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Dear Friends of Variety, At the time we are sending this to press, the St. Louis region is being confronted with the COVID-19 pandemic. We are incredibly proud of our community’s response, both within our Variety family and in the broader community. As we face the challenges before us, we also want to look back on the past year and what we accomplished, together, for Variety Kids. Now, we need to celebrate all that Variety Kids have shown us is possible, and how that continues today. Through your generosity, we provided vital pieces of medical equipment that are helping Variety Kids independently access their worlds. These all-important tools give Variety Kids the opportunity to interact more with their family and friends, including friends made through other Variety programs. The TherHappy Kids program empowers Variety Kids to build strength, balance, mobility and more through various types of therapies. Therapy is also where these children learn to use their equipment correctly and it teaches new skills that carry over into everyday life. Variety’s Adventure Camp is a free day camp experience open to Variety Kids. Campers have the opportunity to try things that might not seem possible outside of Camp, conquering new challenges while making lifelong friends.

And our innovative Performing Arts program not only teaches acting, dancing and singing skills, it builds selfesteem by giving Variety Kids the chance to perform on stage with their peers and an adult cast. Children with disabilities and their families are among those most affected by the COVID-19 virus. That’s why we are committed to continue providing critical services and programs to Variety Kids, as we have for the past nearly 90 years. But we still need your support, perhaps now more than ever. Please consider a contribution to help local kids and teens with special needs redefine their abilities and avoid setbacks, even while sheltering in place. Thank you for your generosity that impacts Variety Kids daily, especially during these difficult times.

Thank you, BRIAN ROY


Executive Director

Board Chairman


PROVIDE ACCESS (Medical Equipment & Therapy)


CREATE OPPORTUNITY (Adventure Camp & Performing Arts)



(Socialization, Self-Esteem, Skills, Independence)


Variety Kids were enrolled in the TherHapy Kids program

244 Kids

attended Adventure Camp

27 Kids



involved with Variety Theatre

Variety Kids were provided with equipment

of Adventure Camp campers improved their socialization






of equipment recipients increased their independence


of Variety Kids receiving therapy improved their skills

of Variety Kids in Variety Theatre increased their self-esteem

hours of Adventure Camp experienced

Therapy sessions

pieces of vital medical equipment provided


Family Affair Like many siblings, Variety Kids Autumn, Noah and Billy have a lot in common. The biggest thing? Their mom, Lori, wants to make sure they all lead amazing lives. Variety St. Louis is ensuring they do just that. Through each of our programs, Variety has brought Lori and her children not only new experiences, but friendships that will last a lifetime. Adventure Camp has given both Autumn (12) and Noah (5) the chance to conquer new challenges like swimming and ice skating. They look forward to it every summer, and Billy (3) is excited to join them for the first time in 2020.


“Autumn has a difficult time with change, but she loves Camp. The staff members make each day a successful day for her,” says Lori. “And Camp helps Noah do things he’s never done before and make new friends.” Autumn was also a part of the Variety Theatre cast for the 2015 production of Mary Poppins. “She loved it,” shares Lori, who also says that the inclusive cast brought her in “like a butterfly.”

Variety’s TherHappy Kids program is making it possible for Autumn to do all of this and more. Through both equine-assisted therapy and physical therapy, she has built up her balance, strength and mobility. “Therapy has helped Autumn a lot,” says Lori. “There are a lot of things she couldn’t do before that she can do now.” Physical therapy is even teaching Autumn to maneuver her new power wheelchair, which was also purchased with help from Variety. This power chair gives Autumn the ability to access her world independently, keeping up with her brothers and the friends she has made through Variety. And at events like Family Celebration Day, Autumn, Noah and Billy have the chance to spend time with these friends, both old and new. Through these events, Lori has the opportunity to connect with other Variety parents as well. When you ask Lori about the most important thing Variety has done for her family, she will tell you it is these strong connections she and her children have made that she treasures most. “Variety has been very supportive in numerous ways,” says Lori. “It is an awesome organization – they bring us in and treat us like family. We appreciate Variety more than words can express.”

Noah & Billy

These corporations supported Variety St. Louis in the fiscal year of 2019 with gifts and grants. Their leadership and generosity create important opportunities for Variety Kids.







VARIETY CHAMPIONS Ameren Centene Charitable Foundation Emerson World Wide Technology Foundation

MAJOR PARTNERS Edward Jones Express Scripts Imo's Pizza Nestle Purina PetCare

LEAD PARTNERS Hogan Transports Inc. Northwestern Mutual Financial Network TW Constructors LLC US Bank

DIRECTORS Bank of America Bunzl USA Inc. CI Select Coca-Cola North America Group Grimco, Inc. Wells Fargo Advisors

SHERIDAN CIRCLE Alliance Rehab and Medical American Direct Marketing Resources BSI Constructors Ceres Barge Line The Heart of Nieman Marcus Foundation Mercy Health System Missouri Arts Council National Endowment for the Arts Plancorp, Inc. The Regional Arts Commission Safety National Spire Webster University


Benjamin F. Edwards & Co. BKD LLP Brown Smith Wallace Ernst & Young LLP Marcus Theatres Corporation St. Louis Italian Invitational Golf Tournament for Charities Variety International Vistage Worldwide, Inc.


