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May 2014

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director’s notes PO Box 576 Vashon Island, WA 98070 206.463.5131 19704 Vashon Hwy SW Mon-Fri 10 to 6, Sat noon to 5

Board of Trustees President Tim Roden Vice President Duane Bedard Treasurer Chuck Weinstock Secretary Judith Burwell Member at Large Susan Kutscher Trustees Stephanie Halstead Baker, Scott Benner, Randee Crisman Blackstone, Karin DeSantis, Denise Katz, Jennifer McMurdo, Robert Misel, Bruce Morser, Ann Nicklason, Tom Nicolino, Mary O’Leary-Bryant, Susan Rives, Jon-Eric Schafer, Nancy Sipple

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May 2014

This is an exciting time for our community. Our high school students moved into a beautiful, light-filled and technologically advanced new building in January. We are celebrating the opening of our spacious new library. And we anticipate breaking ground for Vashon Center for the Arts this fall, and moving into the new building in late 2015.

slowly emerging on the west face of the McFeed’s building. Keep your eye on it—watch it come together over the next couple of months. Thank you to Will Forrester, beloved Island artist and Chief Puzzle Maker, for creating a fun way to measure our funding progress.

These three projects provide a significant and transformative improvement to our Island’s infrastructure. They expand, rehabilitate and replace aging structures and support our community’s need for self-reliance. A healthy community requires amenities that serve and sustain its residents.

You should have received our “ it’s not just a theater” brochure in your mailbox by now. I hope you took a close look at it and learned more about the project. VCA is also not just a building, but about what you will experience inside and the positive contribution it will make to our Island home. Please give VCA your financial support and help us fill in the last pieces of the puzzle. Visit We welcome gifts of any size. Be a partner with us.

The pieces of the puzzle are falling into place to break ground for the construction of Vashon Center for the Arts. You may have noticed an actual puzzle

Molly Reed Executive Director

Hatching in the Heron’s Nest Photographer Charlotte (Lotta) Hansen is a former native of Sweden who moved to the Island in the early eighties. With parenting responsibilities behind her, Hansen quit her job and engaged in what she describes as “a prolonged and necessary midlife crisis.” During that time, she purchased her first camera and took a photography class. Augmented by part-time work as a technologist at a pathology reference laboratory, Hansen has now launched her photography career. For this show, Hansen concentrated on two themes. First, an almost intimate view of flowers. She zooms in to find a bee drenched in pollen, suggesting summer bounty. Hansen displays Thank you to our major contributors

this work in circular prints on aluminum. The second theme underlines sculptural, elegant forms and gestures of old, dry leaves. Under Hansen’s lens, they take on new life. “Moving and dancing, leaves become warriors, birds or other creatures of nature,” she says. Hansen’s versatility and artistic sensibilities have been honed by designing her own jewelry and knitted creations. Whether photographing people or the natural world, Hansen finds beauty everywhere. – by Kathy Pine

Heron’s Nest

“Bee in Blossom” and “Leaf in Flight” by Lotta Hansen

Tuesday-Saturday 11 am–5 pm Sunday Noon–3 pm First Friday, May 2 Open until 9 pm

Welcome to New Staff! In early March, Vashon Allied Arts welcomed two new staff members, Katie Horner and Crissy Baker. Katie is the new Volunteer Coordinator. After seven years in Boise, Idaho, attending college and pursuing business, Katie, a Vashon native, has returned to raise her son Carter near family and friends. Katie enjoys exploring with her son and continues to run her website, The FIT List.

ing art community.” Crissy is the new Registrar and communications liaison for VAA’s dance company. She has taught tap for almost two years at VAA Center for Dance, and has been on the props team for the Center’s dance productions.

“I love being a part of the performing arts world,” says Crissy. “Since having my daughter in the dance company, and learning more about VAA, and Says Katie, “It’s with the Center for wonderful working the Arts coming at an organization and all the involvecentered on the ment with youth arts! I am blessed to be the one who From top: Katie Horner and Crissy Baker and artists, VAA is such a great gets to help enrich organization to belong to. I am people’s lives by providing opporso happy to be part of the team.” tunities for community members to play an active role in our thriv– by Eric Horsting


May Events

Gallery Cruise Friday, May 2, 6 pm VAA Gallery, page 7 Heron’s Nest, page 2


Captain Smartypants Seattle Men’s Chorus Ensemble Saturday, May 3, 7 pm Vashon Allied Arts, page 8

3-4, 10-11

Vashon Island Art Studio Tour Saturdays & Sundays May 3-4 and 10-11 10 am-5 pm, page 14


Vashon Chamber Music

Sunday, May 4, 7 pm Vashon United Methodist Church page 6



Tuesday, May 6, page 3


Vashon Opera Werther

Friday, May 16, 8 pm Sunday, May 18, 2:30 pm Bethel Church Wednesday, May 14, 7 pm, Vashon Bookshop, page 13

Save the Date! June 21-22 pages 10-11

On Tuesday, May 6, every donation made online through receives a percentage of the GiveBIG “stretch pool.” Mark your calendar and support VAA!


