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aElection healthy recovery? foes share common goal in hospital cause

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Mama call the doctor, election’s finally done

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SPORTS: Mom keeps tabs on kids’ gear Inventive Vaughan Mom can always find it

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On the cover: Mario Ferri and Julian Fantino battled hard to win your vote on May 2, but now can bury the hatchet and unite in their quest to bring a hospital to Vaughan.

place, and in Vaughan you will have made your choice between the only two candidates who brought game: Conservative incumbent Julian Fantino and his Liberal challenger, Mario Ferri. Conservative Peter Kent was expected to have little trouble keeping his seat in Thornhill. The actual election results are not included in this issue. Publishing schedules and format considerations see us direct you to for the final tallies. Hopefully, the candidate we sent to Ottawa got there on the merits of his appeal locally, and not because outside influence might have cost the other the votes he needed. Both Fantino and Ferri have appointed themselves well through the years as workers in the community — inside and outside of politics — so I trust whichever one is representing you now as Vaughan MP is there because he is who you would have wanted. I say that because backlash from outside interference can manifest itself in odd ways. On the surface, you would expect it was Fantino who stood to suffer from the mid-campaign story of supposed local Conservative party abandonment of him that made national headlines. The CBC-concocted tale, like a virus, fed off hosts made up of unwitting national media distributors to make its way across Canada. But it was Ferri who was put in jeopardy after Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff obliged the CBC but appalled Vaughan citizens with sanctimonious pronouncements about a situation here that was not as described. Ferri had led a progressive, upbeat campaign, and did not deserve to suffer backlash for Ignatieff’s lack of wisdom any more than Fantino should have had his reputation sullied by ambitious reporters who formed an activist’s pitch into an unseemly narrative. That they didn’t take each other apart in the aftermath is a testament to their good sense, and recognition that they each were mere observers to a game hatched by other interests. Good thing, too, because no matter which one of them won, they’ll

Dan Hoddinott Managing Editor most likely be working together in the near future. Once the dust settles, they will return, as they did before the election was called, to the important work of moving forward Vaughan’s quest for its own hospital. Starting on page 4 in this issue, writer Sandie Benitah discusses the status of the hospital effort with some of the political figures who play a prominent role in its development. Eight years in the making, this is the time to get things rolling. As she discovered, the seemingly endless trips to the polls, however, have done us no favours. Not to sound the alarm, but the electioneering is not over yet! We’re back at it in the fall, this time on the provincial front. In the meantime, there is much more going on in Vaughan that you’ll have a chance to notice now that the focus on elections has taken a hiatus. Our pages will get you started. CariVaughan is coming to town; on page 7, reporter Tristan Carter tips us off to the colour and jive we can expect in July. We include two special sections — Fit For Life and Home & Garden — to help you get yourself and your digs all spiffed up for summer. And Brian Baker has a story, on page 29, of a Vaughan mom whose enterprising spirit has conquered the problem of kids losing their sporting equipment. Enjoy the issue. And enjoy your recovery from election fever. It ain’t gonna last!

Election news and analysis MAY 2011 VAUGHAN ToDAY 


Vaughan’s endless patience By Sandie Benitah


t’s been eight years and we’re still asking the same old question: How soon ’til Vaughan gets a hospital of its own? Commitments have been made, money has been raised and plans are underway. The first of five stages in the planning process was completed in April and is now in the hands of the province. And yet, we’re not any closer to a firm answer than we were in 2003, when a task force made up of civic and community leaders began talking in earnest about putting a hospital in the city. Vaughan, with a population of 296,863, is the largest Canadian city without a hospital. With that population expected to grow to 416,600 in the next 10 years, health demands will increase dramatically. Plans have been made to expand the city’s health network, but is it coming fast enough?

Vaughan’s growing pain: health care Vaughan has long been heralded as a boomtown — a place ripe for development and a paradise for families looking for a safe, pleasant place to nest and expand their brood. But with growth comes growing pains. And the biggest pain for Vaughan has been in its health care. A 2005 report, which assessed the health care needs of the city, found 56 percent of Vaughan residents who needed acute care sought treatment at a hospital in Toronto. The same report found 54 percent rushed to a Toronto hospital when faced with an emergency situation. This is in spite of the fact that one of the closest hospitals to Vaughan is York Central Hospital, east of Bathurst Street on Major Mackenzie Drive in Richmond Hill. As in most hospitals across the province, resources at emergency rooms across the GTA are already stretched and strained, says Vaughan Conservative MP Julian Fantino, who has also been an active volunteer with the hospital foundation. Fantino was in the middle of a bid to be reelected to Parliament at press time. “Wait rooms are already laboured with a lot of work,” he said in a telephone interview. “People have an expectation and it’s a fundamental expectation. “Quite frankly it’s an entitlement.” Between 2008 and 2009 there was a 13 percent increase in emergency room visits at York Central. Here is a brief breakdown of patient activity at York Central Hospital in 2009 and 2010: • Emergency visits: 76,655 • Percentage of patients who visit emergency who come from Vaughan: 35 • Ambulatory (including dialysis) visits: 234,284 • Total patients admitted: 18,427 • Percentage of inpatients who come from  VAUGHAN ToDAY MAY 2011

MPP GREG SORBARA is one of the local political heavyweights involved in the initiative to bring a hospital to Vaughan.

Vaughan: 34 • Percentage of outpatients who come from Vaughan: 24 Fantino said travelling far from home for medical attention is hard for anyone who has to visit a hospital. “(It’s a major issue) especially for seniors and families and those who have disabilities and special needs who need to find transportation to get to Toronto,” he added. “That is a huge inconvenience. “It’s a difficult, difficult thing for them.” In fact, health care has ranked as the top issue for Canadians across the country. And in Vaughan, Fantino said, it was one of the issues he kept hearing at the doors during the federal election campaign. Mario Ferri, a former hospital committee member who stepped down in order to run against Fantino, agreed and pointed to the city’s changing demographic as a reason. Young adults and new families make up 81 percent of the population in Vaughan. (According to City of Vaughan statistics, 81 percent of residents are under age 55 and the median age is 35.9). There is currently a small community of seniors (about 9 percent), but in the next 10 years that community is expected to grow as the boomer generation enters its golden years. These residents have a vested interest in health care, Ferri remarked, in an interview. “The minute I mentioned the hospital, it was

a 10 minute discussion,” he told Vaughan Today, talking about what he found campaigning door to door. “They’re passionate about it and say it’s about time, or that they’re frustrated at the situation.” So far, so good? Frustrated as some people might be, the process has been moving along steadily. A special committee was formed in 2003 to research the need for a hospital and lobby for support. The province gave the City of Vaughan the green light to begin planning the hospital in earnest four years later. Now, four years after that, the first stage of a planning guide has just been submitted to the province for approval. Ferri said he believes it has actually moved at a much faster pace than other hospital projects around the province, mainly because York Central Hospital has been put in charge of the new facility’s development, in a partnership with the non-profit organization Vaughan Health Campus of Care. This was a “milestone”, he said, because the Ontario health ministry wouldn’t have allocated funds to the project unless there was an existing entity that agreed to oversee the plan. Continued Page 5

We’re largest Canadian city without its own hospital




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“Generally speaking, when a community undertakes the building of a hospital like we’re doing, it usually takes 20–30 years from conception to reality,� Ferri said. “We’ve already met milestones that would take others much longer. “We’ve done what usually takes 10–12 years in four or five years.� But for others, the process can’t be moving fast enough. Fantino, who was instrumental in getting the $10 million in federal funds, said despite the hard work that has been put into the project, there has also been some “foot-dragging�. “My concern is that we can’t wait any longer,� he said. “This is an identified legitimate need. “It’s not a frill. It’s something we need to have happen right away.� While Fantino recognizes the process involved in such an undertaking, he said that process shouldn’t be so complicated. “I don’t know if it’s that complex,� he said. “It’s just a matter of people getting together, and setting timelines, and allocating resources, and making it happen. “We can never establish or be confident in a time frame when it comes to delivering a critical service. We should have been ahead of the curve on this one. The growth here is exponential. This is not a big to-do. It’s not like this is a unique situation — there are hospitals all over the place!� In fact, he said, he would have liked to have seen the province create a “stand-alone� charter for the Vaughan hospital instead of having the project tied in with a bigger vision of health care in southwest York Region. The plan includes redeveloping York Central Hospital’s services and building a new health-sciences cluster, that would provide a host of industryrelated services, adjacent to the new hospital. But local Liberal MPP Greg Sorbara scoffed at the suggestion of creating a stand-alone charter, saying that integrating Vaughan into a two-hospital model with York Central has allowed the process to move much quicker. Sorbara said the last time the province issued a stand-alone charter was 27 years ago, when the Markham-Stouffville hospital was being built. At that time, it was one of the first hospitals in the region. Continued Page 8

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• Secure $80 million in funding from York Region • Receive support from Queen’s Park • Complete a business model • Secure 35 hectares of land on Major Mackenzie Drive, between Hwy. 400 and Jane Street, for new facilities • Raise more than $4 million from the community • Secure $10 million from Ottawa to help build a health-sciences cluster


In the last eight years, officials behind the hospital project have been able to:

Islington Ave.