BJC HealthCare and St. Louis Children's Hospital BMO Harris Bank Clean Sweep Chimney Service Enterprise Consulting Group St. Louis Cardinals


Borello Orthodontics Creative Mobility Enterprise Bank & Trust Enterprise Holdings Foundation Hanger Prosthetics & Orthotics Hunter Engineering Company KB Mailers, LLC Kemper Home Services Companies Koch Development Lindenwood University NuMotion Foundation Orthotic & Prosthetic Lab Inc. United Access


20 and Washington Pizza, Inc. 367 Pizza Company 66 Pizza Inc. Airport Pizza Inc. American Eagle Pizza Inc. Anders CPAs + Advisors ARCO National Construction Company Inc. Ascension Health Avatara LLC B & T Politte Enterprises LLC BAC Pizza Inc. Ben's Festus Pizza Inc. Ben's Pizza Inc. Ben's Richardson Pizza Inc. Big Muddy Dance Company Bluff City Pizza, Inc. BPSLBCP Inc. Brennan Pizza, Inc. Bridgeton Pizza Inc. Brown M&M Real Estate LLC Capital Pizza Inc. CBPM, Inc Cheree Berry Paper Christopher Pizza, Inc. City Plaza Pizza Inc. Clocktower Pizza Inc. Coco Properties Inc. Collinsville Pizza Inc. Columbia Pizza Inc. Cushman & Wakefield

DAI Pizza Inc. Delor Pizza Parlor Inc. Denmark Pizza Inc. Dierbergs Markets, Inc. DTM Pizza Inc. eSpecial Needs Essex Industries, Inc. Eureka Pizza Inc. Festive Couture Floral Florissant Pizza Company Gateway Motorsports Park and Gateway Kartplex Greater Midwest Baseball Greater St. Louis Area Council, Boy Scouts of America Grey Eagle Distributors Halls Ferry Pizza Inc. Highway 21 Pizza, Inc. Home Delivery Incontinent Supplies Company Imo's Pizza J & A Pizza Inc. J & G Pizza Inc. Jeffco Pizza Inc. Karsch Road Pizza, Inc. Kay-Bee Electric Co. Libra Inc. Luxco Mackenzie Pizza, Inc. Maplewood Pizza, Inc. Mark's Pizza Inc. Marquette High School Junior Achievement MIJOY, INC. Mike & Maggie Pizza Inc. Moberly Correctional Center Modern Litho - St. Louis North Oaks Pizza Inc. Oakville Pizza LLC Osage 66 Pizza, Inc. Paramount Mortgage Company Quantum Rehab Ranken Jordan - A Pediatric Specialty Hospital Rolla Pizza Inc. S E MO Pizza Inc. Saks Fifth Avenue St. Louis Scotsman Coin and Jewelry St. Peters Pizza T & M Pizza Inc. Terri's Pizza Inc. The Boeing Company The Delmar Gardens Family TMV Diversified Industries Inc Tower Grove Pizza, Inc. Troy Pizza Inc. Twin Oaks Pizza Inc. U City Pizza Inc. Ultimate Keychains V & R Granite City Inc. Vaile Pizza Company Valle Ambulance District War Pizza, LLC Waterloo Pizza Inc. Webster Pizza Inc. Werle Pizza, Inc. Wildhorse Creek Mobil Customers Winghaven Pizza LLC

John Harris Society

The John Harris Society is named for the founder of Variety who formed a group of theater owners to support children in 1928. The John Harris Society includes individuals, foundations, and organizations dedicated to the annual support of children in our community with physical and developmental disabilities. These friends have given more than $1,000 for the year. The list reflects contributions received between October 1, 2018 and September 30, 2019.



Centene Charitable Foundation

Warner and Cindy Baxter

David and Thelma Steward

Stephen and Kimmy Brauer

Mary and David Steward II

The Dana Brown Charitable Trust

Kimberly Steward Steward Family Foundation

CHAMPION Dennis M. Jones Family Foundation Nancy and Kenneth Kranzberg The David B. Lichtenstein Foundation Michael and Noemi Neidorff

LEADER Sam and Marilyn Fox Sam and Marilyn Fox Foundation Ron and Cheri Fromm Margaret and Edward Imo Kathy and Robert O'Loughlin

Bonnie and L. B. Eckelkamp Don Ferguson Sean and Jennifer Fleming Mary Kaye and John Fort Lotta and Jeff Fox Michael and Debbie Lefton Craig H. Neilsen Foundation Paula and Rodger Riney U.S. Bancorp Foundation