VAA Center for Dance

Firebird Ballet and Short Works Friday, May 16, 1 pm Children’s Matinee & 7 pm Saturday, May 17, 1 pm & 7 pm Sunday, May 18, 1 pm Open Space, page 5


Drama Dock Night of Improv

Saturday, May 17, 7 pm Vashon Allied Arts, page 14


Science Series Gifts of the Crow

Sunday, May 18, 7 pm Vashon Allied Arts, page 4

30–June 1

Collector’s Choice Art Sale Friday, May 30, 5 pm-8 pm VAA Members only! Saturday, May 31, 10 am-4 pm Open to the public Sunday, June 1, 11 am-4 pm Open to the public Vashon Allied Arts, page 11


Father-Daughter Dance Saturday, May 31, 7-9 pm Dinner 5:45 pm [optional] Vashon Golf & Swim Club page 14



Seattle Rock Orchestra

Open Space Saturday, June 7, 7 pm, page 6 On the cover: Meg Sayre dances “The Firebird” photo by Mike Urban page 5

May 2014


Vashon Center for the Arts of 3 when his father was offered a job at Boeing. His dad chose Vashon because he was an avid hunter and fisherman and wanted a rural home. When Loren was 18, he started LS Cedar in his parents’ garage. When the busi-

opened and closed the gates to their respective businesses. It is hard to believe that all that time has gone by and now Loren’s three sons are working in the yard. It’s his goal that the boys will one day take over the business. Loren appreciates the feeling of Center. “It’s cool to feel the history here.” He remarked upon the fact that Center is deceptive in that there doesn’t appear to be a lot of business activity there at first glance. However, in the process of obtaining a permit for his current redevelopment (a story in itself), he walked up and down the highway and counted about 18 businesses in the immediate area. “There’s more here than you think. I have a feeling there’s a new surge at Center, that things are alive again,” he commented. In the next few months, Sinner will construct two large storage buildings at the east side of the

I support it. I welcome it and I’m happy they’re doing it. I recently had the opportunity to sit down and talk with Loren Sinner, the owner of LS Cedar Company, one of our neighbors at Center. Loren is a very busy man but graciously agreed to leave his office and cross the highway to his “other place,” The Roasterie. Loren was born in Iowa in 1956 and moved to Vashon at the age

ness grew too big for that space, he moved it to Betty MacDonald’s farm and then, in 1982, to its current location at Center where it has been for the past 32 years. Loren recalls the early years when he and Jim Stewart would say hi to each other each morning and again each evening as they

Gifts of the Crow Crows are mischievous, playful, social and passionate. They have brains that are huge for their body size and exhibit an avian kind of eloquence. They mate for life and associate with relatives and neighbors for years. And because they often live near people – in our gardens, parks and cities – 4

May 2014

they are also keenly aware of our peculiarities, staying away from and even scolding anyone who threatens or harms them and quickly learning to recognize and approach those who care for and feed them, even giving them numerous, oddly touching gifts in return. John Marzluff, Ph.D., is Professor of Wildlife Science at the University of Washington.

His research has been the focus of articles in the New York Times, National Geographic, Audubon, Seattle Times and National Wildlife. PBS’s NATURE featured his crow research in the film documentary A Murder of Crows. A

yard, and will tear down the current office building and construct a new space to house the company offices. The new building will reflect the style of the older buildings at Center. In addition to his more-thanfull-time work at LS Cedar, Loren is a well-known Vashon musician and plays guitar, bass and piano both locally and off-island. He also promotes musicians he hears around the Northwest and is impressed with. As for the new Vashon Center for the Arts building going up next door, he says, “I support it. I welcome it and I’m happy they’re doing it.” Not only does Sinner look forward to listening to live music in the new theater, he has a long-term view of Center and cited the two churches and school that stood where the Blue Heron and McFeed’s building now stand. “Everything has to be new at some point and then old.” Please join us in this historic opportunity. To donate, visit Thank you! – by Susan Kutscher testament to years of painstaking research, his fully illustrated and riveting book Gifts of the Crow shines a light on the fascinating intelligence, characteristics and behaviors of these amazing birds. Did you know that crows gather around their dead, warn of impending doom and commit murder of other crows? Find out more in the second lecture in our inaugural Science Series.

