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EXCLUSIVE Virginia Futsal: The Future is Futsal NEW Tournament Safety, ODP InterDistrict Scrimmage Preview, Getting Technical and more!

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Director's Cut

Feature Story

Tournament Safety and Security- it's about players and spectators.

The Future is FutsalVirginia Futsal State Championship


14 "Why Futsal?" by Coaching Education Director Paul Shaw


Getting Technical

ODP Inter-District Scrimages

"It's All About Relationships" by Technical Director Gordon Miller

by Senior Manager, ODP and CED Administration, Jessica Cottet

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Virginia Youth Soccer Association

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Director's Cut Tournament Safety and Security By Phil Summers - Executive Director of VYSA

It's About Players and Spectators The Virginia - DC Youth Soccer Association is one of the leading associations in US Youth Soccer in terms of tournament sanctioning. Our member clubs rely on annual tournaments as a funding source and many of these attract hundreds of teams from throughout the state and beyond. Tournament Directors throughout our association work hard to make their tournament a high-level experience to attract incremental team applications in subsequent years. However, not all tournaments are putting action plans into place to help deal with situations involving player and spectator emergencies. These types of situations could put your club at risk.Â

In a litigious society, a current, written plan is integral. If something does happen, a plaintiff's attorney is going to come after you in court. It is crucial to have these important pieces of evidence documented. Let's take a look at each of these plan components individually. A club's safety and security plan will vary when managing multiple tournament venues as opposed to a single venue.

Safety & Security Plan Should include the following: Missing Child Evacuation/Shelter (lightning, active shooter, other) Crisis Communication Buffer Zone Protection

- Missing Child: A tournament must have a process for reacting to a missing child report. Often a code delivered via whatever communication tournament staff are using (radio, cell phone, text) is effective to alert staff that a child is missing. Actions can include immediately


Director's Cut notifying the authorities and closing all entrances and exits to and from the venue until the child is located. - Evacuation/Shelter: Tournaments must have a plan for dealing with lightning or other weather emergencies, as well as extraordinarily unlikely events like an active shooter. Meeting with your local law enforcement authorities prior to an event to seek advice can help develop your plan. Asking or hiring local law enforcement for a large tournament should also be considered. - Medical Support: In addition to having Certified Athletic Trainers on site to treat player injuries, tournaments should consider investing in a defibrillator and train event staff in its use. More and more we are seeing a rise in needing this among spectators and players alike. Working with your local hospital to potentially provide EMS support at your event should be considered. At minimum, alert your local 911 EMS that your event is happening and transport could be required. Access to the venue for emergency vehicles should be put into place with the event staff in advance. - Buffer Zone Protection: The largest number of spectator injury claims come when spectators are observing too close to the playing field. (Sitting too close to touchlines, behind or adjacent to goal areas, on top of fences or walls, etc.) Small children left unsupervised also often wander into areas where they can potentially be injured.  The Tournament Director must work with the event staff to set 

boundaries to the playing surface and offlimit areas to minimize the chance of a spectator injury. Keeping all spectators on one side of the pitch, at a safe distance from the pitch, can help minimize exposure. - Crisis Communication: This is a response to an unfortunate event occurring at your tournament, for instance, a spectator suffers a life threatening accident at the venue. A plan to communicate the information to club management, local authorities, press, family and any paperwork, witness accounts, etc. should all be completed so that a record is memorialized.  Sanction your tournament! As a sanctioned event, you will have liability protection via VYSA's policy covering sanctioned events. When all is said and done, having a safety and security plan in place that is updated and communicated to tournament staff annually can help reduce your overall exposure and, more importantly, keep players and spectators at your event safe.

Phil Summers is the Executive Director of VYSA and an Adjunct Lecturer in the College of Business at the University of Mary Washington where he teaches courses in Sports Management and Advertising. Prior to VYSA, Phil held senior marketing positions at the National Football League, Sirius Satellite Radio and MSG Varsity.