Steve and Kelly Gross William S. Kallaos Family Foundation J. Christopher and Jessica Kerckhoff Joanne Knight Mr. and Mrs. Spencer Koch Kristi Krey Connie Lohr Herman T. and Phenie R. Pott Foundation Sander Foundation Suzie and Dave Spence Amy and Michael Stanton

Carol and Tom Voss

Audrey J. Walton & Ann Walton Kroenke Charitable Foundation

Voss Family Foundation

Jennifer and Michael Wardlaw

Mr. W. Grant Williams III -The Sayers Foundation

Sara and Todd Weaver

Phillip Zacher


Karen and Charles Phillips

Catherine and James Berges

Lucia P. Rosenbloom

Nancy and D. J. Diemer

Chip and Kathleen Rosenbloom

Dula-Kobusch Charitable Trust

Terry and Sally Schnuck

Lelia and David Farr

Michael and Carol Staenberg

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Fleming

The Staenberg Family Foundation

Mary and Steven Frank Emily and Robert Goerss




Amy M. Best

Felicia Bentley

Claudio and Julia Abreu

Crystal and John Beuerlein

Marion and Van-Lear Black

Carmen Agniel

Blues for Kids Foundation

Jan and Larry Albus

Mr. and Mrs. August A. Busch III

Kimberly Browning-Hoffman and John L. Hoffman

Lynda and Joe Castellano

Lisa A. Brubaker and Jim Viscardi


The Cheak Foundation

Dr. Jeffrey Carter

The Aykent Family

Mary Ann Daust-Buehler and Richard Buehler

Julie and David Catron

Sarah Baiocchi

Steven and Marilyn Crimmins

Sharon Baldassare

Donna and Joseph Domian

Robin and Kirk Earleywine

Clarence C. Barksdale

Laura and Michael Ellenhorn

Enterprise Holdings Foundation

Mary Ann and Tim Beranek

Raymond and Pam Farris

Claire Erker

Michael and Shereen Fischer

David C. Farrell

BJC HealthCare and St. Louis Children's Hospital

James and Tracey Gans

Vinny and Lynn Ferrari

Jim and Anna Blair

Mike and Laura Herring

Sam and Marilyn Fox Foundation

Katherine Bonan

Valerie and James M. Hoffmann

Angela Frederici

Kay Bradley

Ameche House

Barbara and Dolph* Bridgewater

Linda and Jesse Hunter

The Charles W. and Jean H. Frees Foundation

Stacey Kamps

Jason and Dawn Gilbertson

Alfred Brown

Lee C. Kling and The Kling Family Foundation

Becky Hadfield

Bob and Kim Brown

Scott and Anna Hammann

Wendy and Jason Brumitt

The Kuhn Foundation

Molly Hunter

Cindy and John Burkemper

Daniel and Susan Ludeman

Jewish Federation of St. Louis

Laura and David Butsch

Lisa and Brandon Mann

Lee Foundation

Steve and Jana Carani

Janet and Smith McGehee

Melinda and Jesse Maas

Richard and Diane Clark

Audrey and Richard McIntosh

Maureen Clever

Jim and Merry Mosbacher

Sawyer and Jean Marglous Foundation

Mike and Julie Osborn

Robert and Norma McGehee

Lawrence and Jill Otto

Stephanie and John Meadows

Penny Pennington and Michael Fidler

Amy Parsons

Keith and Stephanie Pittillo

Trevor D. Reese Jr.

Debbie and Bob Sanders

Peggy and Jerry Ritter

The Siteman Family Foundation

Geetha Sant

James Traube

Katie and Jeff Schwaneke

William and Leslie Wilson

Tony and Patti Sgroi Dr. and Mrs. David Sprowls Mary Ann and Andy Srenco David and Nancy Stahlman Mary Strauss Richard and Kathie Winter

Debbie Andrews

Tara Brooks

Michael Cohen Terry and James Coleman Virginia C. Craig Arch Grants Thomas and Merilee Curran Dr. William H. Danforth Nancy Demko Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Dielschneider Anna Drozdova Laura Dunsmoor Edison Family Foundation Gloria and Jerrold Epstein

