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L’équilibre énergétique


Vastuworld Pune as Acmos Center India, this has been formally declared by Dr.Rene Naccachian in France when Ar. Mayank and Priti were in France Aug 2011. Vastutimes this month is happy to announce

August 2011 in France has also introduced a strong vastu & habitat solution by Acmos for geopathy.

Acmos Lecher Antenna, Biofeedback Energy Tester along with

Qunatacmos can be very effectively used to detect and relieve human from geo-energies, which has become a big problem in Indian homes. A simple protocol and the use of these Acmos technical devices for our vastu analysis are very effective. Vastuworld has been using and doing research with these devices on an individual level since last 8 years, now with strong support of Dr.Rene and all researchers involved with Acmos Paris, we at Vastuworld would like to expand and expose the new techniques to the students all across India.

Acmosoa a special combination of 3 fluids, which has been created to shield & control electromagnetic stresses, emitted from mobile phones & computers. Vastuworld Acmos Center which has exclusivity to sell and train all Acmos products and courses in India & Indian sub continent would like to invite our friends and consultants to open Acmos center in their city & become part of Vastuworld & Acmos.

Stressful Working Environment Can we create an environment, which has powers to Help Employees and staff? Can Vastu Balance Home & Offices so working people have stress free life? Is it possible to increase work efficiency in offices & industry by using Vastu as a tool? I was reading an article in economic times few weeks back, this article by Kalpana Veeraraghavan……… has given me the topic for Sept 2011 Vastutimes. Ironically author has narrated a wonderful story starting the plea of working individual living in a nuclear family & shown the plight of children who are suffering due to lack of care. For solution author thinks the parental workshops to balance etc can help. From my point of view the consideration of environment as a solution needs to be sought. Economic times: 6th September Help Employees Balance Home & Office. “ How many times have we had a colleague at work who is bogged down by stress, not directly linked to workplace? Ira Mohanty was one such colleague. She woke up at 5 am, sent her two children to school and then by 9 am, was at her laptop answering mails and attending to work-related calls. From 1 pm onwards, Ira kept looking at the clock and from 2.30 pm, we could hear raised voices from her cubicle as she called home and shouted at her children who just kept watching television and did not finish their homework. They were home with easy-going grandparents and did their own thing till the parents returned home. And Ira is not alone. At the water cooler or in the cafeteria and even in the lift, one hears snatches of conversation

on these lines: Kids these days are so opinionated only does what she wants to do, eats only chips and noodles, refuses to dress by herself or polish her shoes, hates going to school, spends too much time on the net, has become a virtual strange, difficult and moody and so on. More and more parents are coping with the challenges of how to manage professional and personal lives - how to be better parents, how to stay abreast of what is happening with their children in schools and their social lives, how to be there for them in their time of need while juggling their careers and job-related challenges. All of us grapple with balancing multiple roles but our biggest responsibility is towards the next generation. Being a parent, I could empathize with them, but the enormity of the issue came to light last month when in a focused group discussion, the members of our Global Work Life (GWL) team broached the subject of having parenting workshops to help colleagues and other employees cope with different issues. These issues stemmed from the fact that most employees have nuclear families where care givers may not be part of the family system. The findings of the 2010 Global Work Life Issues (GWLI) Survey, conducted among IBM employees, indicate that almost half (46%) of IBM India employees have a child under the age of 18. Among parents of children 0-5 years old, 12% have their child cared for at home by a nanny, babysitter or maid. Another 14% of these parents have their child cared for by a relative (other than their spouse or partner). "In-home" care by a maid or nanny can be quite flexible and affordable, but may also be 1

very unreliable and of poor quality. Caregivers often lack knowledge of child development and have poor socialrelationship and literacy skills. Parents using this type of care reported the lowest satisfaction rates in the GWLI survey compared to parents whose child was cared for by a relative or in a child care centre. Employees across the world are sharing similar concerns about managing work and family. Magazines and the Internet provide information and counsel, elders at home advise you differently while friends have a totally contrary opinion. So how do you cope? We put together a panel of experts in childcare and decided to host parenting workshops for parents to address their queries and discuss issues relating to their children. The workshops stressed that it is equal responsibility, which means both the father and the mother have to be involved in child rearing, as against the misconception that only the mother is responsible. What parents at work learned were different aspects of quality parenting, like laughing with the child, spending time with the child, playing with her/him, listening to what the child has to say and not just existing together in front of the television set.

