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John Hanright

I would like to begin my term by saying thank you to all of the members of New Jersey District 6 for honoring me with the privilege of being elected as your District Master for 2011/12. Congratulations to all of the newly elected Officers and Park Trustees for the commitment you have made to our organization and a special thank you to all of the past Officers and Trustees

that have gone before us. All of us on the District Board look forward to the upcoming year. This year I would like to concentrate very simply by working to strengthen and promote the good of the order. I have always entered into things feet first and then proceeded to go in up to my ears. I have found that being involved with a hands on approach is the best way to really understand what is going on around you. It is then that opportunity and direction present themselves to you. The most predominant reward that Inger and I have realized during our involvement with the Vasa Order has been the sense of satisfaction gained through working for the good of the order. Everyone needs to have a sense of accomplishment, a sense of worth and value. All of these have come to us in

abundance through our involvement with this organization. I have always been a worker and when I have been placed in a position to lead I have always tried my best to lead by example. To become involved with a hands on approach so that I would have a complete understanding of the task and then I let the direction find me. Working with other members is what fosters activity, social interaction, and building relations with one another. Those things combined will almost always result in a sense of accomplishment, satisfaction and a sense of belonging. I will encourage all of you to work along with me and our executive board. Think outside the box a little, nothing monumental. Maybe a day trip or a small group visiting another lodge during their monthly meeting. Maybe organize an

event, a dance, a party, a cultural presentation or even something as simple as meeting for breakfast at the diner. These are the things that will foster activity. These are the things that promote a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. These are what we are all about. That is how I have met a lot of you and working together towards a common goal is how our friendships have become cemented. We have a great calendar of events planned for the upcoming year that include Mother’s Day Breakfast, Memorial Service, Golden Colony, Ladies Auxiliary Father’s Day Breakfast, SAHS Midsummer Festival, a bunch of lodge parties on the patio, Scanfest and, of course, the 75th Anniversary of Vasa Park. These are all great opportunities to get together and strengthen our order and introduce us to

potential new members. Please support these events and make it a point to get out to Friday Night Dinners. Official visits start in May and I am looking forward to them. As I have said in previous letters, the official visits are one of my favorite parts of serving on the District Board. A member could spend years at the local lodge or out at the park and not meet and interact with as many members as you do during official visits. I would like to close by again thanking everyone for their tremendous support and encouragement. I look forward to working with all of the District Officers, Local Lodge Officers and members in the upcoming year. My door is open and I am always available. In Truth and Unity John C. Hanright District Master

104th Convention – New Jersey District Lodge #6 April 29 - May 1, 2011 A beautiful sunny weekend welcomed District Lodge New Jersey #6 to Cape May for its 104th annual convention. District Officers, PDMs and delegates came together in grand style to take care of annual business. As always, First Viking, Lou Casella hosted a hospitality suite on Friday evening to give us the opportunity to re-connect with fellow Vasa members. Our District Cultural Leader, Carol McDermott welcomed us into the meeting room Saturday morning with a beautiful display of books and pictures from the internet illustrating folk costumes from all different areas in Scandinavia. District Master Mark Bernabei opened our convention using his gavel fashioned in the shape of a fire hydrant. Art Haumacher, this year’s president of the PDM Club introduced the PDMs in order of their year of service. Those present were: A. Leslie Swensen - 1973, Art Haumacher 1985, Errol Ernstrom - 1989, Paul Thenstedt - 1991, Jerry Meloskie - 1994, Ingrid Casella - 1996, Howard Corneilson - 1997, Helen Haumacher - 1998, John Larsson - 2000, Richard Apgar - 2001, Walter Emihl - 2003, Sue Knutson - 2004; Palmer Hval - 2005, Art Bjorkner 2006, Eric Johansson - 2007, B.J. Peterson - 2008 and Debbie Larsson - 2009. PDM Robert Anderson - 1984 was not present for the morning session but arrived