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Feature Story

The Future is Futsal

Entering its third year, Virginia Futsal continues to grow as one of Virginia Youth Soccer Association's most anticipated programs. With thousands of registered players last year, Virginia Futsal saw major growth and aims for another drastic increase for the 2018-2019 season. VYSA's multi-year partnership with the United States Futsal Federation (USFF) has opened up many opportunities for players in Virginia and Washington D.C. to compete at the regional and national levels. Virginia Futsal also held the first USFF Coaching License 2 Course this October in Alexandria, Virginia. The course was led by USFF National Coaching Instructor Bill Sampaio. Coaches were exposed to futsal fundamentals and coaching education tips in an interactive and engaging atmosphere.



Alexandria's 13U Boys at the 33rd USFF National Championship

Lee Mount Vernon's 9U Boys at the 33rd USFF National Championship

Amidst the many other successes this past year, VYSA's own Alexandria Soccer Association brought the 16U Boys USFF National Title home for the second year in a row. Alexandria's 13U boys and Lee Mount Vernon's 9U boys also flew out to Santa Clara, California, to compete on the National stage. The teams played hard, gaining the respect of some of the best futsal teams in the country.


State Championship Next month, register your club or team to compete in the state's only USFF Qualifying Event!

JANUARY 26TH-27TH, 2019

Event information can be found at on the State Championship page

VYSA has incorporated a statewide competition available for registered Virginia Futsal clubs and leagues to participate in. This competition is the only competition offered in the Virginia-DC area that will qualify teams to compete at US Futsal Federation's Regional and National Championship Events. The Virginia Futsal State Championship has cultivated an extremely competitive indoor soccer atmosphere, as teams have the chance to match up against the top futsal talent in the country. Register your club or league next month at!


Getting Technical Gordon Miller - Technical Director for VYSA

It's All About Relationships We all want our child to have to the best experience possible when playing the game of soccer. We want the kids to be successful on the field, have fun, meet new friends and have the sport teach them a few lessons and values along the way that they can apply later in life. But, in order for those experiences to be realized, the club which they belong to has to be a fully functioning entity capable of delivering not only content but making sure that all facets of the organization are pulling in the same direction and thus maximizing the long-term development of the player. Most people equate the soccer success of their child entirely to the coach and the skill set he/she possesses. However, there is much more if the club is going to attain and ultimately sustain a successful player pathway. Let’s look at it through these three key factors: 1) Political-Governance; 2) Administrative; and 3) Technical. And the coach, while playing a huge part, is but one element of the technical side. If the three aren’t working together, the club falters and comes nowhere near what it could have been.



Technical/ Coaching


Board of Directors

The Governance side is made of up of the board of directors, which most clubs have. These people volunteer their time to make sure that the club’s policies and procedures are discussed, voted upon and ultimately enacted. They look after the members’ needs through, for example, player registration, safety issues, adjudication, risk management and sexual abuse policies. They meet regularly to discuss the direction of the whole club and to make sure that it meets its fiscal responsibilities


as well as to make sure the entire club is providing opportunities to attract new members along with keeping established ones. While their role is carried out behind the scenes, it is still essential that they have the heartbeat of the club in the forefront of their decisions. They must get out and listen to the members, attend matches, see players play and continually weigh the impact of their board room decisions on the state of the game. The Administrative side carries out the policies set forward by the board and puts them into practice. They make sure the club’s members receive communications through the website, e-mails and social media accounts. They are also on the front line of handling parent inquiries, complaints and registration issues. The manner in which they communicate can make or break a club. It can’t be cold, sporadic, distant and matter-offact. They have to project a warmth, an understanding and an ability to empathize and work with those families of varying degrees of social economics, family structures, and motivations. The Technical side deals with coaches, players, parents and referees in a practical manner. These people put together programs, coach the players, provide training for the kids and refs, and also meet with the parents to explain team conduct, expectations and individual schedules. The technical side is usually the face of the club because that’s who the parents see working with their children and it’s who they judge their child’s experience through.

