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Wednesday, Sept. 19, 2012

Pros, cons of casino hotly debated

Neighbours call for increased police patrols in the area



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Park a ‘hot spot’ for parties Raul Gonzalez is fed up. The 62-year-old retired carpenter says he’s sick and tired of being woken by late night parties in West Maple Creek Park, which surrounds his Broomlands Drive property on two sides. He’s also had enough of the playground equipment being vandalized, the shards of broken glass scattered across paths and eggs being thrown at the houses backing onto the park. And he’s really ticked off about the cars full of young men who park on the street for hours at a time and

When it comes to selling real estate, we know our stuff.


Retiree Raul Gonzales says that although the city and York Regional Police have taken steps to address the issues in West Maple Creek Park, concerns still linger for some in the neighbourhood.

York United Way CEO Daniele Zanotti says leadership donations such as Robert Kidd program pack big punch

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Put casino question to citywide referendum. As many residents as possible should have say on issue. /6

30 new affordable housing units open at the Reena Community Residence at the Joseph and Wolf Lebovic Jewish Community Campus. Half of the apartments are available to low-income tenants /18

THIS WEEK: New Indie FM radio station may give boost to Vaughan bands

A simple survey showing that more than half of Vaughan residents polled would be in favour of building a casino at the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre (VMC) was enough to set the crowd off at a recent information session. Before that point, participants from the community had been orderly and calm. But when the floodgates opened, there was no holding back the crowd, many of whom saw the presentation as a marketing tool designed to persuade them on the merits of locating a casino in Vaughan. The Pollara poll, which came at the end of an hour-plus speech by Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation executives, showed that 55 per


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Vaughan Citizen, Wednesday, Sept. 19, 2012, 2

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Watch country music star Paul Brandt as he performs at Magna Hoedown. Click on video tab.

WEST NILE VIRUS Two more confirmed

human cases of West Nile virus have been reported in York Region, including Vaughan.


Your music

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Toronto lands indie-rock station

9th annual seniors fest

York students exceed average

You can win $20K classroom

Local students stage walk-out

OK, the GTA wasn’t built on indie rock like the Starship song goes, but it does have a rich history of nurturing the genre through a laundry-like list of local bands. And now, the city below Vaughan has a true indie radio station to share with all. 88.1 Indie Toronto is committing itself to a playlist of 40 per cent Canadian content, of which 60 per cent will be from emerging artists. “Indie artists are the industry stars of tomorrow,” says Dave Carr, operations manager. “And Indie 88.1 will simply help tomorrow come sooner.”

The Seniors’ Association of Vaughan Initiative (S.A.V.I.) will present its 9th annual Seniorsfest Sunday, Sept. 16 at the Veneto Centre, 7465 Kipling Ave., in Woodbridge. About 1,300 seniors from across the city are expected to gather for a day of celebration. This annual event brings together seniors of various ethnic backgrounds to share the diversity of their cultures in a fun environment. “The committee makes every effort to ensure that the program for the day is diverse and entertaining,” S.A.V.I. president Isabella Ferrara said. “This year we have again invited our members to participate in a dance competition which will be judged by members of City of Vaughan council.” As always, seniors are encouraged to contribute to the Vaughan Food Bank. Over the years, S.A.V.I. has set, and continues to hold, the record for the largest amount of food collected in a one-day event. The event kicks off at 10 a.m., followed by friendly, competitive games and entertainment.

York Region students continue to exceed the provincial average when it comes to standardized testing. School board and individual school test results released yesterday by the Education Quality and Accountability Office show more York Region and York Catholic district school board students meet or exceed the standard in grades 3 and 6 reading, writing and mathematics and Grade 9 mathematics compared with the provincial average. “We believe our success is due to a unique combination of students who are prepared and motivated to succeed and teachers who are skilled at helping students learn,” public board education director Ken Thurston said. Strong educational leaders, a common vision and supportive families and communities are the pieces that complete the puzzle, he said. While the Catholic school board is proud of its students’ achievements, chairperson Elizabeth Crowe said there is still room to improve. For individual school results, visit —Teresa Latchford

Vaughan schools can apply for a chance to win a $20,000 outdoor classroom from Majesta, Tree Canada and Focus on Forest. The Majesta Trees of Knowledge competition is back for a third year to help schools win a $20,000 outdoor classroom. Since last year, the trio have been helping schools take learning outdoors, and now even more schools will have the opportunity to bring their projects to life with additional prizes available for schools that finish 2nd, 3rd and 4th and for the school that shows the most creativity in rallying support. To apply, visit and enter before January 13, 2013. From all the submissions, 10 finalist schools will be chosen by a panel of judges based on the strength and sustainability of their plan, the impact the classroom will have on the school and community and how the school will drive support for their project. The public will vote online for their favourite school to determine the winners.

A student protest outside a Thornhill high school could be just the beginning of a bigger backlash following teachers’ cancellation of extracurricular activities. Hundreds of students at Stephen Lewis Secondary School walked out of class last week after learning they would have no sports teams this year. Teachers unions are urging their members to withdraw from voluntary activities to protest the province’s controversial new law that freezes wages and circumvents normal collective bargaining. Jesse Levy, 17, said she and other students arrived at school to see the athletic association’s bulletin board covered with notices for various teams with a message from teachers: “We regret to inform you there will be no team this year”. Teachers told them not just sports, but other activities, too, would be cancelled including field trips and talent shows, and there would be no more extra help at lunch or after school, Ms Levy said. To see video from this news event, visit —Kim Zarzour

No launch date has been set yet, but the opportunity to discover the next big Canadian thing such as Vaughan’s own The Box Tiger can’t come soon enough for music fans in these parts. Loads of us have been starving for a legitimate alternative on our radio dials. —Gilles LeBlanc. Follow him on Twitter @ROCKthusiast.

