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Variety-the Children's Charity is a national not-for-profit organisation committed to empowering Australian children who are sick, disadvantaged or have special needs to gain mobility, independence and self-esteem. By giving practical equipment, programs and experiences, Variety helps children in need to overcome whatever obstacles they face and live life to the fullest. Simply put, we HELP


MORGAN THE KNIGHT Equipment Granted: Vehicle modification for wheelchair Age: 9

"The hoist Variety gave me is good because it means my parents don't have to lift me which hurts them and me. It makes me feel like I am on a mini rocket and I love swinging on it."

OUR MISSION Variety - the Children's Charity believes in real opportunities and outcomes for all Australian children who are sick, disadvantaged or have special needs, empowering them to live, laugh and learn.

OUR VISION For all Australian children to attain their full potential regardless of ability or background.


In 2013 Variety – the Children’s Charity celebrates 38 years of granting vital, practical equipment, programs and experiences, delivering tangible and positive social outcomes to the lives of Australian children who are sick, disadvantaged or have special needs, and their families. Today, Variety – the Children’s Charity delivers more than $1.2 million every MONTH in individual and organisational equipment grants across the country.

RHYS Equipment Granted: Myoelectric prosthesis

Ava has limited expressive language - she has said 'please' which is her saying FUN and she loves her bike!

AVA THE ADVENTURER Equipment Granted: Specialised bicycle Age: 6

Variety's Core Programs:

Variety Freedom Program

Variety Future Kids Program

Variety Caring for Kids Program

The gift of INDEPENDENCE and SELF ESTEEM - assisting with mobility and communication through Liberty Swings, wheelchairs, Sunshine coaches, vehicle modifications, communication aids, human hair wigs, communication aids, walk and stand equipment and more.

The gift of EDUCATION and ACHIEVEMENT - helping kids with disabilities or disadvantage fulfil their academic, sports or arts potential by supporting schools with special equipment, tuition and other practical support.

The gift of SUPPORT - to children's intensive care units, children's emergency transport services and children's remote diagnosis and treatment services. This also includes Variety’s Vision for Life.


spent on NSW/ACT grants overall in 2013

$252,412.00 Caring for Kids Program

$313,639.00 Future Kids Program

$3,172,143.00 Freedom Program


Variety's 2013 Statistics

234 The number of grants given to individuals and organisations in 2013

The number of children in NSW/ACT directly impacted by Variety in 2013



1. Cerebral Palsy

1. Wheelchair Vehicle Modification

2. Intellectual Disability

2. Wig

3. Epilepsy/Seizure Disorder

3. Standing Frame

4. Muscular Dystrophy

4. Sunshine Coach

5. Visual Impairment

5. Nutritional Supplements (Feeds)

6. Alopecia

6. Manual Wheelchair

7. Autism

7. Scholarship

8. Cystic Fibrosis

8. Playground Equipment

9. Angelman Syndrome

9. Modified Bike

10. Down Syndrome

10. Walking frame

133 1 to 9 The number of conditions Variety currently supports


Each child Variety supports has between one and nine different conditions.

12% Southern NSW & ACT*

*area extends from Wollongong to Albury and includes the ACT

26% Hunter / Northern NSW

115 Different types of equipment were granted in 2013

1% Murrumbidgee 7% Western NSW 2% Other States* *represents the grants through our Princess Charlotte Alopecia Program which are on a national basis.

52% Metropolitan NSW* *area extends to Sutherland Shire, Blue Mountains and the Central Coast

FRANCESCA THE PRINCESS Equipment Granted: Hi-lo chair and walking frame Age: 7

"My walker helps me walk like my school friends and dance like Angelina Ballerina!"

