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statswatch Virginia home sales in the second quarter Most regions in Virginia saw a decrease in home sales in the second quarter of 2011 compared to the second quarter a year ago. The two largest metro areas in the state took the biggest losses in the pace of home sales:

Northern Virginia declined 17% and the Greater Richmond area declined 18%. One notable exception: Southwest Virginia showed a significant increase in home sales — up almost 10% from 2010.

Regional changes in unit sales: 2010-Q2 vs. 2011-Q2

Regional Changes in Sales 2010-Q2 vs. 2011-Q2 Units

Northern Virginia -16.8% Central Valley -14.6%

Greater Richmond -17.8% Roanoke / Lynchburg / Blacksburg -12.5% Southwest Virginia +9.8%

Southside Virginia -9.2%

Hampton Roads / Chesapeake Bay -14.2%

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