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3, Vaughan Citizen, Wednesday, Sept. 19, 2012

This Week


Vaughan Citizen, Wednesday, Sept. 19, 2012, 4

Council must give blessing for casino to proceed From page 1.

cent of the 500 polled online in August were in favour of a casino in Vaughan. The poll also showed 18 per cent strongly supported a casino, 37 per cent somewhat supported it, while 34 per cent were opposed, 15 per cent somewhat opposed and 19 per cent strongly opposed. Other numbers showed that overall, 75 per cent of respondents held a positive view of casinos and 20 per cent held a negative one. The poll also found that people saw the drawbacks of a casino in Vaughan to include negative social impacts, a waste of money and crime concerns. The benefits, meanwhile, would include revenue for the city, jobs, improved entertainment options and tourism and hospitality. However, despite these findings, many questioned whether the revenue the city would receive would be worth the risk. In all, the OLG projected the city’s earnings would be largely comparable to the slots at Woodbine in Toronto, which rakes in about $14.8 million a year or 5 per cent of the city’s entire budget. To that, many called out, “is that all”?

‘Woodbine Mall is struggling and shops are vacant. This (a casino) wouldn’t help small businesses in the community.’ Mariani Santina

Vaughan resident

One woman stood up, rejecting the meeting format, in which people were asked to write their questions down on a piece of paper. The participant said the damage done to the community surrounding the OLG Slots at Woodbine Racetrack would also happen in Vaughan. “Woodbine Mall is struggling and shops are vacant,” said Mariani Santina. “This (a casino) wouldn’t help small businesses in the community. You (OLG) are trying to put people in your hotels and your restaurants, nowhere else. This (the poll) has been premature. How can we make a decision (referring to the residents questioned in the poll) without the facts?” Her comments were echoed by Concord and Thornhill North

Councillor Sandra Racco in an e-mail to The Citizen. “The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation will, of course, provide you with all the statistics and surveys that will paint a pretty picture of lights and glitter in the immediate area,” she said. “Quite often, local businesses do not gain, but rather, suffer greatly from the loss of revenue because the concentration of business will remain within the main strip of where the casino is built. I truly hope our residents, our businesses, and my colleagues will give serious consideration in not supporting this proposal.” It was Ms Yeung Racco’s husband, former Thornhill MPP Mario Racco, who stood up at the meeting to ask OLG executives what kidn of families will want to live in the new condominiums planned for the VMC if there is a huge casino next door? Others complained about the social costs, including one woman who stood up at the meeting to talk about the damage gambling has caused done to her family. She added some of her neighbours have witnessed children stealing from their own parents to raise gambling funds.

Steven Del Duca, MPP Vaughan

Thank you for your support. My office is available to serve you. In person at 140 Woodbridge Ave., Unit AU8, Vaughan; By telephone at 905-851-0440; Or, by email at

The OLG, meanwhile, remained constant in their message, saying that an “integrated, resort-style facility” could add up to 5,000 slot machines, not to mention “potentially thousands of direct permanent jobs and thousands more from construction, increased local tourism and planning”. When asked what percentage of the profits Vaughan would receive, the OLG could not say, adding that no number could be devised because the facility doesn’t yet exist.

PLENTY OF BENEFITS They did, however, include a number of other statistics including wages to employees at Woodbine since 2000, which total $371.1 million, purchases from local and regional vendors totaling $174.1 million and OLG corporate sponsorships of local events totaling $3.7 million. “As we explained in the presentation, we see plenty of benefits for any host community,” OLG spokesperson Tony Bitonti said. “From jobs to increased tax base, to tourism. The benefits are clear. We also understand that people have concerns about the social impacts of having a casino in their

community and we don’t deny that a small percentage of the population has an issue with gambling. We deal with these issues head-on with our extensive responsible gambling program and the $40 million that goes to the province for free addiction programs for those ask for it.” The presentation also included quotes from four big-city mayors who support casinos in their communities, including the mayor of Brantford, who was previously ardently opposed to a casino. Although a number of people in the meeting appeared keen on the idea of a casino, only two people spoke positively about such an idea in general. Michael Butt, whose Buttcon Limited company based in Concord has been working within the casino industry, said more than any other place, contractors from Vaughan are those who have been working on casino projects. “I believe regulated gambling is better than the alternative,” he said. “...where criminals are involved.” Before any casino is built in Vaughan, the OLG would have to receive support and approval from council, receive zoning approval and enter into a host municipal funding agreement with the city.