"The equipment has allowed Fraser to play like any other kid which is how children learn." Fraser's dad

"Not only is [the wheelchair] custom made to suit her physical needs as well as her style; much to Courtney's delight it is bright purple with hot pink wheels!" Courtney’s mum

"When she first received the suit it was instrumental in helping her to crawl and eventually take her first steps." Ayisha’s mum

"Adam is such a happy boy now. A very sociable young lad, he loves music, reading and his Tuesday swimming lessons." Adam's mum

"I just love my new car and wheelchair hoist. My mum also loves it as I'm growing into a BIG girl now and getting really heavy"

ANGELINA THE COWGIRL Equipment Granted: Vehicle modification for wheelchair Age: 8

5,000 children

Funding Highlights

experienced the Variety Kids Christmas Party

16 wheelchairs

51 x 51 family cars transformed to give wheelchair access

26 standers, walkers and customised strollers to help kids get mobile

22 regional schools visited along the NSW & Newcastle Bash routes with over $100,000 in grants made

14 x 14 Sunshine Coaches granted allowing hundreds of school children to get out and about, learn and have fun!

22 Freedom Wigs for girls...

2 Liberty Swings installed in special needs schools

...and boys with alopecia

9 hoists and positioning systems

11 scholarships granted through our Future Kids Program

BASH The Variety Bash... YA GOTTA DO IT! And this year over 300 people from around NSW - and a few Kiwis - did just that, the NSW Variety Dick Smith Bankstown to Ballarat Bash!

Starting on the 22nd August the Bashers set out with 90 plus Bash cars and 23 Official Vehicles for the 4,345 kilometre Bash to Ballarat. There were Mermaids, Frogettes, Bananas in Pyjamas, Gladiators dressed as Spartans and Trojans, there were countless Super Heroes and some just plain old Joes who were along for the same experience and reason, raising money for special needs children. Along the rough, dusty, sandy and muddy roads/tracks they travelled on, 13 regional schools were visited where the Bashers donated over $67,000 worth of specialised playground equipment, books, catering equipment and much more. Highlights of the 2013 NSW Variety Dick Smith Bash included the Country Music Channel (CMC) from Foxtel, joining us and bringing some amazing talent including Morgan Evans and Buddy Goode. The Nurofen team joined us for the first time, donating $70,000 for the kids, which was linked to daily videos they produced - allowing Bashers’ friends and family to follow our Bash journey. The Outright Winners, which is an award voted for by the Bashers for a team that “epitomizes the spirit of the Bash”, went to car B1B2, the Bananas in Pyjamas! 2014 is the 30th Anniversary Bash, with Bashes from all states converging on Sydney for a national celebration on 17th August. Variety NSW looks forward to welcoming all Bashers to mark this historic milestone. The 2013 NSW Variety Dick Smith Bash raised more than $1.85 MILLION NET and the NSW Newcastle Bash raised $732,000 NET which will help Variety assist thousands of sick, disadvantaged and special needs children. Our “Boutique” Variety 4WD Adventure continues to travel the fire trails, beach runs and creek crossings of the East Coast providing a wonderful opportunity for inexperienced “off-roaders” to test their cars in safe and controlled conditions. The 2014 Caves to Waves Adventure will start at Jenolan Caves on 23rd March.

VARIETY CYCLE The Variety Cycle was launched with a gala fundraising dinner at Doltone House, Pyrmont on September 26th.

A sold out room of 530, dressed in their finest, helped ensure a fun filled evening of entertainment and celebration which importantly raised $200,000! Our host for the evening was Larry Emdur, who did an incredible job keeping the wheels turning, interviewing guests like Matthew Cowdrey OAM, Australia’s most successful Paralympian. For most the highlight of the night was the key note speech from Turia Pitt, the incredibly inspiring burns victim who spoke about her ordeal, recovery and her goal to join us on The Variety Cycle next year. The Variety Cycle Gala Dinner really was a fundraiser like no other with a range of revolutionary activities not normally associated with a black tie event – like the Cycling Challenge which saw formally attired guests jumping on stationary bikes, all to raise money for kids. There was also a great performance by Darren Percival of ‘The Voice’. The inaugural Variety Cycle will set off from Pyrmont on March 22nd 2014. This extraordinary event will cover almost 4,000km over 26 days from Sydney, to Canberra, Melbourne and Adelaide before finally arriving in Uluru! Whether you’re a hard core cyclist or a weekend warrior, there is a range of fully catered cycling options that will suit your skill and time availability. You can choose from a One Day Cycle, Two Day Cycle (approximately 300km – 450km), City to City Cycle (over 1000km in approximately a week) – or go the distance and join us for the full 26 days! On ‘yer bike!

