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Volume 17 – Issue 2 Nov/Dec 2018

JOSEPH TRAN TAKES GOLD MEDAL AT 2018 INTERNATIONAL YOUNG CHEFS COMPETITION! The silver medal was awarded to Germany (Michael Becherer, Restaurant Lafleur, Frankfurt, Germany) and the bronze medal to Finland (Emmiina Marianne Lehtonen, Tam Catering Studio, Tampere, Finland).

The action heats up in the kitchen.

Twenty-two of the world’s finest young chefs were chosen for 2018 through selection competitions held in their respective countries. Competitors came from Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Colombia, Dubai, Finland, Germany, Hungary, India, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, UK and USA. Joseph qualified for the competition by winning the Canadian National Jeunes Chefs Rôtisseurs competition last October in Ottawa, ON.

The young chefs competed in the kitchens of the Department of Culinary Arts at the Ching Kuo Institute, whose motto is “cooking is a work of art, while dining is a matter of culture”. The Department was established with a mission for anyone who seeks to pursue their passion and prepare for professional career in the international culinary industry, patisserie, baking and the food service industry. Designed by top chefs in Taiwan, its programmes prepare the students to not only become well-rounded culinary professionals who know more than just great technique, but through a multi-disciplinary approach to culinary education also to develop their scientific understanding and leadership skills. (Continued on Page 4)

Photos courtesy of Sunny Chou


anada’s own Joseph Tran took first place and the gold medal as the Canadian national representative at the prestigious 42nd Concours International des Jeunes Chefs Rôtisseurs Competition held in Keelung, Taiwan on September 7, 2018. Congratulations to Joseph, and to Executive Chef Takashi Ito of Inn at Laurel Point and Victoria Vice-Conseiller Culinaire Honoraire, for his mentorship and support through Joseph’s year of preparation.




Joseph Tran Takes Gold Medal at 2018 International Young Chefs Competition!

Joseph Tran remporte la médaille d'or au Concours International des Jeunes Chefs 2018 !


Note from Bailli Délégué — David Tétrault

Un mot du Bailli Délégué — David Tétrault


Bailliage du Canada —Chapître du Canada 2018 National Meeting in Review (Edmonton, October 18 – 20, 2018)

Bailliage du Canada —Chapître du Canada Réunion nationale 2018 en revue (Edmonton - 18 au 20 octobre 2018)


Professional Spotlight – The Chefs of the 57th Canadian National Meeting

Professionnels en vedette – Les Chefs de la 57e Réunion Nationale Canadienne


Report on The National Young Chefs Competition 2018

Concours National des Jeunes Chefs Rôtisseurs 2018


International des Jeunes Sommeliers 2018

International des Jeunes Sommeliers 2018


National Conseil Changes 2018

Changements du Conseil National 2018


PROFILE — Takashi Murakami, C.M., Conseiller Culinaire du Canada Honoraire

PROFIL — Takashi Murakami, C.M., Conseiller Culinaire du Canada Honoraire





People and Places — Science World fundraiser lets guests unleash their inner child

Gens et lieux — La collecte de fonds Science World permet aux invités de libérer leur enfant intérieur


La Chaîne — Coast-to-Coast

La Chaîne — d'un Océan à l'autre

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Note from the Bailli Délégué

David R. Tétrault Bailli Délégué du Canada Membre des Conseil d’Administration et Magistral Président du Comité des Jeunes Chefs Rôtisseurs Dear Canadian Member of la Chaîne des Rôtisseurs, It goes without saying that the Grand Chapître du Canada held in Edmonton this past October was extraordinary. Thanks to Bailli Ron Ryland, Vice-Echanson Wade Brintnell, Bailli Honoraire Bill Pechtel and their team for giving us a weekend we will all remember. Thanks also to the member restaurants that hosted the dine-arounds, Executive Chef Serge Belair for the amazing Welcome Reception at SHAW Centre, and Executive Chef Mridul Bhatt for an outstanding gala dinner experience. I am sure all those who attended were delighted to be in Edmonton and join their fellow Chaîne members in enjoying everything the city and Bailliage had to offer. This is an exciting time to be a member of the Canadian Chaîne. We have been chosen to host the 43rd annual International Jeunes Chefs Rôtisseurs competition, only the second time in the competition’s 43-year history that Canada has been so honoured. We come into this competition as the defending champion, with our own Joseph Tran winning the 2018 event held in Taiwan. The year 2018 also saw us launch our own National Foundation (the Confrèrie de la Chaîne des Rôtisseurs, Bailliage du Canada Foundation Ltd.). This Foundation is a purely charitable organization, founded to support and foster the advancement of the fields of Hospitality, Culinary and Vintner Arts. Although there is more extensive coverage on this later in this issue of our newsletter, I cannot thank long-time Chaîne member Jean-Claude Phisel, Bailli Provincial de Quebec Honoraire, Commandeur for arranging for an initial $60,000 donation from a Quebec culinary foundation which he manages to kick start this effort. I would also like to thank all of you who completed our recent survey. Your positive feedback and suggestions are invaluable in shaping the direction of the Chaîne in Canada moving forward. The results were presented to your Bailli Régional at the meeting of Baillis in Edmonton. On behalf of the Conseil National, I would like to wish everyone a wonderful winter, and a festive holiday season. I look forward to seeing many of you in Calgary in September next year as we host the Concours International des Jeunes Chefs Rôtisseurs (September 20), our own National Jeunes Chefs competition (September 21) and, of course, all wrapped within our own Grand Chapître of Canada (September 18 – 21). See you in Calgary! Vive la Chaine!


Department of Culinary Arts at the Ching Kuo Institute.

Each competitor was given four hours in which to compose a menu and prepare a three-course meal for four persons using ingredients presented in a “black box”. This year’s primary protein was revealed to the competitors two months in advance while the rest of the black box was unveiled when each group of chefs entered the menu writing room. Compulsory ingredients this year included two blue crabs, two whole racks of lamb, porcini mushrooms, chia seeds, tofu, cream cheese and banana. Contestants are required to use at least 50% of each of the above mentioned items and could compliment them from a large array of non-mandatory items such as fresh octopus, beef tongue, duck liver, and sweetbreads.

Photos courtesy of Sunny Chou

A panel of 12 internationally certified chefs, all members of the Chaine des Rôtisseurs, judged the competition, awarding marks for taste, presentation, originality and kitchen technique. As the Gold Medalist, Joseph received a first place prize of a 5 week advanced culinary course at le Cordon Bleu, Paris, sponsored by le Cordon Bleu and the Chaine des Rôtisseurs; and an executive chef attaché case with a complete set of professional knives, sponsored by Wusthof. He also received a set of professional Wüsthof carving knives for his exceptional skills and organization in the kitchen during the competition. The “Black Box”.

Complete set of Wusthof professional knives. David Tetrault watches as competitors ponder the contents.

Wüsthof professional carving knives.


The competition is far more than just a one day cooking event. It is an experience that these young chefs will never forget. The program started with a press conference at CKU with both the Mayor of Keelung and the Assistant Deputy Minister from the Ministry of Education for the Republic of China expressing their enthusiasm for this competition to be held in Taiwan for the first time. News programs on local and English-speaking TV as well as print articles showcased the competitors and the

competition. The local government sponsored a night fishing trip for squid which yielded more than one hundred fish.

Keelung Fish market.

Lunch at Master Chef Chin Restaurant Link.

Competitors had the opportunity to take in the culture and history at the National Palace and the Chang Kai-Shek Memorial Plaza. Every day they had culinary adventures from a master class with Michelin 3-star Master Chef Chan, a tour of the local fish/fruit/vegetable market in the wee hours of the morning to dinner on the 86th floor of “101”, the tallest building in Taiwan. Some of the competitors even squeezed in a visit to the famous Keelung Night Market.

As Tran put it, “the International competition is jampacked with programs and activities. You have a unique opportunity to experience the country’s culture and diversity. No place better personified that than our visit to the fishing market in Keelung. All the Competitors had to rise early at 3 so we could arrive at the market in time to see all the fresh catches (giant groupers, milk fish, sea squirts) auctioned off to restaurants and locals. You meet young competitors and chefs from all around the world. For myself, the most memorable experience was lunch at Master Chef Chin Restaurant Link, having the opportunity to taste modern Taiwanese cuisine in an authentic setting.” We are grateful to le Cordon Bleu, Paris; Wüsthof Manufacturing, Germany; Chef’s Hat Canada; and CKU Culinary University (Taipei) for their generous contributions to the competition. Next year the 43rd Concours International des Jeunes Chef Rôtisseurs will be held September 20 in Calgary, AB. 5

Joseph’s Menu 42nd Concours International des Jeunes Chefs Rôtisseurs Appetizer Blue Crab and Shrimp Terrine Tofu and chive puff, miso Aioli, Scallon Beurre Blanc

Main Course Marbled Lamb Rack Salt Baked Lamb Cap Stuffed Potato, Braised Leeks and carrot, Soy and Porcini Jus

Dessert Banana and cream cheese mousse

Photos courtesy of Sunny Chou

Citrus sable, white chocolate and Passion fruit Macaroons

(top to bottom) Winning appetizer; main course; and dessert.


Young Chefs line up for awards ceremony.

Photos courtesy of Sunny Chou

David Tetrault (left) and Klaus Tritschler present Joseph with Arthur Bolli Memorial Trophy as Gold Medallist.

(left to right) Klaus Tritschler, Bailli Délégué of Germany and David Tetrault, Bailli Délégué of Canada stand ready to begin the Awards.

(back row left to right) Bernhard Frais, Member of Committee and CC of Bailliage of Austria, Klaus Tritschler; David Tetrault; and Lois Gilbert, Member of Committee. (Front row) Silver Medalist Michael Becherer, Germany; Gold Medalist Joseph Tran, Canada; Bronze Medalist Emmiina Marianne Lehtonen, Finland.

David Tetrault presents Joseph with Wüsthof professional carving knives.

Attendees mingle at the reception.


Joseph samples the cuisine.

The show begins.

David Tetrault and attendees experience “An Evening with the Stars”. Paul Wyss, Bailli Délégué of Taiwan delivers the accolade.

The Ballroom is alight.

The competitors have front row seating!


David Tetrault thanks attendees.

One final competitor group shot.

Judges and Dignitaries at the 2018 Competition.

Competitors, Dignitaries, and Inductees.

Sponsors of the Jeunes Chefs Competition


Joseph Tran – A Profile

At 25 years of age, Joseph has already been cooking for a decade, he started in his father’s restaurant in London, Ontario as a dishwasher and his hard work brought him to the line. Food has always been an important part of Tran’s life, and although slim in build, he loves to eat! His favourite meals are home-made dishes, such as a vermicelli bowl with spring rolls and, originating from Vietnam, his background has significantly influenced his style of cooking. Playing with flavour and texture profiles has his dishes dancing between sweet and sour, and crispy and chewy, each bite a surprise to the senses. After realizing his passion for cooking, Tran took culinary skills and culinary management at Fanshawe College in London, Ontario in 2013. After graduating, Joseph began working in a local hotel restaurant. Tran’s talent was quickly recognized by his Chef in London, who suggested that Tran be mentored by Chef Takashi Ito of Inn at Laurel Point in Victoria, B.C. Chef Ito travelled from Victoria to interview Tran and recognizing the potential in this young cook, hired Joseph to work at AURA waterfront restaurant + patio, Inn at Laurel Point’s acclaimed restaurant. In his two years at AURA, Tran’s dedication and zeal has resulted in his rapid rise up the culinary ladder to his current position as first cook. Although Joseph is quiet and humble, his personality and talent are anything but as he constantly experiments with new dishes and combinations. Always looking to improve, Tran observes his surroundings and regularly asks questions, leaving no stone unturned. He has even 10

This bright young man started competing while he was in culinary school, and thrived in the competitive environment. Most notably Tran has taken second place in a national cooking competition, and first place in B.C. Iron Chef, he says it is the thrill and the rush that attracts him to compete. His calm demeanor may make him seem like a dark horse, but he is a force to be reckoned with.

Photos courtesy of Sunny Chou

taken his work home with him, creating a professional kitchen of his own, complete with a deep fryer.

Practicing for his latest competition was a group effort, led by Executive Chef Takashi Ito, and supported by the culinary team at Inn at Laurel Point.

David Tetrault, Bailli Délégué of Canada intronizes Joseph.

One ingredient, however, will always be a challenge for Tran, as he has a severe shellfish allergy. When using the ingredient, Tran says he wears layers of gloves, and takes extra care. Joseph has become an expert at blind seasoning seafood, since he cannot actually taste a dish containing it.

Noting that no matter how much you practice, when it comes to the black box, you have no idea what you will be working with – an element he loves. Tran stated that “if it wasn’t for the chefs and mentors that took the time and resources to train me and insure I was able to compile extensive Black Box experience in preparation for the International competition over the past year, I wouldn’t have been able to achieve what I have. Chef Takashi Ito and David Tetrault decided to allow me to participate in a number of Canadian Regional Chaine competitions over the year, including Vancouver where I met Chef Hamid Salimian and Chef Scott Jaegar and Winnipeg where I met Chef Takashi Murakami and Chef Cameron Huley. I am also particularly grateful to Executive Chef Takashi Ito and Chef Manpreet (restaurant chef at Aura) for being my mentors. Each of these Chefs was generous with their time and helped shape my performance in Taiwan. Their influence pushed me to do my best, yet to have fun and do what I love.”

Tran’s diverse skillset makes it hard to believe he is only 25-years-old. For Tran, it is his love of creating, curiosity and passion for learning that drives him to excel in all areas of the kitchen.


Bailliage du Canada – Chapître du Canada 2018 National Meeting in Review (October 18 – 20, 2018) The Art Gallery has been wowing critics since its opening in the winter of 2010. The old Royal Alberta Museum is being moved to spacious new quarters at Rogers Place (home of the NHL’s Edmonton Oilers).