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5, Vaughan Citizen, Wednesday, Sept. 19, 2012


Vaughan Citizen, Wednesday, Sept. 19, 2012, 6


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Put casino question to city-wide referendum


f the city is truly interested in finding out how you feel about allowing a casino in Vaughan, it sure isn’t going about it the right way. Conducting an online poll of 500 people and following it up with a public meeting, held just after the end of summer holidays, is insufficient public consultation for such a major issue that could have a huge and lasting impact on this community. To make matters worse, all the information presented at last week’s meeting came from Pollara, a polling firm with close ties to the city, and the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation. As our readers have pointed out, there was very little discussion of the downside of having a casino, such as the rise in problem gambling, bankruptcy, divorce, depression, suicide and crime as well as growing socio-economic inequality. A true discussion of those issues would require the presence of an organization such as the Ontario Problem Gambling Research Centre. If the city wants to gauge the public’s attitude toward a casino, it has to hold a few public meetings, in the evening or on weekends, with every side of the debate represented to ensure all the cards are on the table. As far as we can tell, the only argument put forward so far for allowing a casino here is the money it will bring into the community. The problem with that argument is that the evidence, to date, suggests casinos aren’t exactly cash cows for municipalities. OLG representatives at last week’s meeting could not say for certain how much revenue the city would get from a casino. Instead, they pointed out that since 2000, a comparable facility at Woodbine Racetrack has generated $178 million – nearly $15 million annually – for the city of Toronto. That’s peanuts in the grand scheme of things. Vaughan’s combined capital and operating budget for 2012 was $275 million and that number is

HAVE YOUR SAY Tell us what you think. Is building a casino in Vaughan good for our local economy? What do you think the downsides would be of locating a casino here? E-mail editor Kim Champion at kchampion@yrmg. com. A selection of your comments will be published in an upcoming edition.

going to rise steeply as the city’s explosive population growth continues. What about the spinoff benefits for other local businesses? Well, there’s no guarantee you’d see any. A comprehensive 2011 study commissioned by the Canadian Consortium for Gambling Research showed the financial benefits for local businesses is not clear-cut at all. If a casino attracts a large number of visitors from outside the region and they decide to stay overnight or go shopping, then other sectors, especially the hospitality sector, might benefit, according to the study. But if it draws mainly from the local population and patrons simply gamble, then head back home, the net effect on local businesses may, in fact, be negative. That’s why we believe the city can’t simply stop at asking 500 people if they support having a casino in Vaughan. The question must be put to all eligible voters in a referendum. As many people as possible need to have a say in deciding whether or not it is worth gambling on a casino. And we’re confident people in this community, when armed with all the information, will make the right decision and put the “NO” in casino.

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR Casinos make bad economic focal points for cities Last Thursday I attended a meeting where the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation made a presentation to residents about the possibility of building a casino/gambling complex in Vaughan. I found the meeting to be one-sided. The presentation was rosy and full of grand promises of more revenue for the city and new direct and indirect job creation, although the presenters couldn’t quantify either claim. There was little mention of the negative social impacts a casino could have on a community, such as gambling addiction, crime and drugs. Historically, wherever casinos and gambling have been established, crime has likely followed. There was also no mention of the displacement

of existing hospitality and retail jobs that would be lost in the area adjacent to a casino. However, when asked about the number of suicides that could be attributed to gambling, the response was that the coroner of Ontario had identified nine suicides directly related to gambling in Ontario. He could not identify how many suicides were indirectly related. Ontario Lottery and Gaming officials did stress that they go to great lengths to rehabilitate problem gamblers. The specific proposal for a Vaughan casino is to locate it within the city’s future downtown, known as the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre (VMC), in the Jane Street and Hwy. 7 area. The proposed vision for the new downtown is to create a location for highpaying professional jobs along with quality highrise

condos. At least that is how the VMC has been portrayed. Having a casino there contradicts that vision because, frankly, I cannot imagine anyone wanting to live and raise a family near or beside a casino. Vaughan council needs to adhere to and focus on the intent and vision of the new downtown core, where a casino will only detract from that. Simply focusing on casinos as an economic focal plank for Vaughan means that the city and province have run out of ideas and are adrift, economically, without a plan. The Town of Oakville is not interested in any proposal to locate a casino or slot machines within its boundaries. Vaughan council should examine and understand how Oakville came to that decision.


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you by

7, Vaughan Citizen, Wednesday, Sept. 19, 2012

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Vaughan Citizen, Wednesday, Sept. 19, 2012, 8

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FURNITURE ARRANGING When presented with an empty room in a new home or apartment, most people are a bit apprehensive about where to start. It can be difficult to picture where to place a sofa or how to arrange a chaise lounge. Although interior decorators may seem to have the knack for knowing where to place furniture, arranging items that are already owned or new furniture is something just about anyone can master. Before furniture can be placed, certain questions should be answered and room layouts examined. Consider the following: Is the room used to travel through to another room? If so, a pathway will need to be left so that walking unhindered is possible. Where are the doors and windows located? Furniture should not be placed where it can interfere with a door being

opened fully or block too much light. How is the room used? For example, furniture shouldn’t be placed in a family room so that individuals constantly have to walk past the television and block watchers’ views. If a room is used as a sitting space, furniture should be geared around bookshelves or a fireplace.