SANTA FUN RUN In the events 5th year the Variety Santa Fun Run is quickly becoming an iconic event, not only in Sydney but all over Australia.

This year will be extra-ordinary as Santa’s in every capital city in Australia will be running, walking, skipping and dancing their respective routes on the same date, December 1st, for the first time ever! Sydney Santas will have a new and exciting route this year with the fun run beginning at Darling Harbour Palm Grove, winding 5 kilometres through the city and ending in spectacular fashion with the mass of Santas converging on the steps of Sydney Opera House. Along the way participants will enjoy cheery Christmas themed entertainment including a Nova water zone, winter wonderland, carollers, stilt walkers and Santa photos – there’s even a chance that they might get snapped with our Santa Ambassador, actor George Houvardas. In 2013 Variety is hoping to raise $100,000 across our Santa Fun Runs in Sydney, Canberra and Newcastle, which will help Variety to assist hundreds more Aussie kids in need in 2014. 2012 was Variety’s most successful year to date for the Santa Fun Run, both in funds raised and the number of participants that took part. This year we are aiming to exceed this with an estimated 4,000 Santa’s taking part in Sydney and 15,000 across the country. C’mon be a Claus for a Cause.

VARIETY OF CHEFS In the events 5 year on 30th June 2013 at the Hilton Hotel we experienced another ultimate gastronomic night, and this time with a new twist... th

This year’s Variety of Chefs had a focus on raising funds for our Princess Charlotte Alopecia Program – supplying wigs to children who have lost their hair due to the condition. Celebrity hairdresser Joh Bailey was a guest at the event and kindly helped to cut the locks of three guest’s hair who wanted to donate it, helping to make more human hair wigs for children with alopecia. The 400 guests were exceedingly generous in helping raise $150,000 NET which will assist more than 40 children with alopecia. As guests opened their wallets and dug deep for Variety, the seven celebrity chefs wowed their taste buds with a gastronomic seven course degustation feast from around the world. Japan was brought to the table by Ben Orpwood from Toko with a venison carpaccio, while George Diamond from the Keystone Group created a Greek-inspired seared scallop with cod roe taramosalata and sauce vierge. The third course was by Matt Kemp from Gazebo Wine Garden with a watercress soup, along with smoked eel, bacon and prawn. France was represented by Adam Humphrey from Arras and his poached salmon dish, James Viles from Biota delighted with Thirlmere duck and Sommer Sivrioglu from Efendy served up a pulled lamb shoulder. The dessert of pistachio torte was courtesy of Kylie Millar from Burch & Purchese, and with all meals matched by seven superb wines; it was definitely a night to savour. Variety of Chefs will be back on Saturday 26th July 2014 at the Hilton Hotel Sydney.

CEO's Message With incredible support from a diverse group of donors, corporate partners and volunteers, Variety – the Children’s Charity has a long and vibrant history in NSW and the ACT, vastly improving the futures of literally thousands of children during the last 38 years.

David Small CEO – Variety – the Children’s Charity NSW/ACT

The synonym for Variety is diversity and it is this diversity that sets Variety apart. Unlike many organisations, Variety helps a diverse range of children who are sick, disadvantaged or who live with special needs. In 2013, thanks to our generous donors and partners, Variety assisted children living with one or more of 133 different conditions, granting more than 115 different types of equipment worth more than $3.73 million, up from $3.17 million in 2012. Whilst we grant physical equipment, what Variety really grants is independence, self-esteem, mobility, communication, survival, achievement, well-being and the chance for each child to reach their full potential. 2013 marked the third year of an ambitious five year plan to double the number of children helped each year to meet the growing demand for the grants Variety provides. Doubling the number of children Variety assists in NSW and the ACT takes money and I’m pleased to report Variety remains on track to reach its 5 year goal, increasing income from $6.53 million in 2012 to $8.24 million in 2013, with an aim of $10 million by September 2015.

“Variety remains on track to reach its 5 year goal, increasing income from $6.53 million in 2012 to $8.24 million in 2013, with an aim of $10 million by September 2015.”

