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ΕΙΚΑΣΤΙΚΑ ΘΕΜΑΤΑ ΙΙΙ Βασίλης Παπακυριάκου

Before the beginning of time

With no point of reference…

You spoke to the dark And fleshed out the wonder of light…

A hundred billion galaxies are born‌

‌a signal fire of grace

Every burning star‌

Like a fire to the snow I'm renewed in Your warmth Melt the ice of this wild soul Till the barren is beautiful

Every painted sky… … a canvas of Your grace

On a hill You created the light of the world abandoned in darkness to die‌

Like the frost on a rose Winter comes for us all‌

Though the winter is long even richer The harvest it brings‌

Shine the light brighter ‌

For Your promise is loyal From seed to sequoia …

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