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MAR 2014

Pope Francis greeting Cardinal Bertello

Patrons Audience with Pope Francis in the Sala Clementina

MESSAGE FROM HONORARY CHAIR My Dear Canadian Patrons, John was nearing 90 years old when he wrote his gospel and those enigmatic words… “if you know you came from God and you’re going back to can wash the feet of others.” I never understood those words until I looked into the face of the man the Italian people lovingly call, “Papa Francesco”. In the small breath of time that he held my hand…I saw him again on CNN at Easter, washing the feet of a young Muslim woman prisoner, and I understood John’s words for the first time. It is the afternoon of October 17th and 26 of our Canadian Patrons are gathered in Rome to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of “The Founding of the Vatican Museum’s Patrons Organization.” (FYI…it was the USA Ambassador to the Holy See, Bill Wilson and his Brave Band of California art loving friends – who looked around the Vatican Museums and said, “’let’s help them out!”) Thirty years later, on this October afternoon with tawny Italian light coming through the windows of Apostolic Palace, Pope Francis unexpectedly decides to receive each one of our 350 International Patrons, personally. As we sit together quietly in this place of holy time – suspended…I feel as if I am in a time warp. The Raphael Rooms are mere corridors away, and the Sistine Chapel, a few marble footsteps just beyond. Michelangelo was only 34 years old and the talk of the town when they unveiled his frescoed masterpiece in the Sistine Chapel. He had no idea that he was unfurling the biggest people tent in Christendom’s history!

While history is to be preserved, it is also to be made. Our Canadian Patrons Chapter, now 13 years old, continues to do both! On June 18th we celebrated our annual Cultural Event at the gracious home of Susan and Cecil Hawkins. On that early summer’s night we all felt like we were in Florence. Hydrangeas nodded welcome and fountains flowed as the Most Rev. William McGrattan, Auxiliary Bishop of Toronto, and Rev. Monsignor Terence Hogan, the Patron’s North American Chaplain, re-affirmed our mission to labour in the vineyards of the Vatican Museums. And just a few weeks ago, our crusading chair, Dr. Teresa Tomory announced we have a new Canadian chapter restoration project! I call it “Romancing the Stones…” When you read more about it, you will understand that it is another chapter in our continuing love story with “THE SANTA ROSA NECROPOLIS.” With all my heart again, and always I say “thank you” for belonging to our family of Canadian Patrons. If anyone ever asks “what do you do in your spare time?” just tell them…”I’m an art restorer at the Vatican Museums!” With my warmest wishes for a Happy Springtime

Carol Hill

Patrons of the Arts in the Vatican Museums CANADIAN CHAPTER

Message from the chair Dear Canadian Patrons, Our Chapter enjoyed a great year of cultural and social events in 2013, starting with a tour of “Revealing the Early Renaissance” at the AGO in Toronto in April and concluding with the celebration of the 30th anniversary of the PAVM in Rome in October. The special exhibit at the Art Gallery of Ontario highlighted important works by Giotto and his contemporaries from a number of international collections. Our annual reception followed in June at the beautiful home of Susan and Cecil Hawkins in Toronto. Patrons strolled about in their expansive garden admiring the spectacular display of colours. Thank you, Susan and Cecil. From October 16 to 20 350 Patrons from all over the world came to Rome to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the founding of the Patrons of the Arts in the Vatican Museums. Included in this newsletter is a description of the “Vatican Odyssey” by one of our Canadian Patrons. A sincere thanks to everyone who made this visit so enjoyable. Without a doubt, the highlight of the visit was the special audience with the Holy Father in the Sala Clementina. Pope Francis personally greeted every one in attendance. Two events took place in November- one in the West and one in the East. Fr Mark Haydu , on his tour to North America to launch his recently published book, Meditations on Vatican Art, traveled to Calgary for a book signing event at a reception at the Albi Galleria, hosted by Debra and Tom Mauro. In Toronto, Patrons again visited the AGO with particular attention to the great Thomson

Summer Reception, June 2013

Bishop William McGratten with Jeanne Withers

A brilliant display of colour

Vida Nairn and Sheryl Johnson

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Our hostess, Susan Hawkins

Welcoming remarks

The Sorbaras, CPAVM Board member, Beatrice Park and Susan

Karen McQuaid and Penny Rose

A beautiful evening for the reception

Celebrating the Gala Events of the 30th Anniversary of the Patrons of the Arts in the Vatican Museums

