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Outdoor Kids Spring/Summer 2012

Give children a green future. Dear Friends of VAUDE,

Antje von Dewitz CEO VAUDE

Whether it’s sunny, windy or rainy – little outdoor fans refuse be slowed down. Forests and meadows are the most exciting playgrounds around, no matter what the weather or time of year. Active kids only need outdoor gear that can handle tough conditions and provide maximum protection. As an ecological outdoor brand and family-run business with its own child care center, one of our key priorities is to engineer gear for kids that can meet these demands – and that is made with maximum environmentally friendly manufacturing. In collaboration with kindergarten teachers and the German National Association of Forest Kindergartens, we have developed a range of forest kindergarten gear specially made to meet these extreme requirements: high quality materials to effectively protect the kids during the day against wind and weather. Our many years of mountaineering expertise and an ongoing exchange with parents and children ensure that each product is tried and tested. In this brochure we present a small selection of our family products. Our complete range of apparel, backpacks, tents, sleeping bags and more can be found at We hope you have fun exploring our booklet and wish you an action-packed summer

Antje von Dewitz and Team

Green Shape

Green Shape is your VAUDE guarantee for environmentally friendly products. Made from sustainable materials and with resource-conserving manufacturing. Detailed criteria for VAUDE Green Shape products can be found at

bluesign® Standard

The bluesign® Standard is the world’s strictest environmental standard for textiles. Like an ecological “purity law”, only materials are accepted that present no harm to people and the environment. The best possible for humans and nature!

Forest day at the VAUDE Kinderhaus; Photo C. Dambach

WWF and VAUDE: working together for nature VAUDE is a partner of WWF Germany: 1% of revenues generated by the VAUDE Green Shape Collection flow directly into WWF environmental projects.

Fair Wear: fair labor and fair wages for all

As a member of the FairWear Foundation, VAUDE is committed to fair working conditions and transparency in the textile industry worldwide.

All-round protection for little naturalists. Did you already know?

Trees tell stories, insects like hip-hop and leaves can be read. We understand nature. We love to be out in nature. That’s why we also do our part to protect it. With our products for kids who love to be outdoors. In any kind of weather. Sippie Pants and Sippie Jacket are sustainable and rugged outdoor pros with lots of innovative details thanks to the high performance, bluesignŽ certified material. The waterproof and breathable Red Owl Pants come into play when things really start to get fun: mud exploration tours or puddle hopping escapades. We pack our experiences in the Puck 10 backpack and then take them back home. Because parents are sure to enjoy them as well ;)

Detachable hood

Abrasion protection on shoulders and elbows

Reflective elements

Zipped together with an inner jacket (for example, Kinderhaus Jacket)

Magnifying glass sleeve pocket

With waterproof, breathable membrane (water column 10,000 mm)

Adjustable hems and cuffs

The jacket for all seasons: Kids Sippie Jacket


e sted in th ed and te rest ri T fo : e E D th U VA aus and rh e d n in e K e VAUDE E has b en. VAUD an rt rm a e rg G e e d th kin rtner of a p l ia c an offi on Associati National d re an for Natu indergarK t s re o F e 2007. c in s tens

Durable tick protection: Kids Sippie Pants

Fun in the mud: Kids Red Owl Pants

The forest kindergarten pro: Puck 10

Green hiking brings color into your life.

Outdoor pants with UV protection: Kids Detective ZO Pants

Top wind protection: Kids Rondane Jacket


Off to the wild green yonder!

Get those parents up and going, straight into the heart of adventure. Butterflies on a meadow of flowers, cloud dolphins navigating the sky, our cabin lies in front of us and behind it the summit; in between a treasure hunt awaits us. Our imagination runs wild, and so can we. Thanks to colorful packaged sustainability meeting highest performance demands and offering maximum freedom from harmful substances – with the windproof softshell Kids Rondane Jacket, the versatile Kids Detective Pants, our eye-catching Zodiak, Gerbil and Tadpole shirts, and the cheerful Cobie 6 backpack. When we hike, we show our true colors.

VAUDE is an official outfitter of the DAV German Alpine Club.

High UV protection: Kids Zodiak Shirt IV

Cheerful eye-catcher: Girls Gerbil Shirt

Ecologically packaged: Cobie 6

Comfort thanks to organic cotton: Kids Tadpole Shirt

Let’s build an insect hotel. The buffet is lavish, the service top notch, and the recreational program is great. Not to mention the hotel itself! Five out of five stars, panoramic views and feel-good factor included. Just what bumblebee and co. are looking for. These useful garden insects – who fight pests around the clock and pollinate plants diligently – have definitely earned a cozy spot in our insect hotel. And because the demand is so great, kids from our Kinderhaus child care center will show you how to build your own (from an old rabbit hutch, for example).