John Harris Society (continued) The Fabulous Fox Theatre

Gerry and Kay Love

The Sidener Foundation

Tim and Jennifer Fagan

Ray B. Marglous Family Foundation

Sheila and Clifford Sledge

Alison and John Ferring

Stan and Jean Margul

Zachary and Margee Smith

Sue Fischlowitz and David Roberts

Christa McGraw

Jack Smith

Grace Fisher

Rita McMillan

Donald L. Snyder

Angie Fletcher

Mona and Zachary McNeal

Tricia Spence

Douglas Forguson

Melissa Merlin

Valerie and Tony Spratte

Gretchen and Niall Gannon

Millstone Foundation

Bob and Kimberly Springer

Belma and Henry Givens

Cameron and Carol Minges

St. Louis Arc

Regina Gleghorn

Missouri Foundation for Health

James and Julie Stackhouse

Diedre Gray

Candy Moore

Zachary and Allison Stauder

Kim Grbac

Nina Needleman

Corey Stelling

Joy and Daron Greene

Jeanne Nerbonne

Michelle D. Tucker

Wes Gregory

Joan Newbill

Ryan Tusek and Shannon Bagley

Kathryn and Scott Groesch

Thomas and Elizabeth Newport

Teresa and Marc Whitcomb

Brian and Elizabeth Hansen and Family

Amanda and Stan Nickens

Joseph Wibbenmeyer

Marcia and Duke Niedringhaus

Max Wild

Angela and Scott Hester

Michael Moehn and Lisa Nielsen

Julie and Kip Williams

Graham Hill

Kayla Nieman

Jackie Williams

George E. Horne

Sharon and Robert Olwig

Lucy Willis

Kristin Johnson

The Patriot Foundation

Ken Yamaguchi

Jonathan and Laura Jones

Bill and Kristi Peterson

Ms. Jackie Yoon

David Keen

Mindy and Brian Pultman

Steve and Fran Zamler

J.W. & Mildred A. Kisling Charitable Foundation

Erica Randall

Amy Zebala

Elke and Paul Koch Jennifer Koman Edmund and Patricia Kopetz Mark and Susan R. Koritz Rachel and Kyle Laramie Kelly Layton Harold Lewis Ann Liberman Mark Lindgren Christine and William Linnenbringer

Kevin Randich Nellie Ribaudo Saint Louis Alumnae Club of Pi Beta Phi Sakiyama Family Foundation Beth and Robert Schenk Susan and Steven Schuh Kenneth Schutte Theresa Secrest Shanahan Family Foundation Karen and James Shaughnessy Victoria Sheehan

Friends of Variety

The Friends of Variety is a special group of individuals who support Variety St. Louis with annual contributions from $100-$999. The generosity of this group of friends allows us to continually provide Variety Kids with access to equipment and therapy, and the opportunity to participate in recreation and performing arts activities. The list reflects contributions received between October 1, 2018 and September 30, 2019. Sue Abernathy Alicia Aboussie Katie and Doug Ackerman Lisa Ackroyd Ann and Daniel Adolphson Meg Agnew Joy and Frank Albano James and Laura Allender American Endowment Foundation Kenneth R. Amidon Judith B. Anderson Sarah Anderson Carol Armstrong Lu Arnold Bindu Arya Vanessa Asaro Jessie Bailey Fran Balk Holly Ball Kathleen and Daniel Balmer Andrew Banker Cheryl Barbieri Virginia Barket Nancy Barry Mr. and Mrs. Jason Battaglia Peter and Mariette Baxendale Robert and Meg Baylis David and Laura Baylis Shannon Beattie Mike Bellm Sidney and Laurie Bennett Rosa Berg Cindy Berger Amanda Bethel Jane Beyes Robert Bianco Jennifer Bierling and Jeff Eichholz Jenni Bingaman Mary E. Bischoff Eileen Bishop Cathy Bixler Patti Blackmore

Michael and Jennifer Darin Boggs Bryan Bolton Christine and Scott J. Bousman Douglas Bram Adrian Breen Rachel Bright Rachael Brightfield Sherri Brizendine Ms. Patreece Broadus Susan and Peter Brown Patricia and Timothy Brown Ian Broz Susan Brubaker Kelley Brugner Tracy and Gene Bryant Greta and Dean Brown Liz Buchman Sandra Burke Jacob Burkholder Kevin and Amy Burlage Alicia Burnett Ciara Butler Sharon Campbell Sharon Campbell Mandy and Tom Caradonna Jeff and Patti Carr Sheila Carter Rhonda Carter Adams Lisa and Allan Casciola William and Connie Cash Ian Caso Emily and Bill Castle Krisinda Chadwell Christine and David Chadwick Robin Charles Robert Chervek Gail Childs Catherine A. Cline Dr. William Cohen Desiree and Rasheen Coleman Leslie Comerford

Elizabeth M. Coughlin Julie and Steve Council Donald W. Cramer Mr. Kit Crooks Bryon and Becky Crump Kelly Curcuru Carol and Mark Cutler Ljiljana Cvijanovic Nicholas J. Dalaviras Stephanie Dankenbring Patricia Dannegger Maurice Dannenberg Theresa and David Dare Natasha Das Jill Davidson Betty and Ronald Davidson Jamie Davidson Mary Davis Ava Davis Candice Dayoan Greg and Monica DeLargy Kelly DeLuca Mark and Mona Dembs Kristin Denbow Marc and Esther Desantis Lou and Deb DeSorbo Ashley Detweiler Caitlin DeWilde Thomas DeWoskin Cheryl Dimauro Michelle and Steve Divine Lori and Jim Dobry Patricia A. Donnelly Jennifer Downes Laura Dwyer Lindsey Early Kimberly and Timothy J. Eberlein Thomas and Lisa Egan Sarah and Thomas Eidelman Robert and Barbara Engberg Todd and Kristen Erickson Julie Esparrago