Vashon Allied Arts Sunday, May 18, 7 pm Tickets: $14 Member/Student/ Senior, $18 General VAA,

and Short Works VAA Center for Dance flies into spring this season with a celebration of dance and tradition. Dancers step back into the Great Hall of the O Space with a production of Stravinsky’s The Firebird ballet, created in 1910 for the Paris season of Sergei Diaghilev’s Ballets Russes. The story is based on Russian folk tales of a glowing, magical bird that can be both a blessing and a curse to its owner. Intermediate and advanced dancers bring to life Michael Fokine’s adapted choreography about the Firebird, the mythical creature that entrances Prince Ivan, convincing him to free her from captivity. This is the 18th VAA spring ballet for Christine Juarez, Director of VAA Center for Dance. Juarez adapts and creates original

choreography each season for the student body based on the historical romantic ballets. This year, Firebird was selected specifically with two graduating seniors in mind: Meg Sayre, graduating from Vashon High School, and Sam Opsal, guest dancer, who graduates from Cornish College of the Arts. These two dancers have collaborated wonderfully for years and both leave the Island to welcome their futures within the next couple of months.

the passionate partner who has chosen dance as his life. He has been incredibly supportive to our dancers and has served as an exemplary role model,” says Juarez.

Guinee, lighting by Stan Voynick and lobby design by Holly Goddard.

“Meg has been a dream to work with and I picked this part for her because she embodies the Firebird. She is full of life, quick to act and think and ready to embrace her freedom and change the world. Sam is

Clockwise from left: Tess Mueller as the evil witch Kostcheï, Meg Sayre as the Firebird and Maeve Haselton as Tsarevna, take a break from the rigors of rehearsal; Kostcheï casting a spell on Tsarevna (photos by Mike Urban), Dance Director Christine Juarez coaches male danseurs Josiah Boyajian and Quinn McTighe; little dancers take their cues from Selah Bellscheidt; Tess Mueller doing the always necessary barre work (photos by Jonathan Kuzma).

As part of this evening program, Creative Movement dancers (2-4 years old) will march and tiptoe to a narrated dance created by Juarez titled The Fairies and the Dragon. Pre-Ballet dancers will chasse and skip in a one-act ballet There Was an Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe danced to music by Edvard Grieg. Dancers from the Center for Dance’s Tap classes also perform. Costumes by Kate

The Firebird Ballet and Short Works Friday, May 16, 1 pm Children’s Matinee Friday, May 16, 7 pm Saturday, May 17, 1 pm Saturday, May 17, 7 pm Sunday, May 18, 1 pm Open Space Tickets: $12 Member/Student/ Senior, $16 General VAA, Heron’s Nest, May 2014


nessee), the Seattle Symphony and the Seattle Opera, as well as numerous chamber music series throughout the U.S.

Vashon Chamber Music’s season finale on Sunday, May 4 features the music of Haydn, Schnittke and Brahms. Guest cellist Charmian Bartlett joins Artistic Directors Douglas Davis and Rowena Hammill on an arrangement for three cellos of a piece originally written by Haydn for baryton trio. It is a charming classical era work in four short movements.

Next on the program is the Schnittke trio for violin, viola and cello, with series regular Artur Girsky on violin, Hammill on cello and guest violist Timothy Christie. A violinist and violist, Christie is the Founder and Artistic Director of the Walla Walla Chamber Music Festival. He serves on the music faculties of the University of Puget Sound and the Brevard Center in North Carolina. The solo violist of Brave New Works since the group’s

The program ends with the magnificent Brahms G Major string sextet, in which the Schnittke players will be joined by Davis on cello, Heather Bentley on viola and Natasha Bazhanov on violin—a wonderful way to conclude our fifth season of chamber music making! – by Rowena Hammill

Vashon Chamber Music

Guest violist Timothy Christie

inception in 1997, Christie has performed and premiered numerous solo and chamber works of the 20th and 21st centuries. He currently plays with the Pacific Northwest Ballet Orchestra, IRIS Orchestra (Germantown, Ten-

Sunday, May 4, 7 pm Vashon United Methodist Church Tickets: $18 Member/Student/ Senior, $22 General VAA, Heron’s Nest,

Seattle Rock Orchestra

Rock ’n’ roll and classical music are amazing traditions respectively, and when the two come together, the results are spectacular! Seattle

Rock Orchestra (SRO) has been captivating audiences since 2009 with their unique orchestral interpretations of rock music— everything from David Bowie, Queen, Beach Boys to Radiohead. For their inaugural Vashon Island performance, they present a full evening concert composed of classic Beatles, Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin tunes, collaborating on a few songs with two local youth ensembles, i Solisti di Vashon and Vashon Youth String Orchestra. An important part of Vashon Allied Arts’ mission is to connect our youth to rich arts and educational opportunities that will inspire and empower them to dream big. We believe that meaningful participation in the arts is a precursor to success in all other areas of life, and sets up a lifelong appreciation of culture. This collaboration with Seattle Rock Orchestra will be a tremendous achievement that allows our youth to 6

May 2014

play alongside professional musicians and showcase their talents as musicians on the big stage.

