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Are You Parking Your Car in the Right Direction? (Part 2) Vastu Shastra Dr. PuneetTips Chawla 2,938 views

Vastu & Your Car

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VJB Live 405 views

Episode 36. Basement Car Park mahesh gyani 10,832 views

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What is the Vastu Solution for South Facing Structure?(Part2) Vastu Tips Dr. Puneet Chawla

Are You Parking Car as Per Vastu? Vastu Tips for Car Parking


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Vastu Tips for Wealth | Vastu for Almirah | अलमारी के िलए वा तु | Vastu tips for money Apna Desh 26,435 views

Uploaded on Jan 27, 2012 Are You Parking Car as Per Vastu? Car parking as per Vastu- Just like all other priceless possessions of yours, your personal vehicle too should be kept in a safe and sound place, free from risks of being stolen. Hence your parking area should follow proper Vastu norms to ensure the same for your car. Points to remember in this context include PDFmyURL converts any url to pdf!


What Vastu says about the Colors for Deputy Directions? Vastu forChawla Home Colors Dr. Puneet 1,318 views


Vastushastra and toilets in wrong direction Loading...

Rajni healer 103,167 views

ं हटा द ज दी अमीर बनना चाहते ह तो तुरत घर से ये चीज | Vastu tips to become rich Pooja Luthra 1,622,545 views

How to Bring Prosperity through Main Door? Direction of , Vastu Tips Dr. Main PuneetDoor Chawla 2,072 views

Vastu Tips for Positive Energy : How To Develop Positive Energy your Home ? Dr. PuneetatChawla 19,569 views

Vastu Tips for Plants and Trees: What Kind of PlantTrees Should Dr. Puneet ChawlaBe Planted? Vastuviews Advice for Plants 11,917

Vastu Shastra Tips - Do not Keep Picture of God in the Car? Dr. Puneet Chawla 1,977 views

What Vastu Says about Small Home and the Placement of Things? PDFmyURL converts any url to pdf!

Dr. Puneet Chawla 1,173 views

Do You have Positive Energy at Your Home ? Vastu Tips for Positive Dr. Puneet Energy Chawla 2,359 views

Vastu Shastra Tips - Do You know the Right Placement of Small Things? Dr. Puneet Chawla 34,741 views

Tulsi Plant Vastu Tips : What are the Benefits of Keeping Tulsi Plant at Home? Dr. Puneet Chawla 11,396 views

How Colors Influence Vastu? What is the Role of Colors in Vastu? Dr. Puneet Chawla 64,937 views

Vastu Tips for Home: How to Correct Vastu Defect Without Demolition? Dr. Puneet Chawla 7,955 views

How Singham Lakshmi Kaudi Gives Respect to Your Earned Money? Dr. Puneet Vastu Chawla Remedy 9,738 views

Dr. Puneet Chawla MANDIR 02 PDFmyURL converts any url to pdf!

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Are you parking car as per vastu vastu tips for car parking