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Brightleaf Power: Cogeneration BrightLeaf Power produces both electricity and hot water from one single unit separating us in the marketplace. By combining electric and thermal generation in one unit BrightLeaf Power delivers the highest energy efficiency in the world at over 70%. (That means we harvest 70% of the sun’s energy that hits a BrightLeaf Power unit…A typical flat panel PV system is 12% efficient).



Thus, BrightLeaf Power is able to deliver renewable energy more efficiently at a lower cost than utility rates to residential, commercial and government customers.

TS-410 - Heat and Power in One System


TS-410 is a robust and stable solar system comprising 16 modules

• On-grid residential rooftops

of 12 high-efficiency solar cells each. The grid-connected system

• On-grid commercial/industrial rooftops

provides a long-term high-yield power source. Our rigorous

• Solar power stations

quality control and in-house testing facilities guarantee BrightLeaf

• Other on-grid applications

Power’s modules meet the highest quality standards possible.

Technology advantages of BrightLeaf Power

Product Features of Brightleaf Power

• CPV- Concentrated Photovoltaic AC efficiencies that reach

• HCPVT- High Concentration Photovoltaic Thermal in single

>30% (2.5x of traditional PV) • Heat harvest of 45% and total energy yield of 70% • Collectors focus the energy of 1,000 sun in an area the size of

kWe power unit • Tracker maximizes output, eliminating errors from installation, weather, and wear

your thumbnail (same energy intensity as the exhaust from a Titan

• Compact, modular assembly pre-wired/pre-plumbed

rocket launching the Space Shuttle)

• Little land preparation needed

• Energy density conserves space, packing power output of

• Easy integration into customer mechanicals

conventional PV in less than half the area

• Rapid maintenance with no special skills/equipment

• Unique configuration reduces installation maintenance costs • Proprietary tracking yields high accuracy, built-in error correction, and long-term reliability • Technology (12 patents pending)



Total Output

Mechanical Data per Module

10 KW Energy System

Cell Type

III-V Multijunction Cell, 8.7 x 8.7mm

4 KW Electric

Cell per Module


6 KW Thermal

Module Dimensions

48.7in x 37.6 in x 12.9in

Dual Tracking System

Module Weight


Power Production Monitoring

Front Cover

2x Anti-Reflective Tempered Glass

DC to AC Inverters

Output Interconnection

10 AWG with MC4 Connectors

Modular Design


14’7”L x 14’7”W O.C., 11’H (at vertical position); arrays have a swing radius of 5’ when stowed horizontally

TS410 Diagram

BLP Test  

Test for BLP Collateral

BLP Test  

Test for BLP Collateral