later in the afternoon. The PDMs then formed an honor guard and escorted the following Grand Lodge officers to the altar: Grand Master, William Lundquist; Grand Lodge Deputy NJ District #6, B.J. Peterson; Executive Board Member Eastern Region, Art Bjorkner; Vice Grand Secretary, Gail Olson; Grand Lodge Cultural Leader for US and Canada, Inger Hanright; and Grand Lodge Deputy NY District #4, Alice Schmutz. All of our District Officers were in attendance except for District Chaplain Jeanette Baker who was home recovering from a broken hip. She was sorely missed at this year’s convention but is on the mend. After initiating our new delegates the trustees called for count of delegates from each lodge. Lodge representation at our convention was as follows: Arlington #62, eight delegates; Frithiof #63, eight; Tryggve #88, seven; BalticFramat #360, four; Linne #429, eight; Sveaborg #446, four; Gothiod #486, 4; Lyckan #507, five; Vågen #588, four; Three Crowns #704, two; Draken #731, six; Viking #735, five and Dalahäst #742, three. Örn #284 sent no delegation. The total of those in attendance with voice and vote was 68, consisting of 20 District officers, 15 PDMs, 30 delegates, and 3 emeritus members. BJ Peterson was appointed parliamentarian for this year’s

convention. The minutes of the 103rd convention were accepted with corrections. Our District Master appointed Errol Ernstrom and Rich Apgar as tellers and Howard Corneilson as the head teller. We then voted for members for the Vasa Park Board of Trustees. Those winning a 3year term were Bjorn Sandhaaland from Arlington #62, Chris Anderson from Baltic-Framat #360, Carol Boyle from Lodge Linne #429, Jaret Wurzbach from Three Crowns #704 and Bob Gustafson from Draken #731. Jerry Meloskie was re-elected Editor of the New Jersey Vasa Home Family and Helen Haumacher was re-elected as its treasurer. District Master Mark

Bernabei read his annual report. His heartfelt message enumerated all the events he hosted and attended during his term and his pride of the success of his “Bring a Friend” membership initiative. He announced that this year District Six gained in membership for the first time in many years. He thanked the many people who helped and supported him especially First Lady Stacy Graham. It ended with a standing ovation from everyone present. During the minutes’ review sessions it was reported that the new floor poured into the pool has saved us many hundreds of dollars in electricity and chemical costs. Pool badge sales increased due to comfortable water tempera-

tures being maintained. The floor still needs to be coated with an epoxy to help cure the concrete that was poured last year and to stem additional water loss. That could cost over $20,000 but would ensure the longevity of the improvements just completed. Past Park President Jack Hanright reported that the Board of Trustees has retained a PR firm, CHP Communications. Dan Hirshberg, who heads the company, is a recently initiated member of Arlington Lodge. He has already lined up several events for the park to bring in additional revenue. The board See page 5 for more pictures and balance of article on page 6.

2011-2012 District Executive Board and Jr. Past District Master. Seated from left to right: Secretary Cathy Peterson, Vice District Master Kevin DeFeo, District Master Jack Hanright, Jr. Past District Master Mark Bernabei, Assistant Secretary Elve DeFeo. Standing from left to right: District Executive Board Members - Fred Signor, Marie Demboski, Ken Christensen, and Treasurer Eric Johansson.

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Mark Bernabei

This last month of being District Master sure flew by quickly. In April, we had our murder mystery dinner “Who Killed the District Master?!”. The night was filled with laughs and smiles as I lay “dead” on the Viking ship throughout the entire night. Thank you to all the District Officers who made this event a success. I know many enjoyed coming out to see who “offed” me. As we all now know, it was your incoming District Master John “Jack” Hanright!! Just make sure you all keep your eye on him this year! This past weekend we celebrated our 104th New Jersey

RESOLUTION It is with deep regret that Lodge Arlington No. 62, Vasa Order of America, announces the death of SISTER THEO RUGG

RESOLUTION It is with deep regret that Lodge Arlington No. 62, Vasa Order of America, announces the death of BROTHER RAYMOND SCHMIDT who passed away on April 16, 2011. Brother Schmidt was born on July 1, 1925, and was initiated into Arlington Lodge No. 62 on May 18, 1990. He was a 20year Vasa member. It is therefore resolved that we extend our deepest sympathy to the family and friends, that our Charter be draped for a period of thirty days, and that this resolution be inserted in our records and printed in the New Jersey Vasa Home Family. In Truth and Unity, Victoria Ozkan, Chairman Beverly Blake, Secretary RESOLUTION It is with deep regret that Lodge Dalahast No. 742, Vasa Order of America, announces the death of BROTHER ALLEN NELSON