The Bailliage de l'Alberta Nord was pleased to host the 57th Grand Chapître du Canada from October 18–20, 2018 in Edmonton with the National Council, visiting provincial and regional Baillis and confrères from across Canada and around the world enjoyed a wonderful weekend of events. Situated in the heart of Alberta’s beautiful parkland, Greater Edmonton straddles the stunning lush green North Saskatchewan River valley, whose waters originate in the Columbia Icefields in Banff National Park and empty in Hudson’s Bay. The region offers the largest urban parkway system in North America and is only three and one-half hours away from Jasper National Park—the jewel of Canada’s Rocky Mountain parks. Attendees enjoyed three beautiful fall days under big, blue skies that seem to go on forever. It is now wonder that Alberta is renowned as “Big Sky Country”! Although the most northerly of Canada’s major cities, Edmonton basks in seventeen hours of daylight at summer solstice. All within easy walking or taxi distance of the host hotel, The Fairmont Hotel Macdonald, there was much to enjoy outside of the well-organized and attended Chaine events.

The Fairmont Hotel Macdonald

Art Gallery


Ernest’s at NAIT

The Muttart Conservatory

The Muttart Conservatory, Edmonton's premier horticultural attraction, features more than 700 species of plants in 3 climate-regulated biomes arid, temperate and tropical - and a feature biome, located within a set of striking glass pyramids rising from the river valley! As an accredited museum, the Muttart Conservatory preserves and grows one of Canada’s largest botanical collections.

Executive Chef Harjeet Mehdwan, Edmonton ViceConseiller Culinaire and Vinod Varshney welcomed a full house of Chaîne members and guests to a great evening of haute cuisine using high quality local regional products and prepared by second year Culinary Arts diploma students. Ernest's Dining Room at NAIT has been aptly described as the "jewel in the crown" located in the Hokanson Centre for Culinary Arts in the Department of Culinary Arts and Professional Food Studies. A beautiful rock feature wall, muted lighting and tasteful compliments of cheery wood and brass highlights provide the room with a distinct ambiance. OpenTable diners awarded Ernest's among the Top 100 restaurants in Canada in 2016 and 2017. Elegant service was provided by eager students who are part of the Hospitality Management program.

Chaîne des Rôtisseurs Dine-Around Ernest’s at NAIT Reception Eduardo Brun 1er Cru Reserve Champagne

Guadeloupe Shrimp Cari Coconut lime emulsion, pink peppercorn dressing 2014 Rochioli Estate Chardonnay

Truffle Porcini Risotto Parmesan cracker, cream 2014 Rochioli Estate Chardonnay

Named one of the ten best shopping districts in Canada, bustling 82 Avenue in Old Strathcona boasts 300 businesses, 90 percent of them family owned. Amid many historic buildings, the fare ranges from international to locally produced, with emphatic nods to arts and crafts, unique fashions and accessories, antiques, home accessories, books, health and wellness, and many unusual gifts and collectables. The event began Thursday evening with Chaîne Dine-Arounds offered by three Chaîne member restaurants: Ernest’s at NAIT, Sorrentino’s Downtown and La Ronde Revolving Restaurant.


Elderflower – Lemon Sorbet Coriander Spiced Lamb Loin Smoked eggplant, confit tomato 2012 Egelhoff Walton Cabernet Sauvignon

Filet of Deer Rosemary-bone marrow panade, root vegetable pie, charred broccolini 2012 Egelhoff Walton Cabernet Sauvignon

Cardamom Chocolate Mousse Cake Pecan nougatine, warm apple streusel, bold orange coulis 2014 Alvear Pedro Ximenez

Photos courtesy of Eric Jones Ron Ryland thanks Executive Chef Mehdwan and the kitchen brigade. Edmonton Bailli Regional Ron Ryland welcomes attendees.

Chef Mehdwan answers a question from the attendees.

Sorrentino’s Downtown What makes the perfect dish of pasta? The sum of all the ingredients combined. Each individual ingredient must be carefully prepared so the combination results in an unforgettable dining experience. How the flour is milled for the pasta, how the tomatoes are grown before they go into the sauce, even the timing of when the salt is added to the boiling water affects the outcome of the dish. Located in the heart of Edmonton, Sorrentino’s Downtown has become a downtown hub for elevated Italian food. Executive Chef Alberto Alboreggia welcomed 20 confreres and guests for an evening of outstanding Italian-themed cuisine. Getting ready for the first course.


La Ronde Revolving Restaurant Famous for its incredible Edmonton City and River Valley views for more than 50 years, La Ronde is located on the 24th floor of Chateau Lacombe Hotel and revolves once every 88 minutes. Executive Chef Joseph Srahulek welcomed Chaine members to experience both the views and his cuisine. Baillis and Members Luncheon at the Edmonton Country Club

On Friday evening, an extraordinary Welcome Reception featured a delectable series of food stations and a fine selection of wines was held at The Shaw Centre, hosted by Executive Chef Serge Belair. Food stations included Bone Marrow Waffle with Sturgeon Caviar, Crème Fraiche and Chives; Flame-grilled SCC 28 Day Aged Beef with Maldon Salt and Black Truffle; Lobster and Scallop Terrine with lemon Sabayon and Celery Gelee; and Meuwly’s Charcuterie, Pickles and Artisan Mustards served with Jason’s Artisanal Breads; all topped off by outstanding dessert station. Photos courtesy of Eric Jones

This year’s Baillis and Members Luncheon was held at the Edmonton Country Club, one of Edmonton’s greatest treasures. Located on 233 acres within a 90 degree bend of the North Saskatchewan River about eight miles up-stream from the city’s center, the golf club was established in 1896 and was Edmonton’s first private golf and country club. The Ramsey Room offered guests floor to ceiling window views of the downtown skyline and river valley.

Baillis and Members Luncheon Edmonton Country Club Tempura New Zealand Green Lip Mussel Fritter

The Shaw Centre.

Braised Rabbit Terrine Seared Ahi Tuna Carpaccio Grilled Snake River Wagyu Striploin Candied Peach Galette

Later Friday afternoon, as the Concours National des Jeunes Chefs Rôtisseurs was being held at NAIT, attendees were offered a treat: a sturgeon and caviar tasting with matched Moët & Chandon Champagnes hosted by Chevalier Cornel Ceapa, PhD President of Acadian Sturgeon and Caviar Inc. and Wade Brintnell, Edmonton Vice-Echanson. Alternatively, Chaîne members could participate in a unique Royal Tea and tour of the historic Fairmont Hotel Macdonald. 18

Our servers stand ready with some outstanding wines.

Edmonton Bailli Honoraire William Pechtel and Manitoba Bailli Cameron Gray.

Jori Guetg, incoming Argentier du Canada enjoys the Beef station.

Sushi Food Station.

(left to right) Susan Green, Conseiller Culinaire Honoraire; Mark Wilson, Bailli Provincial des Prairies; Kari Wilson and Linda Jones.

Ann Collette, Vancouver Bailli; competitor Leah Patitucci; and Jane Ruddick, Bailli Provincial de la Colombie Britannique sample an hors d’oeuvre.


Photos courtesy of Eric Jones

(left to right) David Tetrault, Bailli Délégué du Canada; Tony Catanese, Argentier du Canada; Josie Richard, Nova Scotia Bailli Honoraire; Kimberley Iwamoto, Toronto Vice-Charge de Missions Honoraire; and Takashi Murakami, CM, Conseiller Culinaire du Canada.

In Canada, the winner of this segment of the competition is recognized with the Chef Paul Mastalir Award for Kitchen Excellence. Each of the competitors was presented with a medal, certificate and a Wüsthof knife as participants.

Jan Hansen, Calgary Bailli Régional prepares to introduce the competitors.

Jack Littlepage, Chargê de Missions du Canada (left) with U.S. confreres Bev and Jack Kocak.

On Saturday evening, Ron Ryland, Edmonton Bailli Régional, opened the festivities at the induction ceremony by welcoming all the attendees. David Tétrault, Bailli Délégué du Canada then introduced Executive Chef Takashi Murakami, C.M., Conseiller Culinaire du Canada. Chef Jan Hansen, Calgary Bailli Régional and judge at the Jeune Chefs competition, led the seven young competitors into the room and seated them in the front row, where they anxiously awaited the results of the competition. Chef Murakami formally recognized the international competition sponsors: Wüsthof; CattleBoyz; Medium Rare Chef Apparel; Uniglobe Lexus Travel; Acadian Sturgeon and Caviar Inc.; and Chef’s Hat Inc. and then explained the scoring overall as well as how the new award for highest kitchen score came about several years ago. 20

The young chefs anxiously await the results.

After thanking NAIT for their amazing kitchen facilities, the Edmonton team for their organization, and recognizing the judges, Chef Murakami announced the winners of the National Jeunes Chefs Rôtisseurs competition. The winner of the gold medal and the Fulgence Charpentier trophy was Winnipeg’s Darnell Banman, from the St. Charles Golf Country Club. Darnell will represent Canada at the 2019 Concours International des Jeunes Chefs Rôtisseurs in Calgary.

Photos courtesy of Stephanie Cragg Photography

Edmonton Bailli Ron Ryland takes a moment to visit with his guests.

The medallists (left to right) Kathryn Ferries (Silver), Darnell Banman (Gold) and Jeremy Beeton (Bronze).

Chef Murakami, C.M., Conseiller Culinaire, announces the winners.

David Tétrault, Bailli Délégué du Canada welcomed the attendees and thanked the organizing committee for their efforts in pulling together this tremendous national meeting weekend. After David recognized the three dine-around restaurants, the tour and luncheon locations, the Shaw Centre for the Friday evening reception and introduced the podium dignitaries, he announced the formation of the new Bailliage du Canada Foundation. Bailli Délégué Tétrault thanked Jean-Claude Phisel, Bailli Provincial du Québec Honoraire for arranging an initial $60,000 donation from a pool of monies at La Foundation des Amis de l’Art Culinaire in Montreal to jump-start this new charitable arm of the Chaine in Canada.

Jan Hansen congratulates Gold Medallist Darnell Banman on Chef Paul Mastalir Award for Kitchen Excellence.

The silver medal was presented to Ottawa’s Kathryn Ferries from Stofa Restaurant. The bronze medallist was Halifax’s Jeremy Beeton from Eliot & Vine. Next year’s Canadian national competition will be held on Friday September 20, 2019 in Calgary.

Executive Chef Takashi Murakami, C.M., Conseiller Culinaire du Canada (right) with Harjeet Mehdwan, Edmonton Vice-Conseiller Culinaire.


Photos courtesy of Stephanie Cragg Photography

Darnell was also recognized for having the highest kitchen score (as he did at the 2017 competition) and received the Chef Paul Mastalir Award for Kitchen Excellence along with a Wüsthof Knife attaché set.

David Tetrault raised the sword over the promotion of council members and the induction of new members, assisted by Mark Wilson, Bailli Provincial des Prairies and Ron Ryland, Edmonton Bailli Régional. The ceremonies began with the presentation of a Grand Commandeur Pin (40 years) to Robert Brunell; Officier Commander Pin to William Pechtel (30 years) and the new 10 Year Commandeur Pins to a large number of attendees in recognition for their years of service to the Chaîne.

Ron Ryland, Edmonton Bailli Régional announces the inductees.

Following the oath, Bailli Délégué Tétrault took a moment to recognize Executive Chef Takashi Murakami, C.M., who is retiring as Conseiller Culinaire du Canada and from overseeing both the National and International Jeune Chefs competitions. Outlining Chef Murakami’s extensive list of awards and recognitions both from the Chaine and around the world, he was pleased to present him with is Honoraire Pin, “the only award he had yet to receive” to a lengthy round of well-deserved applause.

David Tétrault, Bailli Délégué du Canada congratulates Takashi Murakami, C.M. on his retirement.


Mark Wilson and David Tétrault congratulate William Pechtel, Edmonton Bailli Regional Honoraire (left) on receiving his Silver Commandeur.

This was highlighted by the presentation of the Bronze Star of Canada to Harjeet Mehdwan, Edmonton Vice-Conseiller Culinaire and Patricia Koyich, Chargêe de Missions du Canada Honoraire along with a Silver Star to Edmonton’s Wade Brintnell Jr. in recognition of their efforts in supporting the Chaine locally, nationally and internationally.

Photos courtesy of Stephanie Cragg Photography

After giving a brief history of the Chaine and explanation of the components of the Chaine logo shown on the flag behind the stage, he then invited Ron Ryland, Edmonton Bailli Régional to lead the inductees in the Oath to the Chaine.

Photos courtesy of Stephanie Cragg Photography

The intronizations were highlighted by the installation of Tony Catanese as Chancelier du Canada; Jori Guetg as Argentier du Canada; Jan Hansen as Conseiller Culinaire du Canada; Cynthia Grossman as Echanson du Canada; and Toni-Marie-Ion-Brown as Bailli Régional Bailliage de l’Alberta à Calgary along with the intronization and promotion of members of the Edmonton and Calgary Bailliages.

Cynthia Grossman, Echanson du Canada.

Tony Catanese, Chancelier du Canada.

Toni-Marie Ion-Brown, Bailli Régional Bailliage de l’Alberta à Calgary.

Inductions and promotions included: Maître Rôtisseur Serge Robert Belair Mridul Bhatt Jori Guetg, Argentier du Canada.

Chef Rôtisseur Changlong Yeu Dame de la Chaine Crystal Fersovich

Jan Hansen, Conseiller Culinaire du Canada.

Chevalier Edward Aronyk James Raymond Douville Edmund Krath Terence William Kwasniewski Robert Boyd L'Heureux Ahanonu Celestine Nduka Rishi Patel James Leonard Stevens 23

Photos courtesy of Stephanie Cragg Photography Members promoted and inducted and dignitaries.

Following the induction ceremony, David Tetrault invited everyone to next year’s national meeting and Grand Chapître in Calgary in conjunction with the International Jeunes Chefs competition. Attendees then retired to the lobby adjoining the Empire Ballroom of the Fairmont Hotel Macdonald for a champagne reception and Chapître dinner in the Ballroom itself.

The National Executive du Canada.


Bronze Star of Canada recipient Patricia Koyich, Chargêe de Missions du Canada Honoraire.

Photos courtesy of Stephanie Cragg Photography

(left to right) Kenneth Titcomb, Officier Maître Rôtisseur; Ron Ryland, Edmonton Bailli Régional; David Tétrault, Bailli Délégué du Canada ; Eric Jones, Chargê de Presse du Canada.

