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MAC/REBEŚ/MIKOŁOWICZ/ Dinh/dziewic/surovy/ boczek/ tarabański/ hołdys/kazimierowski/ bartyzel/MAŁACHOWSKI/ augustynowicz COVER STORY photographer: Miłosz Rebeś model: Daria Zhalina makeup & hair: Vika May styling: Mariola Kasprzak illustrator: Anna Augustynowicz

kasia mikołowicz / I’m inspired by everything that happened in photography, fashion and art in 70s, 80s and 90s - that’s a little obsession of mine. I think there is nothing better than the analog photography. Digital cameras could not exist at all. My astological sign is Leo. dominik tarabański / I was born in Poland, where I completed my degree in photography at the Department of Cinematography at The National Film School in Łódź. My interests and inspirations encompass all the visual arts, yet photography remains the ultimate form of my reflection. I think in color and admire pure form and trust that the tangible depictions I create of those thoughts naturally transition into the domain of art. My images have been shown in exhibitions in Poland, France, Netherlands, Slovakia, Malaysia, USA, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Denmark and Germany. I currently live and work in New York City. marta surovy / A young fashion and editorial photographer based between Warsaw and Wrocław. After many years of working in advertising agencies (Saatchi & Saatchi, DDB) she decided to move behind the camera herself. She has shot for the clothing line “Elementywear” and eyewear brand “Sirene”. Her work was also featured in Vogue Polska. ania augustynowicz / A multidisciplinary artist based in Warsaw, Poland. Most common with collages and illustration. bernard hołdys / Born in 1981. In Warsaw since forever. A passionate photographer. Specialises in portrait and beauty photography, but he also loves shooting fashion. He tries extracting and showing models’ inner side, even during commercial photoshoots. Published in L’Officiel, Pani, Fashion Magazine, Gala, Elle, Kukbuk, Zwierciadło, Be Active and much more. He also shot for Adidas, Wella, Nałęczowianka, Avon, Duka, Lotto, Oriflame and Kapphal. He dreams of living in some hot country in his own cabin in the woods. Then he will get plenty of dogs, goats, pigs and hens. miłosz rebeś / RBS Photo / Born in Zakopane, naturalised Varsovian. Former Polish representative in Alpine skiing. A photographer and skateboarder for over 15 years. Always close to sport. Skateboarding helped him creating a certain way of looking at the world, which he adopted to his photography. He shoots fashion and sports. His clients are Reserved, Adidas, Puma, La Mania, TVN and Levi’s. Published by the best skateboarding magazines in the world like Thrasher Magazine, Transworld Skateboarding, The Skateboard Mag and the fashion ones like Elle, Glamour or i-D.

czarek kazimierowski / The characters and their histories are the most important in his works. Being an easy going person helps him establishing contacts with people he features in his photos and films. He is present at the commercial market for 3 years. Started as a photographer and smoothly transited into films. Together with Janek Pietrzak, as Vortex, he realised plenty projects for the advertising agencies like BBDO, Red8, VML, Publicis, K2. Among his clients are Costa Coffee, Santander, Pizza Hut, Pepsi, Esotiq, Sprite, Johny Walker, Łomża, Ceneo and Uber. Even though Czarek is intensively developing his film skills he never stopped working as a photographer. He engages into authorial and commercial shoots for Audi, Wyborowa, mBank, Esotiq, Sprite and Loxon. szymon boczek / The lecturer at Academy of Photography in Warsaw. Independent photohrapher assuming that after learning all the rules you can start breaking them. In his very diversified style one can see his weak spot for lightning that is always the most polished and deliberate element of his photographs. He merges lifestyle with fashion. But his main mission while shooting is extracting the beauty of a models. Capturing their sensitivity and subtelty framing it in warm, soothing tones. tymek mac / Freelancer photographer based in London, UK. In 2014 graduated from Academy of Photography in Warsaw with A grade diploma. Currently working on improving portfolio with fashion editorials and personal projects. aleksander małachowski / hashtagalek / Born and raised in Warsaw. Aleksander is a photographer focused mainly on architecture. On a daily basis he studies New Media Arts at PJATK. His passion stems from a relentless thrill of discovering different perspectives and paying attention to details. He cooperates with technology brands such as Canon Poland and Samsung Poland. łukasz bartyzel / Polish fashion and portrait photographer. He started his adventure with photography as a teenager when he got his first Zenit camera from his father, starting to take sport pictures. Currently, he has been active in Warsaw for two years. In his works we can see the love for architecture and street fashion. ngoc hien dinh / He turns 22 this year and loves eating like everybody. He dances breakdance and is into lifestyle. łukasz dziewic / Born in 1988. A self-taught photographer. He is fascinated by the analog photography. On the hood he’s called The Redhead (Rudy). Determined and lucky. He loves travelling and reading. Definitely, he’s the man on the road.

