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Stop bullying now!!! Bullying is when older people punch, shove and hurt people physically. Occasionally bullies extend bad rumors about you. Most of the time they are teasing people. Also there are Cyber bullies. They post nasty pictures or messages about others in blogs or in web sites. Furthermore they write you messages and e-mails threatening you. If bullies tease you, you do not have to hit them back. I suggest you to run and tell what happens to your teacher or a person who can helps you. But if a bully teases you constantly you must say to your mom or dad because they know how to help you.

By: Anush Stankus

Stop bullying now!!! Bullying happens when somebody hurt or punch a person on purpose. Sometimes, bullies hurt, punch or scare people because they have problems in their houses or because they are bad and they do it because they want. Bullies can also say bad words to the people through the Internet, online and electronically. Also, they can do it through their mobiles phones, e-mail and other cyber technology. People that bullies hurt feel very bad and sad. We can do a lot about it! We can do some things like: • Helping the ones that bully is bothering. Saying to the bully that he is not doing the right thing.

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Telling to the bully that he is going to have a lot of problems. • Not involve with younger kids.

Telling the teacher and the family of the person that the bully is bothering.

By: Sofia Butti & Francisca Martinez Barbini

Stop bullying now!! Bullying is a horrible way to treat other kids. It is when some people treat other kids in a badly way to get other people to do what they want. Bullies shove or push the kids (generally the youngest kids) to get what they want. Most of the cases, bullies push the other kids because they learned that from their parents. Theirs parents often punch them. They also think that they are cool at doing that. Theirs teachers try to do something to stop theirs bad behavior, so they call theirs parents or they give them a detention but the bullies continue doing bad things like asking money to the other poor kids that do not know what to do when they are in this situation. What you can do, when there is a bully punching you is to tell an adult. Generally the situations with the bullies happens in the school, so you have to tell to your teachers and she or he will decide what to do with the bully. And you also have to be very brave to confront him.

By: Lucia Cofelice

Stop Bullying  

We worked with the children of 6º B with special information from Internet about bullying. They read the information, and after that they ma...

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