Sarah and Victor Essen Sue and Bill Etling Scott Evans Lucy Evans Leesa Evans Marilyn and Kenneth Fanger Erick Faul Robert and Kathy Federico Tami Fernandez William J. Fienup Amy Fikes Darlene Filip Amy Fister Deborah Frederici Ellen and Robert L. Gallahar Donna Gamma Kelly Garrow Donald and Karen Geders Karen Gentry Thomas and Dorothy George Chris George Darryl and Barbara Gerstenecker Gary and Sue Gianino Susan and Gary Gianino Kimberly and Ron Gibson The Gilbert Family Givable St. Louis Tobias and Laura Glavin Lois Goldammer Kathy Goldkamp Thomas K. Golnick Jeffrey and Nicole Gorczyca Cynthia and Sean Graham Ray Gruender Alice Guebert Peggy Guebert Jane Guirl Barry Gunther Robert Hackleman Jasmina Hadzialic Michelle Hafner Karen Haglin

Friends of Variety (continued) David and Miran Halen Michelle Haley Karen Harper Kimberlee Hawley Lou and Marcela Hawn Tanya and C. Brian Hayden Ashley Hebenstreit Melissa Helfrich George and Janice Herbst Julie Hiblovic Pam and Kyle Hickok Barbara Barenholtz and Milton Hieken Tom Hinton Bob and Jo Ann Hoff Lesley Hoffarth Craig and Julee Hogan Emily Holler Justin Holmes Jim and Shirley Holten Mark Hopfinger Margaret and John Horn Kevin and Sarah Howser Lynne D. Hummel Christina and Matthew Hunt David and Carole Hunt Cindy Hyken Mary Imo Carol E. Imo Sandra and John Irace Kevin and Laura Ives Philesa Johnson Stephen Jokerst Grace Jones Craig Jones Elizabeth and Johnnie Jones Kim P. Jones Renee and Kurt J. Junker Connie and Eugene Kahn Mary and Gary Kane Robert Kanterman and Caryn Fine Canan Kara Allison Katke Craig Katz Missy Kelley Pilar Kellogg

Ellen Kenkel Julie and Andrew Kerckhoff Marsha and David Kerr Mary and William M. Kikas Tera Klein Kathleen Klipfel Martin Klug Greg Knight Jennie and Shawn Knisley Elizabeth Knysak Denise and Lawrence Koessel Michael Kohn Chloe Kopsky Barb and Richard Kramer Andy and Amy Kreher Pam and Jim Krekeler Margaret Krenn Kurt and Lisa Krueger Deborah Kuempel Nancy and Salvatore Lafiore Judith and Richard Laitman Kathy and Brad Lambert Keira Lamoureux Phil Landau Laura and Kevin Landmann Debbie Lavelle Amalia LaViolette Charlie Lawhorn The Layton Cousins Nancy and Claude Leezy Kim Lewallen Davida Lichtenstein Emily Lincoln William and Jennifer Lindenmayer Michael Lipinski Rob Litz David Lloyd Laurie and Sean Lock Juanita Logan Katie Logue Thomas Lohse John Long John and Tracey Lowell Jeremy Lydon Phyllis R. Lyon Geri and Bob Macauley

Margaret and Daniel Magruder Suzi and George Mahe Deborah and Bernard Mann Michelle Mannebach Vici and Richard Manning Margery Marshall Karen Martin Jane Martin Annette Mathieu Collier Maxwell Janis and Brooks C. McArthy Casey McBride Mr. Scottye McClain Mike and Alicia McClellan Sylva McDonald Timothy and Jo Ann McDonnell McFamily Charitable Trust Nick and Martha McGeehon Brigid McGuire Jonathan and Jessica McIntosh Janet McKissic Mary Ann McLaughlin Julie McLean Michael McMillan Terri and David McNeal Michael and Shelly McSpadden Patricia Means Kathy Meath Mevlija Mehmedovic Alexis Melvin Carrie Mershon Diane Metzger Jill and John M. Meyer Don and Susan Middendorf Dawn Miller Bethany Miller Gina M. Miller Valerie Miller Linda Min Mr. and Mrs. Stephen D. Missey Betty Mitchem Angela and Aaron Mittelbuscher Katie and Timothy J. Monroe Maureen Moore Maggie Moore Sylvia Moore

Patrick and Kristine Moranville Brandon and Anna Moritz Jane Abbott Morris Matthew and Kristin Muckerman Gerard Mudd Nancy Muehl Connie Mulch Katie Mumm The Muny Matthew and Kimberly Muraczewski Mary Murawski Nikki Murphy Ed and Debbi Musen Joseph Nadreau Ronald and Louise Nelson Cindy Ness Janet Niehaus Barb and Richard Nielsen LuAnn and Tom Noelke Deborah Noerper Gina Nolan Elizabeth Nolan David and Jill Nowak Jennifer Nuelle Ashley Obradovits Simetia and Robert Odneal Michael O'Keefe Vanessa Okwuraiwe Jovita and Patrick Oruwari Kenneth L. Osborne Stacie A. Owens Shelly Owens and John Halbauer Carl Painter Bev Palmer Kathleen and Kevin Parker Terry Parkinson Eric and Sheila Pearson Mary and Evan Pedersen Lisa Pelikan Lisa Pepper Julie and Mike Pepper Dixie and Jerry Pipes Duane Pitchford Nancy and Charles Pollnow Julie Portman