girlz. Ola Kowal & Tycjana Acquasanta photographed by Kasia Mikołowicz makeup: Kamila Mandes

lingerie: fashionnova

shirt: DOOM3K

tracksuit: Sandra Kpodonou shoes: Eytys

dress: motelrocks

Dominik Tarabański Roses For Mother

photohrapher spotlight

Roses for Mother Everything stands in order: roses are for mother, fists are for strangers. But after that, it gets complicated: there are more capitols than the countries in the world, everything has its limits, love ends, mind wanders aimlessly, colours blend with the distance, my dog seems to be smiling to any blue eyes that look like yours.

VARSOVIE: “Roses for Mother” seems to be a very personal project. Do you remember when and how the idea for it was born?

DOMINIK: “Roses” are personal and photography in general is also very, very personal to me too. It’s maybe not a moment to explain how I got to this point, when I realized that so distinctly and deeply, but there’s indeed a relation between this state of my mind I’m discovering now and this particular project. I’m at the moment of my life, when I finally realized that photography is not a goal itself, but people are. I missed some of them, photography always stayed. I made, if not to say, I’ve been kept repeating this mistake of misunderstanding what photography really means for a long time. Until the point where I’m now, I had great difficulties to feel it truly and accept it. Today I know and I’m learning that photography is a language, just another language of mine, which allows me to finally listen to the others. I’m not a good listener, never have been, but photography helps me today to leave the space for people, and not only people as important in my life as my Mum or people I love, but for everyone, to hear their voice. I wasn’t the easiest kid, but I’m also not a kid anymore, so this project grown inside and with me in a way. All the rest was just an execution. It’s a tribute to my Mum, her endless patience and love she always had for me. I wanted to give her a little reason to be proud and on the end of the day all I was able to offer to thank her and also apologises to her for this moment when she cried because of me, was this series. All started in Paris, when together with my girlfriend then, we were staying in a small apartment for a few weeks. Driven by dreams and love, waiting for one moment to another of being together, I didn’t really know what to do with myself when I had to stay alone from time to time. One day when Julia was busy with her responsibilities and I had a day like that, I decided to create a picture for my Mum and send it to her with wishes like a postcard for the Women’s Day. She always loved plants and flowers. It all started then.

V: You said you’ve been working on the project in the complete solitude. Does it mean you like silence? D: That’s true, it was a solitude way. I don’t now silence well, and I’m learning it for the very first time in my life now, slowly. Usually I’m surrounded by people, not only at work, but in personal life too, so to be alone with myself and don’t feel anxious is not my thing. I knew it, I was aware just a bit, but I wasn’t conscious at all that it’s actually a problem. Somewhere deep inside me I’m carrying it with me for years, if not to say decades. At first I didn’t see it as such an issue, but more as a character trait. Now, I have a very different perspective on it and it was also a side effect or a consequence of the time I spent alone, sometimes lonely. When I decided that I want to continue the series and maybe one day share it not only with my Mother, but with wider audience. I hope to know one day what silence really is and maybe then I will be able to honestly admit that I like it. Today, I miss it.

V: New York, Paris, Warsaw, huge cities. Hectic, full of photographs on the other hand sometimes even ascetic. How do

London are really some noise and movement. Your are really minimalistic, you seek the balance?