District No. 6 Annual Convention. As usual, a wonderful time was had by all and it was a fantastic weekend. Congratulations to all of the new Board of Trustee members. I know how hard of a job that is having served on the Board for many years. It is a vital job to Vasa Park and I know you will all be great assets. Also, congratulations to all the incoming District Officers. We had many familiar faces and we welcomed some new ones as well. Special congratulations go out to our new District Master, John Hanright and our Vice District Master Kevin DeFeo. Along with your Executive Board, both of you will make a great team and I look forward to this year very much. I enjoyed very much getting to spend time with the many Grand Lodge officers that were in attendance at our convention. A special thankyou to our Grand Master William Lundquist and his wife Sheila for their wonderful company throughout the weekend. This past year, I made it clear that my focus was on membership. I need to congratulate Arlington Lodge #62

for winning the “BRING A FRIEND” during my term. While they were the Lodge that brought in the most new members, I was so happy to see that several lodges welcomed multiple new members and it was close!! Thank you all for supporting my goal this year. As we have seen from the numbers, this is the first year in twenty years that we have had an increase in membership - I hope to see this trend continue. As a part of the membership committee this year, I will continue to focus my efforts on gaining new members into this wonderful Organization of ours. Please continue to BRING A FRIEND this year and every year. As I sign off for the last time as your District Master, I look forward to my year as Junior Past District Master. I look forward to working closely with the Executive Board this next year and will offer any assistance I can. As a wise man recently shared with me ….“It’s better to be a has-been than a never was….” In Generosity, Truth and Unity Mark A. Bernabei Junior Past District Master


who passed away on January 13, 2011. Sister Rugg was born on October 7, 1909, and was initiated into Arlington Lodge No. 62 on April 5,1974. She was 101 years old and a 37-year Vasa member. It is therefore resolved that we extend our deepest sympathy to the family and friends, that our Charter be draped for a period of thirty days, and that this resolution be inserted in our records and printed in the New Jersey Vasa Home Family. In Truth and Unity, Victoria Ozkan, Chairman Beverly Blake, Secretary

Friday night dinners throughout the year – call 973-6918383 for weekly menu – Reserve by Thursday night please. Saturday . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .June 11 American Red Cross “ROCK’N RED Battle of the Bands MUSIC EVENT” Sunday . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .June 19 Father’s Day Breakfast – See ad on page 3. Saturday . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .June 25 Scandinavian Midsummer and Barnensdag – See ad on page 4. June & July 75th Anniversary Fundraisers – See article on page 4. Saturday . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .July 16 Gothiod Lodge Annual Chicken BBQ – See ad on page 3. Saturday . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .July 23 Lodge Frithiof & Draken Annual Tricky Tray – See ad below. Saturday . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .July 30 Tryggve Barbecue Picnic – 4 PM

TRICKY TRAY Saturday, July 23, 2011 Lodge Frithiof No. 63 – Lodge Draken No. 731

who passed away on March 16, 2011. Brother Nelson was born on June 1, 1923, and was initiated into Dalahast Lodge No. 742 on February 8, 2008. It is therefore resolved that we extend our deepest sympathy to the family and friends, that our Charter be draped for a period of thirty days, and that this resolution be inserted in our records and printed in the New Jersey Vasa Home Family. In Truth and Unity, Duncan Peterson, Chairman Kathleen Evans, Recording Secretary

VASA PARK CULTURAL CENTER  Complete Dinner Menu  Serving 5:00 to 7:00 P.M.

 Tricky Tray to follow  Come and Enjoy


VDM Jack Murders DM Mark to Take Over District #6

On Saturday, April 25, DM Mark Bernabei received a warm welcome back into his home lodge, Gothiod Lodge #486, at the Cultural Center. The evening provided fun-filled entertainment and great food along with wonderful memories of the past year with Mark and First Lady Stacy Graham at the helm. The pictures below provide a capsule view of the enjoyable evening.

Drama and suspense filled the air at Vasa Park on April 23rd as the Vasa Park Players solved the Mystery of “Who Killed the District Master.” The dinner theater event was excellently performed by the District #6 team. The audience was kept in suspense until the very end and only a few tables were able to discern who actually murdered District Master Mark Bernabei. The accompanying pictures provide the highlights for the enjoyable event.

Top left: Mark is inducted into the Ladies Red Hatter Club by Ingrid Carlson. Top right: Mark receives Lutofisk shirt from lodge. Left: Beautiful cake created by Solweig von Minden commemorating Mark’s events during the past year.

Cast and Crew.

