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THE DESCENDENTS collage //album compilation packaging record store window display Overview The Descendents are an influential punk band often credited as being the archetype for the “pop punk” genre. They were founded in 1978 but recruited their signature member Milo Aukerman(who’s iconically illustrated on their album Milo Goes to College) and released their first EP in 1981. The band went on hiatus when Milo went to college for biochemistry. They are notorious for being nerds and although their music is catchy and more accessible than some punk bands, they remain respected and loved among the punk subculture to this day. Challenge Package a compilation of The Descendents albums from over the past 30 years to celebrate “30 years of Milo”. The rerelease needed to be an exciting take on a classic band, and more importantly it needed to be an authentic representation of the punk aesthetic to appeal to the exclusive and skeptical punk audience. Solution Punk culture is very particular about integrity, authenticity and the punk D.I.Y (Do It Yourself). The collages were completely handmade from old textbooks and magazines. The scientific diagrams speak to the Descendents’ “nerd” identity/ Milo’s biochemistry and the chosen text and mockery of pop culture clearly represent punk ideals. The text on the punch labels are the lyrics to The Descendents most recognizable song “Suburban Home” Although it is in the spirit of old, no budget, photocopied punk zines, they are updated for today and have detail and color and utilize imagery from the 60s through today because the movement, the message and the band are timeless.


//This window display on an independent record shop utilizes select parts from the new album artwork. Along with the distinctive lyrics and reference to Milo, punk fans will immediately recognize it as The Descendents.

I am eternal.

Existentialists print design //illustrated poster series

Overview Existentialism is a philosophy originating in the 19th century having to deal with human existence, despair, angst, freedom and the absurd. Sometimes regarded as the “philosophy of despair�, it primarily focuses on being and nothingness. Challenge To illustrate selected existential sentiments and create a design that communicates the essence of Existentialism but that is still visually engaging. Solution The posters illustrate quotes by famous existentialist philosophers Jean-Paul Sarte and Albert Camus and existential French New Wave director Jean-Luc Goddard. The designs utilize minimalism, white unstylized line work, a default typeface, monochromatic color scheme and a vague vast background to communicate the feeling of emptiness and meaninglessness. Each poster also features a pattern sequence created from each character illustration to add complexity and create visual interest and hierarchy.


I am eternal.

This moment. It is quite round,

it hangs in empty space, like a diamond

I am eternal.

d.i.s. or die magazine //editorial design Overview D.I.S. (Design It Sustainable) or DIE is a magazine about sustainable design with an emphasis on upcycling and D.I.Y.(Do It Yourself) methods. The target audience believes in the D.I.Y. ethic which is rooted in alternative and underground subcultures so the demographic isn’t mainstream designers. They are also enviormentally responsible designers who are creative and socially aware. Challenge Create a magazine that will appeal to alternative designers looking to produce work and save the world. Solution The masthead (which is a play off of the phrase D.I.Y. or D.I.E known within the movement) is aggressive and grungey but still a clean. It is speaking to the D.I.Y. and conterculture but also to designers so the covers utilize both edgey and clean design elements.


8 Films to die for packaging // dvd gift set // book


Overview After Dark Films launched “8 Films to Die For: After Dark Horrorfest”, an annual weekend-long theatrical event, which featured eight never seen before horror films in 500 theatres across the country. The “8 Films to Die For: After Dark Horrorfest” was a new concept intended to launch a new brand and create the ultimate horror film event of the year which could be repeated and grow annually. The films were released to DVD and received an immediate, fantastic response from both retailers and consumers. Challenge The first year titles needed to be re-packaged in an interesting boxed set to further the brand and extend the life of those titles. The Challenge was to appeal to horror fans and stand out from every other horror movie box set. Solution The book was designed to look like an authentic prop from straight out of a horror film itself. The outside looks dirty and old and the pages contain inexplicable and macabre photos. The idea of finding an old evil book that may possess you is classic to horror films. Picking up the book will make the buyer feel like they are a character in a horror film. The Dashed lines are made to be reminiscent of surgery and they dissect the pages and DVD information. It is a fully functioning book and DVD holder. Each page contains a DVD that can be popped in and out.

hermes videogame // packaging // menu screen Overview Hermes (character design by Corey Batchelor) is a new character commanded by the Gods to protect mortals on earth in the city of Humanium from being overrun by creatures of the underworld. Hermes is indifferent towards mortals and has to decide whether or not to use his powers for good or evil. The story is half ancient greek, half dystopian future and all action adventure. Challenge Create a video game concept and package design based on Hermes. It needs to appeal to the young, primarily male gamer demographic and embody the essence of the story and character. Solution The Hermes Logo is made to look epic. The type has an ancient greek style, stone texture and is projected in front of a glowing light signifying his power as a Greek god. The designs illustrate the duality in the story by using stone and grungy texture for the ancient greek aspect and a skyscraper texture for the modern city aspect. The central theme of being torn and choosing between good and evil is represented in the streams of light that are both light and dark. The packaging overall is designed to look exciting and explosive to showcase a new character in an intriguing way.