D: You are pointing an element after an element of things I don’t know much about. Most likely, even a month ago my answers would be very different in some parts from what I feel today. The balance is as unfamiliar as new to me. I used to say, that photography is the only place when I’m calm and quiet, in the contrast to who I am. Now I begin to understand it a bit better and maybe deeper. I’m not separating, not dividing myself anymore between me in a daily life and me as an artist. I need the balance and intensity here and there, simultaneously. But photography is a great part of my life, always have been and always will be, and I’m looking with all my determination through it carefully and deeper than ever before, hoping to find a balance and to be able to welcome it inside myself finally. So far only the substitute of balance I knew were: an intensity of my daily life and quite moments closed inside the aesthetic of my photographs, were I at least for the moment don’t speak too loudly, don’t try to catch the attention for every price. When I’ll be able to represent modesty, humility and silence in my daily life, in the way I’m capable to do it in photography as an artist, I hope I’ll find a bit more inner silence and the balance you are asking for about. I’m not there yet.

V: The project that you shared the fashion photographs that with. For sure the specifics of completely different. What is What do you prefer to shoot?

with us is really far from we like to associate you work on these projects are your direction of choice?

D: I never wanted to classify myself neither as a fashion photographer only, or an artist in any different field. I love both, I’m always open, I’m always searching. Different reasons motivate me to explore each part and make me interested about them. Fashion, which can be seen as extremely interesting independent field, if not to say a form of art, was always a part I paid attention to. If I’m sensitive to aesthetics in the wide capacity of its meaning, then naturally there’s a space to include fashion into it. Eventually, fashion is also a layer we developed in the culture. We can use and participate in it, in less or more conscious way but it’s a part of our presence. And this part, this layer is a powerful tool to shape an impression of my images for me. Like a set of puzzles I can select from where I need. Fashion requires knowledge which is not necessarily required in some other types of photography, but like every knowledge, fashion too can be easily translated and used in any art project like “Roses for Mother”. On the other hand, what I learned from working in unbearable moments of silence in this project, could be a value I can include in my fashion photography and maybe in my life in general. Nowadays we can’t refuse it, even if we decided to be naked - I would read it surely, as a part of fashion statement in a way. The level of consciousness is another thing.

V: Where do you look for inspiration? People, cities, interiors, architecture, fashion shows, art or colours? What stimulates your creative self the most? D: I would never be the person I am now, if not people I have had undoubtedly chance to meet on my way. There’s no way to pay back for all the help I received in my life, from many people in many moments. I’m grateful and all these people were always the biggest inspiration of mine. There are no cites, interiors, architecture, fashion shows, even colors without them, so I would definitely say PEOPLE and the results of their activity, hard work, love, hate and dedication. Without the people who are important for us, people we love, people we respect, people we don’t agree with nothing has sense. No matter how basic it sounds - sometimes I’m moved by the weather, sometimes by a song, often by paintings, but no matter what it is, it always brings me to the point when I question things, ask myself questions, wonder, who and why, for what reason. I hope that with the lessons that life teaches me today, I’ll be able to hear the answers to all these questions better, with a proper attention and not only be inspired more often, but just hear genuine voices of all these inspirations more often.

V: If you didn’t choose the career of a photographer what would you do for living? D: If I weren’t a photographer, I probably would stay somewhere close to one of the similar form of visual arts. I can easily imagine myself as a painter, a film director, a director of photography or a sculptor. But I feel deeply that the other part of me says straight to the ear, that I would enjoy as much as I love photography completely separated from it form of life in its very ordinary/extraordinary daily shape. Far away from the visual arts and somewhere far away from where I’m now, in the middle of nowhere, just to be for people I love.

