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KidSafe An Important Update for ALL VYSA Clubs and Leagues The baseline background check process required by VYSA is the same process used by other similar youth organizations across the country, but it is only a minimum. Please be aware that our vendor conducts electronic searches for convictions that have been reported by local jurisdictions to the National Criminal Database, but that some jurisdictions in Virginia and elsewhere only partially report, or do not report at all to that database, creating the possibility that convictions will not be reported to you. (A list of jurisdictions that are known not to report appears below.) There is no reliable report listing jurisdictions that only partially report. Accordingly, as an added improvement, we have recently arranged with our KidSafe vendor, Trusted Employees, to offer an additional “County Search” option that will search for felony convictions in a particular county. VYSA recommends that members add that option to their baseline search to include the county on that volunteer/employee’s residence. In some jurisdictions, and with some candidates, you may choose to add additional county searches. The “County Search” option is available now. Beginning with the Fall, 2017 database, we will also be adding an “International Search” option for volunteers and employees who are on a work visa or who have recent permanent residence status. This new optional feature will perform an electronic search of records from various countries. VYSA has arranged for preferential pricing for both of these new, optional searches, which will be added to the current options provided to VYSA members through Trusted Employees. Look for these changes to be available shortly on VA Cities & Counties that DO NOT report to the National Criminal File: Alexandria (City) Chesterfield (County) Fairfax (County and City) Henrico (County) Virginia Beach (City)

Charlottesville (City) Clifton Forge (City) Greene (County) King and Queen (County)



Youth soccer is a great opportunity to instill positive habits that last into adulthood. Publix proudly supports your state’s youth soccer association, as well as others throughout the Southeast. Visit for more information.

A HUGELY SUCCESSFUL VIRGINIA FRIENDLIES By Gordon Miller: VYSA Technical Director For the 12th straight year the VYSA has hosted the Virginia Friendlies in Williamsburg. The purpose of the event is to provide an opportunity for a number of different state’s ODP programs to come together and play a series of exhibition games against each other. Along with Virginia, New Jersey, Maryland, Western PA, Eastern PA, West Virginia and Delaware brought their state select teams from Region I. North Carolina and Alabama from Region III and four Region I select teams also made the trip. The Region teams participated in an age group higher than their own. A total of over 300 games were played at the Warhill complex and surrounding locations with the Virginia teams fairing exceptionally well in both the boys and girls sides. “It’s so good, for a player’s development, to play with other talented players from around the state and to be coached by state level coaches other than their own club coaches. It clearly adds to the fine work that a lot of our clubs are already doing” states Virginia ODP Director Matt Badiee. Two of the Virginia teams (2000 girls and the 2001 boys) used it as a tune-up for the National Championships where they recently finished 3rd in the country. Also, it was a good exercise for the 2003 and 2002 boys and the 2003 and 2001 girls as they get ready to compete in Berlin, Germany from April 8-16. Also, for the very first time, a D-ODP (Developmental Olympic Development Program) event was held, where four states brought teams of 2005 and 2006 players to compete in a 7v7 tournament in the midst of the Friendlies. This gave the youngsters, who have been enrolled in the district D-ODP, another chance to progress and gain valuable experience that they might not otherwise get. We mixed the players, from the different districts together, and placed them on teams with different DODP coaches from around the state. This takes players out of their comfort zone and allows them an opportunity to compete and see what the next level looks like as they begin to enter the state program. The ODP now takes a brief hiatus as the spring club season gets under way. The program will reconvene at the end of May in order to prepare for the Region I Tournament.

When your family is protected, we all win. At Nationwide®, our number one goal is being there for our members. That’s why we have your back when it comes to protecting what’s most important, like the car you drive to every practice or the RV you use for that weekend tournament. To learn more about a special discount for Virginia Youth Soccer Association members and to get information about youth safety, visit or call 1-888-231-3614.

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AROUND OUR LEAGUES is a new series for Touchline that allows our member leagues to highlight their programs and how they are helping move the game forward in Virginia and DC. Content for “Around Our Leagues” is supplied by the highlighted member league.

The United Futsal League (UFL) hit the ground running since being sanctioned by the Virginia Futsal and United States Futsal Federation (USFF) in November 2016, and we have no plans to slow down in 2017. In late November, UFL hosted their first tournament, the 2016 UFL Thanksgiving Cup, and then hosted 2016 UFL Winter Cup over the weekend of December 1718. Both tournaments were qualifying events into the Publix Virginia Futsal State Championships and both tournaments brought together some excellent Futsal teams from the DMV area. With the start of the New Year UFL began our Winter League, which ran from January 7 through March 4. We also hosted the 2017 UFL Presidents Cup tournament over Presidents Day weekend, February 17-20. It is the goal of the UFL to continue to help grow the game of futsal at a competitive level and to educate our youth players about the game of futsal. We are accomplishing that goal through tournaments and our youth league in addition to providing quality futsal courts through the United Sportsplex. The United Sportsplex is a sanctioned facility for Virginia Futsal and USFF that houses 3 futsal courts including the new stadium court. United Sportsplex also served as the venue for the Virginia State Futsal Championships held in January 2017. “We are proud of what we have been able to accomplish through the UFL and our partnership with Virginia Youth Soccer Association and Virginia Futsal in just a few short months,” states Joe Slaiby, President of United Sportsplex and United Futsal League, “and we look forward to what we will do in 2017 for the game of futsal and youth futsal players.” To learn more about the programs and events sanctioned by the Virginia Futsal and USFF and hosted through the UFL, please visit our website.

4v4: A KEY PART OF US SOCCER’S PLAYER DEVELOPMENT INITIATIVE Starting September 1, 2017, all clubs across our state and country will be required by US Soccer to use the guidelines presented in US Soccer’s Player Development Initiatives. In preparation for the Fall, the VYSA will be rolling out an exciting new 4v4 on field course that will comprehensively address the needs of the grass roots coaches who will be competing at the U6 and U8 levels. Further to that point, a variety of technical leaders from around Virginia have been meeting for the past few months in order to help develop the content. It will be delivered this summer, prior to the Fall season. The first contact a young player has with a coach sets the foundation for their enjoyment and retention in our sport. For entry-level coaches, learning the whys and hows in an on-field environment are key to enjoying their coaching journey. This course has been designed to support coaches working in this challenging and very enjoyable environment. In order to produce better players, we must help produce better coaches. In order to produce quality coaches, we must continually improve our coaching instructors as well as the age appropriate content. We feel that we have made tremendous strides in these areas and wish to continue the growth. The 4v4 module course will include the following details:     

How to adapt field/facilities/administration to the 4v4 model. Key details in an organized progressive practice and managing game day. Age appropriate development activities/drills. How to communicate to this age group and get the response you need to be effective. Tactics - what are we looking to teach?

To host a course, contact VYSA Coordinator of Coaching Education Jackie Burket. All you need is a classroom and field/gym to deliver. Special thanks to the VYSA 4v4 Development Group:    

Dan Ferguson, Recreation Soccer Director, Arlington Soccer Association Karen Kelser, Coaching Education Director, DC Stoddert Erwan LeCrom, Director of Youth Development, Richmond Strikers Gregg Mottinger, Junior Academy U6-U8 Director, Beach FC  Chris McClellan, Director of Coaching, Roanoke Soccer Club


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The E- newsletter of the Virginia Youth Soccer Association, the Publix Virginia Soccer Training Center and Virginia Futsal.

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