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How to Select Right Direction for Bedroom? Vastu Defects of South West Bedroom Dr. Puneet Chawla 12,566 views

Vastu Tips for Home Decoration

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SanjeevniTV 4,867 views

How to Get Lucky and Stay Lucky? Enhance Good Luck | Vastu Tips Dr. Puneet Chawla 9,666 views

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How Wall Clock and Watches Can Affect Your Destiny? (Part 1)Vastu for Watch Dr. Puneet Tips Chawla

How to Decorate Your House Using Vastu Guidelines? Vastu Solution


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VASTU - Dustbin placement in home as per Vastu shastra VASTU TIP 137,967 views

Published on Mar 22, 2012 Vasant Panchami Special Feed animals and birds is a good live vastu. Vastu tips for decoration. Follow the Vaastu Tips Explained by Dr Puneet Chawla world #1 Vastu Consultants. SHOW MORE

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Make your Bedroom as Per Vastu, Vastu Remedy for Bedroom , Mangal Kalash Dr. Puneet Chawla 58,785 views



ं हटा द ज दी अमीर बनना चाहते ह तो तुरत घर से ये चीज | Vastu tips to become rich Pooja Luthra 1,621,475 views

How Vastu Can Correct Bad Addiction of Alcohol? Vastu & Alcohol, Addictions Dr. Puneet Bad Chawla 3,270 views

13 Simple Vastu Tips | Home | Career | Office | Money | family |Astrospeak Happiness | Success 79,692 views

How Colors Influence Vastu? What is the Role of Colors in Vastu? Dr. Puneet Chawla 64,937 views

How to Correct Vastu Defect of Main Door? Vastu Remedies , Uses of Sea Salt Dr. Puneet Chawla 72,957 views

Vastu Tips - What are the Effects of Overhead Beams on thePuneet Residents Dr. Chawlaof a house? 2,433 views

Vastu Tips for Wealth | Vastu for Almirah | अलमारी के िलए वा तु | Vastu tips for money Save web pages as PDF manually or automatically w ith PDFmyURL

Apna Desh 26,435 views

What are the Remedies for Vastu Defects in the kitchen? (Part 2)Vaastu Dr. Puneet Chawla Tips 29,348 views

Vastu Shastra for Home : Do you know How Good is Your Main Door? Vastu Tips for Dr. Puneet Chawla Home 168,758 views

Money Plant : How to Plant and Grow Money Plant? Vastu Tips for Money Plant to Earn More Dr. Puneet Chawla Money 120,964 views

How Vastu Remedy Gives Prosperity? What are the Effects Vastu Remedy? Dr. Puneetof Chawla 46,633 views

गोमती च ,Gomti Chakra Will Bring Fortune, Vastu Tips to End Struggle Of Life Vaibhava Nath Sharma 93,590 views

How to Refine Your Office? Vastu for Commercial Office Dr. Puneet Chawla 4,389 views

Vaastu for Kitchen | Vastu Tips Save web pages as PDF manually or automatically w ith PDFmyURL

| Part 1

aquarius film 50,794 views


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How to decorate your house using vastu guidelines