That relationship is integral to the player’s success, and the coach must be the one who begins that journey and fosters it along the path. The coach also communicates with the parents so that they feel comfortable, understand what is going on and ultimately trust the person who will be guiding their child. Coaches must develop a skill set and learn to communicate to players, parents, refs, boards, and admins.They must deal with refs, parents, administrators and politicians. How one relates and communicates to a 12 year old girl is different from how one relates and communicates to a parent, board member or ref. The game will always be seen as a living entity, made up of a series of relationships. The decisions that are made should always be predicated on, “Is this decision in the best long-term interest of the player?” The most successful clubs value and cultivate the relationships of their people as the cornerstone of their foundation. The three pipelines of governance, administration and technical must work together to ensure that human qualities, relationship building and communication are at the forefront. Then the club will, for sure, realize its potential.


Virginia Olympic Development Program Jessica Cottet - Senior Manager of ODP and Coaching Education Administration

Inter-District Scrimmage Preview The last two Virginia Olympic Development Program training sessions in the district pool are called the Inter-District Scrimmages. They are held at the Publix Virginia Soccer Training Center in November and December. From these scrimmages, the state pool is selected by the state coaching staff.  On the first weekend, November 17-18, 2018, all five districts in the state will compete against each other in a “round robin” format.  On the second weekend, December 1-2, 2018, the players are shuffled into different teams and compete against each other. The 2019 VA State Pool will be announced by Wednesday, December 5, 2018. Once selected, the state pool will have a minimum of ten training sessions and a variety of events throughout the winter, spring, and summer. All players should wear their royal blue training shirt purchased from our partner, Dick’s Sporting Goods, with plain black shorts and socks! Thanks to our partner, Tournament Housing Services, we have a select number of reservations available for each weekend! Please use the links below to secure your reservation before they sell out!

2018 Inter-District Scrimmage Schedule Saturday, Nov. 17 (Girls) 9am - 10:30am - 2002, 2003, 2006 10:45am - 12:15pm - 2004, 2005 1pm - 3pm - 2002, 2003, 2006 3:15pm - 5pm - 2004, 2005 Sunday, Nov. 18 (Boys) 9am - 10:30am - 2002, 2003, 2006 10:45am - 12:15pm - 2004, 2005 1pm - 3pm - 2002, 2003, 2006 3:15pm - 5pm - 2004, 2005 Saturday, Dec. 1 (Boys) 9am - 10:30am - 2002, 2003, 2006 10:45am - 12:15pm - 2004, 2005 1pm - 3pm - 2002, 2003, 2006 3:15pm - 5pm - 2004, 2005 Sunday, Dec. 2 (Girls) 9am - 10:30am - 2002, 2003, 2006 10:45am - 12:15pm - 2004, 2005 1pm - 3pm - 2002, 2003, 2006 3:15pm - 5pm - 2004, 2005

12 "Why Futsal?" By Paul Shaw - Coaching Education Director of VYSA

Futsal vs. Soccer Futsal has grown exponentially in popularity in our state Why? • More touches on the ball, which will help improve a player’s technique and skill. It has been cited that a player can get more than a 600% increase in touches in a futsal game vs a soccer game. • Enhances decision making. When you play 5v5, always involved. • By the sport’s nature, promotes possession-oriented soccer. • Provides a complimentary environment to the outdoor game. • Goalkeepers involvement is higher, as they are an important part of the team in possession. • Increase in scoring with up to 3 times more goals than an outdoor game on average.


FUTSAL Ball Size: #4 (30% less bounce) Number of Players: 5 In-bounds Play: Kick-In Goal Clearance: Clearance Throw Kick-Offs: Indirect

SOCCER Ball Size: #5 Number of Players: 11 In-bounds Play: Throw-In Goal Clearance: Goal Kick Kick-Offs: Direct


Around the Association VYSA announces 'save the date' for the 2019 Annual Awards Gala to be held on Saturday, February 2nd. Event specifics and more to come soon! Virginia Futsal welcomes Beach FC/VB Futsal this upcoming season as a huge addition to the growing program. "Beach FC has enjoyed a long-standing and enjoyable relationship with VYSA so therefore it made perfect sense, as we moved into our brand new Futsal Facility, to affiliate and be sanctioned by Virginia Futsal." - Mark Waite Director of Soccer & Futsal at Beach FC Virginia ODP announces its Inter-district scrimmage schedules for the weekends of November 17-18 and December 1-2. This event will qualify ODP players for East Region State Pool. Visit VYSA releases its Recreational Soccer Grant Application on This grant aims to exponentially grow the recreational soccer community in the Virginia and DC areas. Ten $1,000 grants will be awarded this year to recreational clubs. Apply for yours today!


