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Vastuworld-India Represents Acmos-Paris

Health & Habitat has joined hands

Acmos New Product - Acmosmog Mobile Patch: Protection against harmful mobile radiation




PARIS!! PARIS!! PARIS!!.......... in the city of love; in the right season at the right time re-learning what I love. A C M O S O c t o b e r 2 0 11 w o r k s h o p c o n d u c t e d b y Dr.Carol.Robertson and my very passionate teacher Dr.Rene.Naccachian. The workshop was a refreshing experience. Experience it was. Well organized; fully informed and hands on training was a delight for a fresher's as well as the seasoned practitioners. All of us were very lucky to learn from the best of ACMOS center. No wonder we had a brilliant mix of people all over the world. Vastuworlds association with ACMOS Paris has been a wonderful journey since 1998. I personally have attended several English seminars; but this time the workshop had truly new energy, wonderful integration and complete; as though there is a new plan unfolding. Incidentally, Paris workshop had majority of Indian participation; doctors; alternative healers vastu Practioners and fengshui experts. and rightly now India has the worlds first Acmos Satellite Centre. As Indian Satellite Centre, Vastuworld has detail information & study material of the workshop conducted in October at Paris. For any further information and inquiry, please feel free to ask.

? Acmos Bioenergetics ? Maintaining the integrity of the channel ? Evolution of the ACMOS method ? Facilitating cellular regeneration ? Harmonizing stimulation ? Maintenance

Day3 ? Complete Lecher Antenna learning

Day-4 ? Stimulation ? The ACMOS Specifics ? Cellular Regeneration Acmos Bio-energy balance ? The ABC Quantum Fluids Brain Connectors ? Acmogram = Elimination of Brain Confusion

Day-5 ? Environmental Protocol ? Geopathic ? Ecological ? Ambient ? Acmos acmodynamization ? Repairing environmental energy leaks

Vastuworld & team of Indian delegates who attended Paris Workshop in Oct 2011 would like to thank Dr. Rene Naccachian, Dr. Carol Robertson, Chavaa Cerinmez, Widad Nash and total SBJ- International office for their wonderful teaching & support.

The following were the contents of the workshop Day-1 ? The Acmos Method of Bio-Energetic ? Prevention ? Personalization ? Potentialization ? Analysis of the Compatibility of Matter on the organism

and its Synergy L’équilibre énergétique


ELECTROSMOG ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELD (EMF) IS THE NAME FOR THE LOWEST FREQUENCY RANGE OF THE ELECTROMAGNETIC SPECTRUM (0 CYCLES PER SECOND TO 300 GHZ). ELECTRICAL SMOG OR E-SMOG IS A INFORMAL EXPRESSION FOR DIFFER- ENT, TECHNICALLY CAUSED, ELECTRICAL, MAGNETIC AND ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELDS. THE TERM ASSUMES THAT THESE FIELDS HAVE DAMAGING EFFECTS ON HUMANS AND ENVIRONMENT. Electromagnetic pollution is equated with stress, which burdens the body and directly affects the psyche. Excessive stress disrupts the energy balance of an organ, gland or subsystem. The immune system is constantly under pressure and it becomes weaker. Protect yourself against the following chronic diseases:

? Headaches, migraines ? Chronic fatigue ? Insomnia ? Nervousness ? Concentration deficiency ? Allergies of all kinds ? Disruption of cell regeneration

IMPACT ON BIOLOGICAL POLLUTION IMPACT ON HUMAN BIOSYSTEM About 10-15% of the world population in developed countries suffers from chronic tinnitus, and is rising. For the patient a tone in the ear is a strong psychological stress, which affects all areas of their life. The origins of tinnitus are still not very well known. In addition to obvious causes, such as noise exposure, head trauma or hearing loss, scientists have drawn various conclusions but still have not scientifically proven them. The treatment options for chronic tinnitus are still very limited and often ineffective. The research study from Priv. Doz DI Dr. Hans-Peter Hutter from the Institute for Environmental Hygiene of the Medical University of Vienna has made a special contribution to this field. Hutter and his colleagues have shown that the risk of tinnitus disease nearly doubled with the regular use of mobile phones over a long period. Therefore a first possible risk factor was scientifically substantiated.

The frequencies radiating from the cell phones, can be individually measured on each person through meridian readings while the person is holding the respective unit. The frequency load can be neutralized with a natural element. The missing frequency line on the body is matched and can be corrected for up to 12 months. Thereafter, a further measurement is necessary.



E-Smog Protection for Mobile Phones E-Smog Protection for Mobile Phones & Offices : VastuworldAcmos India brings you a unique health protection system invented recently in Paris : the Mobile Patches & Office towers specially for you, your family & staff. Visit Vastuworld-Acmos India HQ at Pune today and get your mobile patch customised & installed on your phone: REMEMBER YOUR HEALTH IS IN YOUR HAND & YOUR HAND HOLDS YOUR MOBILE PHONE. 2G… 3G… 4G… faster processors cause stronger frequencies. Each humans reacts differently to the daily increase of the high frequency range! Our ACMOsmog solution proceeds from the following facts:

? Each mobile phone, pad, laptop has its own processor engineering, therefore the radiation has different degrees of power within each model.

