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The Finals weekend of VA State Cup was held November 6th at the newly renamed Publix Virginia Soccer Training Center in Fredericksburg, and on Sunday, concluded with the crowning of the VYSA State Champions for the U15, U16, U17, U18, and this year, U19/20 boys and girls age groups. Many thanks to all of the players and coaches who played through some cold and rainy days this season, and to the families who came to each game, no matter the weather, and supported each and every player on the field! Our State Champions will compete in the Regional competition right here at the PVSTC in June, 2017 and Regional Champions will go forward to the National Championship Series competition in July of 2017. Congratulations to our Champions, Finalists and all VYSA players that competed in State Cup competition this season!

CHAMPIONS U15G U15B U16G U16B U17G U17B U18G U18B U19/20G U19/20B

Beach FC 02G Red BETH South 02 BRYC Elite Academy ARL 2001B Red SOCA-CHAR Elite 00 SOCA-CHAR Elite 00 ARL 1999G Red BRYC 99 Elite ABGC United FC 98G LOUD 98B Red

FINALISTS LOUD 02G Red BRYC 02 Elite VAR GU16 Rush MCLN Green 01 ARL 2000G Red ARL 2000B Red VYS Phoenix '99 LOUD 99B Red BRYC 98 Elite BRYC 98 Elite

CONGRATULATIONS TO THE VYSA PRESIDENTS CUP CHAMPIONS! The Presidents Cup Finals were held November 5 at the Publix Virginia Soccer Training Center! The champions that were crowned on Sunday will go on to the Region 1 Championship being held June 17 – 19, 2017 in Barboursville, WV, with the champions from Regionals going on to Presidents Cup Nationals, July 12 – 16 in Auburndale, Florida. Congratulations to all of this year’s Champions and Finalists!

U12G U13G U14G U15G U16G U17G U12B U13B U14B U15B U16B U17B

CHAMPIONS HERN Curve Black VAR 2004G Rush Beach FC 03G Black Beach FC 02G Black BAC Blitz VAR 00G Nero PWSI Courage B 05 Red GRFL 2004 Blue Boys ARL 2003 Boys White VIST Barrio Boys Elite PWSI Courage B 01 Red VAR Rush 00B VSL

FINALISTS BRYC 05 Elite Blue ARL 2004G White VAR 03G Nero ARL 2002 Girls U15 White VAR 01G Nero Beach FC 01G Black DFC Gremio Beach FC 04B Black WIN United 03B ARL 2002B White CYA 01GoldB ARL 2000B White

Lessons from Italy By VYSA Technical Director Gordon Miller I recently returned from a coaching educational symposium in Como, Italy, hosted by the Alliance of European Football Coaches’ Association (AEFCA). The purpose of the annual symposium is to bring together Technical Directors and those in charge of coach education in their respective European countries. It was a tremendous privilege and real honor to be in the room and listen to the presentations of those who are so high up in their fields of coach education, player development and player identification in their own associations. The presenters and their topics read like a Who’s Who in the soccer world: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Professor Renzo Ulivieri (AIAC President) Paolo Piani (Head of Italian Coaching School) Romeo Jozak (TD of Croatia) Roberto Samden (Inter Milan Academy Director) Andrea Zanchetta (Inter Milan U17 Head Coach) Carlos Alberto Parreira (Past Head Coach of Brazil) Marco Fumagalli (Head of Scouting for Inter Milan) Gianni De Biasi (Head Coach Albania) Fabio Capello (Past Coach of England, Real Madrid) Landry Chauvin (Stade Rennes Academy Director)

“The Italian Coaching Style” “Coverciano school of soccer” “Croatian Football Development” “Inter Milan Academy Development” “Training Inter Milan’s U17 Team” “Brazilian Soccer, Today & Tomorrow” “Euro 2016 Analysis” “An Italian Coach Abroad” “A Top International Experience” “French Talent Development”

It will take a while to sort through the notes and then try figure out what can be added or applied to the soccer landscape in Virginia. However, what was apparent was the humility of not only the presenters, but also the participants, and their willingness to share information. Sometimes, at other symposiums, there are those that don’t give away a lot of detail or feel like what they have is some special formula to unlocking the game’s secrets. Sad. It was also clear just how much emphasis all of them placed on coach education and the thoroughness with which they implemented their license structure. They felt, to a person, that if they improve the level of the coach, then the level of the player will rise accordingly. The message I came away with is: It’s critical that we continue to share information, work together and educate coaches from top to bottom. It is also important that we create an environment that is conducive to learning, remain inquisitive and always trying to seek new and innovative ways to teach the game. If we remain stuck in the old ways, stay closed off to innovation, refuse to learn and close ranks to think that one organization or club has it nailed, then we will fall behind the rest of the world. Our players deserve adults who continually strive to learn and seek to improve. It’s the least we can give them.

AROUND OUR LEAGUES is a new series for Touchline that allows our member leagues to highlight their programs and how they are helping move the game forward in Virginia and DC. Content for “Around Our Leagues” is supplied by the highlighted member league.

PLAYER DEVELOPMENT REMAINS PRIMARY FOCUS OF CLUB CHAMPIONS LEAGUE The Club Champions League (CCL) seeks to impact the game at every level through a developmentally sound, club-centric growth model that harnesses the “Power of League” and allows maximum benefit to flow to member clubs, players, and families. Through thoughtful programming and direct input and oversight from club technical directors, the CCL supports clubs at every step along the player development pathway.

