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You’re in good company When Vauxhall’s businesses voted ‘yes’ to creating a new Business Improvement District (BID) they took Vauxhall into a new league. BIDs are making a huge difference to the management and promotion of many of the capital’s key business locations, including the West End (New West End Company), Piccadilly and Leicester Square (Heart of London Business Alliance), Bankside (Better Bankside) and Paddington (Paddington BID). Now Vauxhall has the same opportunity to bring benefits and improvements to local businesses.

“Vauxhall One is delighted with the strong show of support and commitment from businesses, charities and public agencies, from both daytime and nighttime economies. We all want to make a difference, to see Vauxhall become a safer, cleaner and better place for employees and residents alike.” Vauxhall One Chair, Richard Tice

A Voice for Vauxhall Vauxhall is changing, and Vauxhall One ensures that our members’ voices will be heard as the development of Vauxhall Nine Elms Battersea, one of the most significant city centre regeneration opportunities in Europe, gets underway.

Investing your money where You can see results By working together, Vauxhall One will be able invest at least nearly £4million directly into improving Vauxhall over the next five years. This money will also be used to attract further funding from other sources. Talking to businesses in the runup to the BID ballot helped us identify the actions that would mean most to our members. We are targeting four key areas:

1 Vauxhall Safe We are helping to reduce street crime and antisocial behaviour throughout the BID area. Through Vauxhall Safe we work with the Police and the Council to make sure we enhance (but don’t replace) the services provided through your business rates. Examples of how we do it: – Providing a warden service: concentrating on the times and areas that need most cover, and liaising directly with local venues and workplaces. – Setting up a Licensing Partnership: for all licensed premises, with the Police and the Council. – Reducing costs for member businesses: our free recycling service is already available to you.

– Task Force: our on-demand operative can respond quickly to make sure the streets stay clean and your small DIY jobs are attended to quickly.

2 Vauxhall Together When businesses know more about the local people and charities on their doorstep they are more likely to support them, creating a healthy, sustainable community. Vauxhall Together is about building mutually beneficial, long-term relationships. Examples of how we do it: – Schools programme: getting involved in local Primary or Secondary schools to mentor students or help with reading skills. – Community projects: a Christmas collection campaign. – EmploySE1: this successful partnership of local business-led organisations seeks to get local people into local jobs.

Investing your money where You can see results 3 Vauxhall Day and Night

4 Vauxhall Change

Vauxhall’s thriving Day and Night-time businesses need more customers and more spend. Vauxhall Day and Night promotes our shops, hotels, restaurants and clubs to local employees and to wider London through the new Vauxhall Village brand.

As an area known for its grubby and intimidating transport exchange, it is clear that Vauxhall needs a complete physical makeover. Vauxhall Change is already transforming the area’s gloomy rail arches and planning even more ambitious improvements to the public realm.

Examples of how we do it: – Vauxhall Village: our new affinity card, website and smartphone app will encourage users to spend more in our area, in return for generous discounts and offers. – Promotional campaigns: bringing Vauxhall to the attention of potential customers in a variety of media. – Major visitor events: we want to build on existing events and create new ones, all powered by our unique mix of LGBT venues and indigenous creatives. – Business breakfasts: meet other Vauxhall businesses and exchange valuable ideas and experiences. – Monthly guided lunchtime walks: you’ll be amazed what you can learn about your neighbourhood, however long you’ve worked here. – Dr Bike maintenance sessions: free service for Vauxhall cycling employees.

Examples of how we do it: – Rail arch regeneration: from being a negative feature of Vauxhall’s streetscape, the arches have the potential to become architectural assets. – Design competition: a urban design strategy for Vauxhall will put our neighbourhood on the design map and set out the standards of quality we expect to see delivered here. – Early wins: hanging baskets, soft planting, picnic tables and deckchairs will improve the environment and give a clear message that Vauxhall is a place we all value.