Langerado print design // posters //wrist bands tote bag // coasters


Overview Langerado is a music festival held in south Florida annually since 2003. It was cancelled in 2009 due to low ticket sales from too much competition. There are dozens of music festivals that lineup very similar bands and events every year ad attract the same demographic. Challenge Rebrand Langerado for a comeback in 2012 and differentiate it from the other music festivals. Solution A big factor for this campaign is the style; every other music festival uses a specific similar quirky “indie� illustrative style to brand and advertise their festival and they all look the same. This campaign completely avoids illustration and focusses on nostalgia, collage, and playful tackiness. These festivals are almost a dime a dozen and tend to feature the same bands so people don’t choose which festival to invest in based on lineup alone. A big selling point for these music festivals is location, people often choose which ones to attend based on where it will be held so this campaign plays up the Florida location. The primary demographic is young/college age and hip. They tend to be drinkers so ads were placed on coasters to be put in bars.

Women’s history book cover // perforated poster // promotional bookmarks Overview Leading Ladies Aren’t Found Only Found in Fiction is a book of essays that compare strong female characters in fiction to strong women in history and today. Chun Li from the video game Street Fighter is compared to Olympic figure skater Michelle Kwan, Tank Girl of the comics to Madonna, Evey from V For Vendetta to anarchist philosopher Emma Goldman, Buffy the Vampire slayer to Joan of Arc etc. . The book is about empowered women and its realease is during Women’s History Month. Challenge Call attention to Women’s History Month and the women worth celebrating; To package and promote the book so that it speaks to girls and showcases the interesting comparisons proposed in the essays. Solution The designs use bold colors for bold women and a very graphic style to appeal to young girls. The designs on the bookmarks and the book jacket’s pattern make visual relationships between the two women being compared. The bookmarks are perforated on the posters as promotional pieces to be taken. The bookmarks graphically pose interesting coorelations so that viewers will be intrigued by the premise of the book.


resistere! magazine editorial design // Overview Resistere means to take a stand, to resist. Resistere is a periodical that centers around “issues of liberty�, primarily civil liberties issues. It is a mostly Libertarian magazine and it is for people who believe in freedom, rights, privacy and minimal government control. Challenge Design a magazine that is anti-authoritative at its core but still looks smart and relatively sophisticated as not to invalidate the issues and to appeal to an open-minded but educated audience. Solution The masthead uses a slab serif inspired by old anarchist periodicals and uses black bars reminiscent of the black flag (anarchist symbol) and of censorship. The covers, spreads, and articles are graphic and provocative to call attention to the issues and illustrate the problems.


TOPFREEDOM social campaign // guerilla


Overview Topfreedom is a movement that questions the implication of and inequality in the idea that in the U.S. it is acceptable for a man to be topless in public and not a woman. The Campaign’s purpose is to draw attention to American society’s tendency to sexualize and objectify and often vilify women’s breasts and not men’s when some men have even larger breasts than some women. The primarily goal is for people to think about it, question their customs instead of blindly accepting something because its how things have always been. Even in a lot of European countries women’s breasts are not made out to be obscene or dirty. In the U.S. it would legally be considered a “breach of peace” for a women to have exposed breasts. Challenge To visually represent the issue and get people to think about it and reconsider their view on men and women and see how it is unequal, by definition, for something to be okay for a man to do and not for a woman. Solution The photos of the girl and boy swapping breasts and questioning the implications was the first piece. The topless illustrations were made as brand art; generic breasts, non sexual, non descript, representations of breasts and censors as symbols for the movement to paste everywhere. The large pieces are intended for very large scale, sprawled in urban areas to expose to the most people. The campaign is guerilla style so people involved in the movement can paste the breast symbols everywhere. The purpose of repeating and pasting the breasts is to make them as familiar and common as men’s breasts and break the stigma attached to them.

cultureshock print design //silk screened posters


Overview Cultureshock is an underground film festival that plays trangressive films: real grindhouse films, exploitation films, gore, the occult, sexploitation, nazisploitation, blacksploitation, all the “trash” and “sleaze” films mostly from the 70s. These films were all about shock and ignoring taboos and defying societal standards for flim. Challenge Make a series of posters for the film festival. Solution Since the films are about shock, gore, sex and the taboo, the posters were screen printed black ink on black paper with a pattern of symbols representing the different shocking themes throughout the films. The posters are a series of three featuring the same cohesive pattern background and title with a different blood pattern and a different quote from the Cinema of Transgression Manifesto on each one. The posters were also printed screen printed on a variety of material inlcuding cardboard and textured paper.

drunk sex

make up sex

break up sex


in the dark

casual sex

one night stand


office sex

rough sex

wild sex

sensual sex

emoticondoms branding //concept //packaging


Overview Teen pregnancy and unprotected sex are pressing issues today. Emoticondoms is a condom company made to appeal to the internet/texting generation and promote safe sex. Challenge Brand and package condoms for the text generation.

hate sex

sleepy sex

loud sex

sex on the beach

role play

dirty little secret

Solution Emoticondoms are based off of emoticons used on the internet and in texting. Each emoticon was made using only characters from the Futura typeface. Each mood has it’s own emoticon and related pattern on the back. The package is die cut with a window to reveal the face of whatever emoticondom is on top.

the end

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