Mary Anne Potter George and Susan Powell Jerry and Shirley Powers Family Fund Rosemary Pozzini Julie P. Probst Traci and Alan Proctor Ann Prstojevich Rick and Audrey Prywitch Jill and Michael Puertas Heidi Puls Barbara and Thomas Purdy Claralyn W. Quarles Walter Rajewski Craig Rapier Ms. Linda A. Rascovar Teresa Reagan Don and Michelle Reedy Whit and Millie Reichert Dan Reynolds Shari Rhodes Angela Rhone Ann and William Rice Sean and Molly Roarty Alison and Terry Roberts Julia Roberts Jim and Mary Roberts Rachel M. Roberts Keri Robertson Thomas Rollins Lori and Chris Roseman Carolyn and Kevin Roy Betsy Rudolph Julie Russell Keely and Luke Rutan Tara and Paul Ryterski Christina Sadasivam Lisa and Brian Safarian Thomas and Cathryn Sakiyama Zemetria Sanders Mary Pat and Tom Santel Chris Santel Melissa Sauter Ashley Schafluetzel Raymond and Gail Schafluetzel Carolyn and Greg Schaller Tammy Schmaeng Samuel O. Schmerbauch Kara and Joe Schmid Patricia and Robert Schmitt

Kelly and Tyler Schneider Patty Schnepel Tonya Schoemehl Brett and Kathleen Schott Lynn and John Schulte Rebecca Schultz Kathy Schweich Judy Scissors Mr. and Mrs. David Scroggs Mary L. Seabaugh Jim and Mary Senciboy Peter and Julie Sharamitaro Toni Sharlow J.J. and Jay Shastri Nadia and Hayden Shaver Tamara Sheffield Bonnie and Chad Shepherd Kim Sherman Mr. and Mrs. Gary Shoemaker Nancee Siegel Katherine Siemer Mike and Stephanie Sigmond Katherine and Michael Silverman Anthony Silvester Regina and Frank Simo Carolyn Skowyra Lisa Small Kim Smith Dustin and Stacy Smith Barbara A. Smith Ben Smith Jenny Smith Paul and Bernadine Sodko William Solomon Ellen Soule Richard and Janice Spathelf Margaret Spooner Spradlin Family Charitable Fund Sophie Srenco Michele Stallman Jean Steck Kristin Steiner Karen Steitz Thomas M. Stewart Janet and Werner Stichling Marsha Stocker Rebecca Stone Tonya Stopke Thomas and Judith Stotlar David Strain

Edward M. Strasser Bill Streck Tina Sullenger David and Darlene Surkamp Melvin and Betty Sutherland Holly Jo Swan Susan and Vincent Szewczyk Molly Szweda Mary and John Tabash Mary and John W. Tabash Greta Talen Lisa and Donte Tamprateep John Tartaglia Carol and William Taylor Jeffrey Teckman Brent Tellor and Keith Tellor Beverly J. Terry Kristine and Gregory Thomas Julie and Matthew Thompson Alfred E. Thompson Julie Thorpe Rebecca Timms Ann and Kevin Tollefson Addie and Willie P. Tompkins Addie and Willie P. Tompkins Glenda D. Travis Betty Traylor Dana Trokey Mr. and Mrs. Kevin D. Turner Michelle and James Turner Tyler Twardowski Denise Tyson Mary and Craig Unnerstall Steve Unnerstall Kate and Michael Uptergrove Kristin and Ty Van-Thomas Mimi Vatterott Katherine Vatterott Nicole and Steven Vehige Susan E. Vierling Kerry Vighi Meagan Vincenz Dezmon and Megan Vitale Donna Volk Katie Wages Kelly Walbrandt Rosario Walden Fetauaiga Faye Walker Harvey Wallace and Madeleine Elkins

Andrea and Eric Walter Chris and Emily Tanisha Ward Ross Wardenburg Margaret D. Webb Dr. Tom and Suzanne Weber Angela and Robert Wegman Joann K. Werner Jennifer Wessman Alvin R. Westrich Karen and Kenneth Wetzel Tom and Chris Wheeland Brent Wiley Amy Wilkerson Amy and Patrick Willett Amy and Patrick Willett Miles Williams Christine Williams Court Williams Dorothy L. Willis Carol and Jeffrey Wilmes Donna Wilmoth Meghan and Jake Winegrad Cam and James J. Wingbermuehle Patty and Charles Wiswall Patricia Withers Mary Wolf Alvin Wolff Jr. Lynn Working Bertha A. Wors Alicia Wuebbeling Chad Wunsch Debra Yerkes John and Eileen Yobby Lina and Ellis Young David Zeiter Rebecca Zerman Jo Zhou Annie Zipf Deborah A. Zuzga