Message from the Board of Trustees Greetings. On behalf to the Board of Trustees, I would like to congratulate are newly elected District Master Jack Hanright as well as all the newly elected and re-elected district officers. I would also like to congratulate Robert Gustofson, Christian Anderson, Carol Boyle, Bjorn Sandholm, and Jarrett Wurzbach for being elected to the Board of Trustees at our 2011 District Convention. They are all great additions to the Board and I look forward to working with them. At this time I would like to thank Tom Blake and Harry Swanson. There terms on the board have expired and I would like to express my sincere gratitude for everything they have done to support the park. There actions have helped inspire other members to volunteer and I look forward to there continued support. Spring is here and shortly summer will be upon us. The cabins will have just been open to its renters, the pool will soon be open, and most important the snow has stopped for the time being. This year the park has some exciting new events. By the time you read this The Groove in the Grove singer songwriter festival will have happened and we will be preparing for the American Red Cross’s Battle of the Bands event as well as SAHS Midsummer/Barnens Dag. We are having a two day Green Summer Festival in August that looks promising and Scanfest will return for its 6th year back at Vasa Park. Throughout June, July, and August there are many lodge fundraisers as well as District 6 fundraisers. Please check the events calendar on the district website for details. There will also be fundraisers for the 75th Anniversary celebration. The 75th Anniversary committee has been working extremely hard over the past year to raise money to keep cost to a minimum for anyone who attends the 75th Anniversary celebration on August 27, 2011. I personally look forward to this day as we all will have an opportunity to celebrate the 75th birthday of Vasa Park with friends and family. I look forward to working with everyone who can volunteer there free time with helping the Board of Trustees with the upcoming events. I hope to be able to submit an article in every issue of the Vasa Home Family to keep our members updated on the happening at Vasa Park. In Generosity, Truth, and Unity Chad Peterson President, New Jersey Vasa Park

President of Vasa Park Chad Peterson in costume.

VDM Jack is found guilty.

DM Mark Lays at Rest.

Vasa Park Ladies Auxiliary

FATHER’S DAY PANCAKE BREAKFAST Sunday, June 19, 2011 9:00 AM – 12:00 Noon Adults $7.00 Children $3.50

Tickets on sale at door Raffle of Hand Crafted Afghan “Snappers” - Odds/Ends Table


Message From The Executive Board

LADIES AUXILIARY Due to conditions weatherwise and healthwise, there has been a lull in our activities. We are looking for signs of improvement in both. We hope those who were “under the weather” will be with us again to participate in “May 1.” We are happy to report that neither snow, rain, sleet nor wind deterred our ladies from sending out our request for members for 2011. We are happy to report the following: Baltic Framat Anderson, Christian Anderson, Janet R. Bauern Fiend, Peter (Pastor) Carlson, Marguarita DeChristofer, Drew DeChristofer , Gavin DeChristofer, Madeline DeChristofer, Stacie DuPout, L. Gail Fox, Andy Jerfsten, Arne Lacko, Amy Lacko, Greg Lindquist, Bettina Manning, Janet McCall, Christine Olson, Aina Olson, Gordon Pearson, Arlene Pearson, Raymond Peterson, Cindy Peterson, Craig Peterson, Gunner Rouitelle, Erica Saam, Barbara Saam, Ken Sheehan, Ray Smith, Helen Thomsen, Ellen Dalahast Evans, Kathleen Fiske, Carla McErlean, Elizabeth McErlean, Kathy Peterson, Cherstin Peterson, Edwin Jr. Spector, Alyssa Spector, Lynn Spector, Maryam-Arfagnia Wild, Connie Wild, Samantha Frithiof Carlson, Anna Carlson, Eileen Carlson, Erik Carlson, Ingrid Carlson, Joseph F. Christensen, Dee Christensen, Erik Christensen, Ken