fruitful by Marta Surovy

model: Maja Ruszkiewicz / The Management styling: Kasia Lewandowska & Marta Surovy makeup & hair: Roma Szafarek assistant: Alina Belko

on the previous page hat: MARTA GALIĹƒSKA blouse: Monica Nera

hat: MARTA GALIĹƒSKA blouse: Monica Nera waistcoat: Magda Czamara

hat: MARtA GALIĹƒSKA dress: Magda Czamara

hat: MARtA GALIŃSKA blouse: Magda Czamara pants: JUDYTA RYBKA shoes: SVOI


hat: MARTA GALIĹƒSKA blouse: Monica Nera pants: Magda Czamara

dress: Cyvonyuk blouse: Monica Nera hat: Marta Galińska

jumpsuit: CYVONYUK blouse: CYVONYUK

Ania Augustynowicz

illustrator spotlight

VARSOVIE: A model and an illustrator is not a common combination. How did it happen that you not only pose for the photographs but also create illustrations and collages out of them? ANNA: Once upon a time I just got bored of doing what I was doing full time - modelling. I felt that I wanna do something more, especially since I’ve always been bound up with art. When I was a kid I used to paint and draw all the time. So I’ve decided that I wanna come back to this beautiful routine. I started creating again, I bought all the necessary programs such as Photoshop and Illustrator because I knew that now I can relate this with Graphic Design as well. I loved to draw, but then I felt big pressure because I didn’t feel strong enough. I was working on my own style, but still, I was not satisfied. It cost me too much nerves.

With collage, it came really simple. Once during the Graphic Design course, I was really bored with the lecture. So I started experimenting in Photoshop with some pictures from the Internet. It was super fast and the effect was satisfying. Later on, we got homework where we were supposed to do 4 collages in 4 different subjects. I came home and I did 4 of them really quickly and it just felt that I know what to do. From the beginning, I knew what I want to do with an exact picture. That’s how it started. I just kept going. In the beginning just for my own pleasure, but then I’ve received first orders, first clients, etc.

V: Fashion, flowers, galaxy, and paintings - we see that a lot of things interest you, but what are your major inspirations for work?

V: What do you prefer the most - photo set or a day in front of your computer? Or maybe both? What is your special recipe for connecting these two things?

A: I don’t have major inspiration. I look for inspiration everywhere. I noticed that my best ideas come when I’m on the plane. Then I don’t have any disturbing incentives.

A: I love days in front of my computer. But then when I need a break I’m dreaming about a day on set. So doing both is a perfect balance to keep my mind healthy.

I often go to galleries, museums, I take inspirations from movies, from photographs. Lately, I’m really into paintings of my favorite artists, or I just discover the new ones. Collage somehow is bound up with surrealism so I love to look on surrealistic works of painters. It’s different when I have a special project to do, which has a special subject. Then I’m just looking for references, bottom the topic and somehow it comes.

A recipe for these two things is just being systematic. I also had to unlearn myself postponing things. With modeling, you never know. U can’t plan things. Sometimes when you had planned that you’re gonna work on your new project the next day, it happens that you are on the plane. So when I just have some time I do the things which I was supposed to do later. Now I refuse some of my modeling projects, I don’t have time for many shootings, because of illustration projects. I know that illustration is what I want to do for a long time - that’s why I am focused on that more. I know that after the whole day of being on set and posing I’m not able to have any brilliant ideas about the next collage. But some of my works happened like that. After 10 hours on set. Sometimes it’s really hard to connect modeling and illustrating. That’s why you need to know what is more important for you and of course keep balance.

V: Which of your graphic projects is the closest to your heart? Could you please tell us about it? A: I think one of my first projects are my favorite. I was super focused on each one so that I could only think about one artwork for a week or more before I published it. Now after some time, it comes faster. From a week it turned into a day or two. This one is made from a paper and scanned. Then I added some small things on my computer.

This one is really special to my heart. 3/4 of this collage was made only with cutting paper.

V: Each artist has some particular rituals for work to let them focus, relax and seek inspiration. What are your tricks to make the best out of your working time?

before. When I work all day, I do breaks, I go out for a walk, to get some distance from my artwork. After coming back I see things which I didn’t see before and I’ve got some fresh ideas.