Cont. from Page 4

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Can I have your autograph? Students from St. Catherine of Siena Catholic Elementary School in Woodbridge crowd Mayor Maurizio Bevilacqua as he autographs their cleaning gloves. The mayor and city councillors took part in the citywide 20-Minute Makeover on April 15. The annual spring cleanup is in support of Earth Day. Thirty-seven schools, nine businesses and 12 city departments, involving some 12,500 people, cleaned up Vaughan. agnes ramos/vaughan today

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CYRESE KING plays mas at last year’s Caribana festival in Toronto. The former Queen of the Bands contestant will bring her act to CariVaughan in July.

Ya, mon! It’s CariVaughan By TRISTAN CARTER










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eople in Vaughan will be jumping up and getting down for a good cause in July. The first ever CariVaughan festival is coming to town. The festivities, a celebration of Caribbean culture in the city, are being organized by the Belka Enrichment Centre and the Vaughan African Canadian Association. Association executive director Shernett Martin says there is a growing Caribbean population in Vaughan but few events representing their background. “Vaughan is a very diverse city … and there really isn’t anything that’s happening from the Caribbean culture,” she said. “We thought it’d be a great way to celebrate the tastes, the sounds and the culture of the Caribbean.” The first event will be a dinner, held on July 7 at the Riviera Parque Banquet Hall. There will be giveaways, performances and West Indian music such as reggae, soca and calypso. Organizers also hope to raise money for the Sickle Cell Association of Ontario. “The gala event is one of the signature events that we’re putting on and we’re hoping to use it as a fundraiser to support children and adults living with sickle cell disease,” Martin said. A youth and family day will take place on July 23 in the fields just off of the Racco Parkway in Thornhill. The day will feature a 3-on-3 basketball tournament, a CariVaughan Idol singing contest, midway rides and vendorstyle food. “We’re also planning a ‘teach me how to Dougie’ contest, which is a crazy dance that the kids really like,” Martin said. Similar events, including a parade, were also being planned in Richmond Hill and Markham, but do not appear to be going forward. Martin credits Vaughan mayor Maurizio Bevilacqua with being “extremely generous” in allowing access to staff and facilities for the events. She also said volunteers are needed. “We’re hoping that the community comes out to sort of enjoy the flavour of the Caribbean and the culture, and really support it,” Martin said. “It’s not just for the fun of it, because it is going to be exciting and fun, but also it’s so we can raise some money to give back.” Additional information can be found on CariVaughan’s Facebook page, and a website is expected to be up and jamming shortly. MAY 2011 VAUGHAN ToDAY VAUGHAN TODAY

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“Coordination of hospital services is the order of the day,” he said from his office in Queen’s Park. “We wouldn’t want a hospital in Vaughan competing with a hospital in Richmond Hill.” He said having York Central oversee both hospitals will “avoid unnecessary duplication, and is the secret to cost-effective delivery.” Sorbara did agree with Fantino that the process has been less than perfect. He said plenty of time was wasted trying to form an agreement between York Central Hospital and the VHCC, as they had competing interests. “It took a long time to get (the VHCC) to realize that if they needed a hospital built, they needed a hospital partner,” he said. “Getting them to work together was very difficult. “We lost a little bit of time there.” Challenges Though politics has certainly played, and still does play, a role in the process, all sides agree there hasn’t been much mud-slinging during the process — not with the partners, the province or the federal government. Not even in the robust federal campaign just past, in which Fantino and Ferri faced off against each other, did we see any finger pointing from the contestants themselves. But all that may change in October when Ontarians go to the polls again — this time in a provincial election. The Liberal government has ruled Ontario since 2003, the same year talks about health care in Vaughan began in earnest. Sorbara said he expects a change of government would be detrimental to the Vaughan hospital plan. “I think it would be a disaster for the process,” he said. “It would set back construction by 10 or 12 years.” He pointed to Progressive Conservative leader Tim Hudak’s campaign promise to battle the deficit as a sign of looming cuts, not only for Vaughan but any community looking to build a hospital. “Any government who promises to do that begins with cutting the capital budget,” he said. “The largest (capital cost) is hospital construction.” But Peter Shurman, the PC MPP in Thornhill who has been a vocal supporter of the Vaughan hospital, defended Hudak’s stance on health care in an email interview with Vaughan Today. “Greg Sorbara and (Premier) Dalton McGuinty will say anything at all to ensure the Liberal Party is re-elected,” Shurman said. “But it won’t happen this time, because people now ‘get it.’

THORNHILL MPP Peter Shurman says he has been a “vocal supporter” of Vaughan hospital.

“Tim Hudak has pledged many times over that his biggest priority is to return respect to Ontario families, and to that end will not only avoid cuts to the health care system but will move all dollars to front-line health care delivery, and fix the mess the Liberals have made — including the elimination of the bloated, insulating administrative layer known as the LHINs (Local Health Integration Networks).” Shurman said that a hospital in Vaughan will be a priority for a PC government. “I have been very active in fighting for this, and have attended many events with Mr. Sorbara pertaining to the hospital,” he said. “If he is ‘the man’ who can deliver it, with his Liberal Party now in office for eight years, it is for him to explain why it is delayed time and time again.” Whether it’s the Liberals or the Progressive Conservatives at the helm of Ontario’s government, the province’s massive net debt of $220 billion will also pose a challenge to the hospital. So will the global economy. Though Canada has successfully weathered the last recession, economists predict the economy will improve steadily, albeit slowly. Sorbara echoes Fantino’s statement about the need for a hospital in Vaughan being a strong necessity, and not a frill that should be cut. “To the extent of everything we hope to do, it will depend on the economy, but everything we want to do stands for itself,” Sorbara said. But in a fragile economy, there might not be enough hospital dollars to go around every community within a time frame that will satisfy even the most patient of patients. Continued Page 34


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By Shawn Star


hether itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a sports injury, a car accident or surgery, chances are youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll be going through some sort of rehabilitation. And the Centre of Movement in Vaughan is bringing that rehabilitation to people in a unique way â&#x20AC;&#x201D; through Pilates. Located near Bathurst and Centre streets for the past seven years, owner Barbie Dukes says her business takes Pilates out of its traditional element. â&#x20AC;&#x153;This is completely customized to each individualâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s unique needs, which is also what really sets it apart from the gym atmosphere, where you work in a large group,â&#x20AC;? said Dukes, who has been teaching Pilates for 20 years. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Everybody has an injury at one point or another and (Pilates is) becoming increasingly popular to use in this clinical field.â&#x20AC;? Dukes trained in the Stott Pilates method, an international leader in Pilates education and training. While she says it is a cutting edge field, sheâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s finding that itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s quickly catching on, to the point where doctors and surgeons are recommending Pilates even before surgery. Dukes says the benefits are clear. â&#x20AC;&#x153;You can already start on a whole strengthening program (before surgery) and that means that as youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re recovering youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re recovering stronger than you actually were before,â&#x20AC;? she says. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s terrific, because it allows the person to develop â&#x20AC;Ś strength while recovering.â&#x20AC;? Dukes says Pilates being used for rehab helps reduce the incidence of re-injury by developing increased muscular tone and endurance, combines strength with flexibility, and develops balance and coordination. She said it also focuses a lot on placement, posture and alignment. Using the example of an ankle injury, Dukes explains that traditional rehabilitation focuses only on the ankle, whereas with her method, she looks at the whole picture. In other words, she says, she looks at the body as a whole, and only integrates the injured ankle into the strength-training program as it begins ADVERTISING FEATURE

Happy feet means happier people Living under the increasing stress level in todayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s society only leaves us with toxins and negative energy built up inside our body. Most people neglect the fact that a healhty outlet starts with our very own feet. In Asian cultures, our feet are like a treeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s roots. When a tree is dry, its roots disappears. When a person is old, the foot withers. The sole of the foot has thousands of nerve endings and many acupunture points which are connected to vital organs of the body. Every day our feet carry our whole body weight and yet itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s one of the last places we look to care for. Reflexology is now being introduced into the western culture. It is the natural massage practice to relieve pain, tension and increase relaxation in the body through stimu-