? Each human reacts differently to a high frequency load. ? Remember, each phone would need a seperate Acmos patch & each cabin would need a specific customised protection tower. With the ACMOsmog method we can determine by digital measurement of the Meridians, which organ becomes weaker, while the individual holds the mobile phone in their hand. Values before and afterwards are measured. We check to what degrees and whether cell regeneration is taking place within the Meridian. Afterwards a natural element is attached on to the unit to neutralize the electro pollution on the human body. The meridian reading is absolutely painfree.

E-Smog Protection for Pads and Notebooks

Energy blockages in the body, are also caused by pads and laptops. There are many health risks indicators that deserve more attention. The tissues, cells and organs of the human body communicate through chemical messengers, but also by electrical signals. It can therefore be assumed that the electromagnetic vegetative and central nervous system, hormones, chromosomes and cells are affected by excessive stress and in the long term can lead to various diseases by electromagnetic pollution. With ACMOsmog we can neutralize the frequencies that emanate from pads and laptops or any device with a natural element for 12 months: Get a special Laptop & Pad patches installed at your machines NOW, visit Acmos India HQ at Pune and safeguard yourself from em pollution.

Visit Acmos India HQ at Pune today and get your mobile patch customised & installed on your phone




E-SMOG PROTECTION WHILE DRIVING The control units of many vehicles are becoming more sophisticated. Energy blockages in the body may be caused by the dash board computer of the vehicule, due to high frequencies. We can protect electrosmog radiation coming up from the dash board electronics and neutralize it with a natural element.

Numerous electrical and electronic equipment are in constant use in the work place. Energy blockages in the body, are mainly caused by computers and monitors. These are heath risk indicators that deserve more attention. We are often exposed to computers and monitors which are sources of electromagnetic pollution for many hours a day. In most cases if is difficult to avoid because you are directly in front or in their proximity These devices develop an electromagnetic field by radio-frequency alternating fields. Presently the processor frequencies are in gigahertz representing an extraordinary source of radiation. All kind of computers are associated with these subtle frequency fields and therefore pose risks for the pregnancy. With the ACMOSmog-TOWER, you are protected from the frequencies,

The energy blockages in the body may be caused by vehicle dash board computers. The more technology and electronics, the higher the exposure to electromagnetic fields. One wonders whether some aggressive speeders could have been "hyped up" so that traffic accidents may have been caused by this enormous stress. The right ACMOsmog-TOWER is selected from 24 different natural elements and matched to the person and the dash board computer. This can correct the energy disturbance in the body for up to 24 months The towers can be mounted in vehicle interiors to give the best protection against electromagnetic pollution for both adults and children.




Cosmic energies :


Related to the head of Vastupurusha and to North East of the house. W






This deals with the range from the top of the head until throat and with the mental level of the inhabitant's bodies, also with creativity, inventiveness, learning ability, spirituality, clear mind, power of concentration, persuasiveness, pursuit of harmony and peace, religiousness, contentment with life etc.

Cosmic Symbol Product ID: VRD#005 (Interior use) Product ID: VRD#005 (Interior use)

They are used for energy correction and balancing. Cosmic symbols are also called energy shielders. It neutralizes the negative energies.

Nine Direction Energy Plates Product ID: VRD#004

9 Direction Energy plates are directional corrections to control negativity entering the space from all nine directions. It has used symbols and bio-geometry based on Vedic Dikbandhan & Egyptian symbols.

Five Element Energy Plates

Vastuworld’s 5-Elements Energy Plates follows the Elemental Harmonics of Resonance and can be very effectively used for correcting the missing element of the environment.

Product ID: VRD#009

Spiral Swastik Product ID: VRD#013

Swastika is used as energy flower and shielders. They are very effective in curing outdoor environment. Also used for beam correction, enhancing flow through doors & for shielding electrical frames.

Energy Paper reflector Product ID: VRD#008

Disallows the negative flow which disturbs the positive environment and shields the outside-inside spaces when used on doors.

Bio Dynamisation Crystals (For North East & South West) Product ID: VRD#020

Crystals are used by hanging / placing in the room for energizing and dispersing negative energy.

DNA Spiral Tuner- Strong energy enhancer and tuner Product ID: VRD#026

It is used wherever there is energy blockage. It helps in enhancing the energy. It can be effectively used for offices and shops.