Pope Francis greeting each Patron individually “Art inspires thought and imagination, elevating the viewer as a witness of beauty, a pathway to God.” Father Mark Haydu, Meditations on Vatican Art, p. 3, 2013) October 16 to October 20, 2013 marked our 30th Anniversary as Patrons of the Arts in the Vatican Museums. Some 350 patrons world-wide including 26 from Canada were participants in this historic five day odyssey. Beyond celebrating our deep faith and new friendships, we participated in an cultural, artistic and spiritual renewal process. For my husband and me it was a deeply magical, mystical, and meaningful spiritual experience. The highlight for all of us was a personal meeting with Pope Francis. On October 19 as we waited patiently for Pope Francis to enter the Sala Clementina, there

Conference in the Hall of Blessings

Pope Francis waving to the Patrons as his car drives past

was a unique energy in the room-both a deep and palpable calmness and a collective excitement. The Holy Father gave us a moving thank you as Patrons of the Arts

“ Art inspires thought and imagination, elevating the viewer as a witness of beauty, a pathway to God. ” in the Vatican Museums. We were amazed and humbled when Pope Francis decided to meet and greet each of us individually We could feel his humility, generosity and kindness. On the final day we saw Pope Francis getting into his car He drove right by

Reception in the magnificent Sala Ducale

us, smiled and waved to us. Meeting Pope Francis will remain with us forever! Our excursions took us deep within the Vatican, its history, culture and hospitality. We spent time in diverse places not open to the public. The Welcoming Ceremony was held in the beautiful Giardino Quadrato. In the next few days we experienced the beauty of the murals, paintings, sculpture and architecture in the Vatican On Oct 17 in the Paul VI Hall we had an opportunity to learn and interact personally with the Vatican Restorers who shared with us their challenges, their practices and their love of their work. In the afternoon Cardinal James Harvey, celebrated Mass for us at the Basilica ▶

Vespers in the Sistine Chapel

Patrons of the Arts in the Vatican Museums CANADIAN CHAPTER

◀ of. St. Paul Outside the Walls On Oct 18 in the Hall of Blessings, we heard from Greg Burke, Senior Advisor for Communications, Secretary of State, Vatican City .We were informed that over 5,000 people work at the Vatican. He spoke about Pope Francis important spiritual messages: charity, mercy, courage, missions to the margins, prayer and vigil for peace, social justice, service, simplicity, humility, compassion and the ability to act freely in the world. We were within a few feet of where Pope Francis was first introduced to the world as the Holy Father. A few of us even had our picture taken in this very window We visited the Sala Regia, Sala Ducale, and Capella Paolina. We were touched and amazed by the beauty and sense of mystery within the Pauline Chapel, where the Popes and bishops pray and reflect. We were able to see Michelangelo’s beautiful last frescoes recently restored The colors were vibrant and alive yet at the same there was a sense of peace and calmness in this chapel. On Oct 19 our private visit to the Sistine Chapel included Vespers led by Archbishop

Maureen and Bill Shenkman from Ontario

Georg Ganswein, Prefect of the Papal Household. The music performed by Vatican choirs was angelic. We had an opportunity to study the 500 year-old ceiling frescoes of Michelangelo who toiled for four years to complete these frescoes. The Sistine Chapel is the most visited room in the world and every year some five million people enter the chapel. There is a need to protect the artwork through the use of up-to-date scientific equipment (filters, air-conditioners and micro-climate controls) and at the same time share the joy and spirituality of this chapel with the world! 5 days of celebration, good food and special company. In addition to culture, history, art and spiritual reflection, there were opportunities to share delicious meals and celebrate with our colleagues on the pilgrimage. We savored five course dinners in the halls of the Vatican Museums where we admired the art and were entertained by musicians. In the Chiaramonte Gallery, built by Pius VII Chiaramonte (18001823) for a collection of Roman busts and statues, we enjoyed the meal accompanied