Happy feet means happier people


lating the reflex areas on the foot. This treatment helps with people who have diabetes, high blood pressure, poor circulation and sleep quality. Reflexology has also shown effective results with migraines, back pain, hormonal imbalance, digestive problems, and stress related conditions.Happy Foot Spa, located in the heart of Mississauga and Woodbridge, is one of the leading spas that offer professional reflexology to local residents. With a team of well-trained and experienced reflexologists, they are devoted to provide quality services at affordable prices. Happy Foot Spa also offers lymphatic drainage

body treatment, foot reflexology, waxing, body slimming, body scrub, acupunture, cupping and out-call service, deep tissue Chinese Tuina massage, facials with neck/ shoulder massage and manicure/pedicure to make your body happy from head to toe. Remember, your pair of feet is your main transportation and integrating reflexology into your life can benefit your body into its natural equilibrium. Visit Happy Foot Spa any day of the week from 10am to 10pm, the escape to happiness for your feet is just a few steps away. 110-808 Britannia Rd. W., Mississauga ON L5V 0A7 905-817-1500 30-8611 Weston Rd., Vaughan ON L4L 9P1 905-850-6300

clinical term to heal. And in order to balance the needs of each individual client, Dukes enlists the help of a variety of professional from various fields, including chiropractors, massage therapists and surgeons. “It’s great for the client because they have this whole team of health care professionals, each specializing in their own area and they’re all working together simultaneously to give them the best results,” Dukes said. She talks about an elderly woman who had not only broken her pelvis in two places, but had also had hip replacement surgery, as a prime example of a real inspiration from her clinic. “She asks for homework between appointments, she’s improved her core stability, her friends … are giving her positive feedback about her improved balance and posture,” Dukes says, saving the best part for last. “And also what’s amazing is she’s had — for the first time in her entire life — an increase in her bone density. “It’s always gone down, down, down, and because of the strength training in Pilates, it’s actually increased.” Dukes has another trick up her sleeve that she works in to her clinic — her extensive dance training. Getting her certification through the Royal Winnipeg Ballet and National Ballet School, Dukes says she understands how to adapt some elements into the rehab process. “The dance background really gives me a distinct understanding of the biomechanics of movement,” she says. “The training in dance is rigorous and as a teacher it really focuses on specific conditioning functions that allow for the restoration of optimal movement patterns.” While Dukes says the popularity of Pilates being used as a form of rehab is still growing, she sees a bright future for it. “I can see it becoming very mainstream,” she says. “It will still have that fitness aspect of it that’s popular with people in gyms and community centres, where

francis crescia/vaughan today

AND LIFT... Barbie Dukes works with client Karen Kofman in her Vaughan studio. Pilates is now emerging from its gym culture to figure prominently in rehab.

you have large groups of people and one instructor. “But I think as the baby boomers continue to age, Pilates for rehabilitation is really the direction for the future.”

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Photo: Gerald Boey, M.D.

inCluDes: • Spa manicure • Customized Facial • Elos Skin tightening session – as seen on Dr. Oz

TOTAL BEAUTY, FITNESS & WELLNESS FOR WOMEN 905.856.6767 FREE Manicure & Hydra therapy session with the purchase of a Chryssalis Curvez Membership FREE Manicure & Nail Art with the purchase of any Salon Treatment FREE Manicure & Facial with the purchase of a Fitness Membership FREE One Month Membership (Top of the line Resistance Fitnessnet Machines) SEE OUR WEBSITE FOR MONTHLY SPECIALS

Photo: Gerald Boey, M.D.

exClusive mother’s Day paCkage

Trinity - 3 in 1 (As seen on Dr. OZ) - Deep Wrinkle Reduction - Photo rejuvenation - Skin Tightening Vela Shape #2 - non invasive - inch loss - toning - Cellulite removal - Botox - Juvederm plus injections

get fit for summer holistic heath services available” acupuncture/acupressure treatments” Contact: sherry gallant - 416-900-5338

Reg Value $450

Medical procedures are tax deductibl

Hours of operation Mon. to Fri. : 10-7 Sat : 9-6

Call today & book your

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To Live Is To Dance at the Maple Academy of Dance Since its opening in 1998 MAD strives to be known for excellence and innovative approach to all students. The Art of Dance does not only benefit the student who chooses dance as a career, but also the recreational student who will gain self confidence, social interaction skills, physical fitness, poise and an appreciation for the Performing Arts. We take pride in individuality and bringing out the best in each and every student

at our Academy. We are confident that every student will have an enjoyable and successful season! We offer classes in Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Acrobatics, Musical Theatre and Hip Hop at Recreational and Competitive Levels. We also offer Recreational and Intense classes during our Summer Camp Programs. Pre-Register in June for our 2011-2012 Season and SAVE! Call us now at 905-660-6800 for more information.


Cosmetics gets a makeover By Agnes Ramos


magine achieving your ultimate cosmetic goals without ever having to go under a knife or face a needle. Body Renewal Clinic, a cosmetic enhancement business on Keele Street in Maple run by mother and daughter duo Marisa Morga and Jenna Burns, vows to do just that. Services offered include microdermabrasion, photo-rejuvenation, non-surgical face-lift and lip enhancements and detox treatment. They offer alternatives to surgical methods to fix imperfections. Specializing in treatments that are non-surgical and non-invasive, the duo say they also aim to use natural products where possible. Their most popular treatment is endermologie, a non-surgical liposuction that works as a vacuum to break down fat tissue. “There are always people out there who work so hard exercising but still have those love handles or cellulite,” Burns says. “You’re basically guaranteed to lose an inch in one (half-hour) treatment.” Another treatment that has gained instant popularity is their ionic detox treatment — a footbath

agnes ramos/vaughan today

that uses charged water to clear the body of toxins. Burns said the detox has helped some smokers quit cold turkey by drawing nicotine out of their system, and avoiding withdrawal symptoms associated with having to feed nicotine. The footbath is a natural alternative to nicotine patches, she said. The idea for her own clinic sprouted when Morga, who specializes in endermology, decided to shift her career from the traditional medical field to the world of esthetics. They have been operating in the Maple area for eight years, open six days a week and using word of mouth to build their client base.

By Agnes Ramos


he sun is the giver of heat, light and day. Its benefits include vitamin D and better mood. But the sun can also damage human skin. The busy, activity-packed summer months are not far off. Be prepared to practise safe sun this summer by following these few simple steps:

Wear a hat Putting on a broad-brimmed hat will protect your face and shade your eyes. Extra care should be taken for facial skin, as it is thinner and more delicate compared to the rest of the body.

have SPF mixed into their formula.

Be mindful of the sunâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s peak hours The sun is at its peak between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. Try to stay out of the sun during these hours. If it is unavoidable, cover exposed skin with longsleeved shirts and pants â&#x20AC;&#x201D; not shorts.

Avoid tanning Achieving the â&#x20AC;&#x153;healthyâ&#x20AC;? bronzed look is still possible without having to cook under the sun. A tan is a result of melanin pigment being produced by the skin to protect against UV damage. Symptoms of sun damage could be dry and leathery skin, freckles, fine lines, moles and premature aging. Try selftanners or gradual tan moisturizers, which are risk free.

Always wear SPF Even on a cool, overcast day, the sunâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s rays seep through the clouds. Apply sunscreen 15â&#x20AC;&#x201C;30 minutes before and after sun exposure. Make sure the SPF is at least 15 and offers both UVA and UVB protection. Donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t like the sticky feeling of sunscreen? Use a spray, which disperses thin, even layers. Also, many body lotions

Eat To protect against free radicals the skin absorbs from sun exposure, incorporate foods rich in antioxidants into your diet. Green tea, pomegranate, blueberries and tomatoes have high vitamin A, C and E. Although topical protection is the most effective, a healthy diet adds to the bodyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s resilience against damaging factors.

  $    $  


 "      $             !$    "      $       $     $            $  ! #      $   # $   

     !  Amica. Wonders never cease.

AMICA AT VILLA DA VINCI 7371 Martin Grove Road, Vaughan, ON

905.264.9119 ÂŚ      ÂŚ   ÂŚ     ÂŚ     ÂŚ        


Tips for safe sunning


Feeling weak, tired or have unresolved pain or discomfort somewhere in the body? If this is YOU or someone in your family, then you may want to consult an Osteopath. Osteopathy involves â&#x20AC;&#x153;thinking outside the boxâ&#x20AC;?. In conventional medicine, the focus is often on treatment of the painful area. Osteopathy seeks to find the original cause or source of the pain. If however, a problem in a distal area is causing pain, the pain is not going to be resolved by local treatments. The focus in osteopathy is to discover the source of the problem through thorough assessment and treat the systems

involved using various manual techniques to effect overall change in the body. Osteopathy offers an approach with gentle non-invasive techniques. An osteopathic assessment is so refined that the osteopath can detect dysfunction without necessarily even having the benefit of a specific complaint. Osteopathy is equally beneficial to athletes (whether professional or amateur), individuals with problems stemming from a sedentary job or life style, those exposed to occupational hazards,

and to people suffering from a wide range of traumas. Osteopathy can be a complement to medical care for women throughout their pregnancy and to both mothers and babies immediately after the delivery. For mothers, osteopathy can be very effective in assisting the motherâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s body to restore and resume function, for newborns, treatment can resolve feeding, sleeping and other difficulties. For information, go to For an appointment, call (905) 266-2199.