Seattle Rock Orchestra. Photo by Jason Tang

This will be one of the largest single concerts in Island history, with Seattle Rock Orchestra’s contingent of 35+ musicians and vocalists performing with Vashon youth musicians on classic hits such as “Dear Prudence,” “Wish You Were Here” and “Kashmir.” VAA partners with O Space in presenting this epic event. Part of the fees for this large-scale production were raised by generous local donations made through power2give, an innovative new crowd-sourced funding platform from ArtsFund that provided an exceptional 1-to-1 match. – by Stephen Jeong

Seattle Rock Orchestra

Vashon youth musicians rehearse classics such as “Bohemian Rhapsody” in preparation for Seattle Rock Orchestra concert.

Open Space Saturday, June 7, 7 pm Tickets: $20 General Admission, $5 Student Youth 12 and under are free, but advance reservations required. VAA, Heron’s Nest,

There are so very many women artists, but for this show, it’s photographer Kim Farrell, oil painter Kathy Larsdotter and copper sculptor Ivonne Escobar de Kommer, three artists fascinated by the natural world.

In the Gallery May 2014 showcases three strong Vashon women artists, whose collective exhibit is also a stop on the Spring Art Studio Tour.

Kim Farrell is well-known for her micro images of flowers, but she has also captured cheetahs in Namibia and landscapes in the Southwest. This time, she’s off on a new trail: Fort Worden, the old military base, now an arts center in Port Townsend. She saw some macro photos that attracted her and, starting last Christmas, spent three days doing micros of the surfaces of the unrestored old buildings. The result is a fascinating collection of 13 images. “I approached them as abstract art,” says Farrell. “If I could paint, which I can’t, this is what I would do. Texture and color were what grabbed me, almost like a Rorschach test.” “Rust and peeling paint,” she added, “graffiti and bolts created delightful displays of color and tex-

ture, modern art created by time and the elements. Nature reclaims things with time and water.” Each of Kathy Larsdotter’s paintings, all produced since Christmas, focuses on an identifiable place on the Vashon-Maury shoreline and watershed. “Water is so precious,” says Larsdotter, “such a closed system on earth. Something that has such great beauty also has such great power for survival. It’s the thing that will be fought over. Vashon doesn’t get its water from anywhere else. We take

how when you know what you have in your garden, you can use it. We can reach to our gardens instead of the store. The cures we have are right next to us.”

the beauty of this resource for granted.”

“Herbs,” she adds, “are good for medicinal uses and for beauty.”

Larsdotter creates her images of that beauty in a unique way. She photographs, then plays with the images on her computer so that they begin to turn away from apparent realism to a visual record of

She’s also grown a series of flower boxes of sculpted copper and large test tubes used in the diffusion of herb matter and water into medicines. “Chickweed” features a circular copper base topped

the feelings she had as she snapped the lens. She begins drawing and applying the oils to canvas, and the result, she says, is close to surrealistic. “Painting a picture,” she says, “is like writing a poem, a concrete reminder of my life’s epiphanies.” Ivonne Escobar de Kommer, who showed regularly for years at Silverwood Gallery in Burton, is fascinated with how nature arises out of her garden and with the power of medicinal herbs. “My theme,” says Escobar de Kommer, “is that beautiful nature is right next to us. It’s interesting

From left to r: “Shinglemill Creek” by Kathy Larsdotter; “Chickweed” by Ivonne Escobar de Kommer; “In Defense of Art” by Kim Farrell.

by one of the tubes encircled by a beautiful copper version of the chickweed stems and leaves. She acknowledges these new pieces are a progression from what she made before. “As we age,” says Escobar de Kommer, “the best part is that I am able to recognize many things, I now have a reference.” – by Eric Horsting

VAA Gallery Opening Friday, May 2, 6–9 pm Music by Island Fusion (Steve Meyer, bass; Fletcher Andrews, percussion; Jack Barbash, piano) Studio Tour stop #11, extended hours (see page 14)

May 2014


Spring Classes

For more information or to register online, visit Scholarships Available!