What space is available? Too much furniture in a room can create the appearance of clutter. It can also make maneuvering around the room difficult. Keep furniture scale and quantity in mind when decorating. It may be wise to remove some pieces if the room is overrun with items. Once the general idea of where furniture will be placed is decided, it helps to take measurements to ensure everything will fit. There’s little point hefting around heavy furniture only to move it back to its starting position if

9, Vaughan Citizen, Wednesday, Sept. 19, 2012



Figure out the focal point of the room (a fireplace or picture window) and arrange furniture to complement, not block, this feature.

something doesn’t fit correctly. Making a reduced-scale model of the room and moving paper cut-outs of the furniture is much easier on the back than moving the furniture itself. There also is software that can be installed on the computer that enables homeowners to see how furniture will look once arranged. Now that the time has come to place the furniture, follow these guidelines. • Coffee tables or ottomans should be set 14 to 18 inches away from the couch. Adjust accordingly to meet the needs of homeowners. • Televisions should be placed at a distance three-times the size of the screen. However, some of the verylarge televisions will simply have to be placed closer. Otherwise they could very well be in the next room. • The average adult requires 20 inches of breathing room for dining room

chairs. Allow an additional 16 inches of room for pushing the chairs out to get up from the seat. • Make sure the edge of a bed is at least 24 inches away from a wall so that sleepers can enter and exit the bed comfortably. There are some other tips to keep in mind when arranging furniture. • Consider the safety of young children. Choose furniture that doesn’t have sharp edges or temporarily cover these edges. • Figure out the focal point of the room (a fireplace or picture window) and arrange furniture to complement, not block, this feature. • Protect floors and walls when moving furniture. • Enlist the help of strong individuals to move furniture. Don’t risk injury by doing it alone.

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LEATHER FURNITURE MYTHS DEBUNKED Consumers facing a showroom of hundreds of different pieces of furniture may be confused as to which fabric best fits their needs and which furniture provides the best value. Leather furniture is among the more popular options, but some shoppers shy away from leather because of preconceived notions about the material.

other fabrics wear out over time, leather only gets better and better. Leather will develop its character and patina through frequent use. For consumers looking for furniture that will remain durable and attractive, leather can be well worth the initial investment. Myth: Leather furniture isn’t comfortable.

Despite what many people think about leather, most of the common beliefs are actually myths, and leather is easier to care for than many consumers might think.

Leather furniture indoors is not like sitting on leather seats in a car that is subject to the temperature fluctuations from outdoors. Inside with moderated temperatures, the leather will stay pleasantly cool in the summer and will warm to your body heat in the winter. Try to keep leather furniture away from windows and the sun, which will heat it up and may fade the color prematurely.

Myth: Leather is for bachelors. While the black leather sofa has been a staple in bachelor pads for years, a leather couch or loveseat is just as fashionable in a family residence as it is in a man cave. There are an array of colors and styles of leather furniture available today, proving the perception that leather is just for single men wrong.

Myth: Leather isn’t for children or pets. Children and pets can be hard on furniture, but leather can often withstand their abuse. Unless a dog is using the sofa as his new chew toy, chances are the furniture can withstand a reclining pet or a boisterous child. There are special leather sealants that can provide an added measure of protection in high-traffic homes.

Myth: Leather is hard to clean. Leather is a natural material made from the hide of different animals. In general, all a person needs to clean stains and spills is a damp rag. Leather furniture should be routinely dusted. Conditioning products can be applied once or twice a year to keep the leather supple.

Myth: Leather doesn’t require any maintenance. Although leather is pretty durable and care-free, cushions should be turned and fluffed once a week to maintain shape. Light dusting or vacuuming can be done. Be sure to wipe up any spill promptly.

Myth: Leather furniture is too expensive. The up-front cost of leather furniture may be more than other options. However, while many

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Samsung Galaxy Tab™ 8.9 LTE 99

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Dist for as rlibute ow as:


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ea. 905.264.8703 Minimum 5,000 Call for details

Vaughan Citizen, Wednesday, Sept. 19, 2012, 2

3, Vaughan Citizen, Wednesday, Sept. 19, 2012

Man's Best Friend Show “A SHOW FOR ALL PETS”


Saturday, September 22nd, 2012, 10:00 am - 6:00 pm

Location Mackenzie Glen District Park ( 220 Cranston Park Avenue, Maple)




10:00 am - 11:00 am

York Region K-9 Unit

11:00 am

Energy Dance Art

11:30 am - 2:30 pm

Face Painting

1:00 pm - 2:00 pm


2:00 pm

Pet Tricks, Open to Public Great Prices

3:00 pm

Pet Look alike Contest Winner

10:00 am - 6:00 pm

EMS, Pet Movies Pet Photographer

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UNEMPLOYED? Looking for work? We have immediate opportunities in: • Administration • Trades • Accounting & Finance • IT • Customer Service • Manufacturing To learn more contact VAUGHAN WORKFORCE SKILLS CENTRE

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ONTARIO This Employment Ontario service is funded in part by the Government of Canada.

11, Vaughan Citizen, Wednesday, Sept. 19, 2012

Silhouette Windows Sunlight is essential to any home. For its warmth. Its charm. Its cheerfulness. It is an extremely important decorating element. And one you should not sacrifice simply because you need privacy and light control. Silhouette window shadings have two sheer fabric facings with fabric vanes suspended between them. When the vanes are open, the view outside is preserved, and your home’s natural light is gently filtered. Closed, the fabric vanes allow you privacy while maintaining the soft, elegant style Silhouette window shadings create. The vanes adjust to further soften incoming light and help protect your furnishings from the sun’s damaging rays. A mere touch of a button on the remote control, or the flip of a wall switch, is all it takes to lighten things up, tone them down, or give you all the privacy you need. Silhouette window shadings are available in a beautiful palette of designer colours and a wide variety of applications. From arches and angles to tilt-only operation for smaller windows and motorization for hard to reach windows, Silhouette window

shadings are a welcome addition to any room. Silhouette window shadings are available in two-inch, three-inch or four-inch vane sizes that tilt to give you precision light control and protection against harmful UV rays. And, if you’re looking for room darkening in your home, ask about Silhouette Bon Soir™. Hunter Douglas has led the window coverings industry in safety at the window. Silhouette window shadings keeps cord loops safely taut without interfering with smooth operation. And the PowerRise® system not only makes shades easy to operate, it completely eliminates the need for control cords. “Silhouette® window shadings offer the perfect window covering solution,” said Sue Rainville, Director of Marketing for Hunter Douglas Canada. “Purchasing top quality innovative window fashions has never been more affordable, not to mention the fact that these shades are backed by an exclusive Lifetime Guarantee.” For more information, visit

