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Agency scientists did warn GM No. The FDA relies solely on foods might create toxins, information supplied by the allergies, nutritional problems, and biotech companies. new diseases that might be difficult to identify. Internal FDA memos Q. What kind of information did reveal that the scientists urged the companies provide? their superiors to require long-term Calgene, the makers of the first safety testing to catch these hard GM crop, the FlavrSavr tomato, to detect side effects.

try manipulation and political collusion – not sound science – was the driving force. The FDA official in charge ignored all warnings of the FDA staff scientists. The official, a former outside attorney for Monsanto, was a political appointee specifically to a new FDA post on GM policy, and left shortly after to become vice president at Monsanto. Q. Why aren’t foods with GMOs at least labeled here? The same political influence and money that got them past the FDA has prevented any labeling laws from being passed. However, President Obama had indicated support for labeling laws during his campaign. Q. So do the biotech companies always get everything they want. No. The biotech companies have fallen far short of their goals due to consumer resistance. The GM potatoes and tomatoes were taken off the market.

The rules of the World Trade Organization (which the US and was the only company to submit Q. What did the FDA do about other 150 countries are members detailed raw data from animal these concerns? of) explicitly prohibit countries feeding studies to the FDA. The Nothing was done which would from banning GM products. rest provide only summaries and protect consumers. In fact, in the Therefore, countries which ban conclusions. Industry research case of genetically modified can be rigged; data often is bovine growth hormone, some them do so at great risk. omitted or distorted. FDA scientists who expressed Some countries have banned GM In the FlavrSavr tests, lab rats concerns were harassed, stripped crops entirely or not approved refused to eat the tomatoes and had of responsibilities, or fired. The certain GM crops are approved to be force-fed. Several developed remaining whistleblowers had to elsewhere. stomach lesions, and seven of forty write an anonymous letter to died within two weeks. Still, the Congress complaining of fraud and In the US, GM wheat was not aptomato was approved, but has since conflict of interest at the agency proved, when wheat farmers been taken off the market. Q. How could the government banned together, because they were concerned contamination Q. Based on the information approve dangerous foods? would seriously hurt exports. So the supplied, did the FDA scientist have concerns? A close examination reveals indus- reason was economic, not safety.


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Monsanto Tumbles Down 'Monsanto Tumbles Down' (Scientist Under Attack) a sixty-four page Report on Monsanto which is available online free. I...

Monsanto Tumbles Down 'Monsanto Tumbles Down' (Scientist Under Attack) a sixty-four page Report on Monsanto which is available online free. I...

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