Ages: 16 to Adult Every Saturday 9-10:15 am 10-Session card Member $125/ General $135 5-Session card Member $65/General $75 Instructor: Ronly Blau Join this mindful, flowing yoga class that weaves together asanas with pranayama, meditation and Ayurvedic wisdom. Blau has taught yoga for over 12 years and is a Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner, Yoga Instructor and Licensed Massage Practitioner. For more information visit


Ages: 16 to Adult Saturdays, May 17 & 24, 10 am-1 pm Tuition: Member $80/General $95; Materials $50 Instructor: David Erue Learn to use a plasma cutter and basic welding techniques with mild steel and assorted found objects in this two-day workshop. Create a small garden sculpture of your own design. Class taught in David’s shop, 11706 Cove Rd.

GOURD PLANTER WORKSHOP Ages: Adults Saturdays, June 21 & 28, 9 am-2 pm Tuition: Member $165/General $175; Materials $65 Instructor: Charlotte Masi

Captain Smartypants is an a capella comedy group, an offshoot of the larger Seattle Men’s Chorus, whose stylistic range includes swing, doo-wop, pop covers, Motown, techno-pop and barbershop. They have been heard all over the Pacific Northwest and beyond, thrilling, delighting and charming audiences from Washington, D.C., to San Francisco with their unique blend of humor and accomplished voices. Since their inception in 2000, Captain Smartypants has performed with stars such as Margaret Cho, Jennifer Holliday, Kristin 8

May 2014

Turn a raw gourd into a pot for an indoor succulent in this two-day workshop. Learn the process from start to finish: cut, clean and finish the inside of the gourd; transfer a design and use wood burning tools to outline your imagery, add coloration and prepare a steel ring for the base. Please bring lunch and a beverage. Class held in Charlotte’s studio. Contact for more information.


Ages: 10-18 Tuesdays, May 6-June 10, 3:45-5:45 pm Tuition: Member $150/General $170 Instructor: Steffon Moody Learn to create the illusion of 3 dimensions on a 2D surface. One, two & three point perspective, geometric primatives, line of action, values/shading, positive & negative space and composition. Weekly homework leads to awesome drawing skills! Steffon teaches drawing at DigiPen School of Technology to animators and game designers.


Ages: 4-6 Session 2: Saturdays, May 3-24, 9:30-10:45 am Tuition: Member $70/General $85; Materials $5 Instructor: Sue Wiley Join us for a playful exploration of literature through music, stories and poems. Learn about story, plot, conflict and sequencing events. At the end of each class, kids work together to dramatize a story they create using teamwork and imagination. Come play!

Led by director Eric Lane Barnes, their 10-year anniversary show Captain Smartypants: the First 100 Years broke all previous Smartypants box office records in its May 2010 run at Seattle’s Town Hall. Their Vashon performance is guaranteed to have you tapping your feet and laughing out loud.

Captain Smartypants Chenoweth, American Idol finalist Blake Lewis and many others. Their video performance of “Kislev Cowboys” (aka “Broke-

back Dreidel”) has received over half a million hits on YouTube since it posted in 2008, and was featured on NPR’s Hearing Voices.

Saturday, May 3, 7 pm Vashon Allied Arts Tickets: $16 Member/Student/ Senior, $20 General VAA, Heron’s Nest,

Summer Camps!

For more information or to register online, visit Scholarships Available!

June 23-27

July 28-August 1

Puget Sound Friends Clay (age 4-6)

Once Upon a Puppet (age 7-12)

Color Crazy (age 7-12)

Magic of Mime (age 8-14)

June 30-July 3 Art and Spanish (age 3-7) Olympics of Mind (age 8-12)

July 7-11 Summer Musical Theatre (age 7-14) Glass Intensive for Teens (age 13-19)

July 14-18 Fired Up Clay (age 10-17) All About Me Art Camp (age 6-10) Magical Kingdom Dance (age 3-5)

July 21-25 People and Pets Clay (age 6-10) Studio Tour Art Camp (age 10-17)

Teen Photo Intensive (age 13-18)

August 4-8 Clay Camp Down Under (age 6-10)

August 11-15 Nature of Art Camp (age 8-12) Triple Threat Dance (age 9-16)

August 18-22 Sea, Sea, Sea Clay (age 6-10) Glass Intensive for Teens (age 13-19) Vashon String Camp (age 5-15) Space Traveler Dance (age 3-5)

August 25-29 Story Play (age 5-7)

Visit for full camp descriptions and to register. Scholarships available! May 2014


Garden Talks... Information from Experts! Terry Welch has practiced garden design/build for 42 years, featured in Sunset, British House and Gardens, Horticulture, Ken Druse’s The Passion for Gardening, and books by Valerie Easton and Anne Lovejoy. Welch often lectures on Japanese influences on Pacific Northwest landscape design.