Mobile phones have become another nuisance as office timings are continued without limits. I have seen bosses sending sms's to their secretaries & subordinates regarding next day works at middle of night while they themselves struggle to sleep due to overwork. Working spaces are now cramped and designed as per international criteria's Solution to this can be a working environment, which has less stress from the computers, good lighting, healthy air circulation, sound, & overall vibration. The role of Vastu to create healthy work places comes into picture, if we can energies & corrects the rooms where we work with respect to individual stress level. Every part of energy saved in your workplace can be used for your own self & for your family later part of the day.

Caregivers must also be equipped with basic information to handle difficult situations at home. Employees who can balance roles are likely to be more productive and less stressed, so it is a win-win both for the organization and the individual.

Vastuworld has a specific system and protocols for working individuals, offices, commercial spaces, and industries where the aim is to increase the efficiency and reduce the stresses.

A workplace that encourages an individual to balance different roles is likely to have a happier and more productive workforce.� Lets try to figure out what are the stresses an employee faces during his working day & how he carries this stress home. According to my study while working we get involved in the office work so much that we don't know how to cut this off as soon as we leave for homes.





WITH THE NEW QUANTUM FLUIDS ACMOS HAS DEVELOPED THE ENHANCER SUBSTANCE COMBINING MICRO AND TRACE ELEMENTS DYNAMICS FOR LIVING QUANTUM FLUIDS RESIST ENVIRONMENTAL AGRESSION CREATED DUE TO SPECIAL PLU WAVES AND CELL CATHODE. A result of new or original experience often place a field of research at the forefront of scientific interest. This is the case in physics with the new quantum fluids Acmos recently been identified as anti-smooth electromagnetic pollution shield "Acmosao" The Research Centre SBJ INTERNATIONAL managed to eliminate this depolarizing effect by stimulating complex natural products to achieve Acmosao, real quantum fluid that, by simple stirring periodically keeps the bias and features to restore the consistency of the body. The ACMOS Lecher Antenna can check the quality of the dynamics of the energy body. The main purpose of the Acmosao is restoration of vibrational dynamics of every living parasitized by certain pathogenic radiation environment, including computers.

L’équilibre énergétique


QUANTACMOS THE ACMOS LIGHT STIMULATOR: for activation of Human Polarity & Cleansing of your home

L’équilibre énergétique

How it works The Quantacmos emits light set at a particular frequency, which can have a profound effect on our energy body. The red light has an energizing quality (yang), the blue light has a sedating quality (yin), the two buttons pressed together produce a white light, which has both the above qualities, and therefore it has a balancing effect. (Later models have another button specifically for white light). Just as a battery has a positive and negative terminal, so does everything else in the universe, this includes the earth, people, cells of the body, foods and drinks, rooms etc. This polarity allows energy to flow into and through things. In the case of people you could think of this flow as the main cable or channel of energy that enters the body. When you put a battery into an appliance, if the polarity is correct electricity will flow and activate the appliance. This is exactly how the Quantacmos works, we activate the positive polarity with the red light, (also known as cosmic connection), and the negative polarity with the blue light (also known as the earth connection); by using the white light we activate both polarities at the same time on any object. Because the white light is set at a particular frequency, a very high quality of energy can enter the object. The more we surround ourselves with this type of energy then we begin to vibrate at a higher frequency, which has a positive effect on our body. Opening the Energy Centers/Chakras Press the white light and scan the Quantacmos down the centre of your body from head to feet, taking care

not to shine the light into the eyes. Doing this every morning and energies yourself and become, open and receptive to the energy of the day. It also helps you maintain balance throughout the day Opening the centers at night then placing the Quantacmos by the side of the bed in the mass (from Antenna) helps to reinforce the cosmic and earth connection during sleep, this ensures a better sleeping pattern. Energizes your food and water : With the white light you can energize your foods and drinks, simply zap your items with the Quantacmos and this fills your foods with light energy of a very high vibration. Soothe pain- if you have any areas of pain just zap the area with the blue light making 7 clockwise circles. Increase circulation- if you have an area of the body that is cold and circulation is poor you can zap the area with the red light to ease the area. 4