OSTEOPATHY can â&#x20AC;Ś â&#x20AC;˘ Relieve unresolved pain â&#x20AC;˘ Improve function â&#x20AC;˘ Restore health Where other therapies have failed

Osteopathy Associates Two locations Woodbridge & Mississauga Call for consultation (416)-241-0099, (905)-266-2199 Team consists: - Osteopathy, Physiotherapy, Massage therapy, Hypnotic therapy, Naturopathy, Acupuncture, Orthotics MAY 2011 VAUGHAN ToDAY 15


Best of Vaughan




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Thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Italian

Since 1962







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BEST BUSINESS/SERVICE Z Caterer Z Vet Clinic Z Dry Cleaners Z Funeral Home Z Hair Salon Z Barber Shop Z In-Home Senior Care Z Retirement Centre Z Insurance Z Law Firm Z Weight Loss Centre Z Travel Agency Z Maid Services

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Brian Fisher, with wife Shawna and sons Brandon and Jared, whoop it up in front of their new 2011 Toyota Matrix. Fisher, of Thornhill, won the wheels in this spring’s Tim Hortons Roll Up the Rim contest.

During Catholic Education Week 2011











Isaac Jr. Olowolafe is a graduate of Holy Cross CA. He is the broker of record at Dream Maker Realty, which he founded eight years ago. Isaac Jr. is also president and CEO of Dream Fund Holdings and cofounder and director of Build Our Wealth, a non-profit organization transforming lives through education and investment access. Isaac Jr. says that his Holy Cross math teachers motivated him to focus on his math skills—skills that he values in his business transactions today.


Professor Giuseppina D’Agostino, a Father Bressani CHS graduate, joined the Osgoode Hall Law School faculty in 2006 and is founder and director of IP Osgoode, Osgoode’s Intellectual Property Law and Technology Program. She completed her doctoral and masters studies with distinction at the University of Oxford, where she was a lecturer in law. She says that she was blessed with strong role models during elementary and high school—many exceptional teachers who helped her to solidify her skills and inspired her to dream.

Read more about our Distinguished Alumni online at

Collaborative Learning Inspired by Jesus



A tradition of unsurpassed craftmanship


FACTORY & SHOWROOM 2901 Steeles Ave. W. Unit #19 (Corner of Keele & Steeles) Phone: (416) 667 0028 MAY 2011 VAUGHAN ToDAY 17


Mark Your Calendar Thurs., May 5 Public meeting and workshop, 6:30 – 9 p.m., at Dufferin Clark Community Centre, 1441 Clark Ave. West, by Vaughan Development Planning and Policy Planning departments. Fri., May 6 Chocolate lovers will unite at the second annual Spring Chocolate Ball Gala at the Bellagio Boutique, 8540 Jane St. Festivities, held to benefit Vaughan in Motion to Cure Cancer. Begins at 6 p.m. Info at Sun., May 8 York Region Shooters home opener vs. Serbian White Eagles will raise funds for new hospital. 6 p.m. at St. Joan of Arc High School stadium in Maple. The Shooters will donate $5 for every ticket sold to the Vaughan Hospital Foundation. Tickets from the box office, at 905-303-9241. Sat., May 14 The annual Mom2Mom sale, a collective garage sale, will be held at the Vellore Village Joint Complex, 1 Villa Royale Ave., from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Send email request to or visit www.woodbridgemom2mom. com for information. Tues., May 31 – Sun., June 26 The 2011 Vaughan Juried Exhibition: an art integration project, at City Playhouse Theatre, 1000 New Westminster Dr. Info, 905-832-8585 ext. 8055.

ougrrams pro



summer By Sue Wakefield


an’t you just feel that summer is coming? Victoria Day, the first long weekend and unofficial kickoff to the season is just around the corner. Those unwelcome snow dumps of April are long gone and it is safe to plan some outside fun for the family. This month, get in the mood with some quintessentially Canadian activities. Take a hike, enjoy some barbeque, hit a festival or go camping for a night. It’s all in or around Vaughan, so no long highway drives or traffic jams required. Pitch a tent right down the road Have you taken the kids camping yet? Try a practice run at the Albion Hills campground. Take a family hike through rolling hills and follow the Humber River, which winds through the park. Pack your mountain bike and explore their terrific biking trails. Rent a canoe or paddle boat for an afternoon and enjoy the motor boat-free lake. Wherever you go, keep your eyes open for spring wildflowers peeking through the ground. Spring is also a great time to spot birds and wildlife, as the trees are still filling in and there are fewer places to hide. The secure campground offers sites for tents or RVs, washrooms with showers, a children’s playground and fire pit for roasting hot dogs and marshmallows. And if it

Infant • Toddler • Preschool • Nursery School • Before & After School Programs • Summer Camp Non Profit • Government Licensed • State of the Art Equipment Qualified Early Childhood Educators • Jolly Phonics Program • Computers, Science Math & Language • Music & Drama • Bright, Friendly Environment

Kindergarten Programs

Now accepting registrations . Our programs combine the benefit of an educational component with full time child care » Excellent Child : Teacher Ratios » Reading Readiness Activities » Printing Skills » Teacher Directed Group Activities » Music


at a loc

tastes should all go horribly wrong (which we don’t think it will), you are just a short ride from home. Two adults, up to four children, two tents and two cars are allowed on each site, with daily rates $27­–32.50. If you don’t feel like you are ready for a tent yet, rent a trailer for two nights for $140 a night. 16500 Highway 50, Caledon. Reservations or information at or 905-280-2287. Make a Splash at Mill Pond Park The summer months will bring a host of great festivals in and around Vaughan. Get a jump-start with the annual Mill Pond Splash, back for its 13th year on Sunday, May 29 from noon to 4:30 p.m. This action-packed festival offers fun for the whole family, and some great learning too. Kids will come faceto-face with native mammals, reptiles and birds of prey from our region, and learn about the fish native to Mill Pond. They will also learn about what animals pose a threat to Mill Pond’s ecosystem, and help lend a hand to protect them. Kids can build their own bird box to take home, wind their way through an eco scavenger hunt or try their luck in the Mill Pond rubber duck race. The whole family will learn about local stewardship projects and how to get involved. And like every great Continued Page 21

Miss Italia Canada 2011

sk jk &grams ro

p » Drama » Mathematics » Science and Social Studies » Language Activities » Jolly Phonics Program

tt uss vviosni thbee weeb Markham, Richmond Hill, Thornhill, Toronto, Unionville, Woodbridge and Vaughan. DXib_Xd#I`Z_dfe[?`cc#K_fie_`cc#Kfifekf#Le`fem`cc\#Nff[Yi`[^\Xe[MXl^_Xe% w We have 48 locations in communities all across Southern Ontario including N\_Xm\,(cfZXk`fej`eZfddle`k`\jXccXZifjjJflk_\ieFekXi`f`eZcl[`e^

For more information on any of our 48 centres or our camp programs, please =fidfi\`e]fidXk`fefeXepf]fli,(Z\eki\jfifliZXdggif^iXdj#gc\Xj\ visit our website

m`j`kflin\Yj`k\nnn%lgg\iZXeX[XZ_`c[ZXi\%Zfd or call us at (905) 946-1113

fiZXccljXk0', 0+-$(((*


Canadian beauty Daniela Delgado will represent Canada on June 25 in the Miss Italia Nel Mondo in Reggio Calabria Italy. Theresa Longo, who finished second to Daniela at Miss Italia Canada held on April 3 in Hamilton, will also compete. Alessandra Fusco took third place at Miss Italia Canada.


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Retro done right: Hearty and cheap Liz Campbell


’m looking for The Fonz. And where’s Ritchie Cunningham? You could place the New Galaxie Diner right onto the set of Happy Days and no one would notice. Inside, the red-and-blue plastic-covered chairs, complete with chrome studs, make a refreshing change from the endless coffee-colour schemes of most restaurants these days. The walls are studded with retro signage for everything from Shell gas to Coca-Cola and poster-size portraits of Marilyn, James Dean and Elvis. Even the washrooms are funky: Lucille Ball covers the door of the ladies and Desi Arnaz is on the gents. This spot is fun! The waitress, Yolanda, has a throaty Lauren Bacall voice, and she returns often, coffee pot in hand. Our cups are refilled at least three times with great coffee. We’re here for brunch, but the menu is so extensive and so unashamedly retro, it’s hard to decide what to try. Do we go for “mom’s” meatloaf? Or a hot roast beef sandwich? Yolanda recommends the burgers. Really excellent, she says. But we return to the all-day breakfast menu, because I’ve spotted corned beef hash. I order three eggs with corned beef hash, home fries and rye toast ($7.19). The portions are huge; my large oval plate is filled with hash, eggs and crisp home fries. And the toast proves to be an excellent marble rye. The corned beef is a little disappointing. It’s mashed so fine and the potatoes are so tiny that it really is a hash.