David Tetrault welcomed everyone to the Grand Chapître gala dinner and introduced Garret Turta, Maître Hôtelier, the Hotel Macdonald’s General Manager. Executive Chef Mridul Bhatt, Maître Rôtisseur welcomed everyone on behalf of the kitchen brigade and the serving staff. Bailli Délégué Tétrault then thanked Wayne Brintnell, Edmonton Vice-Echanson for donating the Champagne. 25

Chaîne des Rôtisseurs Grand Chapître Gala Dinner The Fairmont Hotel Macdonald Lobster & Scallop Charred Spring Onion. Ajo Blanco, Sago Crisp 2010 Guy Amiot Chassagne Montrachet Les Vergers

Quail in the Woods Foie Gras Rocks, Rhubarb, Leeks 2009 JM Guillon Gevrey Chambertin Vieilles Vignes

Wagyu Tartar Egg Yolk Gel, Horseradish Foam, Capers Dust, Crispy Poori 2013 Twelftree Churinga Watervale Grenache

Sorrel Granita Guava Sorbet, Tajin

Charcoal Rubbed Alberta Lamb Loin Executive Chef Mridul Bhatt, Maître Rôtisseur explains the first courses.

Chef Bhatt and Vice-Echanson Brintnell then explained each course and the matching wines. The Edmonton Bailliage had started cellaring wines four years ago when they first committed to hosting this year’s Grand Chapître, leading to an outstanding array for the evenings Gala.


Piperade Sauce, Dauphinoise, Grilled King Trumpet, Glazed Radish 2013 Robert Foley Claret

Lemon Yuzu Mousse Confit Lemon, Finger Lime, Mint 2010 Château Sigalas Rabaud

Photos courtesy of Stephanie Cragg Photography

The Empire Ballroom.

Jan Hansen addresses the kitchen and serving brigades.

Jan Hansen, newly inducted Conseiller Culinaire du Canada delivered the accolade, expertly commenting on each course, complementing the Fairmont Hotel Macdonald, the chefs, the kitchen and the serving brigade, to a long and appreciative standing ovation. The accolade concluded with the recognition of Executive Chef Mridul Bhatt, MaĂŽtre RĂ´tisseur and his teams for their outstanding efforts during the evening. 27

Photos courtesy of Stephanie Cragg Photography

The gala dinner moved smoothly through a series of six superb courses, prepared under the guidance of Executive Chef Bhatt, perfectly accompanied by the exquisite range of wines selected by Vice-Echanson Brintnell. Truly a wonderful grand finale to a wonderful weekend!

Vuu Vasudevan (left) and Executive Chef Mridul Bhatt.

Director of Service Vuu Vasudevan and the serving brigade.

A toast to la Chaine!

Join Us in Calgary for 2019! Grand Chapître of Canada 2019 — September 18 - 21, 2019 Concours International des Jeunes Chefs Rotisseurs September 20, 2019 Concours National des Jeunes Chefs Rotisseurs September 21, 2019 28

Photos courtesy of Stephanie Cragg Photography

Executive Chef Mridul Bhatt, Maître Rôtisseur and the kitchen brigade.

Professional Spotlights

The Chefs of the 57th Canadian National Meeting Mridul Bhatt, Maître Rôtisseur Executive Chef, The Fairmont Hotel Macdonald Italian restaurant Prato and later moving to San-QI Restaurant as Head Chef. Another exciting opportunity presented itself in the same year when Mridul was chosen to contribute his skills and expertise to the award winning AAA five Diamond Four Seasons Hotel in California where he demonstrated his craftsmanship on Southern Californian and Mexican cuisine. In California, Mridul worked closely with the local farms and wineries within the Napa Valley, which inspired him to bring local and fresh ingredients to his guests.

Born and raised in New Delhi, India, Chef Mridul Bhatt reflected his culinary inclination at a young age. After graduating in Hotel Management, Mridul sharpened his skills by completing his apprenticeship at the Prestigious Taj Hotel, New Delhi. Adding momentum to building his culinary experience, he spent more than a decade of his career working in and opening luxury hotels across diverse India. He started at the Radisson Hotel, Delhi as a Management Trainee before heading to Southern India to work as part of the Pre-Opening team with the first Marriott Hotel in India in 2005. While with Marriott, Mridul took on the Restaurant named “Rhapsody”, which focused on contemporary tapas from all around the world, garnering him many accolades. In 2008, Mridul took on a new challenge by joining the Four Seasons team to open their first hotel in India at Mumbai. Mridul focused on fulfilling his culinary passion by learning new cuisines and developing his palate - focusing on Italian, Asian and Progressive Indian, working at both the prestigious

Chef Bhatt collects honey from the beehives at The Fairmont Hotel Macdonald.

Mridul returned to India in 2009 and assumed the role of Banquet Chef with the Four Seasons Hotel, Mumbai and later Joining J W Marriott, Pune as a Banquet Chef. Upon taking this responsibility, he promptly redefined the hotel's dining focus, paying close attention to guest predilections while emphasizing simplicity and creating a memory with “a twist of surprise”. 29

Mridul launched his next career move as Senior Sous Chef with the first Fairmont in Jaipur, India in 2012. In his time with the Fairmont there, he was appointed to be the Chef Judge on the famous TV reality show, Master Chef India Season 3.

He is excited to be a part of the growing foodie scene in Edmonton, and bring The Fairmont Hotel Macdonald to the next level in culinary experiences, developing its sustainability programs: it’s beehives, herb garden and seeing what else he can bring to the table.

Believing in traveling as his most valuable career investment, Mridul arrived in Canada joining The Fairmont Waterfront in 2013 as Executive Sous Chef, putting into practice his belief that “you don't need to cook fancy or complicated masterpieces - just good food from freshest of ingredients". He moved to Edmonton, joining The Fairmont Hotel Macdonald as Executive Chef in June 2017, to discover what the Prairies have to offer for culinary experiences.

Harjeet Mehdwan, CCC Vice-Conseiller Culinaire, Bailliage de l’Alberta nord Executive Chef, Ernest’s at NAIT culinary master. Harjeet moved to Edmonton in 2007 and worked in various organizations – from pubs and restaurants to large conference centres and hotels – and in a wide variety of positions, from head chef and executive chef to culinary consultant.

Harjeet Mehdwan is a Hotel Management graduate and started his career with Hotel Le Meridian in New Delhi, India. After acquiring his basic skills, he moved to the United States and worked for Carnival Cruise Lines, where he was a part of the set up team for 7 brand new vessels. In this position, Harjeet cooked for up to 5000 people on a regular basis, including guests, staff and crew. He has trained under some of the best chefs in the industry, including French Chef Georges Blanc, a 30

Harjeet received his designation as Certified Chef de Cuisine (CCC) from the Canadian Culinary Federation of Chefs and Cooks (CCFCC) and is also a Chef Member of the same organization. He is also the Vice-Conseiller Culinaire for the Edmonton Branch of the Chaîne des Rôtisseurs, an international gastronomic food and wine society. In addition, Harjeet is a Certified Wine Steward through the International Sommelier Guild and holds the Certified Food and Beverage Executive (CFBE) designation from the American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute (AHLEI) .

Serge Belair, Maître Rôtisseur Executive Chef Shaw Conference Centre In 2013, he earned silver at the World Association of Chefs Societies’ Global Chefs Challenge and gold and silver medals at the Culinary Olympics as a support team member for Team Canada. He was also named to Edmonton’s top 40 under 40 class of 2015. Always pushing the limits, Chef Serge continues to build on the Shaw Conference Centre’s extraordinary culinary reputation with his unwavering commitment to quality and innovation.

Executive Chef Serge Belair is considered one of Canada’s top culinary experts. Named National Chef of the Year in 2012, he has been a key influencer in building Edmonton ‘s reputation as an international culinary destination. Hailing from Gatineau, Quebec, Chef Serge studied at Commission scolaire la Vallée de la Lievre and honed his skills at Hotel Clarion Gatineau’s Restaurant La Pergola from 1999 to 2005. He became the Shaw Conference Centre’s Chef de Partie in 2005, then Sous Chef in 2007, Senior Sous Chef in 2011 and Executive Chef in 2017. Through the years, Chef Serge has established a professional reputation for both his culinary and leadership skills. He competed several times on the national and international stage and has mentored many young Chefs who have gone on to receive recognition within the culinary sector. Chef Serge’s achievements throughout his career are impressive.

Alberto Alboreggia Executive Chef Sorrentino’s Group Born in Como, Italy, Chef Alberto Alboreggia has a rich experience working in renowned hotels and restaurants around the world. He has started early in his professional way. Coming from a cooking family, his first experience was working in a family restaurant in the south coast of Spain. Following his passion, he started his cooking in Switzerland with top restaurants. After his tenure in Switzerland, he joined Kempinski Group and worked with the esteemed


hotel group in Greece, Turkey and Jordan, where he had the honour to cook for her Royal Highness Queen Rania. During his years with Kempinski Group, he got the title of “Youngest Italian Chef” in the group. In 2006, he moved from Europe to China to create his first Italian restaurant in Beijing and achieved great success. The name of the restaurant was “Tavola”. The restaurant became a popular restaurant for the Italian Olympic Team, AC Milan Football Team and many Chinese celebrities like Gong Li, Jiang Wei and Jacky Chan. Chef Alberto then moved to Hong Kong and opened Opera House Italian Restaurant & Bistro, which served sophisticated Italian Cuisine to Hong Kong.

In 2014, Chef Alboreggia was invited to be a Food and Beverage Manager for International Food and Wine Faire in Shenzhen China, as well as Host chef in China. Chef Alberto’s restaurant was named Restaurant of the Year in Beijing and he participated at “Top Chef” in China. After 10 years in Asia he moved to Canada as Executive Chef for Sorrentino’s Group where he continues his passionate journey.

Brian Leadbetter Executive Chef Edmonton Country Club Kelowna where he apprenticed under Grant du Montreuil while completing his red seal training at Okanagan College.

Brian Leadbetter is no stranger to the restaurant industry. At the young age of 12, Brian started off washing dishes for his mother’s restaurant in Ontario, slowly making his way up to busboy. After his family moved to Alberta and Brian turned 18, he became a server in a small bistro. It didn’t take long before he was working in a kitchen – at 20 he began at Hy’s Steak Loft in Edmonton for culinary training. Three years later he was promoted to Sous Chef and transferred to Vancouver to continue honing his skills. From there, he moved on to Hotel Eldorado in 32

Over the years Brian has lead the culinary team at several high-end restaurants in Edmonton, including Murietta’s Bar & Grill, until he made the switch to the Edmonton Country Club in 2011. Founded in 1896 and Alberta’s oldest private golf and country club with dedicated members, the demand for a unique rotating menu brings out Brian’s creative culinary expertise. With appreciation for local organic produce from experiences in Kelowna, Brian came up with the idea for a produce garden for the country club over a glass of wine and a cigar. The now 11,000 square foot garden lies below the club in Edmonton’s river valley and grows about 6000 pounds of organic produce per year. Brian’s garden-to-plate passion brings a sustainable and nutritious vision for the club and its members.

Joseph Srahulek Executive Chef La Ronde, Chateau Lacombe Hotel After graduating, he returned to Ontario and continued to hone his skills at the Fairmont Royal York Hotel in Toronto and then later as part of the opening team for the Wharton Hotel in London. Heading west, he spent a summer in Waterton Lakes, Alberta, en route to Vancouver. Once on the coast, he was fortunate to be part of the opening team for the Fish House in Stanley Park and then rounded out his time in Vancouver at the Wedgewood and Le Meridian Hotels.

Originally from London, Ontario, Chef Srahulek was exposed to the passion and thrill of cooking at a very young age at home by his father. His introduction to this industry was through a private dining room where he was part of a small team and given great exposure to the entire operation. This exposure quickly led to further culinary opportunities in and around London. His formal training began at Paul Smith`s College in northern New York, where equal amounts of time were spent training in the college setting and in the school-owned hotel in Saranac Lake, New York.

After five years in Vancouver it was time to travel down under, as Chef Srahulek spent a year working in and around Sydney and then a month travelling around Australia. He relocated to Edmonton and after many years at the Sutton Place Hotel, joined the team at the Chateau Lacombe Hotel, looking forward to being part of all the changes taking place at this iconic and unique property.


Concours National des Jeunes Chefs Rôtisseurs Edmonton 2018

All the competitors were recognized at the induction ceremony of the Grand Chapître du Canada on Saturday evening. The seven contestants were all regional winners, representing the following Bailliages and sponsoring restaurants (from east to west):With well over 40 attendees, an outstanding World Chaine Day event! Halifax Jeremy Beeton Eliot & Vine Ottawa Kathryn Ferries Stofa Restaurant Toronto Luca Maglietta The Omni King Edward Hotel Winnipeg Darnell Banman St. Charles Golf Country Club Edmonton Austin Schwabe Local Sherwood Pub Calgary Sean Thornhill Teatro Ristorante Vancouver Leah Patitucci The Pear Tree Restaurant Using the contents of a very challenging “black box,” the young chefs were given four hours in which to create a menu; and prepare and serve an appetizer, a main course and a dessert for four. Each chef's written menu had to be completed within the first halfhour, with three and a half hours allowed for preparation. In the black box, the competitors found the following compulsory items: one Saddle of Rabbit (350g); Rack of Lamb (8 bones – 800g); one whole Rainbow Trout; one Butternut Squash; one Grapefruit; 150g Barley; 200g Cacao Barry “Zephyr” White Chocolate; and 300g Cacao Barry “Fleur de Cao” Dark Chocolate. Non-compulsory items included various vegetables, fruits, liquors and fresh herbs. 34

The kitchen “heats up”.

Contestants were judged on taste, originality, creativity, presentation, portion size, nutrition, dress, kitchen cleanliness and timing by a team of professional and nonprofessional judges, under the watchful eye of Executive Chef Takashi Murakami, C.M., Conseiller Culinaire.

Chef Jan Hansen watches the action closely.

Photos courtesy of Stephanie Cragg Photography

Canada’s best young chefs battled it out at this year’s national Jeunes Chefs Rôtisseurs competition on Friday, October 19 at Edmonton’s NAIT Campus. The winner of the Chaîne des Rôtisseurs gold medal earned the right to represent Canada at the 2019 Concours International des Jeunes Chefs Rôtisseurs to be held September 20th in Calgary.

Norman Brownlee, Pastry Chef Instructor at NAIT, Edmonton Alberto Alboreggia, Executive Chef of Sorrentino’s, Edmonton Steve Buzak, Executive Chef of Royal Glenora Club, Edmonton

Photos courtesy of Stephanie Cragg Photography

"This competition is unlike any other in the world," said David Tétrault, Bailli Délégué du Canada and President of the Concours International. "It is a true black box for a specific age group of young chefs. It is difficult and it is stressful. It is judged at the international level by accomplished professional member chefs.”

