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Caring for rabbits is not entirely a bed of roses. On one hand, you would love how cute and cuddly they are, and how they adorable they look as they run around their hutch. Simply watching them would be a relaxing activity for you and you would enjoy it more whenever you would have the time to let them out and play with them. However, it is also important to remember that rabbit care entails responsibilities. They require time and attention from you. Of course, you would be relieved to find out that they are not as difficult to tend to like other kinds of pets. To know more about general care for rabbits, read on to the following information below. Housing First, you have to find a cozy home for your pet. Common options include a rabbit cage, a hutch, an outdoor rabbit hutch, and a hutch and run. Buying a home for your pet rabbit is more than purchasing the first thing you see on the market. For one, you have to ensure that you get the right size. The rule of the thumb is for you to get a hutch size that is four times the size of your rabbit. The height of the housing should also be higher than the length of your bunny. Large hutches work best because these types of housing give opportunity for rabbits to run around and get the exercise important for their health. Aside from the size, you should also consider the material used. Stay away from materials that can pose danger to your little pet like wire and mesh. Opt for coated wire or wooden hutches instead. Moreover, place your rabbit's hutch in a safe place inside your home. If you live near a forest area, a good idea would be to purchase a Fox Proof rabbit hutch that can protect your pet efficiently. Food One option is to feed your rabbit with nutritious rabbit pellets. Just see to it that pellets are still fresh when you feed them to your rabbit because pellets with molds can upset your bunny's stomach. Other options would be hay, grass, and crunchy vegetables like carrots. It is important for rabbits to have something to chew on constantly, other than have something to eat. This is because bunnies love to gnaw and chew on things to prevent their teeth from overgrowing and inflicting pain in them. Water Provide fresh water to your rabbit daily. Unlike humans, rabbits are not able to derive water from

their food so you need to keep them hydrated with a constant supply of water. Double the supply during warmer weather. Place water in water dish if your rabbit is not trained to use water bottles. Clean the water equipment regularly. Play Rabbits love to run around. If what you have bought for your pet is just a small hutch, you need to get your bunny out daily for exercise and active play. Better yet, purchase a large rabbit run so your pet would not be bored inside its hutch. Caring for rabbits is not that simple but because they are very lovely creatures, you know that all your efforts and hard work are worth it.

Christopher Lunsford is a rabbit lover and an expert in online pet products. He regularly volunteers at his local animal shelter and loves educating others about animals. To learn more about rabbit hutches, pet enclosure and rabbit hutch, outdoor rabbit hutch, please visit him online.

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