So why am I complaining? My dad was a dab hand at hash, and his was made with coarse pieces of corned beef and potatoes, along with lots of onions, all fried together. This is too tidy to be a real hash. But it tastes pretty good. When I ask Yolanda about the hash, she agrees. “You should taste mine; I make really good hash,” she says, then gives me her address. “You’re welcome anytime.” How’s that for a friendly waitress? My guest asks for an asparagus and Swiss cheese omelette ($7.69). It’s an enormous, threeegg creation, well filled and brimming with flavour. The asparagus is a little soft but the eggs, light and fluffy, are perfectly cooked. Here too,

PATIO NOW OPEN Mpdbufe!jo!uif!ijtupsjd!sfhjpo!pg!Lmfjocvsh!mjft!Wjmmbhhjp!Sjtupsbouf/!Uif!Nfejufssbofbo Jubmjbo!nfov!jt!gjmmfe!xjui!npvui!xbufsjoh!Qbtub-!Nfbu!boe!Tfbgppe!ejtift!up!qmfbtf!boz qbmbuf/!Vtjoh!uif!gsftiftu!johsfejfout!boe!dppljoh!bmm!pg!uif!ejtift!gspn!tdsbudidvmnjobuf!up!b!qfsgfdu!ejojoh!fyqfsjfodf/!Bo!fyufotjwf!Xjof!mjtu!pggfsjoh!Jubmjbo!boe Hmpcbm!xjoft!bt!xfmm!bt!bo!fydmvtjwf!#Dfmmbs!Tfmfdujpot#!dpnqmjnfou!bmm!pg!uif!nfov!ejtift/ Qfsgfdu!gps!b!spnboujd!ejoofs!gps!uxp!ps!b!ojhiu!pvu!xjui!gsjfoet/!Cvpo!Bqqfujup



there are plenty of home fries and large wedges of whole wheat toast. He’s able to finish his, but I’m afraid I simply can’t manage all of mine. One expects to find diners in New Jersey, but what fun to find one in Woodbridge, especially one that tries to maintain the traditions with classic diner fare and staff that understands what it’s all about. They even have a breakfast special before 11 a.m. ($3.99). And where else are you going to enjoy a hearty (and cheap) meal along with the opportunity to take a stroll back in time? The New Galaxie Diner, 4441 Highway 7, Woodbridge. 905-264-7244. No website — but who had a computer back in the ’60s?

Open 7 Days Lunch & Dinner

Enjoy Superbly Prepared Regional Cuisine and Classical Dishes in a Quaint Country House Setting in Historic Kleinburg.

See our new menu on line @ 10512 Islington Avenue, Kleinburg • (905) 893-0475

PATIO Now Open

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Trained as a horticulturalist, Biggs earned a Bachelor of Science in agriculture before selling horticultural supplies commercially. But when his daughter, now 6, was a baby, he became a stay-at-home dad and recreated himself, doing some magazine writing and launching his website, After joining some gardening associations he met co-author Balzer at an association meeting, and they kept in touch. He says they both had an idea of a book in the back of their minds. The idea of Guff evolved from there. Some have described the book as graphic novel meets gardening book, he says. Theyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re referring to the colourful illustrations and non-traditional layout francis crescia/vaughan today of the book. Even industry folk to whom they CHOMP: Steve Biggs takes a bite out showed the cover design told them to of ... Guff? change it, he says. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s the sort of energy Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m hopSelf-published through No Guff Press, the book may have cost thou- ing to get more of.â&#x20AC;? Heâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s also just launched his No Guff sands to print, but Biggs says it was worth it to maintain control over the Gardening newsletter, which people can subscribe to by emailing steve@ brand. Biggs is selling the book in the GTA He and Balzer are in the process of to independent book retailers. It is also trademarking â&#x20AC;&#x153;No Guffâ&#x20AC;? as itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s key to available at Sheridan Nurseries. In the spring and summer months the brand and they can see potential heâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll be promoting the book by giv- for it. â&#x20AC;&#x153;We felt good enough about that ing educational talks, including one on May 19 at the Downsview Library, concept that we better leave it open for where he was invited after the librarian the future,â&#x20AC;? he says. And thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s no guff. there discovered his book.

Cont. from Page 18

festival, there will be live music, shopping and local, organic food. Mill Pond Park, on the North West corner of Mill and Trench streets, Richmond Hill. Information at 416-661-6600 ext. 5280 or www.onrichmondhill. com/events.php?id=8754.


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Get a taste of the grill without dusting off the barbeque Nothing tastes more like summer than a delicious barbequed hamburger. Eschew the drive-through variety and the fancy gourmet burger shops and hit one of Vaughanâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s longest-standing gems: Golden Star Restaurant. Ask friends or colleagues where to get the best burger and they will probably tell you about this place, which has been around since 1964. If burgers just arenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t your thing, they also make a mean grilled cheese. Your kids will love the ambiance that still features 1960s orange plastic benches and food served in a plastic basket. Oh yes, their fries, vanilla milk shakes and grape drink are all fan favourites too. Golden Star Restaurant, 7123 Yonge St., Thornhill. Take a hike! Did you know that Vaughan is home to five beautiful and diverse parks that are gradually being connected by the Bartley Smith Greenway? This 15 km natural valley corridor follows the upper West Don River through new developments. Start at Marita Payne Park and hike a beautiful network of trails under the shade of mature black willow, weeping willow, poplar and black walnut and maple trees. Continue north on the Greenway to Langstaff Ecopark and its beautiful centrepiece, the Keffer Marsh. Thanks to tremendous community efforts to replant these areas with aquatic plants, trees and shrubs, many animals have re-colonized in these areas. Take the kids for a hike and watch for frogs, turtles, beavers, otters, deer, fox and a wide variety of birds that now call this area home. Mapped nature trails and interpretive signs will make the hike informative and enjoyable. Info and a map of the Greenway at

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c\kljZXk\ipflie\\[j ]ifdjkXikkfÔe`j_

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With an established reputation for quality food and service, Zafferano Ristorante guarantees a friendly, vibrant atmosphere, accompanied by delectable dishes of the highest grade.

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As the newest addition to the community’s restaurant fleet, Sapore offers an array of fully equipped culinary services, in an elegant and tasteful atmosphere. Expect a warm dining experience north of the city. 8000 HWY 27


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Don’t fear the fuchsia By Kelly Gadzala


he honeysuckle pink that colour authority Pantone has named colour of the year is great as summery nail polish, but how do you incorporate the bright hue into your home? Believe it or not, decorating with colour like that could very well be as easy as changing up the shade on your nails. Working with bright colours isn’t as hard as most people think, according to a Canadian design guru Cobi Ladner. “Colour is the quickest and easiest way to bring personality to your room,” she says. The former editor of Canadian House & Home magazine has recently launched a furniture and decorative accessories collection, Cobistyle, which she says was designed in response to the sea of sameness in the décor and design world. “We have been in a beige world,” Ladner says. Comprised of vivid pink, orange, yellow and lime green pieces, Ladner’s collection features Asian-inspired accessories, patterned drapes and inky velvet furniture that pack a punchy colour wallop. Released in 300 stores, the collection stands in refreshing contrast to some of

francis crescia/vaughan today

PATTERNS CAN HELP: Cobi Ladner of Cobistyle says you can pair bright, solid colours with neutral pieces and bring in patterns through accessories like pillows and draperies.

the blander tones and styles out there that Ladner sees as having dominated both the high and low end of the market. Still, the colour tide may be changing. Ladner predicts a good long stretch of colour in our immediate style futures. If you want to jump on the colour bandwagon early, she has some tips for how to do it. Accessorize colour with neutrals Colour can be scary for people when it comes

to home décor, Ladner says, because it’s a commitment. So incorporate it into your home by playing with accessories. Neutral décor has been the trend for so long, Ladner says, that colourful accessories can be popped into most rooms rather easily. And if you accessorize with bright pops of colour, the whole colour question becomes less threatening, she says. For instance, the bright patterned sashes in her collection can be tied Continued Page 24

beautiful one room at a time

making the world more

Alicia Morano Interior Decorator

STUDIO: (905) 605-0864


Cont. from Page 23

around a neutral drape and still create an effect. “I like colour that’s tempered by neutrals,” she says. “You don’t want too much candy.” Ladner recommends buying several accessories in the same shade — say, a pillow, tray and throw — to create an impact in a room. “You need to hit that note 3–5 times before the room starts to transform.” Where to start? It may be hard to believe, but people have walked up to Ladner at public appearances and asked her what colour to put in their living rooms. Colour, she suggests, is so wholly personal that someone else can’t possibly tell you what hue to choose. If you’re unsure Ladner suggests going back to your favourite colour when you were a kid. Or look in your closet, she says, as we tend to like colours that look good on us. If you’re feeling a little hedgy about incorporating a colour into your décor, Ladner suggests you experiment in a small room like a bathroom. Try a strong colour on the walls for a dramatic effect.

photo courtesy Cobistyle

SMALL IS BEAUTIFUL: You don’t need to go for a big shot of colour in your home. Sometimes a nice accent piece is enough.

