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ELEMENTARY LIBRARIES Concord, Crestwood, Kennerly, Long, Sappington Each elementary librarian is responsible for two schools serving between 1,000-1,200 students per librarian. We have 50-54 classes scheduled each week in our libraries and are open for daily users of the library as needed.


One of the biggest changes this year in the elementary libraries was adapting to a new schedule. We tried an alternating weekly schedule which allowed us to serve both buildings an equal amount of time over a two week period. In spite of the fact that we were only able to see the students half of the time, we provided lessons focusing on literature appreciation and information skills which covered our Lindbergh Curriculum and the Information Communication & Technology GLES.



Hoping to create a more effective program, we are looking ahead to next year when we will implement a new schedule in which we see three grade levels of students per quarter on a weekly basis. Each quarter of lessons will revolve around themed units incorporating fiction and nonfiction literature, research skills, Common Core Standards, ICT GLEs and digital tools for instruction. We expect this new plan to provide more consistency and continuity to our program for the students and allow for better collaboration with the staff.


ELITE The library staff met as a cohort to complete ELITE training this year. We were able to spend time examining our philosophy and the direction of our profession so that we might move forward in designing 21 century library programs. One of our tasks included updating our websites to make them more user friendly and current.

The 15 Nooks provided to each school certainly added excitement this year. Each elementary school held “nook orientations� for the classes allowing students the opportunity to become acquainted with the ereaders before checking them out. The students enjoyed having access to a new form of reading.


The 3rd grade students at Crestwood enjoy performing a Reader’s Theater edition of “Mudball” by Matt Traveras.


The 4th graders evaluate and explore web resources such as the database World Book Online .


Kennerly kids are engrossed in their new book collection during a favorite library game— “musical books”.

Concord students eagerly sample the new Nooks from the library.

Long and Sappington Long and Sappington students produced over 350 book talk videos that were linked to QR codes. Using iPods that were purchased from a Spirit of Lindbergh Teacher Grant, the students scan the QR codes and watch the videos which promote our library books. The iPods are a huge hit, and the students are excited to browse the library looking for a book that a peer has recommended.

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THIS YEAR ELITE The 15 Nooks provided to each school certainly added excitement this year. Each elementary school held “nook orientations” f...

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