To better meet the needs of the children, this year, after 24 years in Rozelle, Variety moved to new premises in Artarmon and strengthened our grant professionalism and processes. It is critically important donors and partners funds are used transparently and wisely, ensuring a tangible difference to children and our community. Variety generates the funds to help children from a diverse range of events, corporate partnerships and individual donors. Each of these areas has grown well in 2013 and on behalf of the children helped through your generosity, thank you. Seeing the positive social impact and joy Variety grants provides me the motivation to make sure we help more children. I am honoured to have been offered the opportunity to contribute to Variety and it’s work internationally and in 2014 will take up the position of Executive Director at Variety International. My thanks to every person, donor, corporate partner and volunteer involved in Variety NSW/ACT – you are what make’s Variety the solution to so many children and their families who are in need. Success is achieved by a team – the Variety NSW/ACT Team and Board are second to none in their dedication and can do attitude, something reflected in the 2013 results but more importantly in the smiles, happiness and increased ability of many children this year. In closing, I welcome Tam Johnston as the 2014 CEO of Variety NSW/ACT. Tam has the skills, expertise and empathy to ensure Variety continues to help many more generations of Australian children. Again, on behalf of the kids, thank you.

Chairman's Closing Words I am very pleased to present the 2013 Annual Report for NSW/ACT to our members, benefactors, sponsors, donors, volunteers and friends and I thank you for your continued generosity and support, you are the life blood of our organisation.

Peter Hebbes AM Chairman, Variety – the Children’s Charity NSW/ACT Variety Australia – Director

Although it is with a certain amount of sadness that I reach the end of my term as Chairman, nothing makes me prouder than the successes of Variety NSW in the past two years and also the result of that hard work and support, as I have personally seen the positive impact of this on the lives of many children. At the start of my term as Variety NSW/ACT Chairman in 2011 we had a plan to improve our communication and engagement with the Australian public, diversify our income and to continue to grow our current events. All with the aim to double the amount of support we were granting kids in need across NSW and the ACT. I am pleased to report we delivered on our plan and financially made some great achievements too. In 2013 we saw a 27% rise in operating income, which is up from 8% in the previous year. This saw Variety spend $3.78M in grants, an 18% increase from 2012. This is an exceptional result under the best of circumstances, but given the difficult economic conditions in recent years, it has been particularly pleasing to see us grow year on year. Importantly this growth has been matched by increased productivity, fundraising and the breadth of grants we have been able to achieve, in addition to the public profile and awareness Variety is currently enjoying. I am also very pleased with the results from our Newcastle office and their level of activity with an expanded committee, this has been great to see and their plans for 2014 are very exciting.

“Nothing makes me prouder than the successes of Variety NSW/ACT in the past two years and also the result of that hard work and support”

One of our major achievements this year has been the move into our new offices in Artarmon. After 24 years in the old Balmain Police Station it was time to move out and we were lucky enough to find our new building which was a old film studio, recently renovated with ample office space, meeting rooms plus much needed storage. The result has been a fantastic success with our staff having a good working environment, great meeting facilities and professional looking offices. I would like to thank the many volunteers who helped out with the move, not to mention the many tradesmen/ bashers who donated their time and expertise in fixing things up! As Variety NSW prepares to welcome a new Chairman, I would like to thank past and present Board Members for their time, support and confidence in me, I believe that we have had one of the most cohesive and hardworking Boards for some years. I would also like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the efforts of our CEO David Small and his fantastic staff who have guided and supported the organisation through its continued growth over the past twelve months in particular. The hard work and dedication as a team has proved to be a winning formula and I acknowledge that fact, that they are devoted to Variety which is proved by the hours they put into their individual jobs and are never hesitant when “all hands on deck” are needed. On behalf of all the Variety children and their families who rely on Variety’s support – thank you!

NSW Board of Directors & Committees NSW Board of Directors

Newcastle Committee

Peter Hebbes AM


Allison Sellers


Paul Mullaly

(Deputy Chairman)

Mal Read

(Deputy Chair)

Gordon Cooper AM

(Financial Director)

John Waterhouse


Susan Bannigan, Geoff Davis, John Dennis, Henry Eggers, Ian Grambower, Mahesh Hettiaratchi, Brian Hoare, DR. Greg Levenston, Amanda Mead, Duncan Ross, Bernt Schindler & Susan Warda.