The kitchen judges were: Jan Hansen, Bailli Régional, Calgary Harjeet Singh Mehdwan, Vice-Conseiller Culinaire, Edmonton Ganesh Subramanya, Edmonton

Tasting judges discuss the dishes.

The dining room judges included: Dr. Jane Ruddick, Bailli Provincial de la ColombieBritannique, Vancouver Jeremy Langemann, Maître Rôtisseur, Winnipeg Valli Arlette, Argentier Honoraire, Calgary John Alexander, Chef de Table, Winnipeg Tony Catanese, Argentier du Canada, Winnipeg Nigel Webber, Chef Instructor at NAIT, Edmonton Jason St. Laurent, Chef Instructor at NAIT, Edmonton

At the Inductions the next evening, Chef Jan Hansen, Bailli Régional, Calgary, led the young competitors onto the stage. Chef Takashi Murakami thanked NAIT for their amazing kitchen facilities and the Edmonton team for their organization. He recognized the sponsors of the competition (Wüsthof; CattleBoyz; Medium Rare Chef Apparel; Uniglobe Lexus Travel; and Chef’s Hat Inc.), then introduced the seven competitors as they joined him on stage. Each received a diploma from the Chaîne and a Wüsthof knife. Chef Murakami then announced the winners of the national Jeunes Chefs Rôtisseurs competition.


Next year’s Canadian national competition will be held on Friday September 20, 2019 in Calgary. The Winning Menu Appetizer/Entrée Rainbow trout filet stuffed with scallop mousse Crispy skin chip, confit cherry tomato, pickle shallot, served with Beurre Blanc

Main Course/Plat principal

The winner of the gold medal and the Fulgence Charpentier trophy was Winnipeg’s Darnell Banman, from the St. Charles Golf & Country Club. Darnell has now earned the right to represent Canada at the 2019 Concours International des Jeunes Chefs Rôtisseurs in Calgary. Darnell was also recognized for having the highest kitchen score (as he did at the 2017 competition) and received the Chef Paul Mastalir Award for Kitchen Excellence along with a Wüsthof Knife attaché set.

Pan Roasted Rack of Lamb with Persiallade, Sous vide Rabbit Roulade Herb braised barley stuffed potato, glazed baby carrots with buttered asparagus, butternut squash puree, brown savoury sauce

Dessert/Dessert White Chocolate Mousse, Grapefruit Dark Chocolate Sponge Cake Sable, mint dentelle, strawberry coulis served with fresh mint

The silver medal was presented to Ottawa’s Kathryn Ferries from Stofa Restaurant. The bronze medallist was Halifax’s Jeremy Beeton from Eliot & Vine.

Winning appetizer

The competitors with the Fulgence Charpentier trophy and medallists (left to right in the front row) Kathryn Ferries (silver), Darnell Banman (gold) and Jeremy Beeton (bronze).


Winning main course

Photos courtesy of Stephanie Cragg Photography

Chef Murakami, C.M., Conseiller Culinaire announces the winners.

Photos courtesy of Stephanie Cragg Photography

Winning dessert

Darnell Banman Biography Originally from Winkler Manitoba. Darnell lived there until he was 19 years old. Growing up, he didn’t really know what he wanted to do after graduation from high school. At age 15, he took a job as a dishwasher at the local golf course in Winkler called Mulligans, his first real exposure to food preparation. As time went on, he became more and more involved on line there and decided that he wanted to pursue a career in culinary arts. This lead to a move to Winnipeg to study at Red River College. Shortly after moving to Winnipeg, he was hired at the St. Charles Golf & Country club, working under Executive Chef Takashi Murakami, CM Conseiller Culinaire du Canada for over five years. As Darnell put it, this is where he first became interested in the possibility of competing “because Chef Takashi was always so involved with the Chaine, my coworkers and I were constantly exposed to the competition. I would watch my coworkers train and compete and win time and time again, which inspired me to join in. Chef Takashi Murakami had such a strong work ethic and professionalism that he inspired me to take pride in my work and my work space. I think that this has helped me to win best kitchen score at Nationals”. During his time at St Charles, Darnell spent several years as the dining room chef where he was able to have explore his creativity and grow individually by

sharing his own ideas in preparing the dining room menu - putting his own spin on things.

Darnell Banman hard at work during competition.


His favourite course to prepare is dessert “because you can be creative with the colors and textures in the plate. It is also one of the hardest courses to perfect so there is always a way to make it better. For example, one thing I had been practicing intensively prior to Nationals was tempering chocolate. It is difficult to do but I think that that makes it fun. I enjoy challenging myself and learning new techniques to practice and perfect”.

Gold medallist Darnell Banman holds up the Fulgence Charpentier trophy assisted by Executive Chef Jan Hansen.

During his extensive training for nationals, Darnell had weekly black box trials at St Charles organized by Chef Jeremy Langemann and the St Charles Junior Sous Chef, Richard Tolentino, where several members of the Chaine Winnipeg Bailliage tasted and critiqued his results. Darnell was thankful for this 38

Darnell has a very clear idea on how he approaches competitions. “My strategy when competing is to have a game plan and to follow it, which can be hard considering that a black box is always a surprise. I just try to be confident in what I know and to utilize it to the best of my abilities. Another strategy that I find is important for me when I am competing is to prepare for the worst. Some of my competitors in Edmonton were joking with me that my set up was a bit over the top, which it was! I brought as much as I could with me because it’s a new work space. I’m not familiar with it and I don’t want to have to spend time looking for kitchen supplies. I just bring everything I can with me so that I know where my equipment is, and I know how it works. This makes me feel more at ease when competing because it is one less thing to worry about and it allows me to maximize the time I spend on my food”. Looking forward to the International competition in Calgary in September 2019, Darnell will be training under Chef Cameron Huley at the Winnipeg Squash Racquet Club, where he recently accepted a position as Junior Sous Chef. Darnell is “also super excited and grateful to have the opportunity to train at various restaurants across Canada. It is going to be a great experience to represent Canada in our own country and I am hoping that I can make everyone proud”.

Photos courtesy of Stephanie Cragg Photography

Darnell puts the finishing touch to his main course.

process as “their feedback was integral to my success at Nationals and I am thankful for the time they volunteered to help better my performance”. Darnell is also no stranger to adversity in culinary events as, prior to this latest 2018 competition, he had competed four times in the regional Manitoba competition, finally winning in 2017. He then went on to the Nationals in Ottawa last year. Despite winning best kitchen score that year, he was unable to win the Gold Medal – a challenge he has met in 2018.

International des Jeunes Sommeliers 2018

A Profile of Samuel Melanson Our Jeunes Sommelier Competitor, Mexico 2018 Besides the winner’s medal, Aymeric was presented with a special prize of a jeroboam of Yalumba Menzies Cabernet Sauvignon 1997 and a Sommelier’s sabre. He was also given a special bottle of Tequila Cuervo and an engraved silverplated tray. As well as also receiving commemorative engraved trays, Runner-up Thibaut’s star prize was a Wempe Glashütte I/SA wristwatch and Jeremy’s was an imposing book on Tequila.

Ten young Sommeliers (8 male, 2 female), representing the Bailliages of Australia, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Great Britain, Hungary, Mexico, Turkey and the USA, came to Mexico City September 21-22, 2018 to compete for the Jeunes Sommeliers title. It was the first time Mexico had hosted the final since it began in 2007. After a tense morning’s competition on Saturday, September 22nd at the Hotel InterContinental Presidente which was broadcast live worldwide by social media video stream, Great Britain’s Aymeric Pollenne was announced as the winner at the Awards Ceremony held the same evening at the hotel. Thibaut Broussier for the Bailliage of Australia was Runner-up and the USA’s Jeremy Shanker came in Third Place.

Dinner at Azul Historico

All competitors were awarded a diploma, a competition medal, a silver salver, a bottle of Tequila Cuervo and framed example of colourful Mexican art.

Sam with other competitors and their Mexican art pieces.

The Semi-Final to select the three competitors who participated in the Final also took place at the Hotel Presidente InterContinental. Brian Julyan MS, Chair, Competitors tour Mexico City.


and the panel of judges, Bryan Dawes MS, Frank Kämmer MS and Kim Thygesen, ably took the competitors through all stages with the goal of encouraging the young men and women to give of their best in what is understandably an intense period of pressure. Throughout Friday the ten young Sommeliers were tested on their knowledge and skills. First with a theory paper, then with a practical wine service test and finally with a blind wine tasting.

Sam sums up his experience at the competition as follows: “The Jeunes Sommelier Competition was an amazing opportunity, not just to compete and to refine my craft, but to travel and meet other sommeliers from around the world. I am honoured that I was able to represent Canada and the Toronto Bailliage and look forward to helping future Canadian competitors with their preparations for this great event. Most of all, I'm grateful for the opportunity to meet such amazing wine professionals. It is so humbling and motivating to compete with the other candidates and to learn from the judges! I look forward to travelling in the future and visiting some of my fellow competitors, and now friends, in their home countries. Vive la Chaine!”

Winery tour and tasting in Queretaro Mexico. Sam at the competition.

While Canada’s competitor, Samuel Melanson, did not qualify for the final, according to those attending the competition he did very well against a truly outstanding international field. After graduating in 2010 with a B.A, Political Science, Minor in Economics from Acadia University in Nova Scotia, Sam’s unquenchable thirst for knowledge (and wine!) has led him to pursue education through both the Court of Master Sommeliers (2015) and the Wine and Spirits Education Trust. A Sommelier and Wine Educator based in Toronto, Ontario, he is currently preparing for the CMS Advanced Sommelier Exam, while also working towards his WSET Diploma. From 2015 to today, Sam is a Wine Educator/Sommelier at The Sommelier Factory in Toronto and a Certified Napa Valley Vintners Wine Educator. Additionally, he is certified as a Vinitaly International Academy Italian Wine Ambassador. When he isn't studying, or educating the next generation of sommeliers in Toronto, “he can be found travelling, eating, and drinking his way through any and every country he can sneak away to” in his own words.


During the awards ceremony.

Gala Dinner.

NATIONAL CONSEIL CHANGES 2018 Thanks to our Exiting Conseil Members Takashi Murakami, Conseiller Culinaire Honoraire. As outlined earlier in this edition of La Chine in Canada in the article on the 2018 National Meeting in Edmonton, Chef Murakami has decided to take a step back from his duties nationally and internationally. It is impossible to do justice to the background of Chef Murakami and his long and dedicated service to the Chaine in this article, so we refer you to a the Profile article re-run in this issue of the magazine (originally run in 2015). Patricia Koyich, Conseiller Gastronomique Honoraire, has decided to leave council at this time. Patricia has been a dedicated member of la Chaine since 2008. She joined the Chaine as a professional member, and prior to serving with

distinction on National Council, also served on local council for four years. Her contributions to National Council showed great insight not only around the culinary community, but also a unique understanding of people. Patricia devoted many hours to training and mentoring our international sommelier competitors during the last two competitions. Michael Grimes, Echanson Honoraire, put forth an outstanding effort over the past nine years building the Ordre Mondial in Canada, as we can now see in the latest successful Order Mondial chapters in Victoria and Vancouver. We have 166 members of the OM in Canada, which is position 8 of all international Bailliages.

New “Job Descriptions� for Tony Catanese and Jean-Guy Gorley Tony Catanese, formerly Argentier, will assume the position of Chancelier. His prime responsibility in this role will be membership development, including new members and member retention. His innovative ideas as Argentier have led to the modernization of many of the accounting and reporting functions of Chaine Canada.


Previously Chancelier, Jean-Guy Gorley of Ottawa has taken on the position of Bailli Provincial Central Canada. Jean-Guy was instrumental in reenergizing the Bailliage of Montreal over the past two years. His new responsibilities focus on the continuing growth and success of not only the Bailliage of Montreal, but of all three Bailliages in Central Canada. l'Outauoais, Toronto, and Montreal.

Welcome To Our Newest National Conseil Members Jori Guetg, Argentier du Canada for a position with Canadian Mountain Holidays of Banff. CMH is the largest and foremost helicopter skiing and hiking company in the world. During his tenure at Canadian Mountain Holidays, he directed all aspect of the CMH hospitality services including food & beverage, retail, housekeeping, guest service, human resources, building maintenance, renovations and new construction for 10 mountain lodges. As part of CMH’s senior leadership team he was involved in capital and operational budgeting, strategic planning, contract negotiations, insurance issues, liaising with government agencies as well as crisis/emergency management. He led a hospitality department with approximately 300 seasonal employees. Taking over from Tony Catanese, we welcome back Jori Guetg as Argentier. Jori was Argentier between 2009 - 2013 and has been a member since 1995. Jori’s career in the hospitality industry started in Switzerland in 1976 with a 5-year cooking and chocolate maker (Konditor/Confiseur) apprenticeship, followed by two years of chef positions throughout Switzerland. As a young chef in such places as the Palace Hotel in Gstaad, he was able to further his cooking skills with the help from some of the best chefs in the country. Jori emigrated to Canada in April of 1983 and his love for skiing and climbing directed him to apply 42

After 29 years at CMH, Jori left the helicopter skiing business to take a position as General Manager at The Crossing at Ghost River. Jori has full financial and operating responsibility for leading this small boutique Inn located 1 hour from Calgary catering exclusively to group bookings. The 145-acre property consists of several buildings, full service hospitality operation including 27 uniquely furnished bedrooms and a staff of 8 full time employees. Hosting mostly corporate clients from Calgary, strategy sessions take on new meaning when paired with a landscape that allows for the facilitation of inspiration and innovation. The Crossing is the perfect place for organizations to share ideas, define strategies, and solidify objectives.

Cyndi Grossman, Echanson du Canada Cyndi is an experienced wine professional and will continue the mandate to grow the OM in Canada and assist the Bailliages to host extraordinary events. Our goal is to have an OM chapter in each Chaîne Bailliage in Canada. A native of London, Ontario Cyndi recently moved home after living nine years in Europe. She brings with her an unparalleled devotion and passion for wine. Europe afforded Cyndi the unique opportunity to participate in a World Class Wine Education, including The Wine and Spirit Education Trust in the UK, where she is currently finishing her Diploma.