N o v e m b e r

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C a l e n d a r

Around the Association November 3 -Finals @ PVSTC Virginia Presidents Cup November 4 -Finals @ PVSTC Virginia NCS: THE State Cup 

November 10-11 & 17-18 Capital Fall Classic - Hosted by Richmond Strikers

November 10-11 Piedmont Shootout - Hosted by Piedmont Youth Soccer Association November 17-18 Champions Shootout - Hosted by Virginia Legacy Soccer Club

November 17-18 Mega Blast - Hosted by Richmond Kickers November 17-18 Mid-County Fall Classic - Hosted by Northern Virginia Soccer Club November 17-18 Hunt County Classic - Hosted by Fauquier County Soccer North November 17-18 All-Star Cup in Herndon - Hosted by Herndon Youth Soccer November 17-18 Chesapeake Challenge Cup - Hosted by Chesapeake United



LUCK SOCA 04 U15G Elite

Arlington 04B Red

Arlington 2001B Red

Arlington 2003G Red

VA Legacy CCL Elite 04 Boys

VA Legacy CCL Elite 01 Boys

Beach FC 03G Red


Loudoun 01B Red

Cardinals '03G Red

SOCA 04 U15B Elite

McLean 2001 Boys Green

SOCA 03 U16G Elite

Arlington 2003B Red

Arlington 2000B Red

Arlington 2002G Red

FC Richmond U16 MAGIC

Loudoun 00B Red

Beach FC 02G Red


McLean 01/00 Boys


SOCA 03 U16B Elite

VBR Star Soccer Club BU19 Blue

Herndon Thunder Black

Alexandria 02 Boys Red

Beach FC 04G Red

BAC Blitz

Arlington 2002B Red

Herndon Crush

Cardinals '01G Red

Cardinals '02B Red

Fredericksbur - GU15

VA Legacy CCL Elite 01 Girls

Loudoun 02B Red

Beach FC 01/00G Red

Fredericksbur - GU18

SOCA 00/01 U18/19G Elite

Loudoun 00G Red

VB City FC 00 Girls Academy I



Arlington 2007G White Beach FC 07G Black

Loudoun 04G Black

Arlington 2006B White

SYC Pride 07 Orange

Arlington 2003G White

Beach FC 06B Black Buffon

Loudoun 03B Red

Win. United 07G Orange

Beach FC 03G Black

FCSC United 06B Black

Team America 2003

Arlington 2006G White

Cardinals 03G White

LMVSC BU13 White

VA Legacy Wizards Green

Beach FC 06G Black

VISTA Freedom G 03

Arlington 2005B White

Cardinals 02B White

Cardinals 06G White

Beach FC 02G Black

FCSC United 05B Black

Arlington 2002B White

Loudoun 06G Black

Rich. Strikers (U18) G Black

LMVSC BU14 White

McLean 2002 Boys Green

Arlington 2005G White


Loudoun 05B Black

Wizards Green

BAC Strikers

Old Dominion SC Riptide

Arlington 2004B Blue

VA Rush 01B Nero

Beach FC 05G Black

VISTA Freedom 01

Arlington 2004B White

Arlington 2001B White

Loudoun 05G Black

Arlington 2007B White

Loudoun 04B Black

FPYC Eagles Blue

Rich. Strikers (U15) G Black

BAC United 07

McLean 2004 Boys Green

PWSI Courage B 01 Red

Arlington 2004G White

Beach FC 07B Black Impact

Arlington 2003B White

Beach FC 04G Black

VISTA Falcons B


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