Garden Tour weekend features an exciting lineup of speakers, all experts in their field. Here is a sampling of what to expect. For complete schedule, times, locations and Tour tickets, visit Jan Nielsen, Project Manager at Marenakos Stone in Fall City, knows a thing or two about stone. Stone is a versatile design element, often used naturally among plantings, as pathways and patios, retaining walls and sculptural art in the landscape. Nielsen discusses the many unique uses of stone. 10

May 2014

Horticulturist Melissa Schafer of Schafer Specialty Landscape & Design explores the trend of vertical gardening. “Bring your garden art to life! Think of the plants as your palette; create composition with plant texture, color and pattern and ditch the traditional canvas—get creative with vertical frameworks.” World traveled and widely recognized photographer Ray Pfortner loves sharing his passion, emphasizing technique, natural lighting and subject focus. Explore practical tips for creating garden photographs that begin to capture the beauty in front of your lens—remember to bring your camera! Tom Conway has been an avid gardener since he could hold a trowel and writes about his adventures on his popular

home and garden blog: “Whether for the vase or the sheer beauty of a bed of basking flowers, a cutting garden is eye candy for the soul.” Past Kitsap Audubon Society President and owner of Wild Birds Unlimited of Gig Harbor, Jim Ullrich’s enthusiasm for birds and bees is contagious! Ullrich explores diverse birds of the NW and encourages practices that promote wildlife habitat and recognize the importance of pollinators. For over 30 years, Carol Ahlfors has been in the floral industry, teaching and winning national awards. Recently, Ahlfors started offering classes through her Vashon business, Blooms & Things, to share this extensive knowledge. Learn a modern spin on the traditional floral centerpiece. Lavender Sisters Merrilee Runyan and Dana Illo and garden host Katy Jo Steward collectively farm lavender, and for 13 years

have handcrafted fine lavender products for wholesale florists, Puget Sound Metropolitan Markets and farmers markets. The Lavender Sisters will detail secrets to growing bountiful harvests. Tom Dean, Executive Director of the Vashon-Maury Island Land Trust, is not trained as a botanist or a biologist but loves plants and has fiddled with gardening and landscaping since his dad first ordered him to pull weeds. Dean speaks on the transition between landscape and forest, promoting forest health and slope stabilization. Ed Swan, Master Birder and author of The Birds of Vashon Island: A Natural History of Habitat Transformation, leads bird tours exploring Vashon and Puget Sound. “It’s a great pleasure to connect people with beauty and a richer understanding of other species and their natural environment.” “The best garden is the one where the gardener finds joy. Think of gardening as telling your story.” Garden designer and author Terry Hershey provides an intro to English garden design and embracing the story that sings quietly in your soul. – by Melissa Schafer

A Harvest of Health and Flavor “Let thy food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food,” proclaimed the Greek physician Hippocrates almost 2,500 years ago. In my ten-year research project, I’ve discovered that our ancestors— unwittingly­—bred the medicine out of our food. This loss did not begin in the 20th century, as many people assume, but has gone on for hundreds of generations. I write about the nutritional history of our food in my latest book, Eating on the Wild Side.

are growing orange super tomatoes from New Zealand, a species of apple from Nepal that has 100 times more antioxidants than a Golden Delicious, and hybrid and heirloom lettuces that turn a salad

into a recipe for health. One of my new finds is a blackberry called “Wild Treasure.” It’s a cross between the delicious trailing wild blackberry and a modern variety that is highly productive and thornless. The end result is a berry with the nutrition and flavor of the wild fruit but the more civilized traits

Jo Robinson, NY Times bestselling author, showcases her home garden on VAA’s annual Garden Tour. Below left to right, the stunningly beautiful (and healthy) Graffiti cauliflower, Black tomatoes and Forelle pear.

