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in software-defined storage and hyperconvergence innovation means we know what works, and can deliver the best performance, efficiency, and simplicity to customers at lower costs than the competition. Additionally, the regional market is generally more aware of the benefits of hyperconverged solutions and are trusting it with their most critical IT initiatives. With Pivot3, they know they can significantly reduce their datacenter costs by supporting more VMs, more users and more transactions with less infrastructure for a better ROI.

Anand Chakravarthi Area Vice President, ME Sales Pivot3

Accelerating HCI inroads Anand Chakravarthi, Area Vice President - Middle East Sales at Pivot3 discusses how hperconverged infrastructure is fast gaining trust and traction with the region’s customers Discuss how 2017 was from Pivot3’s point of view in the regional market? Mention some highlights? 2017 was a very good year in the region for Pivot3. Not only did we see increased bookings supporting more mixed application workloads with major sales coming from new customers purchasing our new Acuity HCI platform, we also saw existing customers considerably expand their hyperconverged environments. We made an announcement in 2017 about our partnership with Lenovo both as

24  |  January 2018

OEM and GTM partner. This partnership is very exciting and helps us scale business even faster. We have successfully installed Lenovo based HCI systems already in the region. How do you see the momentum towards hyper-converged infrastructural investments build up in the region? What have been the key drivers of the demand/growth? The bottomline is that customers care about the technology – the foundation their solutions are built on. Our history

Are hyper-converged deployments still mostly restrained to container deployments for specific workloads? What are the trends in the region? It’s true that in previous generations of HCI products, businesses were mostly comfortable deploying it only for standalone workloads like VDI or disaster recovery, but that all changed with the release of Pivot3’s Acuity HCI software platform. Launched in April, Acuity is the industry’s first and only hyperconvergedplatform to feature a multi-tier architecture with an NVMe flash datapath governed by an advanced, policy-based quality of service engine and seventh-generation erasure coding. This brings predictable performance by supporting and scaling any workload on a single infrastructure. Acuity provides breakthrough application performance and a faster ROI by supporting more workloads on less hardware.Throughout 2018, we expect to see more of our existing customers, as well as new business, move more of their critical workloads to Acuity, for its ability to support multi-cloud environments and deeper datacenter automation. Mention some of the key solutions the company introduced over the past year? Acuity is really laying the foundation

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