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Trump Hotel Collection

Hotels and social touchpoints: the H2H approach 5 star hotel chain with destinations from New York to Rio that offers a lifestyle where you can do more, experience more and live life without boundaries, limits or compromise By vtr.cmh

What touchpoints is Trump hotels active on? •

Like most luxury hotel brands, Trump Hotel Collection is active on most social media platforms, as seen on its website. (left image)


Lots of facebook likes, ratings and regular updates.


A lot of tweets. Large follower base. One of the popular social media platform.


Not the most popular platform. Videos are not up to date.


Strong follower base and check-ins.


This account is well designed with many boards and pins. There are also quite a lot of followers.

Google +:

Google+ is becoming more and more popular. The posts are similar to Facebook posts.


Unlike pinterest, Trump’s instagram choose quality over quantity in terms of posting. The pictures are stunning and portrays well the Trump lifestyle.


There is no official Trump tumblr, which is quite a popular website. Below is the tumblr of the renowned Chef Leni attached to the Trump’s site.

What type of questions / complaints are seen on that touchpoint? ď‚ž

Although Trump hotel collection is visible and active on a lot of social media platform, it does not use it from customer complaint management but rather for promotion.


The most common complaints can be seen on Tripadvisor.

What type of questions / complaints are seen on that touchpoint? As seen on the flagship hotel in Soho, New york, Trump enjoys a rather good performance score and ranking among luxury hotels in New York. Let’s see what most complaints are about.

What type of questions / complaints are seen on that touchpoint?

Complaint 1: Quality of the rooms and accomodation. Disapointment about the food quality.

Complaint 2: Customer service inappropriate for a 5 star hotel. Problem of credit card charges. Wifi problem.

What is the general response time? ď‚ž


On trip advisor, only bad reviews are deemed for a response from the manager, which is not a good strategy to stay in touch with customers and show care about the experience.

Complaint 1: Responded weeks after the compaint.


The usual time response is within a few days up to weeks. Complaint 2: Replied 4 days after the complaint.

Does the company have an H2H approach - how do you know? 

The Trump hotel collection doesn’t have a H2H approach although it understands the importance of social media for customer services and communication.

Quote of Lisa (Tully) Lavian, Director of Marketing for the Trump Hotel Collection:

The Trump Hotel Collection believes that social media is an ideal medium to communicate a brand’s message that both educates the customer as well as creates an open forum for customer relationships. Additionally through our social channels, we are providing our guests with another layer of customer service that allows us to talk to guests in real time.

Does the company have an H2H approach - how do you know? ď‚ž

On platforms which enables customer comments and are often seen as a portal of a two-way communication, like Facebook and Twitter, Trump hotel collection still lack in that aspect. The in-stay and after-stay care that are as important as promotion, are not enhanced. Negative comments are rather ignored or excluded in order to maintain a positive brand image. However this is not a Human to Human approach.

What would you advise them to do differently/better? ď‚ž

Trump hotel collection should make a difference in their customer care during the stay and after the stay of the customers. Whether it is a retweet or an answer, Trump hotel should be transparent and accept critisicm in a positive way.


Considering that the hotel chain is present on most social media, it also think about strategies to engage the customers, through prizes or contests.


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Trump hotel collection  
Trump hotel collection  

Human to human approcah Analysis of social media platforms and customer interaction