Colin Hindle, Bill McGuigan, Kevin Leahy OAM, Dean O’Brien, Super Hubert, John-Paul Young OAM, Jamie Price, Brendan Stanford, Mick Starkey & Jenny Brine.

Shoalhaven Committee

LOV Committee

Brian Muller


Margaret White


Noel Kennedy

(Deputy Chairman)

Elizabeth Higlett

(Vice President)

Rhonda Grant


Barb Brown


Kevin Carter


Bev Pennington

(Assistant Secretary)

Variety would like to recognise the Ladies of Variety (LOV) Committee for their tireless work in bringing joy to thousands of children throughout the year, with the wonderful events they organise. We would particularly like to recognise their work in putting on the Variety Kids Christmas Party. Each year this allows 5,000 children of all abilities and backgrounds, the chance to join in, have fun and enjoy Christmas an opportunity they otherwise might not have.

JOEL Equipment Granted: Theratogs suit

Gloria Jean's Coffees Major Corporate Partner Highlight

Variety – the Children’s Charity is proud to have partnered with Gloria Jean’s Coffees for the last three years, during which time over $485,000* has been raised to assist hundreds of Australian children who are sick, disadvantaged or have special needs. (*as at 13 Nov 2013.) In 2013 Gloria Jean’s Coffees raised funds to go towards Variety’s Scholarship Program, helping children with special needs or who suffer from disadvantage, the chance to realise their dreams in the areas of sport, the arts and academia. Gloria Jean’s Coffees dedicated the month of October to Variety with their major charity fundraiser, Cappuccino for a Cause. Donation boxes in coffee houses nationally raised funds for Variety, with a percentage of profits also donated through the sale of specially designed Travel Cups, Heart Cookies and Chocolate Hearts. The fundraising culminated in a two day Cappuccino for a Cause family event on Friday 18th and Saturday 19th October where 50 cents from every cappuccino and iced cappuccino sold went to Variety. As at 13 November 2013, Gloria Jean’s Coffees has raised $150,000 for Variety through Cappuccino for A Cause 2013, with more funds expected to be added to this amount. Variety is extremely grateful for the generosity of Gloria Jean’s Coffees, their team and customers for their continued generous support.

“We are extremely proud to support Variety – the Children’s Charity as they seek to make a difference for children with special needs. Together with the partnership of our guests, team members and Franchise Partners in coffee houses across Australia, we look forward to continue building and changing lives in the years to come.” Founder of With Heart, a Gloria Jean’s Coffees foundation, Angela Saleh


Major Corporate Partner Highlight Variety – the Children’s Charity is thrilled to have on board for the first time, major corporate supporter, Woolworths Supermarkets! A year long campaign with Woolies kicked off with a weekend of staff led fundraising activities in all theirs stores in NSW and ACT on the 26th and 27th July. Stores held a range of fundraising activities including BBQ’s, face painting, raffles, bash cars on display and much more – it was the most successful fundraising weekend Woolworths has ever had, raising over $150,000 in just one weekend! Woolworths have raised $560,000 thus far which will be used to provide disadvantaged kids across NSW and ACT with specialised equipment tailored to their needs, which could include modified trikes and walkers or even specialised technology to aid communication. The funds will also enable many more special needs children to attend the Variety Kids Christmas Party – an opportunity for them to enjoy the spirit of the festive season. Woolworths also held a Have a Heart Ball in support of Variety on the 2nd November. Hosted by Todd McKenny and Karen Ledbury, over 900 people enjoyed an incredible night where $160,000 was raised. Throughout the next 12 months Variety will also be selling special merchandise in stores across NSW and ACT, a pen ($5), light up bouncy ball ($3) and a mini teddy bear ($7). Customers can also contribute at donation boxes at all counters and for a limited time buy a Variety hat and heart token. The faces of the campaign in Woolworths’ stores, helping us spread the Variety message are two children Variety has assisted. Fourteen year old Matthew from Bonnyrigg in Western Sydney (pictured), and Siobhan, 13, from Cooks Hill in Newcastle. Thanks to the hard work, enormous energy and passion of the Woolies store staff and generous customers, we’re on track to help thousands more Aussie kids in need.

