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Advertising Service Hoarding Global is widely recognized as the leader in Advertising Service Hoardings in Mumbai. Advertising Service Hoardings in Mumbai are becoming increasingly more effective, as more people step out for their homes for recreation, leisure and daily commutes. With the increase in eyeballs, Advertising Service Hoarding in Mumbai are certain to emerge as a key medium in most media plans. Advertising Service Hoarding is becoming even more effective in cities with high rises like Mumbai because the high density of population ensures that the brand message reaches a wider audience. This growing interest in Advertising Service Hoardings in Mumbai has obvious benefits for Global, which owns some of the most premium hoardings in India’s commercial capital. From outdoor media planning to post-campaign support, trust India’s smartest outdoor advertising agency – Global Advertisers!

Lux Cozi Campaign Executed by Global Advertisers (Oct’13)

Lux innerwear ooh media india  
Lux innerwear ooh media india  

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