Formerly Vice-Echanson of the Bailliage of Toronto, Cyndi Grossman has now assumed the responsibility for the position on National Conseil.

Cyndi also attended The International Wine Guild in Denver, CO., gaining her Executive Sommelier and Wine Cellar Design and Management Certificate. Together with her team in Ontario they bring you some of Europe’s most exclusive wines and offer guided tours to Europe’s wine regions.

Jan Hansen, Conseiller Culinaire 5 years as Vice Conseil Culinaire, and then took over as Bailli for 2 years. He is excited to take on the new role as Conseil Culinaire for National Council. Jan has spent the last 4 years working with Chef Takashi with the competition. Jan was born and raised in Edmonton to Danish parents that immigrated to Canada in the early 1960s. Jan trained as a chef at NAIT — and after travelling back and forth to Denmark, working for an uncle who owned an inn there — Jan went to work at a Swiss-themed restaurant in Edmonton, then cooked alongside Chef Yoshi Chubachi.

Jan Hansen, Bailli Honoraire of the Bailliage de l’Alberta à Calgary, has been promoted Conseiller Culinaire du Canada He has been involved with the Chaine des Rotisseurs from his early days as a competitor in the Jeune Chefs competition. It was during this time that he was introduced to the organization and has been involved in one form or another ever since. He sat on Calgary’s council for

Jan moved to Calgary working at La Dolce Vita, the Calgary Golf and Country Club and then at the Glencoe Golf and Country Club for another 10 years. Chef Hansen joined the Hotel Arts Group in early September 2015 as the Executive Chef overseeing all things culinary for the group including banquets, off-site catering, in-room dining as well as the group’s three top-rated restaurants: Yellow Door Bistro, Raw Bar and Oxbow at the Hotel Arts Kensington. His move to a hotel restaurant was in a way, bringing him back to his roots at the Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge, giving him the opportunity to feed visitors from across Canada and around the world. 43

PROFILE Editor’s Note: With the recent retirement of long-time Conseiller Culinaire du Canada, we felt it only proper to re-run this 2015 article, originally placed in the Au Savoir section of the International magazine. The write-up, photos and answers to the questions asked by the International Magazine truly provide a portrait of the lengthy commitment to the Chaine and young Chefs everywhere exemplified by “Chef” as he is simply called by the many he has influenced over his career.

Takashi Murakami, C.M., Conseiller Culinaire du Canada Honoraire Chef Murakami has also enjoyed a long and fruitful relationship with Red River College over the years, having served on the college’s advisory committee for the last decade (the last three years of which he has acted as chairman). A number of Red River College’s culinary arts instructors completed their apprenticeship training under Chef Murakami, who also developed the DACUM (Developing a Curriculum) analysis for the college’s culinary arts program. Most recently, he has signed on as a Chef of Distinction; supporting the Paterson Global Foods Institute — home of the College’s Culinary and Hospitality programs and site of its first student residence. As Conseiller Culinaire du Canada, Chef Murakami has had a long and distinguished career with both the National and International Jeunes Chefs Rôtisseurs Competitions over many years.

Widely hailed as one of the most talented chefs in Canada, Chef Takashi Murakami, C.M., spent more than 40 years elevating food preparation to an art form as Executive Chef of the St. Charles Country Club. Luckily, Chef Murakami’s lengthy tenure at St. Charles left ample room on his C.V. for the impressive array of awards and honours he has amassed over the decades. Among them a series of gold medals and a world championship as a member and coach of Culinary Team Canada, a Chef of the Year designation by the Manitoba Chefs Association, membership in the Canadian Culinary Federation’s Honour Society, and a 2005 appointment as Member of the Order of Canada (making him the second chef to receive this prestigious honour, and the only one from Manitoba).


He willingly shares his knowledge with those who work with him. He has been acknowledged by countless gastronomic associations both in Canada and abroad. Chef Murakami is one of the biggest boosters of Winnipeg, Manitoba and Canada in the product selections he uses in international competitions and for the delight of the members of St. Charles. He has been instrumental in showcasing many local favourites around the world.

At The Winnipeg National Meeting Welcome Reception At The St. Charles Country Club

Takashi in the heat of the action at a recent Canadian National Jeunes Chefs RĂ´tisseurs competition

Chef Murakami gives interview with Chef Sean Webber for video of the 38th Concours International des Jeunes Chefs RĂ´tisseurs competition held in Durban, South Africa on September 5, 2014.

The messages on the walls of the kitchen are personal messages written to Chef Murakami by young chefs he has mentored over the years.


A Q&A with Chef Murakami 1. Where does your love of Gastronomy come from? As with many, if not most, involved in the culinary arts, I was captivated by the industry at a young age. I began my cooking career at 16 as an apprentice at the Restaurant Benihana in Tokyo. At 20, I left Tokyo for Canada to become Sous Chef at the Calgary Tower in Calgary, Alberta moving on to take up the position of Executive Chef at Calgary’s Canyon Meadow Golf & Country Club from 1972 – 1975. In 1975, I moved to Winnipeg Manitoba, were I began work at the St. Charles Country Club as Executive Chef, a position I am still proud to hold some 40 years later. Over all that time, I have been fortunate to have the stability in my career to allow me to experiment with new ingredients, flavours and concepts – and to see them enjoyed by our patrons day in and day out. That’s where the real delight comes in what we do. You have to be determined to “try” and then “love” what you do.

2. You have obviously inspired a lot of young chefs over the years. Where do you draw your inspiration from? I think working with, and being able to share, your experience and knowledge with young chefs eager to learn inspires me just as much as you say I have inspired them. I also think we are called on to give back … to our profession, to the place where we live and work, for the future. In the early years of my career, competition provided a wonderful opportunity to do that – sharing what I knew, while learning from some of the country’s top chefs, exploring exciting culinary and artistic possibilities together. Once my own competitive career ended, I have been able to continue to be involved as a lecturer, competition judge, mentor and coach with a number of young chefs both in Canada and internationally. If you have a culinary education program in your community, get involved. Serve on the advisory committee; become a cooperative education employer for the Hospitality and Culinary Arts students; and mentor, support and encourage young chefs taking part in competitions— particularly those taking part in the Jeunes Chefs (Young Chefs) Rôtisseurs Competition at all levels. 46

3. What would you say have been the biggest developments in gastronomy you have witnessed in your time as a chef? I have been fortunate to see many different approaches to gastronomy over my career: moving from Classic, Traditional Cuisine to Cuisine Nouvelle (or cuisine modern) through the 1970’s and 80’s; then on to Molecular Gastronomy in the 1990’s and into the new century. Today, we talk about scientific explanations of gastronomy and using locally farmed ingredients – perhaps we have gone full circle?

4. What do you think are the most significant trends, and perhaps challenges, faced by gastronomy today? In my opinion, it is combining a Classic base with the desire to present something more modern. I cannot repeat enough that the challenge with this is having the courage to try something new and not be afraid of the possibility of failure. It is through failure that we truly learn how to create successes.

5. What do you think today’s chefs should be doing to keep moving gastronomy to a new level? I believe that it is all rooted in the skill and knowledge gained over decades, if not centuries, of culinary experience. It is critical that all of this experience and expertise be passed on to the new generations as the foundation for what they will achieve in the future.

6. What advice would you give to young and aspiring chefs and hoteliers? Continue to study and research. Don’t be afraid to experiment and create. Expand your horizons beyond the kitchen and the establishment. The culinary arts offers more than just a career, it can be so much more. It can provide real opportunities to give back to the community. Here in Winnipeg, we have an annual program called “Share Our Strength”, supporting an organization that raises funds for local children’s hunger relief and nutrition education programs. I have been honoured to work with the “Taste of the Nation Winnipeg” evening, which “brings together the city’s hottest restaurants and chefs to raise the critical funds needed to end childhood hunger”. Cooperative events like this really show how the culinary arts can contribute to the community as a whole – embrace them and get involved.

IN THE NEWS Canada To Host 2019 International Chaine Des Rôtisseurs Young Chefs Competition For only the second time in the history of the event, Canada has been selected to host the prestigious 43rd Concours International des Jeunes Chefs (Young Chefs) Rôtisseurs Competition. The Competition, open to young cooks under the age of 27, will be held on September 20, 2019 in Calgary, AB and will be hosted and sponsored by the Canadian National “Bailliage” (aka Chapter) of La Chaine des Rôtisseurs. Additional sponsors to date include Le Cordon Bleu Ecole Culinaire (France), Wüsthof Manufacturing (Germany), Turbo-Pot (USA), CattleBoyz Foods (Canada), Chef's Hat (Canada), Gordon Food Service (Canada), Hotel Arts Group (Canada), Uniglobe Voyages Lexus (Canada), and Acadian Sturgeon and Caviar (Canada). The young chefs are chosen for the event through selection competitions held in their respective countries. For example, the 2018 competition featured competitors from Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Colombia, Dubai, Finland, Germany, Hungary, India, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, UK and USA. A panel of 12 internationally certified chefs, all members of the Chaine des Rôtisseurs, judge the competition, awarding marks for taste, presentation, originality and kitchen technique. Winnipeg’s Darnell Banman, from the St. Charles Golf & Country Club and the winner of the gold medal and the Fulgence Charpentier trophy at our recent Edmonton National Meeting, will represent Canada in Calgary in 2019.

The competition has a long and storied history, having first been organized in 1977 in Switzerland to support and promote future young chefs. Fortythree years later, it still provides each young competitor with a week of educational culinary experiences, and the opportunity to demonstrate their skills in a competitive environment with their peers, showcasing their talents and creativity in an international arena.

Each competitor is given four hours in which to compose a menu and prepare a three-course meal for four persons using ingredients presented in a “black box”. Compulsory ingredients in 2018 included blue crab, lamb rack, chia seeds, banana, tofu, porcini mushroom and cream cheese. Contestants are required to use at least 50% of each of the above mentioned items and could compliment them from a large array of nonmandatory items such as fresh octopus, beef tongue, duck liver, and sweetbreads. 49

Canadian Bailliage Creates New Charitable Foundation The Canadian National Bailliage is pleased to announce the formation of the Confrérie de la Chaîne des Rôtisseurs, Bailliage du Canada Foundation Ltd. (aka the “Foundation”) incorporated on January 3, 2018. This Foundation is a purely charitable organization, founded to support and foster the advancement of the fields of Hospitality, Culinary and Vintner Arts. It will accomplish this by supporting scholarship programs administered through accredited schools and technical institutions in Canada designed for training Chefs, Sommeliers and Hospitality management; supporting attendance by students annually selected to compete in a National or International Culinary or Sommelier competition. By donating to the Foundation, Chaine members (and other interested parties) will be able to receive a tax receipt for their donation, something that was not previously available. The long-term success of the Foundation has been immeasurably assisted by a $60,000 donation received from La Foundation des Amis de l’Art Culinaire – an organization administered by longtime Chaine member Jean-Claude Phisel, Bailli Provincial de Quebec Honoraire, Commandeur, and holder of the Chaine’s Silver Medal.

(left to right) David Tetrault, Bailli Délégué du Canada; Jean-Claude Phisel, Bailli Provincial de Quebec Honoraire; and Benoît Fragnière, Chancelier du Bailliage de la Suisse, Membre des Conseils Magistral et d’Administration at the presentation of Jean-Cluade’s Silver Medal in Montreal.

Jean-Claude has worked tirelessly on behalf of the Chaine in Montreal, Quebec and across Canada for many years. Arranging this initial donation to the Foundation is just one more example of that commitment.

World Chaine Day 2019 Scheduled for April 13, 2019 We hope you will be able to schedule a diner amical or other Chaine event at that time and help us promote la Chaine des Rotisseurs around the world.


Canada Helps Launch Vietnam Bailliage David Tetrault, Bailli Délégué du Canada recently served as the Inducting Officer at the opening of the new Bailliage in Vietnam at the invitation of Bailli Délégué Rajesh (Raj) Taneja, recently a member of our Vancouver Bailliage.

(left to right- Steven Kahn, Conseil Magistral, Bailli Délégue of Hong Kong; Friend of Ian Gibbons; Rajesh (Raj) Taneja, Bailli Délégue of Vietnam, former Vice Chargé de Missions for Vancouver; David Tetrault; Bailli Délégué du Canada and Mr. Ian Gibbons, consul general for the UK to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

The week was ended by a London Epic Evening Brunch with entertainment by Fab Four – The Thai Beatles (they really do look and sound like the Beatles!), held at Social Club Saigon, located in the stunning M Gallery Hotel des Arts Saigon. The hotel is headed by GM and Maître Hôtelier Carl Gagnon, originally from Montreal. The restaurant proudly displays our blazon at the entrance. An eclectic space designed by the internationallyacclaimed Super Potato design firm of Japan, the restaurant regularly hosts one of the most decadent buffets in Southeast Asia. With free flow Baron de Rothschild Champagne and out of this world food stations including a foie gras station with three types of terrine, guests were certainly not disappointed.


PEOPLE AND PLACES ‘Pairings’ brings the science, and the fun, to food and wine pairing Science World fundraiser lets guests unleash their inner child By David Kitai [Reprinted courtesy of Vancouver magazine, June 20, 2018 and Science World British Columbia, Vancouver, B.C.]

Editor’s Note: The following article describes the recent Pairings fundraising event held by Science World in Partnership with La Chaine des Rôtisseurs Vancouver Bailliage and select wineries from B.C.’s Golden Mile Bench. Proceeds raised benefited Science World’s Super Science Club, an afterschool program that provides science and technology activities for inner-city schools from grade 1-7. Through this event, $32,000 was raised for the program.

The fundraising event — fittingly called Pairings — played to the success of the Science of Cocktails events and proved, once and for all, that drinking in a science museum is a surefire way to make your inner child smile. Ticket sales from Pairings raised over $32,000 for Science World’s Super Science Club program, an afterschool program for vulnerable students around metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley.

Have you ever been stunned by a wine pairing? Dumbfoundedly asking how this sauvignon blanc just made your asparagus come alive. Staring, wide-eyed and aghast as you ask why this Cantonese BBQ pork makes a glass of chenin taste so good. It can feel like magic. Enjoying the Science Centre.

At Science World last Wednesday (June 13), a group of local chefs teamed up with wineries from B.C.’s Golden Mile Bench to show Vancouverites that there’s a little bit of science behind those seemingly magical pairings.


