of which could not have been achieved without the help of some fantastic people: Tina Atkins - Dressage Guru Lucy Thompson - Just a Legend Lisa Thompson - Lucky Mascot Kylie Jenkins - Chief Cheerleader Sharon Wadsworth - Friend in a million Fred and Rowena Cook - Help and Advice on Racehorses

itish Eventing Season 2011

Top Left to Right - Showjumping in the pouring rain at Great Witchingham, Popps at Nurstead, Beautiful saddle from Patrick Saddlery Middle left to right - Crysto at RoR Championships , Salto BYEH, Cyrsto warming up on the way to our Intermdiate Novice , Crysto x-country at RoR Championships, Bottom Left to Right - X-Country schooling at Littleton Manor, Dressage at Aston Le Walls, Crysto in orbit, RoR demo with Yogi Briesner

Retraining a

"We believe that we owe it to racehorses, who have given so much enjoyment and sometimes financial reward that their lives should not end when they can not race anymore" RoR Chairman - Brigadier Andrew Parker Bowles




he Retraining of Racehorses(RoR) is a charity established in 2000 whose aims are, first, to raise funds within Racing to provide and maintain facilities for the reception, care, retraining and re-homing of former racehorses and, secondly, to raise the profile of exracehorses within the wider equestrian world in order to promote their adaptability to other equestrian pursuits and, thirdly, to work towards achieving an equilibrium between the demand for ex-racehorses and the number of horses leaving racing that are suitable for a second career. An objective of the charity is to promote former racehorses in other sport horse disciplines. In general thoroughbreds have an even temperament, are athletic, versatile and highly intelligent and with the right care and retraining, a former racehorse can be extremely rewarding. Many have gone on to be very successful in Eventing, Dressage, Show Jumping, Showing, Endurance and Polo or are simply hacking around the countryside

Whether you enjoy competing or simply hacking around the countryside there are lots of success stories to illustrate that former racehorses can adapt to, and excel in, the equine sports in which you participate. Whilst every horse is different and some will be more suitable to certain equine pursuits than others, in general thoroughbreds have even temperaments and are athletic, intelligent and durable. These qualities together with the constant handling they experience during their racing career means that with the right retraining, facilities and on-going care you will find having a former racehorse extremely rewarding. Remember the day the horse leaves the training yard its life is tipped upside down so that is when any behavioural or stressrelated symptoms will kick in. So do give your new horse time to adjust to its new lifestyle. 타 Be realistic about your ability and experience and don't be afraid to seek help and advice rather than become anxious and upset if something occurs you are not sure about. 타 Take the time to read about the life of a horse in training so you can gain a better understanding of why you may encounter certain difficulties at some point. 타 Although the horse is used to being ridden it will not really have any idea about conventional riding techniques.

Left: Popps Princess schooling at Littleton Manor. Middle: Vic, Salto and Yogi Briesner at an RoR Demo. Left: Godolphin horses hacking out at Newmarket

타 It probably won't stand still for you to mount; some will rear up a little if you try and stop them from walking away. This is because lads/lasses and jockeys are more often than not legged up whilst the horse is walking. Some will stand provided someone holds them.

Ÿ Your braking system could well be limited or even nonŸ The horse is unlikely to understand aids be it hands, leg, existent especially in open spaces; and when you shorten up seat, weight. Whilst horses do naturally respond to the the reins and undoubtedly, although probably unintentionally, shift in weight of a rider, bear in mind that when in training incline yourself forward, you are actually giving cues to go most of the time the rider has taken their weight out of the faster! saddle completely. Ÿ The horse will be used to riding out in company which means Ÿ Patience is the key. You must remain calm but confident at that when venturing out alone, you could encounter problems all times whatever behaviour is thrown at you. The sharpin relation to insecurity and nervousness. Riding in company minded thoroughbred will soon pick up on any deficiencies can also present its own issues as being in a group will be you exhibit in that department. associated with work i.e. a training gallop. Ÿ Above all, have fun, enjoy the challenge and the Ÿ The horse may not be used to anyone riding with long stirrups relationship you are definitely going to have with your very so legs draped around its sides is something it will have to special horse. If in doubt ask become accustomed to. The information provided, is from the RoR website who have given kind permission for its use, ROR.ORG.UK and was written for them by Fred and Rowena Cook of Equine Management and Training (details below) Should have any questions about Racehorse Retraining then please go to the Care & Training section on the RoR website. We will also be happy to answer any questions you have: Equine Management & Training T: 01780 740773 F: 01780 740917 M: 07801 865099 E: W: Both Fred and Rowena Cook have extensive experience and expertise working with all types of horses from the various equestrian disciplines. Over recent years more and more horses off the track have benefited from their retraining and progressive schooling programmes, subsequently taking up new lives hunting, show jumping, eventing, dressage etc.

