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of King & Spaulding (for over 12 duction for White House events then years) then became the head of the became Director of Global Commu- Washington, D.C. office of Monnication in the Washington, D.C. of- santo Corporation. fice of Monsanto Corporation. Lidia Watrud . . . former Microbial Terry Medley . . . former Administra- Biotechnology Researcher at Montor of the APHIS of the United States santo Corporation in St. Louis, MisDepartment of Agriculture, former souri (for over 12 years) with the Chair and Vice-Chair of the United EPA’s Environmental Effects LaboStates Department of Agriculture ratory, Western Ecology Division. Biotechnology Council, former member of the FDA food advisory Jack Watson . . .former Chief of Staff committee then and became Di- to the President of the United States, rector of Regulatory and External Affairs of DuPont Corporation's Agricultural Enterprise.

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Larry Zeph . . . former biologist in the Office of Prevention, Pesticides, and Toxic Substances, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, then (for over 12 years) Regulatory Science Manager at Pioneer Hi-Bred International. *Margaret Miller, Michael Taylor, and Suzanne Sechen (an FDA "primary reviewer for all rbST and other dairy drug production applications") were the subjects of a U.S. General Ac-

Margaret Miller . . . former Chemical Laboratory Supervisor for Monsanto then became Deputy Director of Human Food Safety and Consultative Services, New Animal Drug Evaluation Office, Center for Veterinary Medicine in the FDA. Michael Phillips . . . recently with the National Academy of Science Board on Agriculture then became the Head of Regulatory Affairs for the Biotechnology Industry Organization. William D. Ruckelshaus . . . former Chief Administrator of the EPA then became a member (for over 12 years) of the Board of Directors of Monsanto Corporation. Michael Taylor . . . former Legal Advisor to the FDA's Bureau of Medical Devices and Bureau of Foods, later to be Executive Assistant to the Commissioner of the FDA, then still later a partner at the law firm of King & Spaulding where he supervised a nine-lawyer group whose clients included Monsanto Agricultural Company, then still later Deputy Commissioner for Policy at the FDA, then back with the law firm

Jimmy Carter, then (for over 12 years) counting Office (GAO) investigaa staff lawyer with Monsanto Cor- tion in 1994 for their role in the poration in Washington, D.C. U.S. Food and Drug Administration's approval of Clayton K. Yeutter . . . former Sec- P o s i l a c , M o n s a n t o retary of the U.S. Department of Ag- Corporation's formulation of rericulture, former U.S. Trade Repre- combinant bovine growth horsentative (who led the U.S. team in mone (rbST or rBGH). The GAO negotiating the U.S. Canada Free Office found "no conflicting finanTrade Agreement and helped cial interests with respect to the launch the Uruguay Round of the drug's approval" and only "one miGATT negotiations), (for over 12 nor deviation from now superseded years) a member of the Board of FDA regulations". (Quotations are Directors of Mycogen Corpora- from the 1994 GAO report). tion, whose majority owner is Dow AgroSciences, a wholly This does not even count owned subsidiary of The Dow C l a r e n c e T h o m a s o r a l l Chemical Company. the othe rs!!


Monsanto Tumbles Down 'Monsanto Tumbles Down' (Scientist Under Attack) a sixty-four page Report on Monsanto which is available online free. I...

Monsanto Tumbles Down 'Monsanto Tumbles Down' (Scientist Under Attack) a sixty-four page Report on Monsanto which is available online free. I...