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It’s a big building.  A great number of persons work there. 

It’s a big actractive point of turism.

In Mafra there are many schools but I will olny talk to you about 2 of them. They are :  EB of Mafra  High School José Saramago 

In Mafra we have a natural reserve, with wolfs that are in danger of becoming extint.  It also has a big vareity of animals.  It used to be a hunting ground for royalty.  It covers a large area that consists on forest. 


It’s a garden made by the kings of Portugal that as been re-built this past year (2011).


About 17900 people live in Mafra.


In Mafra we have a center that helps people with deficiencies.

Mariana Rodrigues nº 21  Rita Eustáquio nº 24 

Da turma 5º L


Da Mariana e da Rita

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