Colleen Stanton and Bob Harper Aurora, Ontario, Canada

Corinne and Bob Kirkpatrick from Saskatchewan

Entrance to the Chiaramonte Gallery

Canadian Patrons at the concluding Gala Dinner

by lots of laughter and fun! On our final day, Giuseppe Cardinal Bertello, celebrated Mass for us in St. Peter’s Basilica. Lunch followed at the Villa Miani situated on a hill overlooking the city of Rome. Celebrations and conversations made this trip a magical and mystical experience where we shared our feelings and spiritual gifts with our new friends and pilgrims from around the world. This expanded network of people will be treasured friends and colleagues as we continue on the journey of faith and spiritual growth. What a blessing and gift for us to participate in this special pilgrimage to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the Patrons of the Arts in the Vatican Museum with family and new friends. What a blessing and a gift to be involved with this magical, mystical and meaningful pilgrimage and to be members of the Patrons of the Arts in the Vatican Museums. God Bless!

Canadian Patrons in the S. Damaso Courtyard

Patrons of the Arts in the Vatican Museums CANADIAN CHAPTER

Diane Deacon and Ron Mannix from Alberta

Canadian Patrons on a terrace overlooking St. Peter’s Square

An ArtTalk at the AGO in April

November Fr. Mark signing his book in Calgary

November visit to the AGO

The Honourable Noel Kinsella, Speaker of the Senate, with Marnee Stern and Teresa Tomory

Message from the chair ...Continued from page 2 Collection, which includes over 1000 works of art. Please save the dates for some of the upcoming events. On June 4 the annual Patrons reception will take place in the St. Michael’s Cathedral Courtyard. A tour of the interior restoration of St. Michael’s Cathedral will be led by the Rector of the Cathedral, Father Busch, well known for his appreciation of art. On Friday August 8 we will have our first joint event with another Chapter. The Michigan Chapter will visit Toronto and join us for cocktails and dinner at the Toronto Hunt Club, on the shores of Lake Ontario. The evening will include a special guest speaker, the Commandant of the Pontifical Swiss Guard, Daniel Anrig. He is the one we always see in a dark suit beside Pope Francis at any of his public appearances. An interesting initiative has been presented to our Chapter .In February Marnee Stern, a CPAVM board member

and I met with the Speaker of the Senate, the Honourable Noel Kinsella in Ottawa to discuss collaboration in a restoration project with the Holy See Parliamentary Friendship Group, to celebrate Canada’s 150th anniversary of Confederation in 2017. More to follow! We are currently working on a Canada Chapter website which will be linked to the Vatican Patrons website We hope to have it up and running within the next few months. The Vatican website (www. was refurbished and updated thanks to a generous donation from our Canadian Patron, Murray McCann Many of our Canadian Patrons enjoyed the special Patrons privileges visiting the Vatican Museums such as private guided tours of the Sistine Chapel, opportunities to speak with restorers and visits to restoration laboratories, just to mention some highlights. The latest projects funded by the

Canadian Chapter are: Egyptian Masterpieces in the Pinecone Courtyard, 17 ancient vases and a continuation of the dig and research work in the Sta Rosa Necropolis. Restoration work has begun on the Room of Liberal Arts, decorated by Pinturrichio and his school in the Borgia Apartments. The Sta Rosa Necropolis was officially opened to the public on December 12, 2013. Thank you for your continuing dedication and loyalty to Patrons of the Arts in the Vatican Museums.

Teresa A Tomory, PhD Chair, Canadian Chapter

Patrons of the Arts in the Vatican Museums CANADIAN CHAPTER

Save the Date JUNE 4, 2014 Annual reception to be held at St Michael’s Cathedral Courtyard AUGUST 8, 2014 Joint Chapter event with the Michigan Chapter: Cocktail and dinner with guest speaker, Comdt Daniel Anrig, at the Toronto Hunt Club.

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The view of the dome of St Peter’s Basilica seen from the gardens of the Villa Miani

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Restoration Projects

The Room of the Liberal Arts, Borgia Apartment

The Egyptian sculptures in the Nicchione Patrons of the Arts in the Vatican Museums CANADIAN CHAPTER

Continuation of the dig and research in the Sta Rosa Necropolis

2014 Canadian Patrons Newsletter  

Patrons of the Arts in the Vatican Museums, Canadian Chapter Newsletter - March 2014 - Edited by Carol Hill and Teresa Tomory

2014 Canadian Patrons Newsletter  

Patrons of the Arts in the Vatican Museums, Canadian Chapter Newsletter - March 2014 - Edited by Carol Hill and Teresa Tomory