Colour chameleon Is it appropriate to have different colours in different rooms of your home? It’s dangerous territory, Ladner says, as there should be some common thread uniting the various spaces.

But if you crave change, you can alternate the colourful accessories in your home on a seasonal basis. Ladner puts away her deep red cushions in the spring and adds soft blue pillows, throws and other accessories to her space. Richer, deeper colours, such as those featured in her fall collection, are best for the cooler months, she says. Some shades can work all-year round, she says, like the bright primary colours suited to a contemporary style. A fuchsia lacquered tray isn’t just for the summer time. Large pieces Though Ladner says she loves her red sofa, she cautions against putting hot pink on the couch. Pull back with colour for very large pieces, she says, and opt for neutrals. Remember, neutral needn’t mean beige. A dramatic black velvet couch can act as a neutral even though we may not think of it as one, she says. Meanwhile smaller upholstered pieces, Ladner says, can take a room from average to amazing if done in a wonderful colour: “Imagine a pink velvet chair beside a window in a bedroom,” she says. “Or a lime green tufted ottoman amidst taupe linen sofas.   “The bold colour instantly brings character and personality to the room and the piece itself is such a statement that you can move it from room to room and it will take that charm with it.”

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Garden Debris/Soil Household Spring Clean-Up/Trash Construction Waste, Concrete & Asphalt




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• High Quality Triple Mix and 4 Way Mix Soils • Variety of mulches – Natural Pine and Cedar • Available 1 yard bags for Aggregates/Soil • Good Selection of Interlocking Pavers • Garden Walls in a variety of colours • Quality plants for your spring planting needs • Large Selection of Rocks and Imported Natural Stone Steps

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Goof-proofing your garden

Durability in Every Shed


Durability in Every Shed

BOLTON 12249 Hwy 50, Bolton 905-857-0899 1-877-811shed

By Mary Fran McQuade


pring, and the garden centres seductively beckon. They’re more alluring to those of us who play in the dirt than casinos could ever be. But, like casinos, the garden gamble can sometimes let you down. That exciting new perennial pooped out before it even got one flower. Or that much-touted shrub sat and sulked all season. The economy is still shaky, the stock market has the heaves and our hockey sticks are being made in China. Is there anything we can count on any more? Yes! The good old stand-bys of the garden — goof-proof plants, virtually guaranteed to deliver satisfaction. They’re a soothing choice in changing times, when many folks balk at spending big bucks on iffy plants. What makes a plant goof-proof? They’re not particularly fashionable; some people even scorn them. But they’re reliable, easy to take care of, lovely all season long — and tough. They stand up to pests, and most can get by without a lot of fuss on your part. A little water and fertilizer now and then, and they’re happy. Many of these stalwarts have been around for decades, but are now available in new colours and improved forms.

For close to 90 years Dominion Roofing has been the most respected name in Roofing. No fly-by-night workmanship, no questionable guarantees and most importantly no surprises . . .

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Best bets Here are my top choices for beautiful, hard-working plants that will come through for you without coddling. You can probably add to this list. 1. Petunias They’re the first flower I ever planted in my own garden and I still like their undemanding nature. In the past, petunia flowers tended to wilt easily and turn into a sticky mess that you had to pull off by hand. But newer, trademarked Continued Page 26

All you need to know!

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Cont. from Page 25

types, like Supertunias and Wave petunias, have been bred to withstand drought, heat and humidity. They’re also self-cleaning, so you don’t have a mess on your hands. And the colours! Everything from pale yellow to inky black, as seen in this year’s new Black Velvet petunia. “You can mix it with anything,” says Peter Cantley, Loblaw vice-prez of floral and garden. Their garden centres will be carrying Black Velvet alone and in a chic planting mixed with white geraniums and silver helichrysum. Give ’em full sun and a little extra water in hot temperatures. 2. Geraniums Yes, they’re almost a cliché, but there’s nothing like a red geranium in a clay pot. Put them in a white container and you have a patriotic display for Canada Day. Trust me, it’s really, really hard to kill a geranium. Some old-time gardeners even winter them over by hanging the bare-root plants upside down in the basement. (Not something I’d try.) Their fleshy stems can go without water for a while and pop back after a drought. They bloom their heads off until frost and are utterly pest-proof. Geraniums are sun-worshippers. For best performance, you pick off the flower heads as they fade. If they seem to be slacking off, just give them a shot of flower fertilizer. I personally prefer them up close and personal in containers — especially a biggie variety called Calliope (kuh-LIE-uh-pea) that Loblaw carries. One of those babies will fill a 45 cm pot by mid-summer. 3. Impatiens Snobby gardeners snicker at them, but impatiens are the best friend of shade and balcony gardeners. Nothing else flowers so reliably and is so easy to care for in those conditions. You never have to worry about faded flowers or bug/disease damage. They do wilt if they get too dry, but that’s their only weakness. You’ll find them in a wide range of colours, as well as stark white. The pale blossoms literally gleam in soft evening and night lighting. If you absolutely must have impatiens in your sunny garden, check out New Guinea impatiens. Same variety of colours, but with bigger, bolder blooms and leaves. 4. Floral Carpet roses These low groundcover roses aren’t like the long-legged aristocrats. They’re tough little critters that can handle nearly anything that comes their way. They’re not fussy about soil, and even put up with being stepped on occasionally. The small, dainty flowers open all summer long, with no tedious deadheading, and a starvation diet seems just fine with them. Bugs do occasionally strip a few branches, but these beauties bounce right back. Introduced several years ago, they now come in red, white, pink, soft pink and even yellow. Summer gardening doesn’t have to be a chore. Leave the adventures to the plant hunters and chill out with these garden favourites this year.


kitchen of your dreams


FLOATING GLASS As the star of your kitchen, the sleek and sophisticated Floating Glass suite stands out with a distinct contrast. Clean, high-gloss surfaces provide a solid presence with complements of gleaming stainless steel for just the right amount of shine. For The Love of Cooking

PRO-STYLE Seeking restaurant-style appliances that offer a beautifully co-ordinated look and the precise, outstanding performance of a professional kitchen? Look no further, the Jenn-Air Pro-Style suite is about to steal your heart. For The Love of Cooking

EUROPEAN STYLE With European elegance this refined and sophisticated kitchen suite blends contemporary and traditional tastes. Fit for an old-world Italian villa or a contemporary urban loft, the chic design effortlessly compliments virtually every kitchen design.

For The Love of Cooking

OILED BRONZE From rustic charm to classic countryside, with the Oiled Bronze suite, you’ll experience a unique, enduring appeal. This latest innovation couples a deep-bronze finish with stainless steel treatments to bestow an incomparable elegance. For The Love of Cooking

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Tag team puts label on gear By Brian Baker


t’s game day and you’re buzzing around the house like an angry bee looking for your son’s missing shinpad. The only problem is, they can’t seem to remember when they had it last, and it dawns on you, they’ve lost it at the last arena they played in. An affliction for many a parent with kids playing Canada’s game, hockey mom Zavasha Kardash looked for the panacea. Gametags. With two boys, Andrew Bloomstone, 10 and Bobby Bloomstone, 6, playing the sport, Kardash wanted to avoid playing find-the-missing-glove before a long-distance tournament. “When he started playing a couple of years ago, and I had all of his equipment all over my floor, and I was trying to figure out a good way to label it,” the Bathurst and Highway 7 resident explains, “I started asking people, started asking the coaches, and I went to some stores, the pro shops and asked, ‘How do you do it’? “Everyone was baffled I was asking them that, because half of the people said they don’t label it at all and some people just take a Sharpie and write across their equipment.” Kardash teamed up with long-time friend Celina Haber, of Montreal, to solve their equipment problems. Haber’s husband, Jamie Goren, works for company Flexstyle, so he provided the technology: an adhesive strip that’s soft to the touch but becomes more resistant as moisture is added.

agnes ramos/vaughan today

GEARING UP: Hockey mom and entrepreneur Zahava Cardas helps her two sons Bobby, 6, and Andrew, 10, pack up equipment while daughter Laila, 9, gets the assist. Kardash has created Gametags, a specialized tagging system, to help parents keep track of their child’s sporting goods.

