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Tornado Football Senior Week 2022-2023

It’s Game Day Photo Credit


Welcome to JP. McCaskey High School J. P. McCaskey High School is a public high school located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, United States. Located on the east side of Lancaster, it is named after John Piersol McCaskey, a local educator. The McCaskey campus consists of two buildings: J. P. McCaskey, which is usually referred to either as "JPM" or simply "JP"; and McCaskey East, which is referred to as "East". Also on the McCaskey campus are a number of playing fields (for soccer, baseball, softball, and field hockey), tennis courts, and a stadium. Nearby are Wickersham Elementary School and Lincoln Middle School.

Dr. Justin Reese / McCaskey High School Principle Welcome to McCaskey High School! Our vibrant school community reflects the rich cultural and ethnic diversity of Lancaster. At McCaskey, we are dedicated to ensuring that every student is academically and emotionally prepared for college or the workforce. We are proud of our comprehensive course offerings including the International Baccalaureate, Advanced Placement, Career and Technical Education, Dual Enrollment, and a variety of opportunities in the Arts. Our campus community thrives with over 20 varsity sports, and over 40 student clubs that truly make us McCaskey Proud!

Mr. Jonathan E. Mitchell, CAA, M.Ed. | Athletic Director J.P. McCaskey H.S.

Thomas W. Goodhart Equipment Manager J.P. McCaskey H.S.

Sheila Unique Photography J.P. McCaskey H.S. Photographer

“It is an honor to be part of a program with such a proud history,” Thompson said. “With support from the district, community and alumni, I would like to continue to grow this program into something that will fill us all with #TornadoPride.” --B. Thompson Photo Credit

Head Football Coach Ben Thompson Coach Thompson has been a member of the McCaskey coaching staff for the past four years, two as JV head coach, and Interim head coach. He also served as defensive coordinator for the varsity team and coached numerous position groups, including running backs, linebackers, cornerbacks and wide receivers. He was the team’s strength training coordinator in 2020. In 2021 Coach Thompson erranded his position as head coach breaking a 26 game losing streak soon after. Coah Thompson made his presents know on the field and in Community as well. His dedication, hard work and passion for all those around him has not gone unnoticed.

Meet our Varsity Coaches:

Coach John Jones

Coach Joshua Garnett

Coach Noel Cintron Coach Julian Williams Coach Larry Lewis Coach Andrew Williams Coach Emilio Leonardo

Go Red Tornado!

2022-2023 Varsity Football Squad!

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Varsity Senior Captains

To our Captains, you have made many sacrifices and strides during the last 4 years of High School. You pushed through many outcomes an never gave up, no matter how hard things may have been. We thank you for your hard work and dedication on and off the field. As you enter into the next chapter of your life have faith in how far you can go. Don’t let anyone tell you , you can’t do what you know you can, and just enjoy the Journey you are about to embark upon.

Congratulations to this years Football and Cheer Seniors Class of 2022!


Matthew Remash

Andres Rivera

Xavier Gates

Hajah Bogle

Jose Garcia

Stanley Shearer

O’Nearl Parker

Zayden DeSanctis

Leo Anavitate

Isaiah Marshall

Anthony Morales

Senior Cheer Class of 2022!


Ziytrell Hollingsworth Dabens Charles

Kenta Williams

Luis Martinez

Victor Rodriguez

Sekou Miller

-Elijah Sntos

Michael Martinez

Richard Solivan

Eliezer Santiago Steven Lavendar-Grey

Josue Perez

Quimeak Talton

Liam Cox

Sophomore's and Freshman:

Jalen Cintron

Alexis Beriguete

Jan Carols

Aiden Smith

Antwan Stump-Lozano

Aaron Martin

Jaden Debor

Josiah Velez

DeAndre Jones

Ian Santos

Jose Ruiz

Brandon DeSantiago

Sophomore's and Freshman:

Ian Santiago

Nasir Bair

Ben Cedet

Adrias Collazo

Eh Klu Soe

Jayden Kline

Josh Monzon

Jayden Hudson

Felix Mendez

Tornado Roster

Varsity Cheer Squad

Tornado weekly game highlights:

“Let your actions match your words” Coaches Quote

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We thank you for all you do! The Booster Mission: McCaskey Football Boosters Club is dedicated to providing an environment that inspires student-athletes, coaches, parents, our community and supporters to collectively create a foundation of honor, respect, trust and positive influence which can be accomplished by positive leadership, good sportsmanship, strong academics, work ethic, dedication, community service and by actively supporting and volunteering in program events.

(left) Heather Lischner (Treasure) (right) Heather Dombach (President)

HOW: can we parents and supporters HELP? VOLUNTEER! There are many opportunities: meals, events, transportation, mentor ENGAGE: Plan/coordinate an event, attend events, visit the website, download the band app

Check out our communication link for more information.

JP McCaskey Football Booster Club

2851 OLD TREE DRIVE LANCASTER, PA 17603 **HOURS MAY VARY PLEASE CALL AHEAD** Pickup Available Monday through Friday | 7:30AM-3PM Pickup Available Saturday | 7:30AM-1PM Pickup will not be available on Sundays Orders for delivery must be placed before 5pm the previous day Deliveries outside of Lancaster County are currently Monday, Wednesday, & Friday Lancaster County based deliveries are now Monday through Friday Email: Phone: 717-392-6612 or toll free 800.53.KEGEL Fax: 717-735-2211 *Voicemail options are available after hours.

Red Tornado Sports Show your Red Tornado pride, come check out all sports happening now and what’s to come. If you go to the SDoL link posted below you can see all game schedules and Volunteer information. From fall, winter and spring sports. Community and family support makes all the difference in the success of the programs, so come be apart of that change and unity we JP Tornado supporters have within. For those who continue to volunteer their time and support the JP Red Tornado family, we thank you! Go RED Tornado!

Jr High Football

Head Coach Roger Crosby Coaches:


Troy Richardson

Jeff Gerhart

Jamire Grey

Dave Hinnenkemp

Nick Koehler

Anthony Deleon

Terrance Mercado

Paul Fredrick Terrance Mercado

Lancaster Rec Red Rose League Jr. Tornados




Here is a look at the future Red Tornado! In 2017, the Lancaster Rec became the organization responsible for the Jr. Tornado tackle football program. Being a direct partner with the City of Lancaster, SDOL & Lancaster Township it is a perfect fit. In collaboration with the McCaskey High football team and head coach the Jr Tornado football leadership will execute a plan with a vision, goals and philosophies that will create a clear pathway for success.

The Lancaster Rec believes in providing a great youth football experience. Fundamentals are the foundation at every level, whether its flag or tackle football – players are prepared for the C-Team next step. The program will focus on what matters like safety, recruitment and retention, community building and teaching the value of sportsmanship; all part of the big picture of what it means to be a Red Tornado. The success of a youth sports program depends so greatly on the community that supports it. If you or anyone else you know would like to be a coach or volunteer – please contact the Lancaster Rec for available opportunities!

Community Outreach Community Concerts

Fund Raising

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Join the McCaskey Red Tornado at our Friday night home games. Come be apart of the Red Tornado family. Have a great time, watch a great Football game, with your friends and family. Enjoy food, drinks, and some sweet treats, by your very own FB Booster Club and Cheers Sugar Shake.

Friday Night Lights JP. McCaskey Football Field

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Photo Credits Ms. Sheila JP McCaskey Photographer

Lets Go RED Tornado!