REGENERATING THE RAIL ARCHES Regenerating the rail arches A most distinctive, but also difficult, feature of Vauxhall’s streetscape are the dozen railway arches that thread across the area. Working with Lambeth Council, Network Rail and developers, Vauxhall One is regenerating all 12 of the ‘walkthrough’ railway arches in the BID area. We are inviting the developers of Vauxhall sites to transform their nearest rail arches. Moreoever we will use the arches to tell the stories of Vauxhall, and

eventually create a sculptural trail of renovated arches by known and named architects. This regeneration will turn one of Vauxhall’s most unloved features into a distinctive part of its identity. As well as improving the everyday experience of walking around Vauxhall, we will change the wider perception of our area to attract more investment in future.


good to meet you Introducing the Board and the BID team

The Vauxhall One Team

Vauxhall One may be a relatively Many of Vauxhall’s businesses are new BID but our team has plenty of involved in running the BID, either through local knowledge and – through our the Board or in the theme groups. If you connections with other London BIDs would like to join them and get more – knows just what it takes to run a involved in the BID please get in touch with successful Business Improvement District. the Vauxhall One team on 020 7793 0263. Giles Semper – Executive Director, leads The Vauxhall One Board the Vauxhall One team on behalf of the board. Giles has worked with several Richard Tice other central London BIDs including (CLS Holdings) – Chair Better Bankside. Faith Boardman E: (Vauxhall City Farm) – Treasurer Phillipe Chiarella Chris Law – Development & Public Realm (Orange Group) Director, leading the Vauxhall Change Ross Davies theme focusing on the public realm. (The Vauxhall Society) Chris is a qualified architect and former Jason Dickie Board member of Wandsworth Town (Royal Vauxhall Tavern & Vice Chair, Centre Partnership. Vauxhall Gay Business Forum) E Claire Hawk Sophie Tyler – Corporate Social (Walker Books) Responsibility Manager, leading the Stefan Lorett Vauxhall Together programme and also (Lassco) acting as CSR Associate for the adjoining Councillor Jackie Meldrum Waterloo Quarter BID. Sophie is also an (Lambeth Council) expert in travel planning. Matthew Nicholson E: (J Sainsbury plc) Mark Oakley Frances Forrest – Operations Manager, (Eagle London & Chair, Vauxhall Gay leading Vauxhall Safe programme, Business Forum) including the warden service, Licensing Aseem Sheikh Partnership, recycling service and (Base Associates) employee-focused events. E:

ARE YOU GETTING VALUE FROM VAUXHALL ONE? What if I am not eligible to benefit from the BID?

Vauxhall One is owned, funded and led by local businesses in Vauxhall. Like other Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) its principal income source comes from a levy on eligible businesses in Vauxhall. This revenue is ring-fenced for the area in which it is collected, to be spent on projects for the benefit of businesses that pay the levy. All services provided by the BID are additional to those provided by the Council and other statutory providers, such as the Police.

Businesses with a rateable value of less than £20,000 did not vote in our BID ballot and do not pay the BID levy. However they will be welcome to take up some of the BID’s services on a voluntary basis for £150 +VAT per annum.

Following the success of the February ballot, Lambeth Council, on behalf of Vauxhall One, have issued invoices for the payment of the BID levy. If you have any queries regarding payment of the levy call the Lambeth Council rates helpline on 020 8315 2255. Vauxhall One will run for up to five years before another ballot is needed – the next one will be in 2017.

Get involved Here are some of the ways you can get involved in Vauxhall One: • Join one of our four six-weekly theme groups, or even our board • Sign up your employees to our Vauxhall Village affinity card • Ask our wardens to give your staff a safety briefing • Sign up to our free waste recycling service • Come along to one of our training or networking events • Visit our website and subscribe to our monthly newsletter We look forward to hearing from you.

2 Railway arch lighting in New Spring Gardens Walk

on 020 7793 0263 or

1 One of the many cafes in Kennington Lane

Contact the Vauxhall One team: Image Key

Designed by Manifest, Photography by Mickey Lee and Nikos Tsogkas,

Remind me how Vauxhall One works?

3 Vauxhall Village branding 4 Street wardens near Vauxhall station 6 Tea House Theatre, Vauxhall Walk 7 Vauxhall City Farm, Tyers St 8 Vauxhall Village branding on our hanging baskets 9 Railway arch lighting in New Spring Gardens Walk

Vauxhall One 310 Kennington Lane London SE11 5HY E: W:

December 2012

5 Entrance to Vauxhall Rail station

Vauxhall One - Making the Most of Your Membership  


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