An online database keeps track of the gear through a numbers system, so if someone leaves a shinpad, elbow pad or skates at arenas Vaughan residents play at, like Chesswood or Westwood, the information is passed on and the equipment will ideally meet up with its owner. “When you see a label and you identify what’s yours, I think the kids take ownership in that,” Kardash said. “It makes people stop and think, ‘That’s somebody’s,’ — they’re not going to throw it out.” Buckingham Sports Properties, the company that maintains both Chesswood and Westwood arenas, sees it as a plus to keep the amount of items in its lost and found rooms from overflowing. Company vice president John Cook said lost equipment can number in the thousands of dollars, when tallied annually, so with that in mind he okayed Kardash’s Gametags being sold at the arena. “I think it’s a good investment when someone’s

kids have a $400 pair of skates and they end up leaving one of the skates behind in the arena,” he said. “If you have the tag on it then we can just phone the tag in and it can be tracked back to the parent.” In most cases, either arena will hold on to missing items for six months. “I think the biggest challenge is, anything that’s new takes a little selling,” Cook said. “People don’t think about it unless they’re one of the ones that have lost equipment.” For the time being, though, Kardash has scored a game-winning goal. “The response has been unbelievably positive,” she said. “Everybody says to me, ‘I can’t believe I didn’t think of this’. “They just think this is a normal thing: of course you’re going to label your things. Mothers label their kids’ lunchboxes, jackets for school — why wouldn’t you label your investment in your hockey equipment?”

Voyageurs’ golden year By Brian Baker


FSAA gold was what kept Vaughan Voyageurs grounded. The senior boys basketball team set their sights on the provincial title at the beginning of the year and would not be led astray by over-confidence or showboating. It’s a fact that both captain Cy Richard Samuels and coach Gus Gymnopoulos take pride in. With an overall record of 45-2 (tournaments included) and undefeated in the final OFSAA conclusion at 5-0, winning so much could paddle the squad into unsportsmanlike conduct. Continued Page 30


MIND THE GAP: Troy Reid-Knight in action during OFSAA gold medal game.


Cont. from Page 29

“Obviously there’s some cockiness that comes with that, but I think we kept ourselves in check in the sense that we’d always be able to say this is only about OFSAA,” Samuels said, relaxing at home. “We made sure we didn’t get too cocky because that goal we had set for ourselves hadn’t been set yet.” That steadfastness earned the Voyageurs the York Region accolade for sportsmanship: the Linda Hotrum Award. “I think the highlight of the regular was, although we had so many lop-sided victories, that our kids did it with class,” Gymnopoulos said, after classes. “They never felt the need to rub it in or to embarrass the other team.” As York’s top team they headed to London, Ont. for the AAAA championship series, also garnering top seed. Their first match was against Windsor school Holy Names, where they downed that squad 55-40. Then it was Collingwood; the Voyageurs sunk them 5931. Guards Roshane Roberts and Andrew Wiggins had 15 points each. In the quarter-finals, Toronto school Eastern Commerce failed to receive any manna from heaven, as Vaughan beat the Saints 57-45. Wiggins led all scorers with 22, while teammate Troy Reid-Knight contributed 13. The semi-finals saw a tough match against Toronto Catholic school board champs Father Henry Carr. The Voyageurs came out on top 7263. Heading into the final game, Gymnopoulos says, the only time his hands got clammy was when his squad was wavering from the game plan during the first match against Holy Names. “We had started to rest really early in that game and the kids got upset because they were asking why they were resting,” he said. “We had a big team meeting after that game to explain how we were going to win five games in two days.” Still, it was apparent from their streak there was no mutiny. A final 76-63 victory over Loyola, from Mississauga, with Wiggins netting 25 points and fellow guard Henry Tan notching 21, earned them gold. For Samuels, it was a season to remember. The grade 12 student plans to attend university to study kinesiology, and as he spoke he shared what is hanging on his walls. “We won five gold medals and one OFSAA medal,” he said. Those experiences will stay with him forever, he said. “The team was good last year, but obviously not as good this year, as we didn’t have the same results,” he added. “I felt we got together more as a group this year and we were more of a team.”

Voyageurs enjoyed a season to remember


Canada in Afghanistan By David J. Bercuson


he struggle to unseat the Taliban from power in Afghanistan, and keep it from returning to power, is Canada’s longest war by far. On Sept. 11, 2001 terrorists hijacked four U.S. passenger planes; they crashed two of them into the World Trade Center in New York City, destroying the center, and one into the Pentagon in Washington. The fourth plane crashed in a field in Pennsylvania when passengers tried to re-take the aircraft. Very quickly after, the United Nations and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) condemned the attacks and invited nations to join to destroy the Taliban regime in Afghanistan. The Taliban were blamed because they had hosted and protected Al Qaeda — which had launched these attacks and many earlier ones — and its leader, Osama bin Laden. Canada’s initial response was to send a naval task force of six ships to the Persian Gulf in October 2001 to help enforce an embargo on the Pakistan coast to prevent smuggling of weapons and other war-making material to the Taliban and to stop terrorist leaders from fleeing by sea. Six air force planes were also sent to help ferry troops and supplies. Canadians in overwhelming numbers (more than 70 percent in some opinion polls) also demanded a land contingent. The first part of that commitment was a small number (40) of highly secret special forces — commandos trained to operate very close to the enemy or even behind enemy lines — from a Canadian unit called Joint Task Force II. It is assumed they were sent in October or November 2001. On October 8, 2001 the government announced that it would send some 700 troops to southern Afghanistan’s Kandahar province to fight under American command. The Canadian troops were the 3rd Battalion of the Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry (3PPCLI) accompanied by troops and vehicles of Lord Strathcona’s Horse, a Canadian armoured regiment. They stayed in southern Afghanistan from mid-January 2002 to July 2002 and then returned to Canada. The only four deaths in the contingent resulted from a mistaken bombing by a US fighter jet. Canadian ships and aircraft remained on Afghan war duties after 3PPCLI left. In February 2003 the government announced that Canadian soldiers would return to Afghanistan in the late summer to take over the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) which was then confined to the capital city of Kabul. ISAF was a UN-sponsored force that was established in late 2001 to prevent the departing Taliban from returning to Kabul and to prevent war lords from fighting to control the capital. Canada had considered joining ISAF in late 2001 rather than going to Kandahar, but Britain, which first led the mission, would not accept Canada’s conditions.

Now Canada intended to command ISAF and to provide about 2,000 soldiers for security and other functions to aid the Afghanistan government. But as the time for deployment drew closer, the Canadian military acknowledged that Canada did not have the capacity to undertake all those chores. With the urging of the United States, the NATO offered to join with Canada, but under a Canadian commander. Thus NATO joined the Afghanistan operation. Canadian Lieutenant-General Rick Hillier, commander of the Canadian army, took command of ISAF in early February 2004 and stayed in Kabul for nine months. At this point, plans were being made to have NATO expand ISAF to all of Afghanistan in the late spring or early summer of 2006. Different NATO countries were volunteering to establish Provincial Reconstruction Teams in all of Afghanistan’s provinces. These PRTs, as they were called, were supposed to work with local political, military, and police leaders to begin re-building the country. At the same time, the training of the Afghan army and police was also to be undertaken by NATO countries. Canada volunteered to set up its PRT in Kandahar Province, in the northern suburbs of Kandahar City. Canada also undertook to move almost all its forces in Afghanistan from Kabul to Kandahar province. The government warned Canadians that this new mission would likely involve combat with the Taliban who thought of Kandahar as the centre of their movement. Kandahar is a major opium and marijuana-producing region and the home of thriving drug and weapons smuggling along the border with Pakistan. When the Canadians began to move into Kandahar in the spring of 2006, Canadian casualties increased dramatically. Some of the casualties occurred in actual combat with the Taliban but most resulted from roadside bombs, also known as Improvised Explosive Devices or IEDs. The Canadian mission in Kandahar was extended to 2009 by a vote in Parliament in May of 2006 and extended again to 2011 in another vote in March 2008. So far more than 130 Canadians have been killed in the mission and hundreds more wounded. Canadians remain deeply divided on whether or not Canada should continue with a combat mission — or any kind of mission — in Afghanistan after 2011, and Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s government appears determined to bring the troops home. The Canadian Experience is a 52-week history series designed to tell the story of our country to all Canadians. Sponsored by Multimedia Nova Corporation and Diversity Media Services partners, the series features articles by our country’s foremost historians on a wide range of topics. Past articles and author bios are available at The Canadian Experience is copyright © 2010-2011 Multimedia Nova Corporation.