“Fundraising and supporting the community has been integral to the Woolworths business, and we have received positive feedback from customers about the initiatives run through our stores. Thanks to the generosity of our staff and customers, we were delighted to be able to grant our first of many pieces of equipment for Variety; a Liberty Swing for a local school in Balmain. We look forward to supporting Variety and raising even more funds in 2014.” NSW/ACT State Operations Manager, John Eales

Sydney Airport Major Corporate Partner Highlight Variety – the Children’s Charity is excited to announce a brand new partnership with Sydney Airport for their 2013 Christmas Giving Campaign. From 9th November – 25th December the airport community, including the many thousands of passengers and friends who pass through every day, as well as the 28,000 people who work across 800 businesses, can support this initiative through the donation collection points across the T1 International and T2 Domestic terminals. Travellers can also get involved by striking a pose with a famous Variety Bash Car for a gold coin donation at T1, get their Christmas presents wrapped for a gold coin donation at the gift wrapping bars across T1 and T2, leave their mark on Sydney by purchasing a gift tag for the Variety tree or win a prize by donating to Variety’s spinning wheel. Among the sea of faces that feature every day at Sydney Airport, there is one beautiful girl whose smiling face is sure to leave a lasting impression over the coming season. Her name is Milla, a brave six-year old who has been battling serious health problems since the day she was born. This year, Variety child Milla is the face of Sydney Airport’s Christmas Giving Campaign for Variety. We hope to raise $250,000 through this partnership which will help significantly in meeting the demand for assistance from families for specialised pieces of equipment to help kids gain mobility, self-esteem and independence.

“We chose Variety as our Christmas charity partner this year due to their important work supporting Australian children, as well as their families. We’re thrilled to be partnering with Variety to raise much needed funds for vulnerable children in our community this Christmas” Sydney Airport Chief Executive Officer, Kerrie Mather

Dick Smith & Navman Major Corporate Partner Highlight

Variety is proud to have partnered with Dick Smith and Navman as our major NSW Bash sponsors for 2013. As part of the partnership we launched a few exciting initiatives for the NSW Bash. Variety along with our sponsors produced a brand new and exciting Facebook app based around the Bash. As well as this all our Bashers received a Navman GPS unit to assist on their trip. Dick Smith and Navman asked the general public to help choose the design for their Bash car through the ‘Build My Bash Car’ competition. The car design with the highest votes was then reproduced into a real car and entered in the 2013 Bash as the Dick Smith and Navman car. The winning car design was Go Go Gadget (pictured). The second phase of the activation was a Bash ‘Photo of the Day’ competition – this involved our Bash entrants taking interesting photos along their Bash journey each day via Instagram. The general public were then able to vote for their favourite, for the chance to win prizes from Dick Smith. We had a fantastic take up in these activations from the Bashers and also their friends, family, corporate supporters and the general public. The two competitions received a reach on social media of more than 487,000 people. Thanks to Dick Smith and Navman for their fantastic support for the iconic event that is the Variety Bash!

“Dick Smith was fortunate this year to partner with Navman as the NSW Bash major sponsors for 2013. We are proud to support Variety on their journey, which makes a significant impact to the lives of Children with special needs. It is a genuinely fulfilling experience to be a part of the important contributions made by Variety.” CEO, Dick Smith - Nick Abboud

“Navman was extremely honoured to once again support Variety helping children who need it most. It’s a great Australian cause and an iconic annual event. We’ve been working with the Bash for some years now and this year we were particularly proud to partner with Dick Smith, as well as provide the cars with the equipment needed, via Dick Smith, to help them find their way safely around Australia.“ Country Manager, Navman Australia and New Zealand - Wendy Hammond