Fall Lawn Care Warm-weather days will soon be a thing of the past and that means prepping the home and landscape for the arrival of winter weather. Even though it may be blanketed first by leaves and snow, lawns need treatment now to be sure they overwinter successfully. In fact, lawn experts say there is significant root growth that takes place during the winter -- growth homeowners won’t necessarily see. People should continue to water their lawns throughout the autumn if there isn’t significant rain and to aerate it as well. Applying a fertilizer that is high in nitrogen can help foster strong root growth. Also, keep up on removing leaves that have fallen. Not only will they stifle the lawn, but they may cause excessive moisture and mold to grow while inhibiting sunlight from reaching the grass as well. Before winter arrives, take the time to sow some grass seeds into the bald patches, if any. By late fall the lawn will stop taking up nutrients in preparation for winter

Avoid shivering this winter January and February are typically considered the coldest months in the northwest, northeast and midwestern United States. It can be tough for homeowners trying to bear the cold without running up heating costs. Yet with some planning and investment, we can avoid the winter chills.

A touch of elegance





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The Holiday Home Makeover Event Makeover your home this holiday season with Hunter Douglas window fashions. Silhouette® window shadings play with light and give your home that special holiday sparkle. From September 1st to December 19th, 2012, ask us how you can receive a minimum of $200 in Hunter Douglas manufacturer’s rebates.

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An effective and efficient heating system needs a solid air barrier, say specialists. Traditional insulation materials are regarded as economical options. However, these same materials can contribute to unnecessary heat loss. Innovations, like the spray foam insulation from leading name Icynene, afford Look to Sun-Brite Drapery for a selection of products that will satisfy the most creative & decorative minds. homeowners an upgraded insulation system that also provides an air barrier. 416-741-9430 • Understanding what products are available allows homeowners to reduce energy bills for a warm winter and be ready for a cool summer. Visit our 4500 sq. ft. Showroom: 7695 Jane St, Suites 10 & 11


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White Oak Gunstock 3 5/8” Regular $4.99

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Hickory 14.3mm Regular $1.99

Cherry 14.3mm Regular $1.99

Maya Walnut 12mm Regular $1.99

American Mahogany 12mm Regular $1.99







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STORE HOURS M-F 9am-7pm • Sat. & Sun. 10am-5pm


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Neighbours of this mostly quiet street in the Melville Avenue and Rutherford Road area have been complaining about vandalism, wild partying and drug dealing at West Maple Creek Park in Vaughan (above).

appear to be dealing drugs. Sometimes he sees them drinking alcohol or smoking pot. And they often try to intimidate those who approach them, he says. The city and York Regional Police have taken steps to address the problems, but it’s still happening and something more has to be done, Mr. Gonzalez says. “The police have to come a little bit more often,” he says. He would also like to see more people in the community step up as well. “All the neighbours have to help,” Mr. Gonzalez said. “The most important thing is to get the neighbours to take action when they see what’s going on. If you see a car parked on the street, report it.” His neighbours agree there’s a problem and they’d like to see more police patrols in the area. Broomlands Drive, near Melville Avenue and Rutherford Road, is generally a quiet street, mostly made up of young families, middle-aged couples and retirees. And those causing the problems are not from the neighbourhood, several area residents say. Dmitry Anoshkin, who lives next door to Mr. Gonzalez, says the situation seems to have improved a bit in the past year. But his house has been pelted with eggs and the parties often keep him and his wife awake at night, since their bedroom faces the park and they like to sleep with the windows open. He also said the vandalism and littering is

constant, forcing city workers to visit the park at least once a week to clean up the mess. Mr. Anoshkin is mostly concerned about the safety of his two young children. Last year, Mr. Gonzalez reached the end of his rope and called the city. He met with Maple/Kleinburg Councillor Marilyn Iafrate, a city bylaw officer and an officer from York Region Police. The city responded to his concerns by removing some brush and shrubs to eliminate an area where teenagers were partying and improve visibility throughout the park. Signs were also installed to warn people that the park may be under video surveillance. A camera is slated to be installed near the playground in a couple of weeks, Ms Iafrate said. Ms Iafrate also noted that she hasn’t heard any complaints since last year’s meeting. Mr. Gonzalez acknowledged that the city responded quickly to his concerns. But, he says, the police officer at the meeting also pledged to beef up patrols of the area and that lasted for only a few weeks. Now the patrols are much less frequent and the problems have returned, he says. York Regional Police Inspector Kevin Torrie said West Maple Creek Park is considered a “hot spot” and police patrol the area regularly. But, he added, if more patrols are needed “we’ll definitely step it up”. Mr. Torrie also said the community has been good about reporting issues to police and he hopes that will continue. “We encourage that for sure,” he said.