Travelling- when travelling keep the Quantacmos in your breast pocket or trouser pocket or handbag, this helps to reinforce your cosmic and earth connection. Often when we travel the earth connection disconnects and we feel nausea and travel sickness.

down the centre with the white light to cleanse and

or before and after seeing clients.

Wearing the Quantacmos helps to prevent this.

You can cleanse your jewellery, stones and crystal

clear the room. This is especially good: if you have had visitors, a negative experience, when staying in a hotel room,

with the Quantacmos too by just zapping with the Even travelling in cars, on trains or on the underground the same can happen, so having the Quantacmos in your pocket helps to maintain the connections. Clear rooms, building & Geopathic stress

white light. The Quantacmos can be used instead of : needles / electro acupuncture machines / acupressure to activate acupuncture points. The red light is the Yang, dynamising energy and the blue light is Yin,

it is often said that after an argument you can cut

the minus sedating energy. After an ACMOS

the atmosphere with a knife, what does this mean?

Balancing session, clients are often given a list of

Well it means that the cosmic and earth connection

maintenance, or weak acupuncture points to

has been disconnected so there is no fresh flow of

maintain every day, these can be done with the

energy to cleanse the room. You can zap the room



Vastuworld’s GEOPATHY Workshop 22-23-24 Sept 2011 The word 'Geopathic' is derived from the Greek words, 'Geo' meaning 'the Earth', and 'pathos' meaning 'disease' or 'suffering', so literally 'suffering of the Earth'. The term 'Geopathic Stress' is used to describe negative energies, also known as harmful earth rays, which emanate from the earth and cause discomfort and ill health to those living above. Geopathic Stress, or harmful earth rays, can result from natural radiation which rises up through the earth and is distorted by weak electro-magnetic fields created by subterranean (underground) running water, certain mineral concentrations, fault lines and underground cavities. Geopathic Stress does not CAUSE any illness, but lowers your immune system and your ability to fight off viruses and bacteria. The most common indications of Geopathic Stress are resistance to treatment (conventional or alternative), feeling run-down and exhausted, depression, nervousness, allergies, insomnia, restless sleep, nightmares, sleep walking, headaches on waking, tingling in arms and legs, grinding teeth. Geopathic stress can be deflected using scientific techniques & installation of right remedies at right places inside or outside your living ot workplaces. This is just the prologue of the subject we would be discussing in the seminar scheduled for 3 days. Since this requires a huge discussion, a day-wise schedule was a must; which goes as: 22th September 2011

Venue- Prithwe Institute,1 Middle Road, Off. Napier



Earth Energies & Geo-Biology of the living earth


Geopathic & Geomagnetic Stress-Vastulogical Study


Earthing & Its Relevance in human health, Diseases


Non-Visible Architecture - Vastu Earth Defects

23th September 2011

DAY-2-Techniques & Mesaurement


Geo Puncture technique to erase past memories


Geobiology, Energy Grids, Hartmann, Curry, Ley Lines.

Vastuworld Inc. 5 Phayre Road


Earth Sky Chimneys-Solution for Geostress.

Opp Jagtap Nursery Pul Gate,

24th September 2011

DAY-3-Analysis & Remedial Installation


Sacred Biology-Temple, Grave Yards & Nala Impact


Geo Mapping Work Sheet, site visits, Vv17, VVH


Earth Radiation Lecture / PPT Presentation-Case Studies.

Road, Camp Pune

Camp, Pune Tel: +91 20 26354487, 26343566

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