Bringing Back the Medicine in our Fruits and Vegetables of a domesticated berry. I’d like to see “Wild Treasure” become a Vashon mainstay. When you visit our garden, you will note dozens of other healthful and delicious varieties including purple carrots, purple cauliflower, black tomatoes and red Iceberg lettuce. When you know which varieties to plant, food becomes, once again, a natural form of medicine. – by Jo Robinson

Garden Tour Garden #6 Featured Speaker Saturday & Sunday June 21-22

I used the information I’ve gleaned to create a garden on Maury Island that features some extraordinarily nutritious and delicious varieties. This year, we

Collector’s Choice Art Sale

Artwork from floor to ceiling —this year’s Collector’s Choice Art Sale features works donated by passionate Island art collectors. Reminiscent of the alwaysanticipated Archives Art Sale, which features works by Island artists, collectors are releasing many works that they’ve held onto until now. At the Vashon Allied Arts Gallery on the last weekend of May, a number of Vashon art collectors (and a few off-Island ones) are contributing works of art of every kind for sale to our members and friends. Art owners who would like to obtain new works face the issue of “…but there’s no place to put it!”

paintings, prints, photographs, posters, textiles, sculpture and pottery. This is a wonderful opportunity to purchase excellent original art for your home, workspace, summer place or winter cabin. For more information, contact Janice Mallman, 463.5131 ext 224 (JaniceM@VashonAlliedArts. org), or Susan Sullivan, 463.4164 ( – by Susan Sullivan

These collectors have found their venue—the Collector’s Choice Art Sale.

cover if mediums, styles and forms that you love are represented.

Be prepared for special finds that you would not otherwise see for sale. If you already collect a particular kind of art, dis-

This is not an auction, but an open gallery event. You walk in, find pieces you like, buy them, take them home! There will be

Collector’s Choice Art Sale Friday, May 30, 5 pm-8 pm VAA Members only! Saturday, May 31, 10 am-4 pm Open to the public Sunday, June 1, 11 am-4 pm Open to the public May 2014


Vashon Allied Arts is Grateful for the Support of Our Generous Sponsors Hitch your wagon

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Vashon-Maury Island Heritage Museum

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17500 Vashon Highway SW P. O. Box 407 Vashon Island, WA 98070 E-Mail


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Wine tastings Noon-5 pm Saturdays & Sundays!

Shop Senior Tuesdays for your 10% Discount! 12

May 2014

12431 Vashon Hwy SW Vashon, WA 98070 206.567.4994

Smooth, round & voluptuous wines...

Jazz Phenom Alex Dugdale & Fade Alex Dugdale studied tap since he was six years old, and discovered the pull of jazz while standing on a NYC subway platform from a man playing Duke Ellington’s Take the A Train on steel drums. “I put on my tap shoes, and took the ‘A’ train with the steel drum player, and we started jamming to it. The people in the station started to hear our conversation and watched and listened as we spoke through the music… the crowd got with the beat and followed us on board.”

Seattle’s Repertory Jazz Orchestra (SRJO), who began featuring his tap dancing on “David Danced Before the Lord” to climax the annual Duke Ellington Sacred Music Concert.

Dugdale studied at the prestigious Eastman School of Music in Rochester, New York—classical saxophone with Chien-Kwan Lin and jazz saxophone with José Encarnación and Charles Pillow, plus jazz with pianist Harold Danko, drummer Rich Thompson and bassist Jeff Campbell.

Dugdale (saxophone, tap) plays at VAA with Fade: Gabe Glennie (bass), Remy Morritt (drums) and Owen Ross (guitar). Vashon’s own Monday Night Jazz Club opens.

Four years of intense study shaped Dugdale’s sound. His saxophone echoes the melodic approach of Lester Young, Dexter Gordon and Hank Mobley. Dugdale’s rising star was spotted by

Dugdale and his band Fade perform often at Lucid, in the U-District; Dugdale also plays with the Smith Staelens Big Band at Tula’s and with the Hal Sherman Big Band. His groove is strong and the musical vocabulary derives from the 1950s hard bop style of improvising.

– by Steve Griggs, excerpted from Earshot Jazz, December 2013

Alex Dugdale and Fade Vashon Allied Arts Saturday, May 10, 7:30 pm Tickets: $14 Member/Student/ Senior, $18 General VAA, Heron’s Nest,

“Flamboyant… larger than life!” Scott Jones and Yvonne Lever describe the design opportunities presented in creating unique settings for Werther, Vashon Opera’s May production. From museum exhibits to theatre sets, costume design to specialized movie props, Jones and Lever contribute broad expertise. Their Vashon company, Atlas Fine Art Service, provides exhibit design and installation services to museums, corporations and private collectors throughout the U.S. and Canada. “Our interest in set design stems from the joy of turning our training and philosophies on their heads,” Jones explained. “Our museum displays are generally subdued; these opera sets come alive with interaction from the living ‘artifacts’ themselves.” Concerning this local production, Jones added, “The challenge of a small venue not intended to accommodate an opera’s backstage space and lighting needs has directed our focus from the beginning.” Sung in French with English supertitles, the opera is based on Goethe’s iconic novel The Sorrows of Young Werther, the story

of a sensitive young artist. Jules Massenet’s vivid music—sometimes grandiose, sometimes achingly fragile—illuminates the complexity of its protagonists. Along with local singers, the cast features professional opera stars Wesley Rogers as Werther, Melina Pyron, Barry Johnson,

Courtney Ruckman and Ryan Bede. Chamber orchestra and children’s chorus are directed by Jim Brown; costume design is by Jocelyne Fowler.