Come out and see exciting soccer action as the 2010 top two CSL teams do battle in the City of Vaughan. The YR Shooters take on the Serbian White Eagles in their 2011 soccer season home opener. YR Shooters have always made their Home Opener a charitable fundraiser for many worthy causes such as: Princess Margaret Hospital, Italian Earthquake, Sick Children’s Hospital and Lions’ Club. Get involved. For every ticket sold, YR Shooters will donate $5.00 to the Vaughan Hospital Foundation. Additional donations will be accepted.



A native of the Toronto area of Thornhill, the Toronto FC defender is a fitting emissary of the world’s most diverse city. He played for the YR Shooters for two seasons.

At 4:pm see the EXCITING FUTURE YR Shooter Stars play against each other in the season home opener. SHOOTERS AGE 11 TEAM BLUE VS SHOOTERS AGE 11 TEAM WHITE

See the young future star Shooter players in action. The success of any professional soccer club is their youth development program. Arsenal, Barcelona, Manchester etc all have top notch Academy programs. The YR SHOOTERS Soccer Club intention is to have youth development programs for the following ages: U11 boys program U13 boys program U15 boys program U17 boys program

Sun May Sun May Sat May Sun May Sun Jun Sun Jul Sun Jul Sat Jul Sun Aug Sun Aug Sat Sept Sun Sept Sun Sept

08 15 21 29 12 17 24 30 21 28 10 18 25

6pm 6pm 5pm 6pm 6pm 6pm 6pm 1pm 6pm 6pm 5pm 6pm 6pm

Serbian White Eagles London City North York Astros Brantford Galaxy Mississauga Eagles FC Capital City FC (Ottawa) Toronto Croatia Windsor Stars TFC Academy St. Catherines Wolves Montreal Impact Academy Brampton City Utd SC Toronto


v Capital City FC (Ottawa) v Mississauga Eagles FC (Erin Mills) v Windsor Stars (Windsor)

Who will be the League Champions for the 2011 CSL soccer season? Follow the Shooters at


v Five days a week. v Train with top level v Train with top level

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PSV Sign Canadian International Atiba Hutchinson The versatile midfielder will ply his trade in the Eredivisie. Eredivisie giants PSV have completed the transfer of Canadian international Atiba Hutchinson from Copenhagen on a free transfer. The versatile midfielder has signed a threeyear deal at the Eindhoven side. The 27-year-old Hutchinson started his professional career at York Region Shooters, after which he enjoyed time at Toronto Lynx. "He is a dynamic and athletic all-round midfielder. He is a versatile player, who can play an anchor role in midfield.”




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Health Information Professional Scarborough - As a Health Information Professional, you will report to Manager of Health Records and be responsible for accurately coding and electronically abstracting patient records. Code # WWXTZ Full Time Sales Rep - Vaughan Mills - Vaughan - We believe that you’ll find our high-performance culture personally fulfilling, professionally challenging and financially rewarding. Code # WWZAH Solutions Delivery Manager (Recruitment) - Toronto - Reporting to the Head of Solutions, the Solutions Delivery Manager is responsible for the successful delivery of major RPO projects for a wide range of clients. Code # WWXXA Financial Advisor - Lakeshore West Region - Toronto - As a financial advisor you will run your own small business and benefit from our support throughout your career. We have established many programs that will help you succeed Code # CTTW Clinical Research Physician (CRP), Diabetes - Toronto - A leading Canadian pharmaceutical company is currently looking for a Clinical Research Physician for their Diabetes Business Unit. Code # WWZAK

Jobs Jobs Jobs 32 VAUGHAN ToDAY MAY 2011

Support Analyst, IT Production - Mississauga - You will be responsible for IT merchandising team application support for all Merchandising systems and SAP coexistence. This role will also transition into Application Production Support after training has been completed. Code # WWZWX Sales Rep - Yorkdale Shopping Centre - Toronto - We believe that you’ll find our high-performance culture personally fulfilling, professionally challenging and financially rewarding. Code # WWZCX Clinical Resource Leader - Scarborough - The Clinical Resource Leader provides evidence based support for staff (nursing and other disciplines) for knowledge transfer through education and learning opportunities, mentoring and coaching. Code # WWXTY

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Full Time Junior Production Artist

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In Vaughan, it’s not a case of if they’ll get the funding, but a matter of when. The provincial government has never said where the Vaughan hospital sits on its priority list, but Sorbara says it is “up there”. “If you ask me, it’s very high up on the priority list, for the following reason: The growth-rate in the Vaughan catchment area is very significant,” he said. “Both with a young and aging population, the demand on health care will increase dramatically. “On that basis, the priority is way up there. That said, there are other hospitals who are ahead in the planning stage.”

The next steps Everyone agrees that, if all goes well, shovels should be in the ground within the next 3–5 years. The hospital will take about two years to build. For now, the next step in the project is getting the newly-submitted business model (Stage 1 in the planning process) approved. The document includes a service delivery model, a master program, a master plan and a facility development plan. They are all designed around the hospital’s key priorities. Sorbara said he’s hoping the province will approve the submission and provide funding for Stage 2 before the legislature breaks for the summer, in early June. After that, the parties will focus on the election and legislature won’t resume in earnest until some time in October. But Ferri says the project has a strong framework in place that is helping to expedite the process, especially now that the crucial first stage is complete. “The framework is there. We have the land. The foundation is going through the master plan to identify how much land it will use — how much the Campus of Care will use, and the hospital will use. As soon as that is completed and submitted, based on that everything should move forward.” Still, some kinks — such as which services would be special to the Vaughan hospital — need to be worked out. Fantino has expressed a desire for the hospital to specialize in geriatric medicine. Ferri said there is a lot of community concern about mental illness, Alzheimer’s, home care services, doctor availability and accessibility. A large swath of Vaughan’s population speak languages other than English, and Ferri says many older residents want access to health care in a language they can understand. Ferri, who vowed to stay involved with the committee either as a future MP or as a volunteer, said the time for Vaughan to have a stateof-the-art hospital will come. He said it “defies logic” that Vaughan doesn’t have a hospital, and noted that is becoming increasingly difficult for other local hospitals to carry the patient load efficiently. “There have been some fabulous expansions but not enough to meet current needs,” he said. “If everything goes well and the economy is good, and funding is available, we should be able to begin construction within three or four years.”

Hospital project has ‘a strong framework’


VW Golf’s long drive has tales a-wagon By Mathieu Yuill


he station wagon has made a comeback, even if most car companies aren’t calling them by name. Where others refer to them as crossovers or fifthdoor sedans, VW is calling a spade a spade with the 2011 Golf Wagon TDI. In addition to being a wagon, it’s also a dieselpowered vehicle. That makes it a rarity in Canada as a sub-$30,000 automobile. You see, getting a diesel engine in Canada usually requires plunking down $50,000-plus on a luxury brand or climbing into an equally expensive pickup truck. It’s a shame more diesels aren’t offered in our home and native land. Diesel engines have come a long way from their noisy, underpowered, dirty, smelly engines of yesteryear. The Golf Wagon takes ultra-low sulphur diesel, which is offered at pumps from coast-to-coast, and drastically reduces emissions compared to the diesel mom and dad has access to. Plus, the fuel is injected straight into the engine’s cylinders at very high pressure, accomplishing two goals: it keeps the engine quiet and provides for extremely high fuel efficiency. Priced at $26,875 for the base and $30,775 for the all-features-in model, the Golf Wagon TDI offered up surprising room for a young family of five. Fitting three baby seats across the back would be tough, but with a booster along with a frontfacing seat on the window seats and a rear-facing seat in the middle it was doable. Fitting the stroller and a cooler in the wagon didn’t leave room for much else, but a strategic packer could definitely maximize the space for a weekend camping trip

with the family. About town the comfort level behind the wheel and power provided from the engine is above average compared to other vehicles in the price class. Volkswagen has always done a superior job with instrument layout and amenity ergonomics. Dials and buttons were found exactly where you’d expect them to be, without having to reach or contort your body. The 140-horsepower output seems a bit low, but when paired with the 236 ft-lbs of torque it lends for a nice mix of acceleration without the aggressiveness. A wagon shouldn’t be tearing off the line anyway, but you don’t want to be a slowpoke. There’s no need to worry about that, even if it won’t be featured in a Fast and Furious movie.




Vaughan Today - May 2011  

May 2011 issue of monthly news and community information, distributed in the city of Vaughan, Ontario. Inside: will Vaughan get a hospital t...

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