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September 2018 Issue

THE HARDWARE IS HOME Arlington Arlington Soccer Soccer Association's Association's 16U 16U Boys Boys claim claim USYS USYS National National Title Title

EXCLUSIVE Q&A with Arlington 16U Boys NEW, Around the Association and Directors Cut

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Director's Cut

Feature Story

Using Social Media to promote your club or league - It's a science

The Hardware is Home: Arlington Soccer Association's 16U Boys claim USYS National Title

Possession, Playing Forward by Coaching Education Director Paul Shaw

Touchline's utilizes US Soccer's Digital Coaching Center

11 Around the Association Happenings from September and the October Event Calendar



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Director's Cut Sponsorship and Marketing Trends By Phil Summers - Executive Director of VYSA

Using Social Media to Promote your Club or League - It's a Science 25 percent of your members' time is spent on Social Media, so what better place to promote your club and league programs? Most VYSA members are already active on social media platforms but are they doing it effectively? Social media marketing is a science, and spending the time to learn the ins and outs of that science can lead to a significant increase in your ROI.

This fall, VYSA will be offering a free webinar to our members that will cover social media “best practice” and help to educate clubs on the science of social media marketing. In this article, I will touch on some of the highlights that will be covered in our member webinar. As you develop content for program promotion, keep these important tactics in mind:

- Visuals Are Critical: In the television advertising course I teach, I point out repeatedly that “TV is a visual medium” and advertising on that media platform must reflect that. Social media is a “visual medium” as well and you must pay close attention to this in order to be effective in this space. It is well known that Tweets with images get more engagement; this is true across all social media platforms. Instagram and other platforms are image driven. However, most club marketers use similar images (i.e., club logo, pix from programs) rather than taking the time to create a “related” image to the content.

- Use Impactful Headers: Test your headers and use multiple ones to test their effectiveness. If you are promoting a pre-academy program, for instance, test several headers to see which draws the greatest response rate. It's all about grabbing the attention of the viewer.


Director's Cut - Post Times: Club marketers are trying to reach as many members and potential members as possible but often overlook the peak times to engage. A club’s office hours likely do not coincide with peak social media engagement of members. Understanding peak usage hours of each social media platform is critical to reaching the highest level of engagement. Most social media platforms have tool kits designed to assist you on selecting optimal times to reach your desired audience. - Frequency: Social media users do not see the majority of your posts in any given day. Clubs should consider increasing the frequency of their posts but should take care to change visuals and headers delivering identical messages. Posting frequently increases the chance your target audience will see your messaging.  Remember, social media marketing is a science. Stay tuned for announcements regarding our free social media marketing seminar that will take place this fall for our members.

Engagement Tip: ASK QUESTIONS!                    Your target audience wants to      interact with you and what better way to accomplish this than asking their opinion? Ask questions that compel your target audience to respond in some way that reflects the message you are delivering. For instance, a club promoting tryouts can use a header that delivers a question like “Tryouts are around the corner. Tell us what you are doing to prepare?”. Another example could be “(Club Name) alum (player name) just signed with D-1 Vanderbilt! Are you our next D-1 alum? Tell us where you want to play in college”.

Phil Summers is the Executive Director of VYSA and an Adjunct Lecturer in the College of Business at the University of Mary Washington where he teaches courses in Sports Management and Advertising. Prior to VYSA, Phil held senior marketing positions at the National Football League, Sirius Satellite Radio and MSG Varsity.


Proud Sponsor of Virginia Youth Soccer Association

Feature Story

THE HARDWARE IS HOME Arlington Soccer Soccer Association's Association's 16U 16U Boys Boys Arlington claim USYS USYS National National Title Title claim  Arlington Soccer Association's 16U Boys Red began their season with their hopes high and eyes set on the US Youth Soccer National Title. The team qualified for the 2017-2018 National League, and played some of their toughest competition of the year - one of which, was a key game against Texas Solar 02 Striker at ESPN Wide World of Sports Soccer Complex in late December of 2017. 16U Boys Red would walk away from National League with three wins, three losses, and determination to bounce back. 

#ROADTOTX With their success at the state level, VA NCS: THE State Cup, their advancement to the USYS East Regional Championships, in their mind, was one step closer to their National's goal. They went undefeated through the East Region matches with a chip on their shoulders, and would go on to shut out Beaver Co. United 2002 in the final match 3-0. Their season would come to a final stretch in Frisco, Texas at the USYS National Championships.

Arlington 2002 Boys Red - VA NCS: The State Cup 2017-2018 16U Champions

Having a three-way-tie in their group play, goal differential would push them on to the semi final match against defending champion and national league foe, Texas Solar 02. Emotions ran high during the competitive match, but Arlington's two goals put the team past the defending champs and on to the final. After a scoreless 90 minutes, momentum would push them in the final match to beat North Carolina FC 10 in the 95th minute, crowning Arlington Soccer Association's 2002 Red Boys, 16U USYS National Champions!