Christensen, Kurt Clarey, Mike DiDomenico, Denise Enright, Ingrid L. Enright, Joe Enright, Melissa Enright, Victoria Johnson, Gunnel Meloskie, Jerry Meloskie, Terry Orlandi, Christopher Orlandi, Kristina Secallus, Charles Secallus, Ellen Secallus, Jake Gothiod Billing, Inez Bernabei, Alyssa Bernabei, Anthony Bernabei, Mark Bernabei, Nicholas Cassarello, Lou DeFeo, Elve DeFeo, Emily DeFeo, Kevin Dobres, Bob Dobres, Elaine Graham, Stacy Lawlor, Ernie Lawlor, Nancy Lindstrom, Arlene Maxwell, Lauren Pierson, Axel Pierson, Chris Pierson, Cindy Pierson, Dot Pierson, Eileen Pierson, Joanne Pierson-Wenz, Laurie Pierson, Margie Pierson, Randy Pierson, Ron (in Memory) Zafiropoulos, Kirstin Three Crowns Baker, Frank Baker, Jeanette Bloomberg, Larry Bloomberg, Marjorie The Ben Brooks Howell, Bill Johnson, Florence Johnson, Fred Rader,Ginny Schondras Widmaier, Julie Widmaier, Robert Wurzbach, Debbie Wurzbach, Jarett Wurzbach, Margaret Wurzbach, Staci Vagen Anderson, Pat Carlson-Simon, Muriel Emihl, Ronnie Emihl, Walter Eskilson, Barbara

Hilm, Inge-Lill Hutchinson, Linda Lawson, Lyn Lundeen, Frances Nostrand, Agnes Swensen, Ingrid We received dues from the following: Brown, Jean Dunbar, Emily Greendyk, Margie McDermott, Carol Skaar, Vivian (Lyckan) Trapani, Graham, Ann (Arlington) Thank you for your support. In closing, we would like to invite you to our Father’s Day Pancake Breakfast, June 19 – for details see our ad. This affair is a joint venture sponsored by the Pierson family and the Ladies Auxiliary. For the Ladies, Emily V. Dunbar

The March 27th meeting of New Jersey District Six Executive Board was held at the Montan Room at Vasa Park. Elve DeFeo did a great job preparing breakfast and lunch. All officers were present with Grand Lodge Webmaster Bob Anderson and Grand Lodge Deputy and PDM William “BJ” Peterson also in attendance. The 2010 financials were reviewed in preparation for the up coming convention in Cape May. The new memorial plaque display cases will be unveiled at the 75th anniversary of Vasa Park celebration. DM Mark Bernabei thanked everyone for there help with the “Bring a Friend” Friday

night dinners; they were a big success as several new members were attributed to the dinners. The restoration of the district charter was discussed with Jack Hanright suggesting talking to Leonard Seastone, a professional printer and book binder. It was agreed upon and Jack said that he would contact him. Kevin DeFeo stated that five scholarship applications have been received this year and the winners would be receiving their awards at Golden Colony. Some 75th anniversary plans were discussed and it will be a great event. In Truth and Unity Fred Signor Executive Board Member NJ District #6

UPDATE TO ABOVE ARTICLE: The District Charter was beautifully restored since the meeting and was displayed on the Convention floor.

Vasa Park 75th Anniversary Fundraisers During the next few months there are several dates to set aside to help support raising funds for the 75 th Anniversary celebration scheduled for August 27, 2011. Dinners will be held on these dates: June 26 at 3 PM - Midsummer Smorgasbord on the Pool Patio $15 July 3 at 5 PM - Toga Party on the Pool Patio with food- $15 July 17 at 3 PM - Barbeque and Horseshoe tournament by the Hunt Club - $10 July 31 at 3 PM - Menu to be announced- $15

NJ VASA POOL APPLICATION – 2011 (Members Only)

Name:___________________________________________________Date: _____________

Address:___________________________________________________________________ Telephone:__________________________________Email: _________________________ INDICATE YOUR CHOICE:


) SINGLE $50


) COUPLE $75


) FAMILY $100*

•FAMILY includes children through age 18 residing at home.


Name: _______________________________________________________Age: _________ Name: _______________________________________________________Age: _________ MAKE CHECKS PAYABLE TO: NJ VASA HOME

For more information about other ticket options call Pool Operator Lisa Smith at 973-691-4490 or Margie Greendyk at 862-266-6997.

Scandinavian American Heritage Society in association with

3rd District, Sons of Norway & Vasa Order of America, District #6, NJ presents

Scandinavian Midsummer Celebration & Barnensdag (Children’s Day)

2011 23rd Annual Celebration S ATURDAY, J UNE 25,


At Beautiful Vasa Park


Pictures from 104th Convention

Elected District #6 Officers for 2011-2012 term.

Jack and First Lady Inger entering the banquet hall in costume on Saturday night. Roy Persson with daughter Maria and wife Carmelina receiving the first framed print of the painting of Vasa Park in appreciation from VP Board of Trustees for his many years of work in the Park.

Jack finally makes it to the top being installed by Grand Lodge Deputy BJ Peterson.

