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Bathtub Lift And Disabled Bath Tips: Taking The Plunge Again Using Bath Aids For The Elderly ______________________________________________ By Terrance Dicks -

Many disabled or elderly individuals had taken baths their entire lives and now because of their injuries and ailments are unable to do so without physical assistance. The standard alternatives are taking a shower using a tub bench or getting cleaned up at the sink or basin if a shower isn't a realistic action. While this may not be a huge deal for some disabled people, many still have a strong desire to go back to their old routine of taking a relaxing bath in their own tub. Purchasing a bathtub lift or disabled bath lift may be a great purchase to return one to their old bathing ways.

To Learn More About bath lifts for the elderly Disabled bath lifts have been around for a while however seem to get overlooked when it comes to hygiene and self-cleaning chores. Most people in this type of situation gravitate towards purchasing a tub bench or transfer bench and taking a shower using this setup with our without assistance. Tub benches surely are a less expensive option and do the job fine, however if you are required to sit down anyway during the cleaning process it may be worth the extra money to buy an entire bathtub lift system.

The disabled bath lift systems available nowadays are relatively inexpensive and very reliable. The ability to immerse oneself in a bathtub and be able to get out safely and easily would be a huge boost to the psyche of the disabled individual.

The bath aids for the elderly available both online and in store can get overwhelming thus each person needs to tailor the purchase to their own individual needs. First and foremost, if you are looking into buying a bathtub lift or disabled bath hoist, you must have the flexibility to be able to get into the seat itself. Most bathtub lift models have seats that rise up to or above the tub lip thus making the transfer seamless. This is a huge advantage over a tub bench in that the person must get down to the level of the tub lip to sit down successfully. Furthermore, if you so desire to take a shower instead of a bath then simply don't lower the lift into the bath and take your shower while sitting higher in the tub. It is truly a win win situation for those looking into a bathtub lift or bath hoist purchase. Bath aids for the elderly are readily available anywhere you shop for medical supplies online.

Installation and setup of a standard bath lift is very simple and can be done in less than 10 minutes. Measurement of the tub width and height is required to ensure proper fit before purchase. If you or your loved one is of larger stature and you require a bariatric bathtub lift or hoist, be sure the model you select is meant for someone of your size. Unlike other mobility devices such as scooters and lift chairs, there are not many bells and whistles available when it comes to bathtub lift and disabled bath hoists. Color, style and appearance are the main differences between a lot of models. Make sure the device has a swivel seat and you may want to purchase a chest harness to ensure that you remain in the seat during the bath as the buoyancy of the water tends to pull some out of the seat.

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Bath lifts for the elderly  

Bath lifts for the elderly

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