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By Clyde - Are you taking a relationship break? Whether you have been in a long term relationship that has run its course or you are currently in a relationship and just want some 'me' time again, you are not alone in the matter! Many of us find ourselves wondering what our lives would be like without the burden of answering to our partner and just miss being independent, carefree and single! Learn More About Longterm Relationship Advice It is important to realise that after a long term relationship, most people find themselves wanting to take a break, a well deserved break at that, as let's face it, relationships are hard work! Congratulations on upholding the status of 'unavailable' for so long. It's a big achievement!

What to do during the break

Taking a holiday, spending more time with family and friends and even pursuing a hobby that you just never seemed to have time for, will greatly benefit you during this emotional process. Being surrounded by family, friends and genuine people who care about your well being will uplift you and make you appreciate the great people you still have in your life. If you are seeking relationship break advice, these are the ideal people to turn to.

It is important to also listen to yourself and trust your instincts. Ask yourself, are the issues in the relationship ones that can be worked on or will they still be there lingering and causing you unnecessary stress if you were to return? A holiday will refresh and relax you and can often be the escape that so many people search for after a relationship break. Let's be honest, who doesn't feel better after lounging on a sandy beach all day, eating, drinking and soaking up the sunshine! If this doesn't help, at least it will boost your intake of Vitamin D!

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