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Intention and Subject of Work My initial thoughts around the human figurines had as their origins the public space of modern cities. As a result in the drawings starred the human mass, composed by equable units of male-female and delineate in space by the dynamics of stagnation or movement, or inside a linear order, or disarray. The human figures are delineated by space and space by human figures. Through their movement suggests ways and volumes of urban landscape. Private space is totally vanished (流 disappeared). Person, as individual, is rarely present. Does not exist any kind of community. It shows the modern man as confounded (doomed) in his public space. The ancient Greek concept of demos would require other space, other dynamic in order to be traced in a white sheet of paper. Which forces create the movement, how the mass reassembles a nightmare, how the collective looks uncanny, were experiences that followed the creation of the drawings. The figurines began to transform themselves in a singular alphabet. From drawing to drawing I sought the words behind the symbolism of this immense gatherings and the concepts that proclaimed the ankylosis (immobility) of mass in space.

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Born in Athens in January of 1968. 
 Took up sketching and had works published in periodicals ot the Athens Law School, from which he graduated. He graduated as well from ASFA.
 Between 1990 and 1992 he collaborated with the newspaper PRIN and continued at the newspaper RIZOSPASTIS until May 2013 . During the period 1999-2000 he collaborated with the newspaper OIKONOMIA. In 1998 he issued a comic-strip entitled ETHELOUSIA EXODOS by KASTANIOTIS Publications He has taught sketching at the Plaka School and has illustrated book covers and fairy tales. He also collaborates with GALERA magazine. 
 He has also participated in group exhibitions both in Greece and abroad.

Unready for revolution  
Unready for revolution