A: I do have. I’m most creative in the mornings, or evenings when no one is writing messages or emails to me. So always after my breakfast I turn on my laptop and start working. Mostly always before I start to create I look for references, so normally I do it a day

When I work in the evenings, mostly it’s on the weekend when I don’t go out anywhere and I have time to be just with myself.

V: We live in an era where everything is digitalized, even art. Do you have a certain feeling of nostalgia for the times when art was created in a traditional way or you’re a digital enthusiast when it comes to this subject? A: Of course, I do! I’m being angry on myself that I don’t have time to paint anymore or even to draw when I really want to develop my skills in that. But the digitalized art gives us so much opportunities! I can admit that I just got lazy because all these programs help us. Of course, it’s better when you have

some changes to apply from the client and then it’s easier to press “delete” than do all the artwork all over again on paper or canvas. Some things you are not able to change, for example cutting paper in a different way. That’s why when it comes to working with the client I will definitely choose the computer. Doing artworks as personal projects I definitely have nostalgia feeling that I’d love to create in a traditional way.

pure by Bernard Hołdys

model: Killa Rioja hair & stylist: Patryk Nadolny makeup: Gosia Macias retoucher: Paulina Piech Thanks to studio las

e gold


Daria. by Miłosz Rebeś

odel: Daria Zhalina / AS Management Warsaw styling: Mariola Kasprzak makeup & hair: Vika May

on the previous page coat: COS earrings: WISHBONE

coat: NEIGE signet rings: WISHBONE

waiscoat: 3.1 Phillip Lim / LUI STORE trousers: RESERVED

jacket: Šukasz jemioł shorts: red valentino / d.h. vitkac

coat: MMC shoes: MANGO

body: UNDress code trousers: reserved earrings: wishbone

jacket: KAS KRYST trousers: KAS KRYST shoes: cos

coat: MMC


by Czarek Kazimierowski

model & stylist: Julia Bieńkowska

tangerine by Szymon Boczek

model & stylist: Joanna Slupczewska / ECManagement makeup & hair: Katarzyna Duszyńska assistant: Jakub Jezierski retouch: Ela Jocz

on the previous page dress: SFERA shoes: Steve madden

jacket: zara trousers: zara

jacket: H&M trousers: H&M shoes: ZARA headband: stradivarius

blouse: H&M trousers: ZARA earrings: H&M

dress: ZARA

dress: SFERA

blouse: H&M earrings: H&M

The Moon


ANTARCTICA by Tymek Mac model: Sasha Myk / NEVA Models makeup & hair: Ola Ewa Kazimierczak styling: Sylwia Morawska

on the previous page sweater: MARC O’POLO shirt: POTIS & VERSO shoes: KAZAR trousers: 1683 earrings: APART



sweater: MARC O’POLO shirt: POTIS & VERSO earrings: APART

blouse: OCHNIK / TWEED earrings: SWAROVSKI


blouse: DOROTA GOLDPOINT dress: L’AF shoes: KAZAR

turtleneck: MICHAĹ SZULC earrings: TOUS



mobile spotlight

VARSOVIE: You are definitely a fetishist of geometry. Are you Wes Anderson’s illegitimate child? ALEKSANDER: I wouldn’t even dare to lie - I love Wes Anderson’s style, the sense of color palette and symmetry. He’s one of my biggest inspirations. Wouldn’t mind to meet him in person one day!

V: You derive from the mobile photography but sometimes we can notice you shoot with DSLR. Does it make a huge difference to you? A: Not really. In fact - not at all. I do take pictures with the device I’m currently carrying. Our gear shouldn’t be the limit. It’s just a tool which allows me to express myself. The most important skills are the ones you already have - your mind and imagination.

V: Tell us about your workflow. What happens between taking picture and posting it on Instagram? A: So my workflow starts in my head - while taking a shot I already know more or less how it will be edited. The process isn’t that obvious though. Every time I take several pictures - with different angle, different light, so then it begins the choosing time. Fixing the perspective, color grading and retouching are another part. I do pay a lot of attention to details and sometimes it leads me to few hours of editing.