Vashon Opera Friday, May 16, 8 pm Sunday, May 18, 2:30 pm Bethel Church 14736 Bethel Lane SW Tickets: $32 Season/Individual Tickets Wednesday, May 14, 7 pm $15 Student/Family Dress Rehearsal, Vashon Bookshop May 2014


7th Annual Father-Daughter Dance

“Somewhere Over the Rainbow” is the theme for the seventh annual Father-Daughter Dance at the Vashon Golf & Swim Club, Saturday, May

The dance is limited to 120 participants, and an early sellout is expected again this year. Tickets for the dinner need to be purchased at least 7 days in advance to ensure an accurate meal count.

31. Proceeds from the event benefit VAA Center for Dance. Smiles, laughs and great memories are guaranteed.

Vashon daughters—invite a few friends, your dads, and make an evening of it! Regardless of age, you’ll be sure to outlast your dad! Financial assistance is available. Questions? Please call the VAA office, 463.5131 or Jeff Sayre, 463.2150.

Sponsored each year by Vashon Allied Arts, last year’s event sold out early, leaving some dads scrambling for lastminute tickets. Uncles, grandfathers and other stand-ins are also welcome. In keeping with tradition, attire will be semi-formal— dresses for daughters and coats and ties for dads. Desserts and drinks are provided, along with a complimentary photo, frame and rose for daughters. Music selections are handpicked by an expert committee of Island daughters; song requests during the event are always welcome. John Sage graciously returns to provide the photography (check out to view prior events). Dinner is buffet style with a vegetarian option. 14

Night of Improv Hysterically funny scenes, chocolates and prizes! Drama Dock offers another Night of Improv and it promises to be just as much fun as last year.

emonies. There will be prizes awarded to the winners, as well as a Silent Auction.

All ages can participate by forming a team of at least 3 performers. The audience participates by giving ideas to the performers.

Saturday, May 17, 7 pm Vashon Allied Arts Fundraiser tickets start at $10 in support of Drama Dock. VAA, Heron’s Nest,

Jet City Improv from Seattle will provide the Master of Cer-

Drama Dock Night of Improv

wait for you from one end of the Island to the other. Ken Judd’s space-age folk sculptures; Kristen Reitz-Green’s luscious oils;

Father-Daughter Dance Saturday, May 31, 7–9 pm Dinner 5:45 pm [optional] Vashon Golf & Swim Club Tickets: Dance $25; Dinner $20 VAA, Heron’s Nest

sland May is time for Vashon I your traditional roam through the Vashon Island Spring Art Studio Tour. There’s no better way s p r In4g to inspire yourself, 201 meet Island artists and enjoy parts of the Island off the beaten track.

Paintings, prints, pottery, glass art, sculpture, crafts, jewelry and all kinds of fantastic whimsy

-11 3-4 & 10 ay

M und ay & S M S at u r d o 5 p 10 a M t ure, ay

lpt amics, scu jewelry, cer ngs, hy, painti photog rap aking gla ss, printm re & much mo

The porcelain, stoneware and raku of Mary Hosick (Tour # 9) is useful and beautiful.

WabiSabi Studio’s Japanese inspired wood-cut prints; Steve Zartman’s garden art— there really is something for everyone.

Spring Art Studio Tour is blooming with art! Find a tour map at any Vashon business and enjoy!

Spring Art Studio Tour Jane and Rob Oswald at last year’s “Singing in the Rain.” Photo by John Sage, FinchHaven Digital Photography

May 2014

Gordon R. Barnett of GRB Bells (Tour #21) crafts exquisite wearable bells.

Fridays & Saturdays, May 3-4 & 10-11, 10 am–5 pm

Windermere Vashon Beth de Groen Denise Katz Sophia Stendahl Heather Brynn Connie Cunningham Kathleen Rindge Sue Carette Rose Edgecombe Julie Hempton Linda Bianchi JR Crawford Paul Helsby Nancy Davidson

Giving Your Dreams a Home

Cheryl Dalton Deborah Teagardin

(206) 463-9148 - - 17233 Vashon Hwy SW/PO Box 1867

May 2014


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