Fm\i(''<o_`Y`kfij# >l\jkJg\Xb\ij?fn$Kf;\dfj





• Tuition-Free Academic Upgrading • Earn Your Grade 12 Equivalency • Must Be 19 Years of Age or Older • Study English, Math, Science, Computers


F:KF9<I(0#)')( Xkk_\


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3 Adults 2 Seniors Children & Parking

FridayPM PMsSaturday 10am - 6pm Sunday 11am - 5pm


ZXcc]fidfi\[\kX`cj0',$0+*$-((Sponsored By:

Presented by:

Congratulations to the 380 students who participated in our 2012 Summer Jobs Program. Sincere thanks to the employers who supported the Program providing exceptional work experience opportunities for the students.

VAUGHAN WORKFORCE SKILLS CENTRE 1490 Major Mackenzie Drive West Unit D5 Vaughan, ON L6A 4H6 905.417.1781


ONTARIO This Employment Ontario service is funded in part by the Government of Canada.

13, Vaughan Citizen, Wednesday, Sept. 19, 2012

Camera to go up soon

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dog walkerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s

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CORRECTION: Toronto FC goalkeeper Stefan Frei helps Gisella Asturi and brother, Peter, build a mini tool box at the Home Depot in Vaughan, which hosted a tool box building workshop recently. The children were incorrectly identified in last Wednesday’s Vaughan Citizen. We regret the error.

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15, Vaughan Citizen, Wednesday, Sept. 19, 2012


Vaughan Citizen, Wednesday, Sept. 19, 2012, 16

Shooters gain playoff berth The York Region Shooters are glad the referee included some added injury time when they played SC Waterloo in their Canadian Soccer League First Division match on the St. Joan of Arc Catholic High School pitch Sunday.

Trailing 1-0 and with time winding down in the second half, the Shooters took full advantage of what time was added on when Carlos Rivas Jr. headed a shot into the net at 92 minutes to salvage a 1-1 tie. With the tie, the Shooters gained a playoff berth and occupy third place in the standings with a 9-1-1037 mark.


The Shooters trail second-place SC Toronto by just three points and first-place Toronto Croatia by seven. The Shooters are scheduled to resume league play against Montreal Impact Academy at St. Joan of Arc Catholic High School in Maple Sept. 30 at 6:30 p.m.



â&#x20AC;&#x201D;Michael Hayakawa

To book your flyer call 905-264-8703 Some flyers delivered to selected areas only

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Beverley Mahood joins Frank Stronach Saturday during the 24th Magna Wild Wild West Hoedown, York Regionâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s largest annual fundraiser. To see more photographs from the event, visit and click on the photo gallery tab.

United Way receives record gift BY CHRIS TRABER

Your search for the right insurance rate should be exhaustive, not exhausting. Only gives you an unbiased comparison of over 30 premier insurance companies, so you can find a rate that works for you â&#x20AC;&#x201D; without impacting your coverage. Visit and see how a little shopping around could save you hundreds of dollars on your insurance.

The United Way of York Region announced its largest gift on record â&#x20AC;&#x201D; $100,000 â&#x20AC;&#x201D; from the estate of Robert Kidd during Nightingaleâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s employee fundraising campaign kickoff Monday. On a day of firsts, the health care IT and software company launched its inaugural staff campaign to support the United Wayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s ambitious $8.26-million record goal for 2012. The gift, as outlined in the The Robert Kidd Community Leadership Challenge, will match first-time donations of $1,000 or more. For longtime donors, the program matches dollar-fordollar any contribution thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s 10-per-cent more than previous donations.

Grand ening! 15 Op

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HOW YOU CAN HELP To volunteer or donate to the 2012 campaign, visit york.united, call 905-474-9974 or e-mail

â&#x20AC;&#x153;People who want to make change happen in their communities will be able to amplify that change by taking the Robert Kidd Community Leadership Challenge,â&#x20AC;? United Way campaign director Rickesh Lakhani said, noting a gift of $1,000 provides a year of counselling and life skills support for two teenagers. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Now, thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s real change.â&#x20AC;? Hopefully, this call to action will attract new donors and help the organization


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Mon-Thur: 11:00am-10:00pm Fri-Sat: 11:00am-10:30pm Sun: 11:00am-10:pm


9200 Weston Rd Vaughan, ON L4H 2P8

reach this yearâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s campaign goal, leadership and major individual giving cabinet chairperson Shaun Lewis said, adding people in York Region know their donation to United Way is invested in the most efficient way possible to make lasting change. By increasing the impact of leadership donations, the Robert Kidd program will help tackle the root causes of social issues through frontline investments and other innovative strategies, United Way chief executive officer Daniele Zanotti said. Donors help create opportunities for children and caregivers impacted by HIV/ AIDS, young mothers who need access to parenting programs and newcomers needing support when transitioning to new communities.


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30 affordable housing units open BY ADAM MARTIN-ROBBINS

York Region faces a serious affordable housing crunch so the opening of 30 new units in Vaughan to serve low-income families was met with much fanfare. More than 150 people, including many politicians from all levels of government, showed up last Friday to celebrate the opening of the Reena Community Residence at the Joseph and Wolf Lebovic Jewish Community Campus, near Bathurst Street and Major Mackenzie Drive.