Major Corporate Partner Highlight Variety is delighted to have been partnered with Kmart for three years now, during which time Kmart has raised more than $400,000 for Variety and Aussie kids in need. For the 2013/2014 campaign with Variety, 175 Kmart stores across the country are hosting donation boxes at counters, where customers can donate their spare change. Customers can also make a donation to Variety via the electronic self-checkout systems. Kmart’s support this year is going towards Variety’s Freedom program – called ‘Freedom4kids’ in Kmart stores - assisting with mobility and self-esteem through the provision of equipment, such as modified bikes, wheelchairs, standing frames, walkers, Liberty Swings and Sunshine Coaches. For example, Kmart’s fundraising has helped to grant a Variety Sunshine Coach to Girrawong Preschool in NSW, which will help transport the 45 aboriginal children aged 0-5 years (some of which have special needs) to and from the centre on a daily basis – without this transportation to and from their homes, many would not be able to attend the preschool on a daily basis to learn. The gorgeous face of the campaign is seven year old Francesca (pictured), who at two years of age was diagnosed with cerebral palsy which left her severely physically disabled, unable to walk, sit independently or even hold herself up. Variety granted her a hi-lo chair which has had huge benefits for Francesca, allowing her to participate in age appropriate activities, mealtimes with her family and also interact face to face with her siblings and friends. We are extremely grateful for Kmart’s ongoing support of Aussie kids who are sick, disadvantaged or have special needs. Thanks to the dedication, energy and passion of the Kmart store teams and generous customers, we’re on track to help thousands more Aussie kids in need gain freedom, mobility , independence and self-esteem this year.

“Kmart’s community program supports the disadvantaged and those in need through initiatives such as our in-store coin collection program. Kmart is delighted to support Variety’s Freedom program through our joint in-store ‘Freedom4Kids’ campaign, which provides children with disabilities access to mobility aids to enable freedom, independence and the chance to join in with other kids in the community.” GM Stores, Kmart Store Operations, Paul Walkden.

MAJOR CORPORATE PARTNERS A special thank you to the following Major Corporate Partners who have generously contributed over $100,000 in support of Variety with ongoing initiatives, comprising of donations, fundraising, joint marketing campaigns, sponsorship, in-kind donations, work place giving, staff engagement and/or volunteering. Your support is vital to Variety being able to continue our work with Aussie kids in need.

Variety International Corporate Award Winner 2013

KEY CORPORATE PARTNERS Thank you to our Key Corporate Partners who have generously supported Variety with ongoing initiatives, comprising of donations, fundraising, joint marketing campaigns, sponsorship, in-kind donations, work place giving, staff engagement and/or volunteering. Your support is vital to Variety being able to continue our work with Aussie kids in need.

CORPORATE SUPPORTERS Thank you to our Corporate Supporters whose assistance means a lot to Variety and the kids we help. Your donations, staff volunteering time, in kind support and fundraising efforts are truly appreciated.

• Adelaide Brighton

• Maddocks

• Alila Hotels & Resorts

• Newcastle Family & Sports Podiatry

• Allianz

• NSW Defence Reserves Support

• Amadeus

• Oracle


• Pickles Auctions

• Aroona

• Schweppes

• Art Gallery of NSW


• B & B Total Supply

• Streets Icecream

• Bimbadgen Estate

• The Rhythm Village

• Blue Illusion

• The Rotary Club of Botany Bay

• BP

• The Rotary Club of Marrickville

• Brasserie Bread

• The Rotary Club of Rockdale City


• Top Gear Festival Sydney

• Crown Castle


• DLA Piper

• Westend Estate

• DP World

• Westpac

• Herbert Smith Freehills

• Westrac

• Macquarie Bank – Compliance Team

PR & MEDIA PARTNERS Variety would like to acknowledge our PR & Media Partners, who have helped spread the word on our cause and events, raise awareness and engage the general public, which ultimately helps Variety assist more kids in need.

Variety’s PR agency and Variety International Media Award Winner 2013

HANNA Equipment Granted: Wheelchair ramp for vehicle

Helping kids be kids


1300 4 VARIETY



2013 Variety NSW Annual Report  

Variety - the Children's Charity is a national not-for-profit organisation committed to empowering Australian children who are sick, disadva...

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