Q & A

Question: What made you successful in facing, defending champions, Texas Solar in the USYS Semi-Final match? Coach Osman Cuadros: We played Solar in National League and Dallas Cup last year. We knew the players, we knew they were a strong team, so we prepared ahead of time. The team knew they had to play hard to win...and they did.

Question: What was the key to your success throughout the season and what led you to win the national title? Coach Osman Cuadros: When we started the year, our ultimate goal was to go to Nationals. We had a great year overall, but it did not start that way. We went to National League and didn't win all of our games... [the] team realized that if you don't play your best in these types of settings, you will not make it. With our success at Regionals, we went to Nationals with our morale high, but I always reminded them to stay humble.

Question: With this team's chemistry, how long has this group been playing together? #21 Ted Ku-DiPietro: Some of us, 4-5 years, some of us it's our first time playing was really just a potluck of players that came together to win.

Question: What's next for this group of players? #21 Ted Ku-DiPietro: The Academy, a couple players and myself are going to DC United, but most of the team is staying. It's really great because everyone on the team has goals for themselves, that they set, of getting to that ultimate goal of playing in college or eventually going on to play professionally. #33 Team Captain Garrett Ross: We are losing a couple of key players that will be missed next year, but hopefully we come back next year and win [the title] back to back. Question: What has being a part of Arlington and VYSA meant to you?

VYSA's Interview with Arlington Soccer Association 2002 Boys

#33 Team Captain Garrett Ross: I'm really close to my coaches, and I'm surrounded by players who want to get better. We've had special moments as a team. #21 Ted Ku-DiPietro: Honestly just having fun, making jokes at practice makes the environment better.

8 Coaching Activity By Paul Shaw - Coaching Education Director of VYSA

Possession, Playing Forward Team Function: Attacking

Duration: 20 min (10 x 1:30min, 30 min rest)

Age: U13-U18

Intensity: Medium

Players: 4v4

Area: 15ft x 15ft



Objective: Establish a rhythm of possession to create an opening, to play in the space behind defenders Team Tactical Principles: Pass, dribble, hold, create passing options, create diagonals Key Qualities: Optimal technical skill, read game/make decisions, decision to keep it or play off another player

10 Organization:

Attacking team possesses ball on outside of square, defending team can not leave area. Attacking team gets a goal if they can split the defending group on the ground and keep the ball. (Figure 1) If the defending team wins the ball, they take the ball outside of the square attacking team can win the ball back in transition but once the ball is out of the square, they now defend. (Figure 1) PROGRESSION, players from outside square can go inside to change the point of attack from within the square. (Figure 2)

Key Words:

Weight and cleanliness of pass (pass struck such that it has appropriate pace and at the foot of the supporting player) Look to hit a penetrating pass before you receive the ball - play in space behind

Key Take-Away: Players off the ball must constantly be looking to spread out and unbalance the opponent

defenders Timing of runs and how to show to lose players (make 2 runs, one to move defender, the second one to get the ball

Guided Questions and Answers:

Q: Show me a run you can make to either receive the ball OR to create space for a teammate? A: The run must clear space to receive for self or teammate. Q: How can you position your body to play forward or to disguise that pass?             A: Players need to see the space behind the defenders before they receive the ball. Look first before getting the ball, choose whether they need to dribble first, take a touch or play it one more time (use different surfaces). This might mean their body position is open to field, knowing that disguise comes into play as well.


Around the Association Games commence for teams to fight for a semi-final space in #THEStateCup. The fall VA NCS: The State Cup semi-final and final games will be played at the Publix Virginia Soccer Training Center (PVSTC) at the end of October.

VYSA anticipates major growth and increased particpation for the 3rd year of Virginia Futsal. Registration for Virginia Futsal opens on October 9th. Visit to register!

The Virginia Presidents Cup had a record-breaking number of registered teams this fall. Teams who advance to the semi-final and final games will head to PVSTC to compete at the end of October.

ODP District Training is underway for players selected to represent 5 major areas of Virginia and DC.


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Around the Association October 6-7 Williamsburg Columbus Day Invitational - Hosted by VA Legacy October 6-7 36th Annual Columbus Day Tournament - Hosted by Richmond Kickers October 6-7 South County Columbus Day Tournament - Hosted by South County Soccer

October 6-7 Kroger Cup - Hosted by Roanoke Star Club October 6-7 Battlefield Tournament - Hosted by Northern Virginia Soccer Club

October 6-7 Virginia Beach Columbus Day - Hosted by Beach FC October 6-8 WAGS Tournament - Hosted by Lee Mount Vernon Soccer Club

October 27 October 28 Semi Finals @ PVSTC Semi Finals @ PVSTC Virginia NCS: THE State Virginia Presidents Cup Cup 

October 9 Registration opens for Virginia Futsal


September 2018 Touchline  
September 2018 Touchline