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Sperreng Middle School Library 2011-2012 NOOKs Take Center Stage Students eagerly anticipated the arrival of 30 NOOK Colors to Sperreng’s library. As soon as the e-readers arrived, Ms. Struckhoff got the NOOK contracts out to English teachers so students could complete and return the forms and be placed on a waiting list. In addition, all students in the building visited the library for a lesson on how to use the e-reader and access Lindbergh’s e-Library. During the lesson, each student was able to have his/her own NOOK to physically manipulate and explore. Kids loved the touch screen and enjoyed being able to adjust text size and color, as well as the screen background. The fact that students could use the Internet via the school’s wireless network was also exciting. After the lesson, over 200 students returned signed contracts. The first students checked out NOOKs in December, and by the end of April, all students who had turned in contracts had been given a chance to check out an e-reader.

Eighth graders explore the different features of the NOOK Color.

Sperreng Students and Staff Take Advantage of Lindbergh’s eLibrary! For years, students at Sperreng have roamed the library looking for a good read. Now, students don’t even have to get up from their seat. In fact, they can borrow a library book from anywhere they have Internet access. Lindbergh’s eLibrary made its debut last Fall, and as time passes, more and more students and staff are taking advantage of borrowing books virtually. With over 2,200 titles currently available, readers have a great selection of material with little or no wait. Since November, Ms. Struckhoff has been extremely busy giving personal assistance to parents, students, and staff as they learn the process of borrowing and downloading e-books to their phones, iPads, tablets, and e-readers. There is no doubt that Lindbergh’s eLibrary’s collection will become even more popular with time.

The first Sperreng student checks out a Nook!

Author Tamora Pierce Visits Sperreng! On Friday, November 4th, fantasy author Tamora Pierce visited Sperreng and spoke to all eighth grade students. Mrs. Pierce has written over twenty-five books, many fantasies set in the Middle Ages. She was touring to promote the third book in her Beka Cooper trilogy entitled Mastiff. Tamora shared her experiences as a writer and autographed books after her presentation. This event was provided free of charge by Random House Publishing Company and coordinated by the manager of Pudd'nhead Books in Webster Groves (independent book store).

Ken’s purpose in bringing the events to Sperreng is to collaborate with school librarians and increase student participation in Tesson Ferry Library’s Teen Advisory Group. Ms. Struckhoff , Sperreng’s librarian, advertised the events, handled student sign ups, and supervised each event.

Sperreng Students Develop Information Literacy Skills At a time when there is an overabundance of information in print and online, students need the skills to locate relevant and reliable information for research purposes and use the material in an ethical manner. To insure that Sperreng students are prepared for the demands of high school, Ms. Struckhoff taught lessons on how to paraphrase, quote, and cite sources using a works cited page. In addition, students learned important criteria to use when evaluating websites. Finally, students examined the concepts of copyright and fair use.

Ravenous Readers! Tamora Pierce, published author of numerous adolescent novels, poses for a picture with Sperreng student, Adam Rich.

St. Louis County Librarian Brings Fun and Excitement to Sperreng

One hundred and three Sperreng students took part in the Missouri Association of School Librarians' reading programs this school year. All of the PALS students read all 10 of the Show Me Nominees and celebrated with a party in April. Fifty-eight students took part in the Mark Twain Program, and thirtyeight students took part in the Truman Program. Those students were also invited to a reading celebration.

For the last three years, St. Louis County librarian Ken Krieghauser has held after school programs in Sperreng’s library for In addition, twenty sixth graders took students. This year, students participated in a part in Six Flags’ Read to Succeed program board game afternoon, a minute to win it and received a free ticket to the theme park. challenge, and two video game extravaganzas.

End of Year Report Sperreng  

Eighth graders explore the different features of the NOOK Color. The first Sperreng student checks out a Nook!