NAMED ENDOWMENTS Individuals with Named Endowments have invested in the future of Variety St. Louis by creating a permanent endowed fund for programs and operations. This investment provides ongoing support and is an important component of Variety’s plan for sustainability. To inquire about establishing an endowment for Variety, please call Brett Schott at 314-720-7707. The Centene Charitable Foundation Endowment for Adventure Camp

The Nevada A. Kent & Rita K. Kent Endowment for Adventure Camp

The Marilyn Fox Endowment for Adventure Camp

The NoĂŠmi & Michael Neidorff Endowment for Adventure Camp

The Robert R. & Mary Lee Hermann Endowment for Adventure Camp

The David C. Pratt Endowment for Adventure Camp

The Douglas E. & Victoria D. Hill Endowment for Adventure Camp

VARIETY ENCORE SOCIETY (PLANNED GIVING) The Encore Society includes individuals who have designated Variety St. Louis as the recipient of a planned gift. Whether through a bequest, charitable remainder trust, charitable gift annuity or any of a variety of options, these friends have designated Variety as a beneficiary of their legacy of giving. If you would like to join the Encore Society or discuss options, please call Mary Murawski at 314-720-7712. Merri and Mark Abels

Laura and Mike Herring

Joan and Michael Malloy

Kimberly and Bob Springer

Albert Becker

Margaret and Edward Imo

Estate of Peter Bouckaert

Estate of Mary E. James

Estate of Helen M. McNamee

Eula Strothers Trust for Evelyn Simmons

Cathy and Carter Dunkin

Jessica and J. Christopher Kerckhoff

Lyn and Michael Niemann

Martha M. Wallin Trust

Estate of Karen Oliver

Florence Westaver Trust

Susan and Mark Koritz

David Pasternak Trust

Estate of Marie Winningham

Ruth M. Kourkafas Living Trust

Walter Rajewski

Estate of Edith and Alan Wolff

Estate of Dorothy F. Krekeler

Estate of Mr. Russell Schrempp

Linda and Cliff Eason Marilyn and Sam Fox Estate of Arabella R. Gieseler Ray Gruender Estate of Marcella Hager

Steven Leach

Katie and Steve Schankman


There are a number of ways to make a difference at Variety. Contributions of products, services and talent allow us to enchance the services we are able to provide to Variety Kids and their families each year. Thank you to these donors who have provided for Variety this year. Ballpark Village The Bar Method STL Patrick and Peggy Behan Biggies Restaurant Blues for Kids Foundation Broadway Oyster Bar Wendy and Jason Brumitt Lisa Campbell Catholic Children's Home Centene Corporation Cheesecake Factory Craft Alliance Center of Art & Design Cyclebar Deer Creek Coffee Drury Hotels

Epic 6 Laser Tag and Sports Arena Extra Virgin, an Olive Ovation Flamingo Bowl Float STL James and Tracey Gans Dawn Gilbertson Gold's Gym Mike Grisham Dr. and Mrs. John L. Hoffman Valerie and James M. Hoffmann Imagination Toys, INC. Imo's Jolly Jumps of St. Louis Just Landscape Lighting LLC Janice Kemper Kendra Scott

Kennelwood Village Connie Lohr Marcus Wehrenberg Theatres Stephanie and John Meadows Nina Needleman Nina Needleman Charitable Fund Benjamin E. Nordstrom Pinot's Palette Pilates Of West County The Pilates & Yoga Center Pole Position Raceway Pottery Barn Erica Randall Trevor D. Reese, Jr. The Repertory Theatre of St. Louis Alison and Terry Roberts

Safety National Scout & Cellar Bob Seyer Sr. Shine Sunless Tanning Spa Silver Oak Cellars St. Louis Casa Loma Ballroom St. Louis Union Station Stages St. Louis David and Thelma Steward Stifel Theatre STL Axe Throwing Studio Branca Salon Spa Summit Produce Lara Teeter Jennifer and Michael Wardlaw

VARIETY WOMEN Variety Women is a powerful, passionate network of women who, through investment of their time, talent and resources support children in our community living with physical or developmental disabilities. For information please call Mary Murawski at 314-720-7712. Laura Ellenhorn, Chair

Laura Beggs Butsch

Sandra Holmes

Mandy Nickens

Jan H. Albus

Julie Catron

Linda Hunter

Erica Randall

Debbie Andrews

Terry Coleman

Stacey Kamps

Karen Shaughnessy

Mary Ann Beranek

Mary Ann Daust-Buehler

Connie Lohr

Amy Stanton

Kimberly BrowningHoffman

Tracey Gans

Kay Love

Wendy Brumitt

Dawn Gilbertson

Christa McGraw

Dr. Jennifer Demko Wardlaw

Kelly Gross

Stephanie Meadows

Valerie D. Hoffmann

Nina Needleman

Sara Bucy

Leslie D. Wilson Fran Zamler

YOUNG VARIETY Young Variety is a group of young professionals, between the ages of 21 and 40, advocating for the work of Variety St. Louis. They promote the mission of Variety in the community, helping to raise funds and volunteering their time and talents. Interested in becoming a member of Young Variety? Please call Brett Schott at 314-720-7707.