“Over nine weeks, once a week, Science World staff head out to these schools to lead teaching sessions,” said Meredith Cochran, the program specialist for Super Science Club. “Afterwards all the kids get a free field trip to Science world and a yearlong family membership, so they can come with their families for free for a year.”

The pairings were the product of collaboration between pairs of wineries and restaurants. They tried to balance scientifically quantifiable elements in wine and food — such as Ph, tannin, and alcohol — against each other.

The wines.

“Dinner on the surface of Mars”

The restaurants.

That’s no easy task according to Rhys Pender, a Master of Wine and winemaker at Little Farm. “There’s so many things going on in food and wine,” he said “it’s hard to simplify but the science of it is to look at the physical reactions going on, seeing the cause-and-effect relationship between food, wine, and your experience.”

My favourite pairing came from Chau Veggie Express, who matched a tempeh and mung bean fresh spring roll with Road 13’s sparkling Chenin Blanc. The roll and the wine wedded beautifully into a nutty, fresh whole, an ideal no-nonsense snack.

Unfortunately, a few of those pairings fell flat. I was excited to see Miradoro restaurant’s fried oyster saltimbocca and nettle risotto on the menu but it ended up clashing with a chardonnay from Tinhorn Creek. Showcase’s curry albacore Tuna was a cool concept, especially matched to the GewürztraminerSchönburger from Gheringer Brothers, but it proved to be too much turmeric for the wine or the fish to handle.

BC Bailli Provincial Dr. Jane Ruddick samples Martian Cuisine.

The showiest table was from Fairmont Hotel Vancouver, who offered “dinner on the surface of Mars” with a little chorizo tart atop a paprika crumb and an orb of fava bean and braised octopus resting on a black garlic aioli. The chosen pairing of Rust Wine Co.’s 2014 Zinfandel actually worked, with an earthy spice running through the dish and the wine.

As the crowd worked through their pairings, the whole room seemed to come alive. Guests started playing with the pulley chair lifts and vacuum cannons as the sun set over false creek. It’s hard to think of a better setting to spend an evening feeling childish and adult-ish at the same time. 51

La Chaîne – Coast to Coast – Coast to Coast – Coast Bailliage de la Nouvelle-Ecosse (Submitted by Jerzy Gajewski, MD, FRCSC, Vice-Chargé de Presse) Sturgeon Extravaganza A fantastic Sturgeon Extravaganza event was held from July 6-8, 2018 at Carter's Point Hatchery, New Brunswick, along the Saint John River. Our hosts Chevalier Dr. Cornel and Dame de la Chaîne Dorina Ceapa of Acadian Sturgeon Caviar prepared an exciting program which included a grill on the beach and bonfire, sturgeon safari, visit to their sturgeon hatchery and processing plant, a sturgeon academy of education, tasting and cooking together. On offer over the three days were 3 types of caviar, vodka, Canadian sparkling (Blanc & Noirs from Summerhill Pyramid Winery, Okanagan Valley, BC) and Bordeaux white (Rieussec, 2012 Bordeaux Blanc Sec), sturgeon ceviche, smoked sturgeon, sturgeon skewers, sabayon etc. The other days dinner featured sturgeon cartilage, bone marrow and belly meat Bouillabaisse and barbecue wild and farmed sturgeon steaks and sturgeon burgers. The event ended with a potluck style dinner and barbecue at the cottages with Veuve Clicquot Champagne and red from Château Gruaud Larose. Everybody form the Halifax Bailliage was experience happy with the experience and have vowed to come back.

Wild (dark) and farmed Acadian Sturgeon Caviar.

Sturgeon steaks.

Sturgeon safari.

(from right): Raymond and Francoise LeBlanc; Allen Finley; Cornel and Dorina Ceapa; and Jerzy and Lidia Gajewska.


Cornel and Dorina preparing BBQ sturgeon steaks.

La Chaîne – Coast to Coast – Coast to Coast – Coast Bailliage de Manitoba (Submitted by Cameron Gray, Bailli Regional) Manitoba Bailliage Holds Outstanding Chapître Dinner Our collective appreciation is extended to Maître Rôtisseur Klaus Leiendecker who, along with his culinary brigade at Breezy Bend, presented outstanding cuisine for each and every course to the delight of all in attendance, and to Takashi Murakami, C.M., Conseiller Culinaire Honoraire, who delivered the accolade. The service team coordinated by Jennifer McArthur, Director of F&B, provided professional seamless service throughout the evening. The wine pairings facilitated by Jim Jaworski, Chancelier Honoraire were a hit with each course.

(left to right) Tony Catanese, Chancelier du Canada; Michael Grimes, Echanson du Canada Honoraire; Samir Hanna, Conseil Magistral Honoraire; Cameron Gray, Bailli Regional Bailliage de Manitoba.

Congratulations to Michael Grimes, Echanson Honoraire, who was presented with a Bronze Star by Tony Catanese, Chancelier, for his years of dedication helping to build l’Ordre Mondial across Canada.

Maître Rôtisseur Klaus Leiendecker outlines the menu.

Ice sculpture welcomes confrères.

The Chapitre Dinner also allows us to welcome and induct new Chaine members. 53

La Chaîne – Coast to Coast – Coast to Coast – Coast Bailliage de Manitoba continued New Members    

Huma Rohan, Dame de la Chaine Jordan Stevens, Dame de la Chaine Sean Harrell, Chevalier de la Chaine Brian Macpherson, Chevalier de la Chaine

    

Darnell Banman, Rôtisseur (Squash Club) Amiel Camet, Rôtisseur (Cornerstone) Argie Garcia, Rôtisseur (Black Bird Brasserie) Rain Regalado, Chef Rôtisseur (St. Charles) Richard Tolentino, Chef Rôtisseur (St. Charles) Mickael Cazemayor, Maître Rôtisseur (Manitoba Club)

Promotions:  

Jordan Carlson – Rôtisseur to Chef Rôtisseur Norm Pastorin – Chef Rôtisseur to Maître Rôtisseur

In addition, a new Silver Commandeur award was presented to members who have been in membership for 10 plus years. Samir Hanna, Member of Conseil Magistral Honoraire was in attendance to preside over the induction ceremony.


La Chaîne – Coast to Coast – Coast to Coast – Coast Bailliage de Manitoba continued

Takashi Murakami, C.M., Conseiller Culinaire du Canada Honoraire delivers the accolade.

Inductees and Dignitaries.


La Chaîne – Coast to Coast – Coast to Coast – Coast Bailliage de l’Alberta à Calgary l’Ordre Mondial at The Post Hotel (Submitted by Joe Scorgie, Vice-Conseiller Gastronomique) This evening was a chance to really get to know Madeira, and our fearless guides were Llyn Strelau and Rodney Shaver. We are lucky to have two such experts in our Bailliage who volunteered to host this event as members.

Attendees get ready.

We started the evening with a brief introduction by Vice-Echanson Linda Robinson and then jumped right into the technical tasting. Llyn and Rod had selected six Madeira Wines for us all varying in sweetness and grape varietal. Llyn did an excellent job of describing the differences in vinification and grape variety for each of the wines.

Llyn Strelau prepares for the tasting.


Rod and Llyn also were fantastic “virtual” tour guides, there was a planned PowerPoint presentation that for technical reasons did not turn out but was instead enthusiastically replaced by stories of the island and its charms recited by both of our hosts.

(left to right) Linda Robinson and Llyn Strelau.

Our tasting wines were as follows: Barbieto, Serial Reserva Velha, 20 Year Barbieto, Verdelho Reserva Velha, 20 Year Barbieto. Tinta Negra, 20 Year Barbieto, Serial Reserva Velha, 10 Year Barbieto, Verdelho Reserva Velha, 10 Year Barbieto, Boal Reserva Velha, 10 Year As we moved through the tasting the wines became progressively sweeter. An interesting feature of Madeira wine is that it comes bottled already fully oxidized. This means it can be opened and suffer no ill effects, making it possible to keep some on hand for months at a time if you can keep your hands off it for that long. Once we finished the technical tasting portion of the even we were ushered downstairs to the private dining room where we were greeted with yet more Madeira.

La Chaîne – Coast to Coast – Coast to Coast – Coast Bailliage de l’Alberta à Calgary continued With dessert we were treated to a1908 Madeira specially procured for this evening by Llyn and Rod, what a treat to experience a wine that is 110 years old! We concluded dinner after coffee and all agreed we had an outstanding start to our May long weekend at in the mountains thanks to Llyn and Rod and the Post Hotel. The Post Hotel, Diner Amîcal (Submitted by Joe Scorgie, Vice-Conseiller Gastronomique) (left to right) Beat Hegnauer, Nick Hall, Mel Minors, Chris Thompson.

The room was absolutely beautiful, the Post is known for its excellent attention to detail and especially all of the beautiful floral arrangements. Dinner was four courses all paired with wines selected by our hosts Llyn and Rod. Executive Chef Hans Sauter, Maître Rôtisseur, did an outstanding job with his delicious menu for the evening. l’Ordre Mondial Dinner The Post Hotel Red Snapper Mouse with Green Beans and Prawn Centre wrapped in Carrots Wasabi Remoulade, Summer Spring Roll Louis Pato Vinhas Velhas White 2016 Bical, Cerceal and Secialniho Bairrada, Portugal

Our evening began outside this year on the terrace just outside the private dining room. This was a real treat to be able to enjoy the fine weather Lake Louise was experiencing in May this year. Our reception was fueled by plenty of Taittinger Champagne and caviar canapés as well as some delicious smoked salmon canapés. The generosity of both wine and food during the reception was excellent. I am not sure the last time I had seen such generous portions of caviar presented as a canapé. The service brigade was excellent during the reception especially considering how many people were on the terrace this evening.

Fillet of B.C. Black Cod with Miso and Maple Crust in Asian Broth Homemade Egg Tofu and Hon Shimeji Mushrooms Pan-Seared “Rougie” Duck Breast Marsala Duck Jus, Creamy Savoy Cabbage, Pizokel Luis Pato Vinha Barrosa Red 2013 100% Baga Bairrada, Portugal Raspberry & White Chocolate Panna Cotta with Almond Biscotti & Fresh Berries D’Oliveiras, Old Madera, Boal Frasqueira 1908 Portugal

Reception on the terrace.


La Chaîne – Coast to Coast – Coast to Coast – Coast Bailliage de l’Alberta à Calgary continued ability to pair it with any meal is a treat for us each year. We also look forward to Chef Hans’ menu knowing we will be in for journey that showcases his traditional techniques combined with Asian influences. Tonight’s meal was spectacular and the wines are still on my mind as I write this. Diner Amîcal The Post Hotel Jackie and Fritz Painsi, Bailli Provincial des Prairies.

Carpaccio of U-10 Deep Sea Diver Scallopwith Asian Emulsion “Wehlener Sonnenuhr” Riesling Kabinett 2014 Koh. Jos. Prum Mosel, Germany Sautéed Atlantic Lobster in Creamy Thai Curry Sauce, Ramen Noodles Chateau neuf-du-Pape, Chateau La Nerthe 2015 Rhone Valley, France Braised Alberta “Olson Ranch” Bison Short Rib Jerusalem Artichoke Puree Brunello di Montalcino, Castello Banfi 2012 Tuscany, Italy

Hyo Maier, Bailli Délégué du Canada Honoraire.

When we finally moved into the dining room for dinner we were taken aback by the elegance of the room, no detail was missed. The tables were beautiful; the flowers around the room and the centerpieces were spectacular. The dinner started with opening remarks from Calgary Bailli Jan Hansen and the introduction of guests, some who had traveled from Toronto specifically for this dinner. We always look forward to the food and wine pairings by Executive Chef Hans Sauter and Post Hotel proprietor Georges Schwartz, Officier Maître Hotelier. George’s knowledge of wine and uncanny 58

Whole Roasted Northern Quebec Deer Tenderloin “Wellington Style”, Porcini Mushroom Farce, Game Sauce with Yukon Jack, Pea Puree, Heirloom Carrots “Mason” Cabernet Sauvignon, Lewis Cellars 2014 Napa Valley, California

Cheese Course Alfred, Aged Gruyere, Taleggio, Pierre Robert Chateau Lucia, Grand Cru, Saint-Emilion Bordeaux, France Palate Cleanser Rhubarb Sorbet With Strawberry Sabayon Dessert Dark Chocolate and Coconut Mousse With Coconut Crème and Caramelized Pineapple Dolce, Napa Valley Late Harvest Wine Semillon/Sauvignon Blanc Coffee, Tea and Madeleines

La Chaîne – Coast to Coast – Coast to Coast – Coast Bailliage de l’Alberta à Calgary continued As both brigades entered the room they were greeted by a well-deserved standing ovation from our members. Jan Hansen gave the accolade for the evening, and it was a testament to not just the fabulous meal we had all just shared but to the exceptional experience the Post Hotel had provided for us the entire weekend. We certainly hope to be invited back again and again!

As is our tradition two plates were presented as a memento of our event and recognition of exceptional effort by two members of the Post staff, one from the kitchen brigade another for the service brigade.

Attendees rise in a rousing ovation.

Enid Drummond receives Chaine plate from Calgary Bailli Jan Hansen.

The plate for the kitchen brigade went to Enid Drummond. The plate for the service brigade went to Miesun Bu, the new Sommelier at the Post.

Sommelier Miesun Bu.

(left to right) Executive Chef Hans Sauter and Enid Drummond


La Chaîne – Coast to Coast – Coast to Coast – Coast Bailliage de l’Alberta à Calgary continued Annual General Meeting at WinSport (Submitted by Jeff Merrin, Vice Chargé de Presse) This past August we were welcomed to Winsport for our Annual General Meeting and a lovely Garden Party put on afterwards by our hosts Jason MacKay, Maître Restaurateur and Executive Chef Liana Robberecht, Maître Rôtisseur.

The food was accompanied by a great selection of still wines and a fantastic American sparkling. While the day was a bit smoky from the forest fires in BC, the members and their guests weren’t deterred, and a great time was had by all in attendance. The Calgary Bailliage would like to thank WinSport, Jason MacKay, and Liana Robberecht for hosting a wonderful event to wrap up the summer season and bring us into the autumn in style!

Executive Chef Liana Robberecht, Maître Rôtisseur.

The meeting went quickly, and the members and guest moved outdoors to enjoy a wonderful menu which showcased the skills of the kitchen staff.