Barbury Castle Horse Trials T

he Barbury Castle Estate comprises 2000 acres of farmland, woodland and downland just outside Marlborough in Wiltshire.Horses have always been at the centre of the Estate. The name Barbury has come to be synonymous with top quality racing and training. Barbury Castle trainer Alan King now presides over one of the largest National Hunt training centres in the UK RoR/NTF Retrained Racehorse Event Championship The Retrained Racehorse Event Championship is sponsored by RoR and the National Trainers Federation (NTF) and held at Barbury. All horses must be registered with RoR and have raced in the UK, or if they have raced in another country riders must state which country when registering.

VBEventing at the RoR Championships So apart from all the other great things about owning, retraining and competing our ex-racehorses, we also now get to compete in the RoR Championships that are held at Barbury Castle each year. The Championship is open to any grade of horse and is run as an IN which means the quality of competition is extremely strong and this year Crystal Ka only finished 2 places behind a horses that 1 month later was competing at the 4* at Burghly. Crystal Ka performed an average test scoring in the mid thirties. I did think he could have gone a little better, later he put in the best show jumping round to date and only very unfortunately took out the last part of the treble, being the very last fence, he jumped in rather large and I just couldn't get him back enough to get his front feet out of the way for the last pole. Putting that behind me and focusing then on the tough cross country course that was to come. The course was definitely imaginative and had caused some problems for others. Crystal however, thought nothing of it and romped home just a couple of seconds outside the time so I was absolutely thrilled to have completed our first RoR Championships

Course Walk

Retraining of Racehorses X-Country Course at Barbury Castle 2011

I would like to thank Lucy Thompson who helped us warm-up the horses over the weekend and as always her advice and support was invaluable.


Stable Name - Salto Sire - Sheyrann Dam - Joie D’Amour Colour / Sex - Bay Gelding Height - 16.2hh Foaled - 2006 Races - 5 Starts in earnest next year

Silver Patriarch

Stable Name - Popps Sire - Silver Patriarch Dam - Bluebell Miss Colour / Sex - Bay Mare Height - 16.0hh Foaled - 2002 Races - 3 Will be running BE Novice in 2012

Tina Atkins - Dressage Trainer Tina is a International Grand Prix dressage rider and is well known for her horse Swayze II, with whom she competed at the National Championship at every level from Novice to Grand Prix

Lucy Thompson - Jumping Trainer She had great Eventing success including 3 gold medals and representing Ireland as a senior. Lucy became Open European Three Day Event Champion 1995 - 1997 (pictured). Lucy competed at Badminton nine times with her best placing of 8th and never being out of the top 20. She was awarded the Armada Dish for successfully completing on 5 separate occasions.

Behind the Scenes

Tina Atkins Grand Prix Dressage Rider on Retraining a Racehorse for Dressage

What are the aims of VBEventing during 2012 and how we will achieve them

Updates on Winter Dressage & Showjumping along with New Season Schooling

Take a look at the Horse Trials that VBEventing will be attending in 2012

Keep up to date with new sponsors and owners , supporting us in 2012

Further hints and tips from Equine Management & Training

VB Eventing can be found at: White Elm, Pudsey Hall Lane, Canewdon, Essex SS4 3RY Lessons , Schooling or Re-Training can be booked by either email or phone: or 07899 801045

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