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Author : Maciej Kranz

Pages : 256 pages

Publisher : Wiley

Language :

ISBN-10 : 1119285666

ISBN-13 : 9781119285663

Book Synopsis In the past five years, Internet of Things has become one of the most talked about new technology areas. It seems that almost every week a major vendor announces an IoT strategy or an IoT division. IoT promises to become one of the biggest disruptions and opportunities for major industries across the globe. For business managers, the only question is what should they do with it and how can they ready their organization to capitalize on it while ensuring they don't get disrupted by others.This book will answer these and many other questions surrounding IoT. Most importantly, this book is designed as a practical guide for the line of business decision makers, CxOs and IT leaders. It will help them develop an IoT recipe for their organization to harness the power of IoT and to realize the tangible business advantages it delivers. From technologies to use-cases to organizational and social impacts this book will guide them on why they need IoT, how to fashion a viable IoT plan, and how

DOWNLOAD in P.D.F Internet of Things *PDF_Full* #readonline By Maciej Kranz  
DOWNLOAD in P.D.F Internet of Things *PDF_Full* #readonline By Maciej Kranz