Jason McKay, Patricia Koyich


(left to right) Brian Plunkett, Mary Plunkett, David Yip.

La Chaîne – Coast to Coast – Coast to Coast – Coast Bailliage de l’Alberta à Calgary continued

(left to right) Tracie Nielson, Sandra Hönle.

Jan Hansen, Liana Robberecht


La Chaîne – Coast to Coast – Coast to Coast – Coast Bailliage de Vancouver (Submitted by Ann Collette, Bailli Vancouver) Gifts from the Sea Perched on the shores of Burrard Inlet, Vancouver has always enjoyed its easy access to an abundance of fresh seafood, and this past spring members of the Vancouver Bailliage came together to dine at a restaurant renowned for what it creates with those fruits of the sea – Ancora. Ranked among Canada’s Top 100 Restaurants, Ancora’s own shorefront setting provided the perfect backdrop for Executive Chef Ricardo Valverde’s four-course seafood tasting menu, showcasing his inventive fusion of traditional Peruvian and Japanese flavours, ingredients and techniques.

Every course was prepared and presented to perfection, and was coupled with a carefully chosen French or Spanish wine from the Chaîne’s cellar to complement the exciting and memorable mingling of flavours.

Gifts from the Sea Ancora Waterfront Dining and Patio Executive Chef – Ricardo Valverde Reception Pascual Toso Extra Toso, Cuvée Reserve Chardonnay, Mendoza S’amuse Bouche Lobster Bisque Ceviche Mixto Mussels, scallops, shrimp, squid, seaweed, yam and leche de tigre Domaine Laroche, Saint Martin Chablis 2012 Yellowfin Tuna Seared Rare Tacutacu croquettes, Belgian endive, Cape gooseberry salsa and tamarind jus Louis Jadot 150th Anniversary, Beaune Premier Cru 2009

Panca Glazed Sablefish Causa Smoked mayonnaise, puffed kitwicha, pico de gallo Marques de Riscal Reserva, Rioja 2018

The amazing Cerviche Mixto was Chef Valverde’s riff on classic Peruvian street food.

Chef Valverde, who came to Canada from his native Peru at age 18, says he has never lost his love and passion for the cuisine of his native land. Indeed, Chef described his first course – a delectable limemarinated seafood mélange called Cerviche Mixto – as his homage to Peruvian street food. 62

Yoghurt & Honey Bavarois Apricot ice cream, charred orange, orange blossom brioche Château Bastour Lamontagne, Sauternes 1999

La Chaîne – Coast to Coast – Coast to Coast – Coast Bailliage de Vancouver continued buzzing. The theme: France vs. The Okanagan. The event: A side-by-side comparison of fine French wines with comparable wines from the sunny Okanagan tasted and discussed under the guidance of the director of Appellation Wines, Bill Sandford. The France vs. the Okanagan taste-off began with a sparkling reception with canapés, followed by an explanation of the wines in each of the three categories: French White vs. Okanagan White French Rosé vs. Okanagan Rosé French Red vs. Okanagan Red

(Left to right) Tom Wong, Stacey Bhola-Reebye and Selmay Choy Wong at Ancora.

To heighten the excitement, the Fairmont used the opportunity to showcase three of the hotel’s newly renovated rooms, each of which hosted a different tasting. The full effect of the event was to create something of a wine and food journey, both literally and figuratively. We look forward to doing it again!

(Left to right) Officier Jim Robertson with Dame Wendi Vaisler and her husband Dr. Barry Vaisler.

World Chaîne Day Taste-Off On April 21st, to celebrate World Chaîne Day, Vancouver Vice-Echanson Clement Lau and Maître Restaurateur Thomas Houston of the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver, put together a fun, informal and informative wine-tasting event that still has members

Bill Sanford, the director of Appellation Wines, leads the Vancouver group through the France versus the Okanagan red-wine tasting.


La Chaîne – Coast to Coast – Coast to Coast – Coast Bailliage de Vancouver continued

The side-by-side rosé tasting is enjoyed by (left to right) Officier James Robertson, Annie Pelletier, Maître Hotelier Martin Leclerc and Chevalier Guy Collette.

The Vancouver World Chaîne Day event culminated with a slice of special chocolate cake created just for this occasion.

2018 Jeunes Chefs Rôtisseurs Competition – Vancouver Seven young professional chefs and four student chefs representing Chaînes des Rôtisseurs member establishments in Vancouver and Victoria came together to compete at the 2018 Jeunes Chefs Rôtisseurs competition. The annual competition, held at Vancouver Community College, saw Vancouver chefs participate in a classic “black box” competition,

Talented Fairmont Hotel Vancouver Chef Will Lew prepares to demonstrate his smoked meat dish.


Vancouver Vice-Conseiller Culinaire Chef Scott Jaeger, with the assistance of Vice-Chargée de Missions Ruth Grierson, oversaw every aspect of the competition. Chefs Poyan Danesh and James Groot served as kitchen judges, while chefs Hamid Salimian, Ryan Stone and Gus Stieffenhofer Branson judged both presentation and taste.

La Chaîne – Coast to Coast – Coast to Coast – Coast Bailliage de Vancouver continued The Chaîne is proud to announce that Chef Leah Patitucci of The Pear Tree was this year’s winner of the Jeunes Chefs Rôtisseurs regional competition. Student chef Yiyi (Carina) Du of Vancouver Community College took top honours winning the Chaîne Challenge Cup.

Seven chefs displayed their work for the judges at the 2018 BC regional Jeunes Chefs competition.

This year’s event featured two parallel competitions – the Jeunes Chefs Rôtisseurs, where working chefs under age 25 competed for the right to represent BC at the National Jeunes Chefs Rôtisseurs competition in Edmonton, and the student chef competition, which saw students from Vancouver Community College, the Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts and Northwest Culinary Academy compete for the Chaîne Challenge Cup.

Vancouver Awards include (left to right) the Chaîne Challenge Cup for student chefs and the Jeunes Chefs Rôtisseurs trophy for the top entrant.

Shaughnessy Shines Again For the better part of 15 years, the elegant Shaughnessy Golf and Country Club has swung open its doors and pulled out all the stops to make the Vancouver’s Bailliage’s annual AGM, dinner and fundraising auction a great success – and this year was no exception.

Shaughnessy Executive Chef Peter Crook adds some finishing touches to his buffet offerings. Vice-Conseiller Culinaire Chef Scott Jaeger and Vice-Chargé de missions Ruth Grierson coordinated the Vancouver Jeunes Chefs Events.


La Chaîne – Coast to Coast – Coast to Coast – Coast Bailliage de Vancouver continued Executive Chef Peter Crook, Maître Rotisseur, and his talented brigade crafted a spectacular buffet dinner, which this year featured something a little different, namely some very cool riffs on great Asian cuisine.

As ever, Chef Crook was masterful in the use of his chosen ingredients (like melt-in-your-mouth Wagu beef), aromatic Asian spices and distinctive flavourings, all of which came together beautifully in every dish. It made for an amazing culinary experience for all.

A very proud Chef Crook introduces his Brigade after a highly successful dinner. Long-time members Dame Christine Nicolas and Chevalier André Berner share a laugh at the 2018 AGM.

The evening began with the traditional “sparkling” reception, complemented by six appetizers. This was followed by Chef Crook’s Asian-inspired buffet dinner, with four tasting stations, a seafood bar and a fresh oyster bar, assorted house-made desserts and a selection of fresh fruits and fine cheeses.

Every dish at the Vancouver Bailliage’s AGM dinner at Shaughnessy reflected distinctly Asian flavours and sensibilities.


The creative cuisine called for some equally creative pairings, which this year included a range of wines, as well as a selection of fine Asian beers and sake. Perfect Pairings Members of the Vancouver Bailliage got a chance to take part and spread the word about the Chaîne at a unique culinary event at Telus Science World. It was Vancouver’s Vice-Echanson Clement Lau (who happens to sit on the fundraising committee at Telus Science World) who got the ball rolling by bringing in the Chaîne as a sponsor of Science World’s summer fundraiser Pairings: A Gourmet Evening with a Dash of Science. The event featured wine and food pairing stations, artfully positioned amongst the interesting displays of Science World. Here, the large gathering of enthusiastic foodies enjoyed a broad sampling of fine

La Chaîne – Coast to Coast – Coast to Coast – Coast Bailliage de Vancouver continued wines from Oliver, BC’s, Golden Mile Bench, together with delectable gourmet bites prepared by some of the province’s most renowned chefs and restaurants from the Okanagan Valley and Vancouver.

(Left to right) Provincial Bailli Jane Ruddick and Vancouver Bailli Ann Collette prepare to greet prospective new members at the Chaîne information booth at the Pairings event.

All of our professional and non-professional members wore their Chaîne ribbons to the event, which generated a lot of questions and interest from other participants, a number of whom followed up with the Bailli after the event.

Vancouver Bailli Honoraire Steve Tredwell and his wife Sirkka Tredwell were among the many Chaîne participants in the Pairings event.

Indeed, the public awareness this event afforded our group was truly priceless, and we very much look forward to doing more of these kinds of partnerships in the future.

Chef Rôtisseur Maria Huynh was among a number of Chaîne member professionals who participated in the Pairings event.

All in all, the event was a great success, with proceeds benefitting Science World’s Super Science Club, an after-school program that provides science and technology activities to inner-city students in grades one through seven.

The casual food and wine pairing event was very well attended and help generate quite a bit of interest in the Chaîne.


La Chaîne – Coast to Coast – Coast to Coast – Coast Bailliage de Vancouver continued A Taste of Spain Summer is the perfect time to dine al fresco, sipping chilled wine as you drink in the warm sunshine in the company of good friends. So it was this past July when Vancouver Bailli Ann Collette and her husband Chevalier Guy Collette opened their home and garden to their fellow Chaîne members for The Bailli’s Picnic, featuring “A Taste of Spain.”

Bailli’s Picnic – A Taste of Spain Hosts Ann & Guy Collette Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts Executive Chef Julian Bond Reception Jamon Serrano Croquettess Seafood Table Garlic Prawns with Grilled Artichokes Spiced Squid with Roasted Eggplant Escabeche of Spanish Mackerel Cheese Table Three ages of Manchego Cheese (3 months, 6 months, 12 months) Spanish Jamon Crisp Almonds and Spanish Olives Spanish Quince Jelly

The Collette’s garden provided a colour setting for the Bailli’s Picnic with its “Spanish” theme.

More than 70 members, all dressed for summer, gathered at the Collette residence where Maître Rôtisseur Julian Bond, his colleague Chef Darren Clay and the talented student chefs of the Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts took everyone on a memorable journey through some of the great food traditions of España.

Outdoor Fare Roasted Suckling Pig Chicken, Chorizo and Forest Mushroom Paella Assorted Desserts

Maître Rôtisseur Chef Julian Bond tends to his rotisserie roasted suckling pig.


La Chaîne – Coast to Coast – Coast to Coast – Coast Bailliage de Vancouver continued Chef Bond, who has travelled extensively throughout Spain over many years, created a truly authentic menu that included fresh seafood tapas, paella, rotisserie-roasted suckling pig, classic Spanish jamon on the bone, Manchego cheese and delectable desserts. These fine foods were complemented by a selection of 12 different Spanish wines, including two varieties of cava, Alvar-Fino sherry, Spanish red, white and rosé wines, a housemade Sangria (Bailli’s special recipe), Croft Pale Cream dessert wine and two different Spanish beers. The dark-panelled, private room at Boulevard provided the perfect venue for an intimate dinner for Chaîne members.

True to his reputation, Chef’s menu celebrated the diversity of fresh ingredients available on the West Coast, including fresh clams, oyster, shrimp and crab, dry-aged pork and locally raised chicken. The menu itself was fresh, varied and balanced, with beautiful presentation and plenty of flavourful surprises throughout.

The event featured three ages of Marchego cheese and classic Spanish ham cut from the bone.

Boulevard Dinner Wows the Crowd At the heart of Vancouver is one of the city’s most celebrated restaurants, Boulevard Kitchen & Oyster Bar, with its multi-award-winning Executive Chef Alex Chen. Fresh off his win at the 2018 National Gold Medal Plates competition earlier this year, Chef Chen applied his renowned talent to creating a custom five-course tasting dinner for the Vancouver Bailliage.

(left to right) Maître Hotelier Marc Wawrin and Maître Restaurateur Tom Houston of the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver.

To complement the meal, Vancouver Vice-Conseiller Gastronomique Robert Charlton went deep into the Chaîne cellar to select great wine to accompany each of the five courses. Here, too, the evening’s 69

La Chaîne – Coast to Coast – Coast to Coast – Coast Bailliage de Vancouver continued

Bailliage de Victoria

wine pairings were memorable, highlighted by a 2003 Domaine Barville – Châteauneuf-du-Pape and capped off by a 1999 Château Bastour Lamontagne, Sauternes.

Spring Foraging and Picnic Luncheon at Durance Lake (Submitted by Gail Gabel, Bailli Victoria)

Boulevard Kitchen & Oyster Bar Executive Chef Alex Chen Reception Mini Tartlet of Foie Gras Parfait, Cherry Stone Clam Caprese Salad Gray Monk Odyssey White Brut Lightly Poached Oyster Clam emulsion, kelp dashi, crispy rice pearls 2012 Domaine Laroche – Saint Martin – Chablis

Chaîne members enjoyed an exquisite eco-guided spring foraging tour in search of wild edibles. The event was hosted by Executive Chef Castro Boateng, Maître Rôtisseur, and owner of House of Boateng. We were also joined by Lance Staples, a botanist and professional forager. Our first stop was a marshy wetland, densely populated by 2-3 metres tall Cattails. Lance peeled away the lower section of the stalk, to reveal a whitish centre and a surprisingly delicate --cucumber in flavour.

Dungeness Crab Shellfish mayonnaise, quail’s egg, gem lettuce, avocado and spiced brioche 2015 Laurenz V – Grüner Veltliner – Niederösterreich

Dry aged heritage pork Late harvest stone fruits, succotash of beans and corn 2003 Domaine Barville – Châteauneuf-du-Pape Maple Hills Farm Chicken “Galatine” Parisian gnocchi, side-strip shrimp, sauce albufera 2000 Château Brown – Pessac-Leognan Dessert Poached Peach, Passionfruit créameux and crisp, lemon balm ice cream Château Bastour Lamontagne, Sauternes 1999

(right to left) Mr. Jacky Kam, Chancelier of the Hong Kong Bailliage, and his wife Winnie Sin joined the Vancouver group at Boulevard.