Step by step to your own insect home 1. Prepare the house

2. Gather materials

3. Collect hay

First, we remove the rabbit mesh. Then we sand down the exterior a bit

We collect sticks and bark in the forest, while our parents find old bricks and wood panels.

We collect hay from a meadow, and then a few large stones and lots of little stones from paths along the way.

4. Sort material

The material is carefully sorted and then arranged for the next steps.

This is what your finished hotel could look like

Tip: choose a location that is protected from wind and near water.

5. Prepare materials

Together, we drill holes in the tree slice and cut the different poles to length.

6. Set the house up

7. Fill the holes

8. Fill the cracks

First we place the heavy objects in the rabbit hutch.

Then we fill the larger holes with hay, bark and small stones.

At the end we fill the all the cracks, even the tiniest ones, with a clay mixture.


tle We hid a lit in one of bumblebees. Can you the picture find it?

What’s crawling there? The ladybird

Favorite rooms: straw, holes in a wood slice. Its benefits: pest controller, mainly aphids

The earwig

Favorite rooms: clay pots filled with hay or wood shavings. Its benefits: pest controller, e.g. aphids and mildew

The beetle

Favorite rooms: leaves, brushwood and stone piles. Its benefits: pest controller, including larvae and snails.

Join us and we’ll send you a Cobie backpack. Be creative and build your own insect hotel!

Whether modern, classical or oriental. Whether large, small or medium. Whether colored, diagonal or straight. Building an insect hotel is fun and helps nature. Get involved. Show us your creativity and send us a photo of the finished work of art. The first 20 submissions will receive a Cobie 6 backpack from us as a thank you!

Over hill and dale! Grody: For little mountain bikers!

Whether you are on the way to school, cycling with your family or just going out in the hills for some fun and action – you’ll do it right with the environmentally friendly VAUDE Grody Kids’ Collection. Good visibility, high breathability, excellent weather and sun protection: the Rain Jacket Kids Grody Jacket, Shirt and Shorts provide tangible and lasting fun while cycling thanks to the many kid-friendly details. Snacks, a rain jacket, and lots of adventure fit in the fully equipped Grody 11 children‘s backpack.

Hydration system port

Helmet holder

Safety light holder Reflective elements

Rain cover

One, two, up you go! Grody 11


Weather protection for little bikers: Kids Grody Jacket

Not for squares: Kids Grody Shirt

Cool MTB pants: Kids Grody Shorts


On your bikes, get ready, go! For the little ones – inspired by the big ones.

Technical and functional, that’s our Elmo series for young racers who want to make it big. Whether it‘s at the bike race up behind the house, a gnarly part of the bike trail or the finish line in the garage: the tight-fitting and well-padded bike shorts provide great support in the saddle and seat comfort on longer rides. The Elmo jersey gives you a good tailwind and with the Grody gloves you’ve got a firm grip on the competition and your bike.

A good grip on things: Kids Grody Gloves

For little racers: Kids Elmo Tricot

Firmly in the saddle: Kids Elmo Pants

The outdoor carriage for darling loads. Makes carrying responsibility that much more fun.

Welcome on board. Our current destination: get out into nature! For hiking, exploring or just airing out the soul. Because shared experiences are that much nicer. We offer our curious little passengers comfort, safety and fun with responsibility. Therefore, the Wallaby is the first child carrier that meets the VAUDE Green Shape standard, made with bluesign速 certified material. And with only 1800 grams, it is one of the lightest of its class in the market, despite all the extensive and innovative features.

Zip compartment for smaller essentials Stable mesh back construction ensures high carrying comfort

Adjustable seat position that grows with the child, for kids up to 2 years

No-pinch stand hinge

Roomy compartment for changing pad and provisions Base can be easily folded in or out while wearing the carrier

Lightweight and ecological: Wallaby


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Title: Nora and Mats at the insect hotel Location: Obereisenbach, VAUDE headquarters

Impressum: Ideas & Realization: VAUDE, elnis//design. Photos: Markus Leser, Carola Dambach, VAUDE. Print: Frank Druck GmbH & Co. KG, 24211 Preetz/Holstein. Technical changes, misprints, errors are excepted. The colors reproduced here are subject to the limitations of the printing process and may therefore vary slightly from the actual product. Copyright by VAUDE.

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