Vastu & Building Biology - Manual Product ID: P#007

Vastutimes(Monthly Issue) Subscribe for 2 years Product ID: P#010

Scientific Instrument Handling Correspondence Course Product ID: VC#005

Vastuworld Vibrational Medicine Correspondence Product ID: VC#006

Bio Analysis Manual Product ID: P#002

Advance Vastu rectification Science & Vibrational Energy Remedy Product ID: P#001

Energy & Health Manual Product ID: P#003

Energy Architecture Manual Product ID: P#004

Lecher Antenna & Vastu Rectification Manual Product ID: P#005

Lecher Antenna Training Manual+ Multimedia CD Product ID: P#006

Online Vastu Course & Training Product ID: VC#004





Global energies : Related to the navel and belly of Vastupurusha and to the centre (Brahmasthan) of the house.







This deals with the range from the throat until navel and with the emotional level of the inhabitant's bodies, also with health, stomach, pancreas, liver, emotions, relatonship. body growth etc.

The Enhancer Substances contained in the Acmasao oil resists environmental aggression created due to special PLU waves and cell cathode.

Acmosao oil with case Product ID: VRD#001 Vantra Stimulator with other devices

Helps in organizing and balancing the intimate relationships in the bedroom.

Product ID: VRD#003

Marma Points Set Product ID: VRD#007

Energy Plate - Bhramasthan Product ID: VRD#010

Varoma Essential Oils Product ID: VRD#018

9x9 Mandala Wooden Harmoniser Product ID: VRD#019

Acmosmog Patch for Mobile Phone Product ID: VRD#005

Vastu Rectification Devices Learning Energy Plate Product ID: VRD#023

Kitchen Reversal Plate Product ID: VRD#012

These are 9 viral point corrections which enhances the earth energies at global zone and is a very effective treatment for irregular shapes of spaces.

Brahmasthan plates are used on the floor to enhance the global energies and effectively used for relationship and health.

Varoma Essential oil is a rectification tool to purify air and effectively used in each direction according to the vastu defect.

Mandalas help to strengthen the general harmony of global environment energies. Also used for treatment of BS defect

Acmosmog Tower for Office Product ID: VRD#006

Acmosmog Tower for Car Product ID: VRD#007

Bau-Biology Remedies HSF 53 Product ID: BR#004

HSF54 Product ID: BR#003

NSF34 Product ID: BR#005

Swiss Shield EV Product ID: BR#006

Multimedia-Cd & E-Learning Practical Vastu Training Product ID: M#001

All Correspondence Courses Product ID: VC#001

Vastu Shastra Redefined Product ID: M#002

Vastuworld Vantra Product ID: M#003

Building Biology Correspondence Course Product ID: VC#002

Intermediate Vastu Rectification Correspondence Product ID: VC#003





Earth / telluric energies : Related to the lower part and feet of Vastupurusha's body and to South West of the house.





This deals with the range from the navel until feet and with physical level of the inhabitant's bodies, associated with stability, financial security, strength, leading power, enforcement power, professional success etc.



Negative readings at the three energy levels slow corruptions in the house, namely in those areas which are allocated to the different energy types Those corruptions affect negatively on the related activities and parts of the body of people who are staying in that house for more than 90 days.

VVH Internal use Product ID: VRD#002

VVH Is a geopathic neutralizer used inside the home and very effective for bringing in earth energy in multistory buildings at higher level.

VV17-Geopathic Reversal Product ID: VRD#001

VV17 is helpful in controlling geo-stresses which instead of giving good earth energies generate negative earth flux.

Personaal Geo Stress Neutralizer Product ID: VRD#011

It is personal geopathic rectification tool and can be very effective in small space like bedroom, shops, office cabins etc.

Geo-jumper with Crystals for Geopathic shifts Product ID: VRD#024

These are energy staplers to control geopathic lines and grid like hartman and curry lines.

Quantacmos Geostress Neutraliser Product ID: MI#007

Quantacmos Geostress neutraliser: Acmos Quantum energy system which has strong energies to control geostress can be very effectively used for geopathic rectification.

Measuring Instruments Dowsing Rod Product ID: MI#003

Electro Stress meater Product ID: MI#005

Glass Bovis Scale Product ID: MI#012

Electro Smog Detector(EMF) Product ID: MI#004

Esmog Detector Product ID: MI#008

Rayonex Pointer Product ID: MI#015

Environment Meter Product ID: MI#007

Ghost Meter Product ID: MI#011

Wooden Tensor with case Product ID: MI#018

Geo-Magnetometer Product ID: MI#010

Mini Tensor Product ID: MI#014

Acmos Products BioFeed Back Energy Tester ACMOS, France Product ID: MI#002



Singing Bowl for space cleansing Product ID: MI#016

Electrosmog Analyser ME 3030B Product ID: MI#006

Wooden Tensor with protective tube Product ID: MI#019

Esmog Spion Product ID: MI#009

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Vastuworld-India Represents Acmos-Paris  

Health & Habitat has joined hands

Vastuworld-India Represents Acmos-Paris  

Health & Habitat has joined hands