Professional forager Lance Staples.

There were also many plants growing along the path that Lance pointed out and described their various characterises. Some with parts being edible, while others may have medicinal qualities or both. What was eye-opening, was the quantity of plants and trees that produce tasty seasonable greens. While we were close to the end of spring, there were so many young greens on pines and spruce that were very tasty with flavours ranging from a tangy grapefruit like citrus through a range of aromatics. These are already prized by chefs for flavouring desserts such as panna cotta.

La Chaîne – Coast to Coast – Coast to Coast – Coast Bailliage de Victoria continued growing high up on trees were quite safe from our close inspection. However, seeing them did motivate many of us to want to join one of Lance’s Autumn mushroom foraging expeditions. Upon completing our hike, we retreated to Durance Lake to enjoy Castro’s picnic luncheon. We enjoyed a traditional glass of chilled Bubbles, Nino Franco Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore Brut. The wine paired beautifully with a selection of three tasty bites including fresh crab garnished with a small piece of a marinated wild plant stem that tasted quite like a caper.

Fresh foraged greens, wild flowers, and herbs; Cured wild Sockeye salmon, served with a spruce-infused vinaigrette.

The trail finally led down to the shore where more examples of delicious edibles were growing in profusion. One of my favourites, sea asparagus, covered a wide area of damp ground near the beach and can often be found growing in the same area as specific companion plants. Castro and his team departed a life ahead of the group to start lunch preparations. Amazing Appetisers

Spring Foragers

There were many types of low growing leafy plants Lance identified as being excellent in salads and we did get to enjoy some later. The oyster mushrooms

The first course, a salad of freshly harvested wild salad greens was dressed with a spruce infused vinaigrette; and garnished with fingers of a cured wild salmon. Our rather exotic picnic continued with a main course of grilled asparagus and green onion, braised beef rib meat served with a piquant sauce from Castro’s home country, topped with a crusty rice ball and garnished with a crispy fried leafy green and a scattering of flower petals. The beverage served with the meal was Castro’s own chilled Elderflower Lemonade, refreshing and delicately flavoured. 71

La Chaîne – Coast to Coast – Coast to Coast – Coast Bailliage de Victoria continued Our dessert was a crème brulé with infused spruce flavours and garnished with wafer thin slices of unsweetened poached rhubarb and a scattering of small flowers. The sight of three chefs torching the sugar on each dessert plate did cause more interested glances from sun bathing neighbours.

Lance and Castro’s team did an outstanding job in making the foraging experience not only great fun, but also informative. Castro’s skill in producing a delicious feast in the forest was remarkable. Probably the most important lesson learned from Lance, our foraging expert, was his respect for nature’s bounty on land and sea, and his encouragement to protect the wild flora from lethal incursions.

Theresa Dickinson and Tak Ito, joined by family and friends, look across the Saanich Inlet.

L’Ordre Mondial Whisky Chocolate Pairing and Beer Tasting: A guided tour of Victoria Caledonian Distillery and Brewery (Submitted by David Izard, Vice-Chargé de Presse)

An amazing Crème Brule in the making! Chef Castro Boateng (top) and Chef Motoharu Nozawa.


In early June, we visited the local headquarters of Victoria Caledonian Distillery & Brewery. Our afternoon tour, tasting, and chocolate pairing was organized by VC Gastronomique Jeanne Sedun. It was a special event not to be missed. Members enjoyed a fun and yet informative afternoon touring

La Chaîne – Coast to Coast – Coast to Coast – Coast Bailliage de Victoria continued the facility. We covered the rich cultural history of whisky, and learned about the entire process from fermentation and distillation to barrel aging. Victoria Caledonian has an interesting story to tell. Founded in 2016 by established industry professionals with deep roots in the long tradition of Scottish distilling techniques. In less than three short-years they have earned a reputation as a craft distiller and quality producer of spirits. The future is bright for Victoria Caledonian as they now focus on new emerging technologies, and a wave of innovation, promising to reduce aging and time to market without compromising the holy grail of quality. And that is an exciting place to be.

The brewery tour featured a flight of five of six superb hand craft beers. The sixth beer, the “Silver Flood”, a seasonally crafted “take-home” Belgian witbier. We sampled five whiskies and single malt spirits in total. Each inspired in style by the major whiskey regions of Scotland. . The last three tastings were paired with four chocolate pairings -- “Venezuela”, “Sea Salt & Nibs”, West Coast Breakfast”, and “Earl Grey“, each handcrafted by xoxlate (“For the Love of Chocolate”). The parings began with a gentle nose, swirl, and a sip or two of the spirit. An intermezzo of chocolate followed — and then the magic melting, blending, and release of a whole host of new more intense flavours. It doesn’t get much better than that! Here are the whiskies and single malt spirits we had a chance to taste:     

Whiskey Tasting (Macaloney Twa Cask) Victoria Caledonian Mac Na Braiche Highland (Blair Athol & Macduff) Speyside (Benrinnes & Glenlossie) Islay (Caol Ila & Bunnahabhain) & chocolate pairing

Our Beer Tasting included:     

Holy Willie’s Robust Porter Melodie Raspberry Kölsch “Seas Between Us” Red IPA Gowden Locks Amber Ale Keekin’ Glass Pilsner.

Thanks Jeanne, for organizing such an outstanding event; The Chaîne des Rôtisseurs also wishes to thank our hosts, Victoria Caledonian Distillery and Brewery.


La Chaîne – Coast to Coast – Coast to Coast – Coast Bailliage de Victoria continued Averill Creek Winery (Submitted by Gail Gabel, Bailli Régional) The summer weather was perfect for our trek over the Malahat Mountain to Averill Creek Winery. Owner Andy Johnston welcomed us and explained how Vancouver Island wines were gaining in reputation and were comparable in quality, in some cases better, than many other labels available. Chef Shirley Lang, a fellow Chaîne member and owner of Kitchens of Distinction, awaited us with a superb luncheon menu that all were eager to sample.

Chef Lang includes fresh and wild foraged ingredients in many of her menu items. Summer Luncheon Averill Creek Winery, Duncan BC Reception Chilled, lightly curried mango soup in shot glass Bison kofta skewer, cool mint cream dip Chili sardine pate on puff pastry triangle Smoked oyster & nutmeg mousse puff Spot prawn, goose tongue grass pesto Averill Creek Vineyard Charme De L’ile (NV) Roasted Cremini mushroom stuffed with red quinoa, Venison & Unsworth Ovation port pate Pickled spruce tip, green pea puree Somenos Series Pinot Gris 2016 Lamb chops, marinated in Wild Wood Sorrel Oil Red wine foraged and local micro greens; and, Arugula & flowers, Oregon grape dressing Somenos Series Foch Cab 2014

Sockeye salmon roulade cedar pesto & Salal berry stuffing sea asparagus pickles Grilled vegetable medley Averill Creek Vineyard Pinot Noir 2012 Wild Nootka rose coconut blanc mange Flourless chili chocolate cake Averill Creek Vineyard Cowichan Black Canapés on the patio.

Beginning with our traditional glass of “Bubbles”, Averill’s Gold medal winning Charme de L’ile, was a perfect pairing for the five different international hors d’oeuvres served. Outstanding favourites at my table were the shooter of chilled, lightly Curried Mango Soup (India) and the Chili Sardine Pate served on a puff pastry triangle (Portugal). Other morsels included skewer of bison with a cool mint dip (Lebanon), a smoked oyster mousse (France) and a West Coast Spot Prawn with Wild Wood sorrel oil on an olive crostini. 74

Luncheon prepared by Kitchens of Distinction Shirley Lang, Executive Chef and Chef Rotisseur Andy Johnston, our host and winemaker, told of how he had set out to produce a Provençal-style Rosé. Some of the secrets of his success were realizing that 48 hours was perfect time to leave the wine on skins and that cool fermenting in natural oak barrels produced a quality Rosé, and one that was also ageworthy. The Rosé paired beautifully with the appetizer’s earthiness of the roasted Crimini mushroom stuffed with wild rice and a venison pate.

La Chaîne – Coast to Coast – Coast to Coast – Coast Bailliage de Victoria continued Andy had chosen their 2012 Pinot Noir to pair with the salmon and this generated many appreciative comments.

Gail Gabel (Baili) with Andy and Sirley.

The second appetizer was a delicious and tender lamb chop marinated in local red wine and served with a selection of arugula and wild foraged greens shimmering with a wild Oregon Grape dressing. Averill’s Foch Cabinet complemented the strong flavours of this dish.

Georgian Shila Plavi, a classic rival to Italian risotto.

The very warm day begged for a cool dessert and the dulche de leche ice cream, flavoured with a touch of local lavender and wild rose was perfect. The chocolate lovers in the group were very pleased with the accompanying slice of chili chocolate cake. Andy had paired this course with Averill’s blackberrybased Cowichan Black dessert wine.

Barbara Tyson (seated right) with smoked oyster and nutmeg mousse puff and Jeanne Sedun (seated left)

Chef Lang then served the main course of a sous vide wild sockeye salmon roulade stuffed with cedar pesto and wild Oregon Grape puree. The pickled wild sea asparagus was an unusual garnish and the shila plavi on a bed of shitake mushrooms went well with the medley of grilled vegetables.

Detail, Wild Nootka Rose coconut blanc mange, and flourless chili chocolate cake.


La Chaîne – Coast to Coast – Coast to Coast – Coast Bailliage de Victoria continued The day wrapped up with a tour of the vineyard for those who wanted to join Andy while others visited the winery shop to order some of the wines that were sampled during lunch. The Victoria Bailliage members present absolutely enjoyed this event and kudos to Chef Shirley Lang for producing courses with such an interesting range of flavours that were both innovative and delicious. 2018 Champagne Extravaganza -- 27th Annual Champagne Tasting (Submitted by Gail Gabel, Bailli Régional)

My favourites were the Duck Confit Wellington and the Crab and Mango Cannelloni. The Pate de Foie Gras “Marcel” and Steak Tartare “Gabel” were classic quintessential dishes prepared by members. To complement the 18-dozen oysters on the half shell, a seafood station was laden with multiple offerings including Curry and Vanilla poached prawns, Tuna Niçoise, green bean and tomato fondue, and Scallop Ceviche. This station drew many compliments from the seafood fans.

This year’s 2018 Champagne Extravaganza was outstanding! In mid-September, Canada’s Chargé de Missions, Dr. Jack Littlepage and wife Ruby hosted our annual champagne tasting at their beautiful waterfront home on 10-mile point --the most southern tip of Vancouver Island.

Lynn Duplessis snaps a pic of Castro Boateng, Maître Rotisseur, and David Izard

Bailli Gail Gabel is joined by Bailli Honoraire Ian Batey at the Food Station.

Mumm’s NV Cordon Rouge - -our first tasting-- was served to members and their Guests upon arrival. Executive Chef and Maître Rôtisseur Castro Boateng, owner of House of Boateng, was tasked with catering the main menu. His team delivered an astounding array of passed canapés. 76

The Parmigiano-Reggiano station offered members a range of garnishes for the Pasta serving. Wild mushrooms, grilled chicken, crispy Pancetta were particularly favoured choices. Not to be forgotten was the selection of local and international cheeses and array of cured and smoked meats. The accompaniments were chutney, pickled vegetables, olives spiced nuts, crispy bread savoury crackers. Larry Arnold, our Vice Echanson, had chosen five Champagnes in addition to the Mumm’s Cordon Rouge served earlier. These five wines were all from not very well‐known Houses, and to some extent are well kept secrets as no‐one, other than Larry, was familiar with any of the producers.

La Chaîne – Coast to Coast – Coast to Coast – Coast Bailliage de Victoria continued In his inimitable style, Larry introduced each wine with a very entertaining description of its regional background, production, and history. While the rain did not arrive until late in the day, the coastal wind did. The tents felt the full impact of the wind and were quickly taken down lest they blow away.

Rounding off the afternoon, Castro served a selection of delicious little tarts and cakes. The lemon tart always seems to be the favourite and this little sweet mouthful was just a perfect way to end the day.

Larry MacIntosh and daughter.

Mary Ellen Schrader and Max Izard,

The Bailliage is grateful and wishes to thank the Littlepages, for their gracious hospitality. This year’s now in its 27th year, continues without doubt to be one of the most cherished events.

Allan and Barbara Tyson.

Members and guests assembled for the traditional group photograph perched on the patio facing the ocean, and returned to the house just in time before the rain started.

Bailli Gail Gabel (centre); joined by Eric Spalding (left) and David Izard (right).


La Chaîne – Coast to Coast – Coast to Coast – Coast Bailliage de Victoria continued 2018 Champagne Extravaganza The Littlepage’s Canapés African Arancini Jollof rice, spiced tomato sauce, shaved parmesan cheese Duck Confit Wellington Pistachio, mushrooms, cranberry fluid gel Spiced squash mousse Puffed rice chip, cranberry gel, micro greens, shaved parmesan Crab and mango cannelloni Papaya salsa, microgreens, purple yam chip Seafood Station Oysters served on the half-shell Salade Niçoise green beans, tomato fondue, crispy potato, olive foam Tamago (Japanese Omelet) with cured salmon, wasabi honey mayo, salmon roe Scallop Ceviche with candied jalapeño, preserved lemon served in pipette Curry vanilla poached prawns Parmigiano-Reggiano Station Fresh pasta cooked in a parmesan reggiano wheel. Garnishes include: Wild Mushroom, Fresh Peas, Crispy Pancetta, Spinach Pesto, Grilled Chicken

Cheese & Charcuterie Station A selection of local and international cheese; cured and smoked meats; chutney, pickled vegetables, crispy bread, olives, and spiced nuts Pâté de foie gras (Marcele) Steak Tartare (xx) Selection of Chefs Mini Desserts Champagnes accompanying the menu selections G.H. Mumm Cordon Rouge Brut NV Michel Loriot “Les Classiques Authentic” Meurnier Blanc de Noirs Brut NV Moutard Grande Cuvée Brut NV Vollereaux Blanc de Blancs Brut NV Chateau de Bligny Blanc de Blancs Brut NV 78

La Chaîne – Coast to Coast – Coast to Coast – Coast Bailliage de Victoria continued

2018 Champagne Extravaganza