This only are when you spend $1.00 on a delicious Smileweek Cookies coming Monday, September 17th chocolate chunk Smile Cookie,Tim Hortons will donate the Entire proceeds will be donated to Autism Ontario, York Region. entire proceeds to Autism Ontario,York Region To To ďŹ nd find out out more more visit visit

â&#x20AC;&#x153;As good as weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve been in so many different areas, this is one area, social housing, that we struggle with and we have a large waiting list of all sorts of folks who require assistance,â&#x20AC;? York Region chairperson Bill Fisch said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;We do all that we can to ensure we cover that list as much as possible, but itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s the groups that get together, like Reena and others, who come to realize that they to have to assist in this issue that we have. Theyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re the ones that have been most successful at helping us do what we have

to do.â&#x20AC;? Reenaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s new residence features housing for up to 84 people in 60 self-contained apartments, half of which are available to low-income tenants. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m in awe of the work that you did and the passion that you put into making this building a reality,â&#x20AC;? Joan Glick Gold, chair of Reenaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s board of directors.

HOUSING FACILITIES Reena, established in 1973, is a non-profit social service agency that helps people with developmental disabilities integrate into mainstream society. As a Jewish organization, people enrolled in Reenaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s programs and living in its residences observe Jewish culture, values and traditions. But its programs and housing facilities are open to people of any faith. The new residence received $4.2 million from the Canada-Ontario Affordable Housing Program. It also got a boost of $1.1 million in â&#x20AC;&#x153;municipal financial incentivesâ&#x20AC;? and $2.6 million from the Ministry of Community and Social Services toward

operating costs. â&#x20AC;&#x153;â&#x20AC;Ś Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s going to be a new place for seniors, for people with special needs and for low-income households. Really, thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s great news for people that need a hand up and, as well, itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s more rental options for local residents,â&#x20AC;? said Labour Minister Lisa Raitt speaking on behalf of Human Resources Minister Diane Finley, who is also responsible for the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation. â&#x20AC;&#x153;When we provide these new housing units it will contribute to the economic (and) social well-being of the entire community.â&#x20AC;? Richmond Hill MPP Reza Moridi said the project is just one example of the provincial governmentâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s commitment to providing affordable housing in communities across Ontario. â&#x20AC;&#x153;These 60 new units will provide a safe and stable home that will improve the lives and well-being for many people in this community,â&#x20AC;? he said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;In fact, the entire community can benefit from the recreation and educational programs that this new building is going to offer.â&#x20AC;?

Š Tim Hortons, 2010

e ick h n T ey Ala Bail

r e r t e t EEn n in n i W W TTo o TThhee ILLL D HHIL

g k rin s Jac r a a St

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A fresh floral or fruit arrangement once month for a year from Lidali Florist. Value Value $ 600.00

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Time for Us package at Caesar Spa including Rose Swedish Massage, 45 minutes for two and radiance facial mask for two. Value $ 155.00

$ 100.00 Gift Card to Hillcrest Mall

2 Tickets to the show and VIP reception.



Midnight Limo Service Inc.

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19, Vaughan Citizen, Wednesday, Sept. 19, 2012

call: 1-800-743-3353

fax: 1-905-853-1765

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Commissioned Furniture Professionals .BSLIBNr7BVHIBO If YOU have a FLAIR FOR INTERIOR DECORATING, a PASSION for HOME DECOR, the ability to work weekends and some evenings, excellent verbal and written communication skills, and retail sales experience we need to hear from you! WE offer an exciting and creative work environment, very generous compensation programs, company benefits plan, professional training and opportunities for advancement and work in a beautiful La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries Showroom! Please send your resume, Attn: Jeff Gold Email: Salon and Spa

Salon and Spa

HAIR STYLISTS Full time/Part time 1900 Major Mackenzie, Vaughan Be a part of the fast pace and energetic environment of a SmartStyle salon that thrives on teamwork. You’ll get the chance to work with other talented individuals and use all of your skills and talents, creating the latest styles for a wide variety of clients. SmartStyle also offers you the rewards, educational opportunities and benefits to help you succeed as a top stylist. Call Daniella at 905-264-1704

Salon and Spa

Experienced Hair Stylist Wanted full or part-time. Also, chair for rent in Vaughan. Call Rob, 647-229-3662

General Help SHIPPER FOR Tru Tech Doors in Vaughan. Retrieve finished products & components and stage for shipping. Ensure product is loaded and properly secured. Prepare packing slips and/or bills of lading. Fax order confirmation to customers. Send resume: or fax: 905-856-2096

Technical/ Skilled Trades

Technical/ Skilled Trades

SERVICE TECHNICIAN required for installing, training, and supporting a line of CNC Cutting equipment for a Concord based company. The successful candidate must have a strong mechanical background, well spoken and have a working knowledge of Window's, CAD/CAM and electrical components. Some travel required.

Email resume to Office/ Administration

Office/ Administration

ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT Medium sized international company seeking a Full-Time Assistant. Excellent organizational and communication skills required. Knowledge of Microsoft Word and Excel an asset. Good command of the English language. Spanish speaking essential. Located in the Jane/Rutherford area. Please fax resumes to the attention of Human Resources @ (905) 660-0474 or email at:

Manufacturing Operation in Woodbridge, Ontario The successful candidate will be responsible for: • Cost Accounting, Inventory Management, Internal Controls • Having a solid understanding of Plant Operations • Database reporting using Crystal Report Writer • Liaison with all department mangers for new reports • Financial Closing, Financial Reporting and Financial Analysis • Supervising and Instructing your Accounting Staff Qualifications: • CGA or CMA certificate (or at the final level of program) • Possess strong learning skills of software • At least 7 manufacturing experience is essential • Strong computer skills Provide detailed examples of operational involvement and accomplishments. Provide detailed examples of database report writing. If you are self directed, and able to work in a fast paced environment we look forward to hearing from you. Please send a resume outlining qualifications and salary expectations to