Jack being escorted around the room by Grand MC Jerry Meloskie prior to installation.

A stunned Bob Anderson at the Banquet after receiving the Grand Lodge Distinguished Service award from Grand Master William Lundquist.

Jack thanks Past First Lady Stacy Graham, current First Lady Inger Hanright and Assistant Secretary Elve DeFeo for all of their help in the past year.

District Master Jack’s family from left to right - Jack’s father Dave, son Patrick, mother Ginger, Jack and First Lady Inger.

FRITHIOF LODGE #63 PROVIDES ROUSING SEND-OFF FOR NEW DISTRICT MASTER JACK HANRIGHT On Wednesday, May 11, over 65 members gathered at Acacia Lodge in Dover to participate in Frithiof Lodge’s entertaining “Send-off” party for DM Jack Hanright and First Lady Inger. Jack was presented survival equipment for his journey throughout the District in the coming year. Inger received her chauffeur’s hat to drive him around and a tribute song created by Kevin DeFeo. It was a great night with good food and plenty of laughs. Accompanying this article are pictures that provide some highlights for the evening. In other Frithiof news, we will not be meeting at Acacia Lodge again until October 12 for our Octoberfest celebration. Our June dinner meeting will be held at Scerbos Restaurant, 47 Kossuth St., Wharton at 6:30 PM. The July 13 meeting will be potluck dinner at the Vasa Park Patio at 6:30. Don’t forget our Tricky Tray with Draken Lodge on July 23 at Vasa Park. We need trays from all members. Call 973-347-1933 to drop off trays. There is no meeting in August, but don’t forget our Gala 75th Vasa Park Anniversary on August 27 where we will participate with our Red Shirts in the Vasa Olympics. On September 14 we will again meet on the Patio at Vasa Park at 6:30 for another potluck dinner meeting. Come out and join in – it’s fun.

Right: Jack with new dishwasher apron and lighted cap to find his way around the District at night.

Top: First Lady Inger receives Chauffeur hat to drive Jack around the District.

Right: Jack and First Lady cutting the cake.


104th Convention Continued from page 1

feels that this will be a very beneficial relationship for the future financial viability of Vasa Park. The 75th Anniversary Committee unveiled prints of the painting commissioned by Bill Sturm of Budd Lake. The painting depicts our Cultural Center viewed from the pavilion. Pictured are numerous familiar Vasa faces, dancing in costume, parading with the flags and having a grand time at the park. The original will be hung in the Clubhouse. Prints will be for sale along with sets of note cards with different scenes from the print. Art Haumacher is selling raffles for one of the framed prints to help defray costs of the Vasa Park 75th Anniversary Celebration. Helen Haumacher gave some highlights on the Grand Lodge Convention held in Washington DC in July of last year. She praised our Vasastjarnan dance group and said their performance there was spectacular. Executive Board member Fred Signor gave an update on the Vasa Boat. John Larsson gave the history of how he purchased the kit nearly 14 years ago. It has been passed from him to Dick Feltus, Frank Baker, Bruce Brattstrom and now to Fred Signor to complete. It is a very complicated kit where each piece has to be fashioned by hand out of the unfinished wood provided. It will be over 3 feet long when completed and the PDM club has allocated funds to display it in a plexiglass case. The annual reports were accepted after all questions were answered to the delegation’s satisfaction. The District Master’s recommendations were considered. His first asked that there be a minimum of one “Bring a Friend” Friday Night Dinner held at Vasa Park each year to continue this successful outreach program to attract new members. After some discussion about options for the lodges that are not near Vasa Park, it was overwhelmingly approved. After the lunch break his second recommendation was considered. He