V: Your feed stands out on the Instagram. Do you plan it in advance and take into consideration while choosing the places you want to capture? A: No, totally no. To be honest it’s just a matter of my taste which picture will be posted next. The only aspect I take into consideration is if I personally feel good about this one single frame.

V: What mobile device do you use to take photos? V: You can’t deny you’re into buildings and urban vibes. What is your favorite architectural trend? Why so? A: Modernism and brutalism for sure. The more minimalistic style the better. I do love simple, concrete shapes which literally overwhelm me.

A: Since last year I’ve been using Samsung Galaxy S9+, but soon it will be updated to the next generation. Not only I do cooperate with Samsung Polska on a daily basis but also those flagships devices have an allin-one package camera.

urban runway by Ĺ ukasz Bartyzel

fresh spotlight

model: Angela Olszewska makeup: Ilona Czarnik-Nawrocka stylist: Ilona Jaworska

leather dress: LIU JO / ALIGANZA bag: LIU JO shoes: Deichmann

coat: LIU JO earrings: MANGO

dress: TOP SECRET bag: MANGO

dress: TOP SECRET shoes: Deichmann

VARSOVIE: You photograph a lot of fashion. Does it mean you are really into it? What are your favourite trends right now? ŁUKASZ: I try to be up to date with every aspect related to my work. For me fashion is a form of art, a way of expressing oneself. The same is with photography. From the current trends I really enjoy the animal themes.

V: Where do you see yourself in ten years time? Who would you like to work for? Ł: All that matters for me is here and now. Currently, I’m trying to focus on the forthcoming projects including a series of photos for the exhibition.

V: You publish a lot on your social media. How does it influence the style of your works? Ł: The style of my work is constantly evolving, but it’s influenced by various factors. I treat social media more as a tool to reach wider audiences.

V: What are your major inspirations? Where do you seek afflation? Ł: My inspirations are people whom I admire, for example Irving Penn, Richard Avedon, Chris Niedtenhal as well as travels, new places and their architecture.

V: What photographs you would never take? Ł: I can take pictures of everything, but only in a style that will be in line with my sense of aesthetics.

V: Do you remember your photoshoot? What was it?


Ł: My first session was portraits of Ola, a friend of mine, taken at the lake in my hometown. I wanted to try something different than sports photos. Fortunately, it turned out that I am quite good at it.

dress: MANGO bag: MANGO earrings: mango shoes: mango

trousers: LIU JO t-shirt: MANGO plastic bag: MANGO high heels: graceland

dress: LIU JO bag: LIU JO high heels: mango

dress: LIU JO bag: LIU JO high heels: mango

LAZY Anna Dębicka photographed by Ngoc Hien Dinh



we ot

e have each ther by Ĺ ukasz Dziewic

models: Asia Piwka & Maks Piwka styling: Ewa Michalik makeup: Anna Ĺ yszkowska hair: Joanna Imorth production and concept: Asia Piwka

Su s


ubmissions. If you want us to publish your photos at Varsovie Magazine please send them to us via We do not accept photos sent via WeTransfer and Google Drive.

If we choose your photographs we’ll ask you to prepare high resolution files. If we do not choose your photographs we will do our best to let you know about that. Don’t feel discouraged if we don’t publish your photos - it doesn’t mean we won’t choose other piece of your work in the future! We accept exclusive editorials only. We do not accept submissions that were published in other places (Instagram also counts). Keep that in mind that we do not pay for the sessions yet. We like nudity and we accept such photographs, however remember they need to be tasteful and consistent with the aesthetics of the magazine. When submitting photos remember about confirming models’ age.


Profile for Varsovie Magazine

Varsovie Magazine - Winter Issue (02)  

Varsovie is the magazine created in 2018 as the mixture of passion for the photography and illustrations enriched with a certain outlook on...

Varsovie Magazine - Winter Issue (02)  

Varsovie is the magazine created in 2018 as the mixture of passion for the photography and illustrations enriched with a certain outlook on...