Erin Warner Prange, President

Stephanie Dankenbring

Brandon Kohnen

Tara Ryterski

Jack Erbs

Nathan Litz

Keely Rutan

Ross Boyd

Erica Hallsten

Rashad May

Kelly Schneider

Natalie Calandro

Molli Hutcheson

Brigid McGuire

Caitlin Stayduhar

Diana Charboneau

Kevin Ives

Diane Metzger

Justin Charboneau

Molly Karl

Brandon Moritz

Lucy Dames

Adam Ketterer

Julia Roberts

FAMILY COUNCIL In January of 2018, Variety relaunched the Variety Family Council. Comprised of 15 Variety families, the Council meets monthly to provide guidance on current and future Variety programming. In the past year, Family Council has launched a Conversation CafĂŠ program, kid/teen social groups and planned the 2nd Annual Variety Family Conference. For more information contact, FamilyCouncil@Varietystl.org.

Kim Gibson

Jennifer Lindenmayer

Traci Proctor

Tina Sullenger

Melissa Horton

Vici Manning

Mary Ellen Ritchey

Julie Thompkins

Jennifer Ibarra

Katie Miller

Ashley Schafluetzel

Tony Thompkins

Chris Kreutz

Jerry Moranville

Tarah Stoddard

Ann Tollefson

BOARD OF DIRECTORS Chairman of the Board *Warner Baxter Vice Chairmen *Steve Crimmins *Marilyn Fox *Thelma Steward

*Chris Kerckhoff, Jr. *Lee Kling Patricia Kopetz Nancy Kranzberg Davida Lichtenstein Mike Lefton Danny Ludeman Bill Menke Robert O'Loughlin *Larry Otto


Erin Warner Prange

*Steve Gross

Lucia Rosenbloom

Treasurer *Leslie Wilson

Bevis Schock Paul Shaughnessy Dave Spence

Chairman Emeritus

*Kimberly Springer

*David Steward

Michael Staenberg


CHAIRS OF STANDING COMMITTEES Finance Leslie Wilson Marketing & Communications Joe Castellano Young Variety Erin Warner Prange Development Lee Kling Programs Amy Best Nominating Larry Otto

* Executive Committee Members

*Amy Best

Honorary Life Members

*Joe Castellano

Kimmy Brauer

Laura Ellenhorn

James T. Byrnes

Ray Farris

Nancy Diemer

Don Ferguson

Cliff Eason

Sean Fleming

Margaret Imo

Cheri Fromm

Mark Koritz

Ray Gruender

Chip Rosenbloom

David Hogan

Ozzie Smith

Investment Chris Kerckhoff, Jr. Variety Women Laura Ellenhorn Strategic Planning Steve Crimmins Planned Giving Kimberly Springer

VARIETY STAFF Brian Roy Executive Director Jan Albus Chief Executive Officer Christina Altholz Chief Financial Officer Brett Schott Chief Development Officer Susan Schuh Chief Program Officer Joy Addler Performing Arts Company Manager Tim Bommarito Manager of Annual & Foundation Giving Misty Burton Health Services Manager Robin Diehl Senior Program Manager Patty Haeffner Executive Assistant Karen Haglin Accounting Manager Madison Martinez Graphics Manager Mary Murawski Senior Manager of Philanthropy Kara Schmid Communications Manager Jean Larson Steck Communications Director Carolyn Smith Wooten Health Services Associate Maureen Taylor Program Coordinator Tom Wombacher Data Systems Manager


(Oct 1, 2018 - Sept 30, 2019) EXPENSES

EXPENSES Equipment $1,475,806 Therapy $255,343 Recreation $453,366 Education & Performing Arts $1,006,852 TOTAL PROGRAM EXPENSES


Fundraising $894,403 Management & General $454,004

Programs (70%)



Fundraising (20%) Management & General (10%)


REVENUE Contributions Special Events In–kind Revenue Program Revenue Investment Loss Other Revenue

Contributions (67%)

$3,117,954 $1,381,320 $51,056 $139,617 ($14,078) $1,000



Change in net assets


NET ASSETS AS OF SEPT. 30, 2019 $7,329,392

Special Events (29%) Program Revenue (3%) In-Kind (1%)

As of Sept. 30, 2019, financial statements were audited by Brown Smith Wallace LLC. Further financial information is available on Variety’s website at www.varietystl.org.

Variety the Children’s Charity of St. Louis 11840 Westline Industrial Drive Suite 220 St. Louis, MO 63146

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Annual Report 2019  

Variety St Louis' financial report and stories from 2019

Annual Report 2019  

Variety St Louis' financial report and stories from 2019