asked that the A. Henry Anderson Award for membership be changed to reflect the number of members brought in from each lodge versus the increase computed in percentage. That recommendation was defeated. The District by-law change, asking that the District be required to hold only one audit per year and more if deemed necessary, passed. Honorary Life Membership to District Lodge NJ #6 was then bestowed on Deborah Larsson for the successful completion of her term as District Master. A motion was made and passed to put a hold on Cape May for our convention in 2013. Save the date! Lou Casella then presented $1250. to Vasa Park from the proceeds of his Halloween Party. Grand Master Bill Lundquist then addressed the convention. He told us steps have been put in place to revamp financial reporting to the Grand Lodge. They are trying to restore the scholarship fund through various fund raisers. He asked that we support those along with considering donating back a portion of the un-allocated Old Age and Benefit Fund. Helen Haumacher then made a motion that we donate back 1% to the Grand Lodge Archives. The motion passed and the Saturday session was adjourned. Our Saturday evening banquet began with a festive cocktail hour. Members were serenaded by Walter Ericksson Jr. strolling around us playing his nyckelharpa. After a delicious dinner we were entertained by the Vasastjarnan Junior Club with their excellent dance program. Several presentations were made. The Vasa Park Board of Trustees gave their Trustee Appreciation award to Roy Persson for his long and unending dedication to Vasa Park. They presented him with the first framed print of the painting of Vasa Park by Bill Sturm. Grand Master Bill Lundquist followed by awarding Bob Anderson with the Grand Lodge Distinguished Service Award for his many years of dedication to the Order. Bob was truly moved by the honor. Mark Bernabei


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announced that Arlington Lodge #62 won his award for bringing in the most members during his term as District Master. Willamina Groething, Arlington’s Vice Chairman was called up to receive the plaque. The Vasa Olympic Chairman, Chad Peterson, led representatives of the lodges, all dressed in togas, to the dance floor where he called on all the lodges to meet at Vasa Park on August 27th to compete on the playing field. The evening ended with the band playing God Bless America while members formed a circle around Chad holding the Olympic torch. Carol McDermott led our Memorial Service on Sunday morning honoring Vasa members who passed away during the past year. The Vasa Choir added to the beauty and solemnity of the service. Our Sunday morning session was called to order and we proceeded with the election of District Officers for the 2011-2012 term. Brother Mark Bernabei was nominated for a second term as District Master and First Lady Stacy Graham respectively declined. District Six’s newly elected officers are: District Master - Jack Hanright, Frithiof #63; Vice District Master - Kevin DeFeo, Tryggve #88, Executive Board Members: Fred Signor, Sveaborg #446; Marie Demboski, Draken #731 and Ken Christenson, Frithiof #63; District Treasurer - Eric Johansson, Tryggve #88; District Secretary - Cathy Peterson, Draken, #731; Assistant District Secretary Elve DeFeo, Gothiod #486; District Trustee, 3-years Helen Smith, Baltic-Framat #360; District Auditor, 3-years - Inger Hanright, Frithiof #63; District Chaplain - Jeanette Baker, Three Crowns #704; District Cultural Leader, Carol McDermott - Tryggve #88; District Master of Ceremonies - Robert Cranmer, Draken #731; Assistant Master of Ceremonies - Mary Carlson, Viking #735; District Inner Guard - Beverly Blake, Arlington #62; District Outer Guard - Ed Peterson, Dalahäst #742. DM Mark Bernabei called a brief recess to set up the room for the installation of District Officers. Flag bearers, Frank and Cliff Demboski

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escorted the Grand Lodge Deputy’s installation team to the altar. PDMs Jerry Meloskie, Walter Emihl, Debbie Larsson, John Larsson, Howard Corneilson and Errol Ernstrom efficiently installed our new officers and were dismissed with thanks. With his new team in place District Jack Hanright Master addressed the convention. He commented on how the words “thank you” seemed inadequate to express how he feels about all the people who have helped him reach this point. He told us how he met Inger and their journey to become members of Frithiof Lodge. He thanked the many members who have mentored him and encouraged his growth in the Order. He spoke of how supportive his parents have been throughout his life and the pride he has in his son, Patrick, who grounds him when needed. And of course he thanked Inger, his wife, best friend and dance partner. Inger and Patrick then presented him with his gavel, a “Jack” hammer that Inger carved and Patrick stained and painted.

Frithiof Lodge presented him with a brief case and an album to chronicle his year as District Master. Other gifts were presented and the Good of the Order contained good wishes from Grand Lodge officers, the New York Folk Dancers and the various lodges present. Past District Officer pins were then given to Randy Pierson and Dee Christenson. The 104th Annual Convention of District Lodge NJ #6 was then adjourned until next year. Again, I wish to encourage all Vasa members to try to attend one of our conventions. All members are welcome to sit in on the sessions, whether you are a delegate or not. It is a great way to learn the inner workings of our Order and meet members from other Lodges and Districts. It is always a fun weekend and you couldn’t ask for better company. I hope to see you in Cape May next year. And remember, Bring a Friend! Respectfully submitted, Beverly Blake, Correspondent

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District Lodge New Jersey No. 6  

District Lodge New Jersey No. 6

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