Sales Opportunities

Sales Opportunities

Customer Service and Sales Representative - Woodbridge Processing orders and answering customer inquiries for a nutritional health company. Customer service and sales experience required. The position requires a team player with strong initiative that will support the needs of the business. Must have good working knowledge of computers, and Microsoft Office. Excellent written and verbal communication skills are required. Competitive base salary with bonus and benefits. Fax resume to Tina 905-851-1466 or email: General Help

General Help

Office/ Administration

Rapidly growing real estate firm in Richmond Hill has an immediate opening for an experienced F/T Deal Secretary / Bookkeeper. Proficiency in LoneWolf and MS Office is a must. The ideal candidate will thrive in a fast- paced environment and effectively multi-task and prioritize to meet deadlines. Excellent organizational skills together with exceptional attention to detail and accuracy are critical for success. Candidates with flexibility to assume administrative duties as required will be preferred, and knowledge of MLS and EasyOffer is an asset.

Please forward resume to We thank all applicants, however only those considered will be contacted. Establish flooring company looking for: HARDWOOD SERVICE COORDINATOR Organize & schedule service work & inspect deficiencies on site/customer homes. ORDER DESK COORDINATOR Process & track orders/backorders. OFFICE CLERK Strong excel and customer service skills. Email: or drop off resume at 505 Cityview Blvd, Maple


Administrative Secretary with Accounting experience and knowledge of Jonas Accounting software. Fax resume to 905-761-6979

WOODBRIDGE- 27 Arundel Drive. 4 bedroom house, single garage, 5 appliances, 2.5 bathrooms, fenced backyard, A/C, 3 parking. $1850.+. 905-727-1102

Articles for Sale (Misc.) HOT TUB (Spa) CoversBest Price, Best Quality. All Shapes & Colours Available. Call 1-866-652-6837 newspaper HOT TUB/SPA 2012 model, fully loaded, full warranty. New in plastic. Cost $8,000 Sacrifice $3,900. Call: 416-779-0563

Child Care Wanted MATURE ITALIAN or Portuguese lady required 2pm-7pm. Housekeeping, pick-up children from school. $800/mo. 416-889-9791

Salary commensurate with qualifications and experience Office/ Administration

Houses for Rent

General Help


$100-$400 CASH Daily

$$$NEED MONEY$$$ Do you have a pension plan from an ex-employer? (LIRA) or (locked in RRSP). Call NOW! 1-416-357-9585

For Landscaping work! Competive, Energetic, Honesty a MUST!


Start your own business! Over $20,000 in bonuses to earn. Be your own boss. Work your own hours. Free gift when you join!

Call Avon Today! Carmela 905-303-9809 Apartments for Rent HWY.27/ MEDALLION- 1 bedroom basement. Separate entrance. Weekend laundry, 1 parking. No pets/ smoking. Available October 1st. $850. Amar, 416-771-6697


GENERAL HELP WANTED ONroute KING CITY Travel Plaza Highway 400 N Currently has full-time and part-time position available: Counter help, Starbucks, Teriyaki Experience and Swiss Chalet. Must have own transportation - there is no bus service to our location. Please contact Andrew (cell) (647)898 9205 Fax (905)303 2733 Send resume to or Apartments for Rent

WESTON/ RUTHERFORDbright, large 2 bedroom. basement. Separate entrance, laundry, cable, parking, central air, storage. Non-smoking/ MAPLE- 2 bedroom base- pets. Immediate. $1150. men, Jane/ Major Mac, 2 (416)788-2146 parking, utilities, cable/ WOODBRIDGELUXUlaundry included. $1100, RY basement apartment, Sept. 26th. 416-562-7763/ private entrance, granite 905-303-3935, Ikki stairs, marble, solid oak finish, French doors, cenWESTON/ RUTHER- tral vac, private laundry. Pino FORD- Spacious 1 bed- $900-$1100. room basement apartment. 905-264-3162 Separate entrance. Abso- MAPLE- 2 bedroom baselutely No smoking/ pets. ment. Available Oct. 1st. Available October 1st. Call 905-417-9489 be(905)264-9285 tween 8am-2pm.

Houses for Rent

$$MONEY$$ CONSOLIDATE Debts Mortgages to 90% No income, Bad credit OK! Better Option Mortgage #10969 1-800-282-1169

Cleaning/Janitorial A CRYSTAL Cleaning experience- Homes, Offices. Insured/ bonded. Supplies provided. 15% discount. (647)500-2260 for details.

Decks & Fences DECKS, Shed, Concrete/ Stone walkway. Hardwood/ Laminate floors 25 years experience. 416-522-8034, 905-787-0236 http://fifieldconstruction.

KING CITY- Keele St. Renovated 2 storey 2 bedroom. 6 minute walk to GO Home Renovations Train. December 1. $1700+ utilities. COMPLETE RENOVA905-833-0085 TIONS- Additions. Basements. Medical Clinics: Dentistry; Vet Clinic; Chiropractic. Professional. Low price. (416)427-2308 Sean.

Moving & Storage

CITY MOVERS: Two men, 16' truck. $40/hr. No hidden fees. Flat rate available. (416)816-4132

Adult Services I HAVE beautiful girls for nice relaxing massage. $40 door fee, with coupon, $10 off. 10am-10pm. 647-435-1126

Vaughan Citizen, Wednesday, Sept. 19, 2012, 20

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