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Your core focus as an implementation and consulting company seems to be around ERP and various other related IT modules. Please elaborate. ITWare has been in the region for more than 12 years, focusing on providing ERP and BI solutions in the manufacturing, logistics and project verticals across the GCC, which forms the core of our Enterprise business. We have specialized in some niche verticals around these ERP solutions, especially in areas like sales and depot operations including route sales, retail automation, warehouse enhancements such as bar codes, inventory tracking and field service automation with middleware integration being the key component of all these projects. Our vast implementation experience over the years in domains like discrete industrial manufacturingprocess, FMCG, service and construction

22  |  January 2016

projects has given us the edge to ensure that these niche verticals with integration to back end ERP solutions are reliable and proven to be a value add to our customer base As the enterprise solutions markets have more or less reached a saturation point with tier 1 solutions, we have redefined our strategy over the last few years and focused more on the SMB domains with smaller solutions along with fast track implementations using an offshore-onshore model and aggressive pricing including cloud solutions with a clear ROI focus. Infor seem to be the most significant vendor with whom you are associated- what are the products from Infor that you work on? Since the founder directors have been working for a long time in the region, right from first implementation of Infor (Baan) in the Region to various principal vendors like SSA, Invensys etc., through the years

ITWare is an integrator that focuses around ERP solutions in Finance, Logistics, Manufacturing and Middleware empowered with mobile, social and cloud solutions. N. Ramkumar, Managing Partner at ITWARE discusses the company’s focus areas with the acquired solutions as a reseller and implementation partner, Infor solutions continues to be the core of our business for Enterprise and mid segments Within Infor ERP, we focus on different solutions depending upon customer requirements and budgets like Infor LN for large discrete industries, Infor Syteline for the mid-market which also has cloud versions both for discrete manufacturing and non-manufacturing business segments (Infor Cloud Suite Industrial and Business) and Infor Visual for small and medium manufacturing units, both process and discrete. We also offer Infor Dynamic Enterprise Performance Management (d/EPM) for the analytics segment, Infor Ming.le as the perfect social collaboration and business process improvement tool with state of the art technology, the whole architecture supported by Infor Intelligent Open Network

(Infor ION) as the ideal business middleware solution including workflow, connectivity and event management. Infor ION also has connectors for other solutions like SAP, Oracle, CRM etc. and can work seamlessly with these products. Elaborate on the other key vendors you are associated with such as Merino systems, DLI Systems etc.? Would you be looking to expand your vendor portfolio? We believe in a lean onsite model focused on sales and support and work on a trusted collaboration model with a whole lot of business associates who have dedicated teams for us in the region. These include Merino Consulting Services for Infor ERP, DLI for HR and TAS solutions, Anubhavam for Cloud based education solutions, Viraat technology labs for Visitor Management (VAMS) and few ofthe smaller vendors for offsite product development and testing. The overall project

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