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Fans of open source computing will be happy to know that the same compelling advantages of this system are to be had in open source telephony. DVCOM brings these gains to the region.

Renjan George Managing Director DVCOM Technology

Championing Open Communication W

ith Linux and other open source software setting the standards for open-source computer technology, it was only fitting that IP telephony would follow suit. Asterisk became the standard bearer for open source telephony through their pioneering PBX software in 1999. DVCOM, a part of Al Mashka Group, a UAE based $150 million conglomerateand a leading solutions provider of Open Source VoIP Telephony, brought to the Middle East market the Asterisk Open-Source PBX in 2007. “We though the best way enter the IP market is through open-source telephony which was something new.Our objective was to get into IP-PBX but we did not want to be in a proprietary platform,” said Renjan George, Managing Director, DVCOM

26  |  June 2013

Technology. Linux remains the de-facto leader in open-source technology and provided DVCOM with the basis for initial discussions on open source technology. Indeed, Asterisk was initially developed for Linux although it’s now supported by many other operating systems such as Mac OS X and NetBSD among others. After getting into open source PBX, DVCOM decided to let customers make the decision on which end-points they desired. This is in contrast with the proprietary IP phone vendors who after supplying a PBX system oblige customers totheir endpoints that are tied to these PBX systems. “This is why Asterisk is different in that you can use any sim-based end-point,” Renjan said. In time, DVCOM launched Snom,

Yealink and other product lines essentially moving into the Unified Communications (UC) arena.Yealink, a leading manufacturer of IP Phones, is one of the recent additions to the ever growing portfolio of DVCOM’s brand representations in the region. Networking came next to enable DVCOM provide customersan integrated and complete solution. Networking solution provider Draytekoffers solutions able to provide VPN connection. The move to UC was inspired by customer demand, according to Renjan. “Customers want a single integrator or vendor to satisfy all their communication needs.” Modern communication technology enables voice, video and data running on the same line. The backbone has also become stronger with fast internet speeds, fibre now available in many offices. “This is

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