A comprehensive, long-term developmental vision provides the foundation for the CCL’s success in the youth soccer game. Despite the multitude of changes in the youth game, the CCL has a maintained a simultaneous commitment to both player and club development. All CCL clubs boast a strong recreational base that introduces the very youngest players to a sound developmental model from the start. This approach continues with CCL events such as ScrimmageFest, a totally free, player-driven bi-annual event that allows for creative play, experimentation, and coach immersion.

“The unique, festival-style atmosphere of the CCL ScrimmageFest events provides the youngest players with a positive, player-based exposure to all that the league has to offer,” said CCL Executive Director Brian Kuk. The next step in the CCL developmental pathway is CCL Next Gen, an exciting new initiative for 9-12 year-old players. CCL Next Gen is a progressive new league for young players that focuses on the fundamentals of player development, including rostering flexibility, small-sided training and games, competitive match play, and reduced travel. Next Gen will offer clubs and players maximum opportunity to focus solely on player development strategies while still offering a high-quality competitive environment on which the CCL has been based. “The idea of Next Gen came about as a natural extension of the CCL’s ‘Power to the Player’ methodology,” said CCL Executive Director Brian Kuk. “By removing the barriers to play such as excessive travel, rostering restrictions, and the pressure of win/loss standings, Next Gen allows the focus of the youth game to return to where it should be—to the player.” At the heart of the CCL is the proven success of CCL and CCL II matchplay. The league structure provides exceptional competition among like-minded clubs that value and promote developmentally sound player, coach, and club philosophies. Highly qualified coaches who focus on technical and tactical development provide CCL and CCL II players with a consistently excellent youth soccer experience. As Loudoun Soccer Director Darryl Gee stated, “the CCL has developed into the premier league in the region, both in terms of player development and skillful teams.” In keeping with its long-term player focus, in December 2016 the league will launch the CCL College Combine. This 2-day event is an outgrowth of the CCL College Showcase series and will provide older players a unique opportunity to be evaluated by college coaches from some of the nation’s top soccer programs. “We envision the CCL College Combine to be a tremendous supplement to the showcase events that our players attend. College coaches have a finite amount of time at showcases to see as much as they can and the Combine allows our uncommitted players the opportunity to potentially expand their visibility. Finally, due to the quality of the CCL player population, we know that the level of play will be high and attract a good amount of interest from college coaches,” said Beach FC Executive Director Steve Danbusky. For players at the end of their youth careers, the CCL PRO23 league experience provides a superior opportunity to continue high-quality matchplay throughout their collegiate years. CCL PRO23 represents the apex of the league’s player development pyramid, and provides older players with a unique opportunity to enjoy meaningful training and competitive summer play while maintaining a connection to their youth clubs. After a successful inaugural season in 2016, the CCL PRO23 will be expanded in 2017. “CCL PRO23 is a fantastic player retention opportunity for clubs that want to create a bridge between college and youth programs,” said Kuk. “We are excited to expand this opportunity to all clubs.” CCL President Danny Beamer is confident that CCL’s commitment to long-term player and club development will result in positive, long-term changes in the youth game. “We work with like-minded soccer professionals and clubs who share the same ideas about player development and want to support each other’s clubs in becoming better, for the good of the game.” More information about CCL can be found at

U.S SOCCER’S RECOGNIZE TO RECOVER PROGRAM RELEASES COMPELLING NEW VIDEO ON CONCUSSION AWARENESS Educational Video Provides Players, Coaches, Parents and Referees Insight on How to Recognize Concussions and Handle Return to Play; Video Follows Young Player’s Journey and Features Former U.S. Men’s National Team Player Taylor Twellman CHICAGO (Nov. 2, 2016) – U.S. Soccer released a new video on recognizing and managing concussions, highlighting the important role parents, players, coaches, referees and health professionals play in the return to play process. The video is part of U.S. Soccer’s Recognize to Recover (R2R) player health and safety program, and is designed to raise awareness of this important issue and will be used in coach and referee continued education. The video, which is available to download and encouraged to be shared, follows the journey of a young soccer player through a suspected concussion and outlines the symptoms of concussions and the steps that should be taken before a player is allowed to return to the field. As the video weaves between reality and what takes place in the player’s mind, we see how both the physical and mental symptoms of concussions have very real effects. 

Watch the video

“A concussion can be difficult to recognize on the field and most occur without a loss of consciousness or an obvious sign that something is wrong with a player’s brain function,” said U.S. Soccer Chief Medical Officer George Chiampas. “If players, parents, coaches and referees work together to educate themselves and take proper precautions, athletes and parents can both enjoy exciting, challenging competition without the constant fear of serious injury.” Former U.S. Men’s National Team player Taylor Twellman, who suffered concussions during his professional career, is also part of the video. Speaking from first-hand experience, Twellman emphasizes the importance for players to ask for help if they feel they may have suffered a concussion. “My passion for this subject is well known throughout the soccer community,” Twellman said. “I was honored that U.S. Soccer asked me to be a part of this program to hopefully make a difference in the way we evaluate and recover from concussions.” To learn more about Recognize to Recover, visit


The E- newsletter of the Virginia Youth Soccer Association and the Publix Virginia Soccer Training Center.


The E- newsletter of the Virginia Youth Soccer Association and the Publix Virginia Soccer Training Center.