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Question 9: Can you please help us understand why you are so critical about government, and the credibility of company’s? After all they follow the law, don’t they?

working on the issue of mass murder by governments, companies and organizations by the use of BtCotton. This he has studied for more than ten years. Dr. Kaura is a scientist with a Ph.D. in Genetics and MSc in Biotechnology. He has a BSc (bachelors degree) in Forestry, and campaigns for farmers’ rights. Please visit him at

Answer: They make the laws to take care of their good and/or bad businesses. This is already He is presently directing and producvery well known.

ing films he has developed, on global problems, such as Corruption; 'May Do Something' - A Film Against Corruption and editing of Film 'Dance Without Life?'

Question10: Why did you try to eat BtCotton leaves/twigs when you knew they were poisonous; containing A True Story of Children Who: Hydrogen Cyanide, a Could Not Excel in Education, Could Not Improve Their Grades known deadly poison? Question 6: Why are you so passionate when Answer: I wanted to prove govyou speak about the deadly ef- ernment has heart. They stopped me from eating Bt-Cotton leaves fects of Bt-Cotton? when I threaten to commit suicide Answer: Because passion arises eating Bt-Cotton leaves. They conwhen a person thinks they have fiscated the Bt-Cotton leaves and even took very little power. me into police custody. Question 7: You say government reports So this proves the govshow Bt-Cotton contains Hydro- ernment is very knowlgen Cyanide. Why doesn’t the edgeable Bt-Cottonc an kill humans. I heard regovernment make it public? sponsible senior citizen Answer: Governments are mass of villages near my city. murderers, this has been proven Two children died remany times. An example is cently after eating twigs of nuclear bombs, where they now, Bt-Cotton. While Animal can agree to their crime. Husbandry Department of Government of Andhra Question 8: Pradesh State in India alYou say often companies and gov- ready issued a press ernments are mass murdering warning to farmers/sheppeople with Bt-Cotton. herds not to graze animals on Bt-Cotton plants Answer: Yes, they are mass mur- as it kills the animals. dering, not only the people but the Dr. Sudhir Kumar Kaura is animals and the environment.


Could Not Care for Their Health Could Not Concentrate Could Not Take Care of Their Duties Could Not Boost Their Confidence ...until they found, the Indian Classical Dance 'Kathak' is The Solution To Their Problems.

Monsanto Tumbles Down 'Monsanto Tumbles Down' (Scientist Under Attack) a sixty-four page Report on Monsanto which is available online free. I...

Monsanto Tumbles Down 'Monsanto Tumbles Down' (Scientist Under Attack) a sixty-four page Report on Monsanto which is available online free. I...